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  1. What happens if you start the fight?
  2. Ah, I seen! Thanks! Yes, the first 5 definitely look like maps.
  3. What does the placeholder text say? (For the DLC that is currently unavailable).
  4. You're welcome! Hopefully your cosplayer friends will find good use out of it! Yup, White & Dark Blood classes were very requested after all, haha. Ah, thanks a lot! I updated them and placed them into the right folder! Very strange that happened. Not all characters have their original classes, as while recruiting them, I automatically promoted some of them. Lancer!Matoi has been asked a lot, so I'll put that one in the next update! You're welcome! That's awesome! Definitely let me know when you finished it, if you want, of course! I'm very interested! You're welcome! I'm glad they've been useful to you so far! :D Éponine is in her promoted class, not her original recruiting class. Unfortunately, you can't reclass back to the original classes in this game. I'll make sure to add her original class in the next update!
  5. You're welcome!! :D Hope you'll find these useful ^_^ I am planning on doing those for a future version, yes! Thank you! Glad you like it :D
  6. I hope the forum doesn't mind me bumping this, but I just wanted to let everyone know that Pack V2 is out now. It includes over 5000+ screenshots for all your cosplaying and drawing needs! Please see the original post for more information.
  7. You can capture Draj, she's the boss of Midoriko's paralogue. I captured her with Zero and she functions as a normal unit (she doesn't have any supports however, and you can't reclass her either).
  8. Just updated it, so far: - AntiCheat doesn't seem to be patched for the current castles. I could still get modded units from other people's My Castle. - Clipping is still a thing (and I'm not expecting this to ever get patched as that just takes too much work). - Animations are still the same. - Female Dark Blood has a breathing animation (but as far as I can remember, that was always the case). This could be me, but when I entered Lilith's shrine, it just looked a little different. I feel like they changed the lighting a little, it looks better. Of course, this could also just be me noticing something that's always been there.
  9. If you want I can record it, although I'd probably get it up tonight, as I'm a bit busy today.
  10. If it helps anything, I can confirm that the castle statues do affect PVP / Online Multiplayer. Just tried it out, and my stats are the same as in My Castle (I have around +10 Golden Statues now).
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