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    Hello! I am your adorable Nohrian Kitsune! Hunger Games expert, & coeditor to http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=61196&page=1
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  1. Posting Codes for Battles I Am In That Have Not Finished: 3L2Y80L (Verdant Plains) 6MVXRG9 (Floral Field) 1NFVRTT (Vicious Volcano) 3YTYYG7 (Vicious Volcano) 6LWMPKD (Vicious Volcano)
  2. Posting some new codes + a person I randomly found (idk how it worked) 3H25L30 (Verdant Plain) 5KLV5CB (Mountain Peak) DCV66Y (Flora Field)
  3. Still need a few people for these two! Have another one though: 4KHXH6 (flora plains)
  4. My friend and I have sadly encountered this issue, so I'll be posting our codes! This one is mine: 45MH18N This one is his: 14W5HTF
  5. I have arisen again.

  6. I have been on a massive hiatus. MysticMessenger has taken over my life.

  7. I see Ib! I'd like to request Mary from Ib! She is so cute ^.^
  8. I have been trying to figure that out for over two years now I have now just assumed that it was a genetic thing that is passed on between generations xD
  9. No problem I was just talking to someone who's had issues with commissions before (people never sending them, people never giving progress) And I was like: You know, maybe I should start giving more updates of my crappy iPad xD
  10. The iPad decided that today would be a good day to mess up everything I love, right when I decide I want to edit stuff! This is the best I can come up with as of right now, but I will try my best to maybe recolor Zola into some coke colors xD (The app I use has premade fonts, so I found one the closest to the Coca Cola font, & the words under it read: The Official Nohrian Beverage) Hope you enjoy this until I can recolor Zola
  11. I shall try thr first one. You can give me the attire plotted for the second one, but I can't make any promises on if I can actually do it though.
  12. 1. I don't think I could top those, tbh xD 2. I would like a tutorial on how to make those backgrounds if you could 3. Is there anything you'd want from me, exactly?
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