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  1. coincidentally, my team was almost the same as yours. i had regular ike, rein, pazura, and evil takumi (all 5* non-merged). the key for me was spamming reinhardt and using takumi's draw back.
  2. literally beat the last two robin GHB quests i had left today, right when they put out the new ones! anyway, like everyone else i'm super glad this is on lunatic instead of infernal. i've only blessed the absolute minimum number for each element, and i'm happy that all four of my teams beat legion without too much trouble and without me having to bless any new units (i'm a hoarder, what can i say). it'll be interesting to see how my teams hold up on the other maps, but i'm enjoying this new mode much more than i expected.
  3. i finished the xander quests today as well. for my flier team i had fgrima w/ QR3 seal, gerome, summer corrin, and NY camilla. that's prob. too many seasonals to be useful for anyone, but feel free to PM me for details if you need them. basically fgrima and NY camilla go up and right. they get hit a lot and fgrima counters and kills one of the green mages. summer corrin has to have hone attack 1 for gerome to finish off xander on the next turn. then gerome blocks the lancer and tanks the hits from the green mage, and the rest is clean up. iirc summer corrin doesn't do anything other than provide fortify fliers. orig. i was thinking she would attack xander and the lancer, but gerome ends up killing both of them. edited to add: i'm glad i didn't attempt this quest before getting fgrima, as she's been super useful for this and all the other daily GHB flier quests.
  4. just in case it's helpful for anyone, my infernal team was arvis, brave ike with swap and QR seal, PAzura (+1), and klein, all 5*. nothing too unusual in terms of skill inheritance or seals, but the last tricky thing was getting it so that arvis could take a hit from fgrima, which required lining him up exactly right to debuff her, and also having hone and spur def bonuses. if you get his def high enough and fgrima's low enough it works out. feel free to PM me if you need more details.
  5. just in case anyone finds it useful, i did the armor quest with amelia, halloween jakob, black knight, and effie. nothing too unusual in terms of skills except BK had the QR3 seal and reposition and effie had sol, and i think amelia had the brash assault seal.
  6. sounds like a lot of people just have one row. that makes me feel better, haha.
  7. i should add that they don't literally have to be all on the same row, just at least 5 in a row period.
  8. i know i'm not the first person to think of this, but i was wondering if anyone's gotten any bingoes from the catalog of heroes. i'm close to getting 5 in a row in a few places, and i would have 6 in a row with _RD_ characters if i weren't missing sothe.
  9. omg, i spent waaay too much time on this, but i really didn't want to have to have to give brave bow+ to brave lyn and so i had to get through it with my -def/+res klein. i finally did it though with 5* klein (breath of life 3 seal), 5* ninian (escape route, spur atk seal), 5* axzura (wings of mercy, hone spd seal), and 5* fjorm (distant def seal). i prob. could've saved myself a lot of pain if i'd just trained up the freebie vike, but i didn't really want to go through that grinding right now. anyway, mission accomplished. finally! (i happened to pull another klein on my free pull today, but he wasn't +HP/-spd which didn't help me out at all.) if anyone needs the details feel free to PM me. i barely squeaked by, and there's very little flexibility with the positioning and skills/seals, though, so it might not be that helpful for you.
  10. omg, this took me forever. i didn't want to promote my 4* valter, so the valter mission was super annoying. infernal was easier, although still took too long. my infernal team was 5* ninian (w/ escape route and upgraded weapon), klein, blyn (w/ reposition), and 4* olivia (w/ merges). glad that's finally done!
  11. tip: don't bother trying to encourage Anacybele; she *always* complains about the game being too hard, not having strong enough units, etc., etc. anyway, i stayed up almost all night but finally beat infernal (i have very few 5* merged units). i ended up using titania 5* + 2, male robin 4* + 8, ninian 5*, and julia 5*. it was really close, though. if anyone's interested you can PM me for the skills and seals. they weren't anything too unusual but i don't want to bother looking them up unless someone really wants to know.
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