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  1. Base Engine: FE7 Name of Hack: Fire Emblem - Crossover Hack Creator: Séregon Team (Luzan, Volug Vanguard, Sol HolyYogurth and Mikey Séregon) What You'll Submit: Trailer and Playable Demo (Maybe) Anything Else?: Well, we've changed a lot of things since the last time, most of all changes are graphics and events. And now, I'll make the video with subtitles, to avoid confusions and misunderstandings.
  2. Paying more attention on the animation (With BGM = 00 and SFX = 06), it plays the SFX but it gets killed almost instantly for some reason... And the way I insert the SFX is using the rip and burn commands with the Song Editor. Because I don't know other way to do it ._.
  3. Ok, I put 0x00000000 for the BGM, and 0x00060006 for the SFX, but now the SFX isn't played, or is very low to be heard, then I tried with the other priorities and the SFX is still very low. The only priority that works is 0x00000000, bur this kills the BGM... Any idea?
  4. I made my own Aircalibur animation for FE7, and I ripped the sfx from FE6 with the Song Editor: And the problem is: the BGM is stops when the sfx is played. How can I fix that?
  5. I can't figure out how to make it work =/ I inserted the wav, but I don't know how to set the header and the voice group... can somebody help me with that?
  6. I tried with Sappy Mod 15 with the Insert Sample option, it inserts the wav but it I don't know how to repoint the offsets to make it work, well, I think that is the problem.
  7. I'm making spell animations, but FE7 doesn't have all the sound effects that I want, so, I was wondering how to insert wav files and use them in spell animations.
  8. @L95: I made that at 3 am, I was more asleep than awake, so I didn't pay attention to that until now XD
  9. I found the problem... The order of palette pixels in the corner, that were the problem, the background color must be the last in the first row.
  10. The animation isn't too big: I have a 2009 version of FEditor, and it didn't work neither.
  11. I'm doing a custom animation, but when I try to make it in the FEditor, it shows me this: What could be the problem? All the frames are 248x160 and all have the same palette.
  12. I changed each tile... I know that it's a lot of work, but is easier than using TSA (?)... Also I don't where is the TSA for the statsheet =P
  13. More graphic updates: Backgrounds made by Branny/LBranford from FEWoD.
  14. The Light Sword gives +5 Luck, that's why is Leaf-Only. For the Amiti and the Sieglinde, they'll share the same lock, both Eirika and Elincia are princesses and that would be an excuse to do it XD And I have another update: The background is temporal...
  15. It's kinda impossible drop a sword... Falchion - Marth/Krom Tyrfing - Celice/Sigurd Light Sword/Blagi Sword - Leaf Sword of Seals - Roy Sieglinde - Eirika Regal Blade/Ragnel - Ike Amiti - Elincia Mani Katti/Sol Katti/Wo Dao - Myrmidons/Swordmasters/Lyn
  16. There are Bonewalkers, Gargoyles and Tarvos, I'm trying to put Draco Zombies, but I'm having problems with the weapon locks... I have to lock 8 different swords, and there are only 7 locks... plus one of the locks have a "bug", it cuts out the weapon details... It's the Dragon Lock, and I don't know how to fix it... seems that it needs ASM. Somebody knows how to have more than 7 weapon locks? And I'm bad making maps... that's why it's simple...
  17. Some Updates: - Music: Gears go Awry - Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Troubled Times - Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Self Discipline - Riviera: The Promised Land Battle with Heartless - Kingdom Hearts Sinister Sundown - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories/358-2 Days Boss Fight - Terranigma - Graphics: FE8 Font: No! Bandits! They must have come down from the Bern mountains! FE8 Player Phase: - Weapons: References of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Alucard Sword - Effective against monsters Alucard Spear - Effective against monsters Alucard Shield - Nullifies criticals Alucard Mail - Nullifies the effectiveness of Bows/Wind - Maps: Revamp of Ch. 16
  18. ... Then, I'll rearrange the music array... It's "easier" than fix it with ASM... Well, thanks anyway.
  19. I don't know how to explain the problem... Well, I'm rearranging the songs in the sound room, but apparently, the songs that are after the 0x80 in the music array aren't recognized by the sound room... Once a song is played in the game, it's recorded in the sound room, right? I put a song in the slot 0x92, and I put that song in the slot 0xB for the sound room, the song plays normally in the events, but it didn't appear in the sound room... And yes, I tried with others songs that are before the slot 0x80 and they appear in the sound room... Is there a solution for that?
  20. Cabrones? XD That made me laugh so much XD Ok, now I know that I have to put those reinforcement monster a few turns early. For the emoticons, Kanningu is the only character that uses them, is part of her personality. And "weon" is a chilean word, it's like "dude" in english, but it can take other meanings too.
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