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  1. Swordmaster!Charlotte (via S-Ranking Corn with a Samurai talent)
  2. Figured it was about time I got rid of some of my extra Cipher cards. :P Mainly looking to trade or sell, possibly buy depending on the card/price Shipping from US. Have : Want : (Listed from Highest to Lowest Priority) B08 - 051SR+ Seliph B08 - 056SR+ Julia B07 - 004SR Hector B06 - 004SR Deirdre B06 - 051SR Xander B06 - 054SR Camilla All yellow R+'s (Most wanted B06 - Finn R+ and B08 - Tine R+) B08 - 019R+ Kellam
  3. Finn, Charlotte, and some beast characters (because those animations are bound to be cute)
  4. Wolfskin The Kistune look beautiful but the Wolfskins have always preformed better in combat for me (plus I like Keaton a little bit more than Kaden as a character)
  5. Elise > Sakura Though I do like them both, Elise is just my favorite sibling overall. Leo = Takumi Easily the best brothers. Good designs, good characters, I can't choose between them. Camilla > Hinoka Because at least Camilla is somewhat interesting. Visually I really like Hinoka it's a shame they wasted such a cool design on a character that is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Xander > Ryoma I actually like Xander. Of course I don't care at all about the stories in Fates and tend to just ignore everything that goes on in the plot... so that might be part of it. So Nohr Sibs > Hosh Sibs
  6. Wrys. D: I keep pulling him and unlike the others that I have a good number of (raigh, gordin, f!corrin) I know I'll never use him QQ
  7. Still playing and still enjoying it~ the reclassing aspect has given the game replayability for me since it allows me to experiment with wacky unit + class combos which is always a lot of fun.
  8. Here are the other three curiosity of Reddit Gryffindor (the shortest and lamest one) Slytherin Hufflepuff
  9. Personally I run Camila on my team (Robin/Tiki/Lucina are her teammates) and she is very underwhelming. She only really exists to deal with Robins (and the other blue units that pop up every so often) and most of the time she is kept on the back line so she doesn't die and ruin my run. Because of this I would recommend running F!Corrin. F!Corrin should be able to provide you with a lot more utility and will give you another source of Magic damage plus Robin will be able to deal with any Lucinas, Chroms, or Marths that would give her trouble. Roy is not the best unit and Lyn is capable of doing great things... but id still run Roy. He's bulkier then Lyn and since Robin and Takumi are mostly likely going to be your most valuable units you are going to want all the frontline you can get to support them. Plus that Shove command can be very valuable. Far as Hector and Dragons go they have been popping up more often now. Of these Tiki is the most common, then Hector, then the other random Dragons. You could consider running Chrom to deal with Tiki's but if you run F!Corn I doubt you'll need him.
  10. The picture that is shown isn't what it gives you. It shows a regular badge even at floor ten. It's silly and confusing :p
  11. Floors six and up sometimes award great badges c:
  12. Look at their abilities, many units have skills where they get bonuses when initiating combat or give other units boosts to thier attack. In your case i know for certain that Tiki has an ability where she gains armor when initiating an attack, this might be part of the reason you've been seeing differnaces in damage.
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