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  1. I think Rutger needs new skills soon. I have Atk Spd Finish, Escape Route 4, and Atk Res Oath 4 on Alm in the current HoF, but I don't think I will get him or Palla. My Palla is already +10 and Alm isn't used often enough
  2. @Diovani BressanWow, that looked really easy for team Marth. I'm interested in seeing Brave Marth's refine later 😄
  3. @Landmaster Nice clear 😄 We really need another Atk Spd A skill for cavaliers and fliers. There are too many units with Atk Spd Catch 4 😛 Summer Elise looks like she is enjoying that Oath 4 skill~
  4. @Some Jerk So many Arcane weapons! Good thing you beat Hinoka really early on.
  5. I can't wait until we get another skill that benefits fliers. I like Hinoka's C skill
  6. I'll just close this topic and post my videos in yours. Actually, I don't know how to close a topic so I'll just let this get buried or something. Can @eclipsehelp close this?
  7. Did @Xenomata make a topic? I didn't see it. The jumpscares were annoying. Hinoka doesn't have Dodge or NFU, so it wasn't hard to beat her
  8. I recorded the other battles, but they weren't that interesting. Altina solo'd her map, and Fomortiis did the same for his. I gave my +2 Sirius some extra fodder, but he wasn't able to do that well in a map with so many trees @Diovani Bressan I'm glad to see Fallen Maria with Medeus Young Merric is still strong! Wow, Lucina didn't even have a special. Fallen Chrom's voice is menacing! Looks like Valentine Chrom still hurts a lot.
  9. @Diovani BressanAmazing how Winter Marth just shot everyone down. Groom Marth was so far away!
  10. I would love more Constance or Shamir merges but prioritizing Macedonians means that I can't spare orbs for them
  11. @BoaFerox Yes, I sparked Maria. I didn't know that, actually! Thank you for informing me so I wouldn't waste orbs. I got a female Fallen Byleth on the way to the spark, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. There are quite a few ranged units here. Ever since you said that you tried to get Defiant Resistance to trigger after a combat to look cool, I actually started thinking that Spd Smoke's sound effect activating made the battles look more exciting xD
  12. It's actually impossible to get a unit that you want I want to spark for another copy of Maria, but I'm so low on orbs
  13. You know, I just sparked for Lif on the recent banner and became short on orbs as a result, right after expending all my orbs for the Whitewings spring alts. Now, I have to pull and potentially spark for Maria? This year has not been kind to me.
  14. @BoaFeroxWow, that was an extremely close battle between Tana and Nerþuz! The enemies weren't too bad for me either. One of these days I'll get Deadeye or another skill like that on the Macedon units... I hoped that Valentia Catria would get some form of piercing Dodge on her Prf, but I was expecting too much haha
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