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  1. @Diovani Bressan Basically the same rosters 😛 Nice to see Larum get a KO at the end
  2. @Some Jerk That's a lot of dedication to Larum. You already got so much SP on her. Legendary Lilina blew up a lot of enemies near the end. @MagicCanonBalls Unmerged Hrid is strong! I haven't seen Dieck without his Prf but he seemed to still be very effective.
  3. @Landmaster I don't have any Save armors 😛 Well, there's Legendary Tiki, but she's unmerged and I didn't invest in her past her Remixed skills. Catria took a big beating at the beginning! It's amazing how much damage Sophia can withstand. Congrats on the free pull~
  4. I really need to update my FE6 team. I don't want to pull on the current Bridal banner now though.
  5. @Some Jerk No video showing your Mila clear? That Midori definitely got pampered with a lot of fodder. Looks nice
  6. @Landmaster Very close calls with the goats. I see that Freyr is very sturdy. He hardly took any damage except from the ninja.
  7. @BoaFerox Good thing Flow Guard was there to help you survive. I had that on the forma Catria for a bit before I changed it with the Trace. Good clear as always
  8. @Diovani Bressan Wow, maybe I should have pulled for Fjorm too. She can survive so many attacks!
  9. Sigh... I really need more FE6 characters. I don't know how long I can keep relying on Bridal Catria for this. Thanks for the update though!
  10. @Diovani BressanWow, some close calls and precise kills. The Marth team is strong as always 😄
  11. I got some new skills with the Catria forma~
  12. @LoneStar I'll consider building her. I don't have very many FE6 units to begin with. I already have too many Lance Fliers and I can just use regular Catria or Duo Palla for most of my needs
  13. @Landmaster I also struggled with killing Medeus at the end without Marth's help. It can't believe Medeus could take so much damage and come out unscathed. I'm very impressed that Elise could double the green mage because he was quite fast on EP. Congratulations on doing this without Duo Corrin! I'm not going to touch this map again for a while 😛 How did you get negative orbs? @Diovani Bressan I usually want to clear maps with the Macedon units, but originally I lost my patience due to Medeus' bulk. I just decided to make it easier with the Marth team. Very impressive one-turn clear as always. You seem to have many good units for these 😛
  14. @MagicCanonBalls I forgot Hapi was a character. Her dragon slaying weapon was very useful here. I DID IT, BUT I HAD TO STILL USE THE CHEATING UNIT. NEVERTHELESS, I DID IT @BoaFerox @Diovani Bressan @Unknown Gamer11 @Landmaster @Some Jerk
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