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  1. TT team is Camilla, Bridal Ninian, regular Laegjarn, and Summer Corrin. DC Camilla is a godsend!
  2. Hello!!11 I just got Est to +10 yesterday. I used 350 orbs on the Flier Formation banner and somehow got a lot of feathers out of it. Weird!
  3. Now that she's at maximum power, I hope she stops looking constipated for once.
  4. I didn't check SF until now. 6% is even worse than my luck!
  5. Nice! How long did it take to get her to +10?
  6. Sheesh, Effie's attack is super high. Nice job :D
  7. Atk/HP I got pretty lucky with this banner because I only used about 30 orbs. Time to not summon even though I really want Tibarn. I should try to save for the next legendary banner.
  8. Don't kill Wolf Mama! Kill Sanaki instead :) That sucks. I hope you had good natures.
  9. Is this the hardest LHB? Azura's and Marth's were pretty hard for me. Hector's was decent. We should really get a free copy of the unit whose LHB we beat on Abyssal. I haven't had a single legendary unit except Hector
  10. @XRay I did it on Abyssal! It took me 40 minutes though. I didn't record it, unfortunately. I used NY Azura with WoM, NY Camilla with Firesweep/Drag Back, Catria with Fury, Desperation and Galeforce, and Est with Iceberg/Drag Back. I used Camilla to drag the armor back in the beginning for Est to kill. The rest of the map was using the Whitewing sisters to triangle attack things and Catria to either kill more or run away after proc'ing Galeforce. I needed Azura to run to the other side of the bottom right corner with WoM where she tanked the cleric. Camilla with Ward Fliers protected Est from getting killed by the cleric at the end, so she took the damage and barely survived. Est killed Marth and the last cav. So frustrating! I should get a free Legendary Marth for this :(
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