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  1. No Valentia Palla means I can skip! Wooooo!
  2. Seliph takes almost no damage from anything. Nice! I hope Jamke gets a good refine sometime. I did this map again with the Whitewings and their leader: In a failed clear, I actually managed to get Catria to survive Altina on EP. That was fun to do. @XRay Here's the pic of that:
  3. @Unknown Gamer11 Someone actually doubled Claude? Ewan is scary! Also, Tiki just casually did 112 damage to a Manakete o_O @LoneStarI did not know Rhys could just tank a melee unit like that. I was surprised to see an AoE on Dimitri. Nice clear. I uploaded another clear, this time with only Whitewings and their young leader! I've been doing Whitewings clears for the past few days. Some of them are harder than others. I redeemed Spring Est with my free Forma soul, so you can see her in all her power. @XRay
  4. I figured I would regret making Halloween Nowi a manual. I've gotten two copies of her so far and turned her into fodder when she hit the 5k HM cap and the 6k HM cap a while back. I liked her Prf a lot when it came out, so I'm very curious what the refine will be. I'm hoping to get a free copy of her again.
  5. Elise took 0 from Veronica? So sturdy! It always seems like you have a different weapon on the other Elise alts every time 😛
  6. I actually cleared an Abyssal map with a mixed movement team! Back to using fliers only after this. @Flying Shogi @XRay
  7. @Landmaster- Looks like the SS came in handy. I haven't used Bladetomes in a while so I forgot how big some numbers could get. Good job!
  8. @Flying Shogi @NSSKG151 @Unknown Gamer11 @Landmaster @daisy jane @XRay @Some Jerk I really don't like using DC on Catria because I think she's better as a player phase unit, but this was the easiest strategy I could think of.
  9. @NSSKG151 That was a close call with Jill barely surviving the green cav! It's amazing how you did a one-turn clear as well. I still can't do those. @Some Jerk Sylvia doubling Claude was a sight to see. Young Azura is still strong, huh. @Flying Shogi Surprised the green cav didn't attack Reinhardt. Looks like Nino is still powerful.
  10. Sturdy Impact came up as an option for Spring Est. Right now she has Steady Impact, so I am debating if I should replace Steady with Sturdy. Any thoughts?
  11. @Landmaster- Damage reduction was a great blessing here! It's been a while since I've seen Valentine's Ike. Good clear~
  12. Here's a f2p guide with three units:
  13. @NSSKG151 I'm impressed you did it with mostly unmerged units, aside from Altina! This map was a pain for me, even though I have a lot of fliers. The issue was that I didn't have many Tellius fliers who could take the dragons. I ended up using 40k feathers to give Galeforce to Elincia and Jill. @XRay @Landmaster @Flying Shogi @Some Jerk @Unknown Gamer11
  14. Nice. I probably should have built up Galeforce users for my Tellius roster, but I don't have any. This Abyssal map has been a little difficult as a result. A flier queen like me is having trouble on a map where fliers should dominate 😧
  15. Thanks. I haven't seen Brazen 4 yet. So far I've been getting useless skills... It took over 30 tries to get this build on her.
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