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  1. Wait, I'll re-upload. https://streamable.com/wg9c4 Re-uploaded! @XRay @mampfoid
  2. Here is my clear! @XRay @mampfoid This was for Abyssal. https://streamable.com/j43w6
  3. I definitely can't beat most Abyssal maps without a dancer, so I understand how you feel. The only one I beat without a dancer was Hector's.
  4. No, I mean it didn't count as a solo because I had to use a dancer, haha. I use dancers all the time in most maps, but I end up using all the units to attack, not just one unit. This was meant to be a challenge where only Catria killed everyone with no help. Then again, she did kill everyone, so I guess it's fine~ Here's the video: https://streamable.com/uakn4
  5. I kind of cheated by using a dancer... but there was nothing else I could do. I'll upload the video later.
  6. I'm unsure. It might be hard for her to fight Edelgard and Dimitri. SoV Catria could at least destroy Edelgard, but regular Catria won't have WTA against anyone except two units on that map ;_; @XRay It's the closest I can get...
  7. Here's my video! https://streamable.com/c3fj1 I did a lot of work to make Catria survive Dimitri. I cleared this in a normal way before doing this, obviously, but I wanted to try and find a way to get Catria to beat everyone.
  8. For some reason Mordecai looks like the worst one. Thanks! I'm glad that she is my highest 5* exclusive 🙂 She has 68 atk with summoner support. It's crazy! Are you saving for anything else?
  9. I'd give it to Reyson. Also, your avatars are weirder than the ones I saw the last time I was on this site...
  10. This is my first time in more than a year that I am under 100 orbs. I'm so close! It's hard to believe that I am close to +10'ing a 5* exclusive. I spent over 500 orbs on her. I was hoarding for months waiting for her or another favorite of mine to reappear, and she finally did reappear on the Aerobatics banner. I think I'll keep saving again until she appears on a legendary banner or something, then go for the last merge.
  11. Stats are too balanced. Poor Robin. Congrats though.
  12. Spicy ice cream is indeed a thing, but I've only heard of it in London or somewhere like that. I want to try it.
  13. I tried one of the Dawson's hot sauces from Heatonist. 這瓶辣醬含有花椒在裡面. It was interesting, though I'm not sure if it's the same one as XXX. 花椒/麻辣 is one of my favorite sensations, so I enjoyed my Dawson's bottle quite a bit. The Last Dab is... not something I really like. I got the Trinidad Scorpion one from the Hot Sauce Expo last year when I met Sean Evans; I even got it autographed! However, it's quite pricey at $20 per bottle and I strongly dislike the consistency. I do hope you get to try it though! Are you lactose-intolerant? Milk is better than water for this, as you probably know.
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