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  1. Giant numbers are indeed fun to see! I didn't expect to see an unmerged Rhajat here. Raigh definitely put in a lot of work.
  2. @Unknown Gamer11 Sheesh, Lugh beat everything by himself. He's amazing!
  3. @daisy jane: Congrats! Even -Atk Edelgard can wreck the map. I was planning on choosing either her or Claude as my free pick, but decided on Claude because he's a flier. I originally thought Lysithea was your free pick at first because of her neutral nature. It must feel so good seeing Lysithea OHKO that pesky Freyja.
  4. Pretty amazing that NY!Anna could double Freyja. Team Anna & Co. is too strong as usual~
  5. That makes sense. I used to try and pull for skills, but now I don't do that anymore. It's just a luxury to have fancy premium fodder, as you said. If I happen to get someone as a pity breaker, I'll probably fodder him or her. I've gotten Tibarn, Duo Ephraim, Male Kris as random summons thus far! we'll never get QR3 on a 4* unit though so don't get your hopes up about that
  6. Why wait until you +10 the 5* unit? If you're going to eventually fodder it, there isn't any point in maxing out that unit, right? I fodder most of the 5* exclusives I get as pity breakers if I have no plans on merging them The only thing I max out on the unit in question is HM. Deflower, defeather, and send the unit to the chopping block! Yay!
  7. That's a lot of merge projects! I can't really think of many good archers or healers. Norne is probably the best 3*-4* archer, huh? I want to build one up myself, but I don't have Spendthrift Bow. Will you go down that route?
  8. Makes sense. I also like seeing big numbers. Right now I don't have many merge projects because I don't plan on pulling anything until Spring. You can probably tell that I don't really use many units aside from the same ones you see in my videos What merge project do you have?
  9. Those hundreds of thousands of feathers should get used for something, right? I promoted Seteth and got him to +4 after I finished this MHB. I'm hoping I can use him for the next Abyssal maps.
  10. @Landmaster- Those were some huge numbers on Elise as well! I am surprised she doubled Freyja. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised after seeing all the crazy stuff you've done with her. The heart animation on her Prf is cute!
  11. I never got Lyn because I usually don't pull on seasonal banners. Good to know that she's very strong! I think Goad Fliers would have helped, but I like Rein skills too much to replace them. I'm still trying to see if I can get a pitybreaker with a Rein skill
  12. @Diovani Bressan Nice seeing Seteth in your clear. I am trying to build him up as well. I never thought I would see an Altina with anything other than her base kit, but TA3 seemed necessary for fighting Freyja. Congrats on clearing it!
  13. I just like having more stats instead πŸ˜› @Some Jerk @Landmaster @XRay @NSSKG151 @Unknown Gamer11 @daisy jane Not sure if I forgot anyone else. Originally I had Catria fight Freyja, but she was 3 points away from OHKOing her. Being doubled by Freyja meant that she couldn't survive the second hit. I wanted to just have the fliers fly around in the upper right corner of the map, but I could only get Claude up there. The Goad Fliers skills and the Drive Atk seal from Minerva were very important. I love movement skills, as you can see with the Flier Formation. They complement the Bond skills so well! The Bond skills give me sweet, beautiful numbers such as +18 Atk on Palla and +23 Atk on Catria.
  14. Amazing. Midori and Minerva can survive so much! I don't have Wyvern Flight, but I would also give it to Minerva. It doesn't seem like that great of a skill for users other than Young Minerva, Jill, and Melady 😞 Having Celica get hit by the blue Fafnir in the beginning absolutely blew my mind. I thought she would have gotten OHKO'd. I was also surprised when she doubled Freyja. I haven't finished Abyssal yet. I'm getting a bit annoyed by Triandra's two-charge Miracle, her Iote's Shield seal, and that Cleric with BD and Lull. I'm thinking of putting DC on V!Catria again to bait Triandra and potentially OHKO her and the red mage on the first turn, but I don't really like using DC on her.
  15. Feathers were pretty abundant a few weeks ago, or maybe it was just because I had no one to promote until I got Seteth to +4. I somehow got a lot of Seteth copies when I was trying and failing to get Duo Palla orz I didn't read the English script, so I didn't know that. The Chinese version had Raigh call Lugh "倩焢呆". It looks like it's just "ε€©η„Άγƒœγ‚±"? I guess it's just a direct translation.
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