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  1. @Landmaster Your videos are the only times I ever see Miracle. Good job to Elise! She's still powerful. I thought I should try to use my "Best Girls" team more because I only used them once in an Abyssal map, which was Tiki's. Hence, I decided to make this team my regular Infernal clearing team for BHBs/GHBs. Nowi is a member of the Best Girls team but I haven't used her on this team yet. (ignore the Aerobatics)
  2. @Diovani Bressan Nice clear! The old clear reminded me of how I beat Legendary Azura for the first time, which was just using two Eirs and a Surtr 馃槢 I also brought Est along to kill some armors @Landmaster Yay Nowi! I don't like to gamble for seasonals very much anymore so I don't have the witch one. Sadly, I foddered my first Nowi for Hone Fliers a long time ago... I would have loved to use her refine. Male Morgan is quite amazing. I have one but he's -Atk.
  3. @Some Jerk I definitely need that kind of investment in my Grima... Quite impressive. IS must have planned out the Limited Hero Battle to coincide with Grima's remix because the Dull effect hard counters Bonus Doubler. @NSSKG151 I knew it wouldn't be too hard with that amazing Anna! Nice to see Rein skills on the launch units too. I wouldn't say this was that easy for me, but it was definitely easier than I expected because Eliwood's map was a nightmare for me in the past. Moreover, I didn't have many good Awakening units for a while, so previous maps like Lucina's map were difficult. Luckily the Grima remix and refine made this much easier. I've been saving orbs for about 1.5 months but I may pull on the legendary remix banner for a Grima merge just because I have wanted to merge her for a while. @Unknown Gamer11 @Landmaster @XRay @BoaFerox @LoneStar @Diovani Bressan @daisy jane @Flying Shogi
  4. I was just too lazy. The 3H units are quite powerful and I usually don't record Infernal clears. My team was just fliers, as usual, with Summer Byleth, Summer Ingrid, Brave Claude, and Seteth. It looks like today is Fae and Idunn's battle. I'll try it later.
  5. @BoaFerox That's very true. I might replace Palla's Whitewing Blade with something else if I put her on a team with Bridal Catria. I don't really have any inheritable lances for the others though. Also, I think Est and Catria already have really good weapons 馃槢 It's nice to see the Tanas! One-turn clears are always impressive to me.
  6. @Landmaster It's quite satisfying seeing +30 Atk on Elise. Maybe that's why the Blade weapons won't get refines; they're still useful to this day. Looks like the regular Elise can double nearly every boss she faces!
  7. @Unknown Gamer11 Yeah, Lilith can be quite deadly with the right support. I want to merge her up more, but it's hard to budget my orbs these days. The last three banners with Palla destroyed me; my luck tends to be terrible when pulling for Palla. Look at Ewan just casually recovering all his HP from Aether! Congratulations on the +10!
  8. @Diovani Bressan Catria yearned to be by "his" side and immediately warped to Marth. Not a coincidence! It's nice seeing Elincia. I don't use her as often as I used to, though I wish I could. She's great!
  9. @Some Jerk What is that Eldigan build?! I had to double check once I saw him double people. Did you use that before? It's nice seeing Larum tear through enemies! @NSSKG151 Sheesh... New Year Anna is ridiculously strong. I can't believe she destroyed nearly everything. I did a regular flier clear and then a Whitewings clear. I was able to get two copies of the new Palla, but I didn't use her here because I deployed her and Ninja Lyn for my braindead Infernal clear. She'll get her time to shine someday. I had to use female Byleth in this map to beat her male counterpart, of course. Lilith doubling Byleth and killing him in one round was surprising! I really want to get more merges on her someday. Here's the Whitewings one. Bridal Catria trivializes most maps. @Flying Shogi @Landmaster @BoaFerox @XRay @daisy jane @LoneStar @Unknown Gamer11 @Diovani Bressan
  10. It's pretty obvious which one I'll choose first. I'll go with Palla once Catria loses to her though!
  11. I don't really play this mode seriously, but I found this kind of amusing: That is some serious power!
  12. @Landmaster Roy had to take the brunt of two Vantage counterattacks, but at least he was hardy enough to withstand them! Those tome animations are gorgeous. I never intentionally pulled for Larum, but I'm glad I got her. This map would have been way too difficult otherwise.
  13. @Landmaster It's always nice seeing a Nowi~ Looks like R Tomebreaker was very handy there. I didn't actually do anything with Lena, but she'll get her chance to shine another day 馃槃
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