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  1. @Diovani Bressan Yep, I was using them in FB. Legendary Ephraim and Ryoma both got amazing glow-ups with their refines. Nice clear!
  2. I'm wondering if Valentia Catria would want a boon in Speed or Defense. Speed seems like the obvious choice, but she actually has a superboon in Defense, which means her Defense would be 40. However, if I give her the Speed boon, it would hit 50. She certainly needs to keep up with the powercreep since she's not that fast. I still haven't decided!
  3. @BoaFerox It's nice seeing Minerva! Congratulations on the +10 Tana! I tried pulling for more Catria merges, but my luck was abysmal. I only got one merge with 310 orbs... That is some impressive movement that young Tana has. Glad that she's so strong.
  4. Did the horse quest. Good job to my DC units!
  5. https://feheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Sedgar:_Coyote's_Dutiful_(map) I decide to give my horses some new toys.
  6. @BoaFerox Sheesh! +10 Freyja is terrifyingly strong. I didn't expect to ever see Ninja Laevatein quad someone.
  7. @Some Jerk Looks like the team all stayed together to help out. The map is a bit annoying with the blocks that hinder movement, but your units made it through. @Diovani Bressan I forgot that Caeda counted because of her Harmonic status. She's so powerful! @NSSKG151 +31 atk on Anna?! That's so much power. It's nice to see new year Alfonse again! I don't see him much. @Landmaster Lots of goats here! Freyja is an offensive powerhouse! @BoaFerox @LoneStar @Flying Shogi @Unknown Gamer11 That's a lot of videos at once. I'm not sure how to format this better. I was pleasantly surprised that my pitybreakers from Heroes were able to contribute to this Abyssal map despite their natures being suboptimal.
  8. I spent 310 orbs for one Myrrh and one Catria. I got to 11.5% before the game decided to give me Catria. I hate this game.
  9. I don't usually record videos with non-fliers, as people may have noticed, but I figured I should try to challenge myself by using other units in these maps. Besides, I needed to clear the quest.
  10. @BoaFerox Looks like Tana has been using the Ninja weapon in your clears quite often now. It's nice seeing Byleth clean up the boss! @Diovani Bressan I did not expect to see Iceberg on Nowi instead of Aether. Love seeing her! Legendary Ephraim is quite good with his new skillset.
  11. @NSSKG151 Impressive clear! Your creativity with the Anna team is always astounding.
  12. Here's the Whitewings clear. Ever since getting Bridal Catria, I've been really lazy and using her in almost all Whitewings clears.
  13. UGHHH why are there so many bulky units? Brave Micaiah's refine came at an apt time with the guaranteed doubles. I had to switch the Rein skill off Catria back to Goad Fliers to get a few kills. I don't know if I'll try this with a full Whitewings clear. I'm too tired. It's nice seeing Catria blow things up as usual, though I would like to use a damaging special one of these days. @Landmaster As mentioned in this thread already, it was nice to see Otr stymied by the Gravity effect. It's good to have magic users against these defensive titans. @Some Jerk Eldigan has some serious power if he can hurt the enemies so much. Nice to see Azura, too. @NSSKG151 @Unknown Gamer11 @XRay @BoaFerox @LoneStar @Diovani Bressan @Flying Shogi
  14. @Landmaster Surprised Aelfric didn't attack summer Elise. It's good to see Mirabilis fighting!
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