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  1. Gonna be starting up my Path of Radiance Hard Mode run in like 15ish minutes If yall want to see me struggle against the RNG, here you go. https://www.twitch.tv/slaveblade
  2. Creating stuff is the best part, just try to keep a clear focus on things (Past experience etc)
  3. I think i'm done here, yo. Gonna stop playing lazy and just sorta cut off now. Thankfully my characters are easy to write out if you want, but hey, do what you will with em. Don't particularly care at this rate. Good luck to the denizens here.
  4. She wasn't alright. As if it wasn't obvious from every other thing going on, she did elect to answer Aneda's question and it stung her into silence. Her grip tightened for only a moment as Tia leaned in, not wanting to crush the poor girl's shoulders. Even if the rider wanted to console her and tell her everything was going to be alright, Aneda couldn't find the voice for it through the rushes of anger and muddled fury with confusion.
  5. Aneda rushed to help Tia, helping the poor girl balance by grabbing her by the shoulders. "Are you alright?!" she asked barely below a shout, knowing the obvious answer she'd get. She couldn't help the slight shaking that overcame her, nervousness seeping into her being at the display of outright unnecessary punishment. Looking back to the knight, she scowled, nothing really else she could do here. That familiar helpless feeling sank in again and made her reach a new level of frustration that brought a tear to her eye, forcing her scowl to the ground with a deep heaving breath. God dammit...
  6. Resting just outside the entrance and letting out a massive sigh which she seemed to have been holding in for the duration, she could finally somewhat de-stress herself and catch her breath. Leaning against the wall almost made her want to fall asleep and the yawning wasn't helping her out. I should've just stayed in bed... I think I made things worse by going with everyone here. I don't even know what's going on with Tia there but gods it didn't look good and now that's on me, isn't it? No... she knew better. She told herself, not entirely believing it but it was better than wallowing. She also felt that people would somehow try to convince her differently if she were to mention it and just thinking about that disagreement tired her out mentally, slumping further against the wall. With the armored knight's current hold on Tia, Aneda still wanted to try and punch the guy but it would ultimately end terribly for both of them if she did and that made her furious. The mage said she would give up her magic, which earned her a worried glance. They're really doing this... Why?! More helpless frustration piled on top of the rider as she continued to worry. Aneda could only see things ending worse if she tried to actively stop, and things were already stupid to begin with. Life choices, this was not one of her good ones...
  7. Ultimatum issued, Aneda had many misgivings with it but there didn't seem to be any opening for her to say anything. That wouldn't stop her though, "Can we not do this, please? This can't be a logical step in chastising or punishing someone, even if this is her house or whatever." The yelling and seeing a choked Tia gave Mushirah a good scare, having to walk by the scene on her way out. It felt automatic for her to simply ignore Tia and keep on walking, though she did have to cover the side of her face to block it all out, drawing an extremely disapproving glare from Aneda who thought maybe Mushirah might help out but ended up just going past. The Pegasus rider stammered, trying to call out to her in her anger but it always came back to her just being more and more frustrated with this knight thing right in front of her.
  8. Casting a sideways glance to the floor, Mushirah groaned. It all still sounded so superficial to her, simply a means to the others end with the thin veil of not having a visible leash. "I'm sorry, I just don't feel comfortable accepting anything regarding an exchange here. I feel like I've overstayed my welcome here as well, so... I think I'll just take my leave now. Sorry for wasting your time, everyone." She made a quick bowing motion to Nyx before turning and making her way out of that room and cautiously wondering what was going on in the outer chambers. Aneda gulped, wondering why things had to get so... violent so quickly. "Look, I know she's being incredibly insensitive, and really I should have seen that coming but can you not do something so drastic? If she didn't get the message then, I'm five hundred percent sure she gets the message now..." She couldn't help but feel tense now, but ultimately she didn't feel at too much risk. Honestly, she didn't have much to lose here if things went south.
  9. Thinking it through for a good few moments, Mushirah shrugged and sighed, "When you get down to it, it's not going to be you with the fake arm, so I highly doubt someone would check in with you unless I'm wrong?" She glanced at Nyx for some form of affirmation on this, turning right back to Eva, "Even then, I'd feel extremely uncomfortable for you taking a deal I turned down for being so, in my eyes, loaded in my honor." Shaking her head, Mushirah was just feeling worse in general. She didn't like being so negative to someone's good will. Aneda poked Tia in the forehead, frowning a little. "Relax, I'm sure she has... reasons for the way she's doing things. Vasili are... hard to comprehend I guess. Of all the ones I've met they just seem arrogant in general. I suppose being around for so long will make even the most level headed get warped, but then again I'm only 26 years old so what kinda shit do I know?"
  10. Mushirah wasn't sure what was going on. Why is she bargaining with Nyx now? To apologize to me? I don't want... anything to do with Nyx, ugh what is she doing? Maybe there's something else to this? She was a bag of confusion, disinterest, mild annoyance and perhaps a hint of remorse, but ultimately she was just sort of... fed up with the proceedings. She wanted free things just like the next person, but she also felt bad about potentially purposefully wasting Eva's time and effort. "I personally... don't see how this would help out unless I'm missing something, but if you want to do it, go ahead. I can't physically stop you." She had a fairly blank expression but it could be taken for some form of annoyed, though she'd never admit it. Meanwhile, Aneda took the mage away, wanting to stay away from whats going on almost as much as Tia it seemed.
  11. Jericho was curious to the proceedings, wondering again what strangeness he'd be witnessing. "Sorry if I'm not paying attention, but can you move two people or things that aren't you at the same time?" If she could, maybe he could work something out, or maybe he'd be ultimately useless in the long run anyway, but he didn't want to go with that line of thought just yet. He'd wait until he had some alcohol for that. Mushirah wasn't quite sure why things were going the way they were, but it wasn't bothering her nearly as much as just being out of bed was at the moment, that and that feeling of having wasted her time on fruitless tasks was getting fairly annoying. She wanted to tell Shadrak to stop wasting time, to just get up and leave, but she didn't have that kind of gumption at the moment, not to mention that maybe the others had other plans as well? The more that things were discussed, the more impatient Aneda was feeling, and that impatience turned to apathy, and that apathy turned quickly into annoyance, the kind of annoyance that would only go away with a change of scenery. Leaving sounded like a good idea, as dealing with beings of such magnitude on a whim was... not exactly something she really wanted, after thinking about it. Thankfully, that was when she felt a tug on her arm from the tiny water mage next to her, giving her the impression that she too wanted to leave. So, without further adiue, "Well.. if you folks don't mind, I personally don't see any reason for us two to be here any more, so we'll just take our leave now." She said more to everyone than just Nyx and company.
  12. It seemed the conversation had turned back to Shadrak and him being compelled or manipulated to come back here with an offering. Mushirah couldn't help but feel like she was missing a huge part of the conversation, and as such she asked the brilliant question of, "What's going on...?" She wasn't expecting actual clarification given the present company but actually being informed whatsoever was better than being sidelined. Admittedly it was her fault, but she was adamant about not taking such a loaded deal when she felt it wouldn't have been worth the stress and, now that she thought about it, felt it was undeserved in some weird karmic way. Aneda looked at Tia, noticing the blood on her lip. Indeed, she was feeling something fierce if that was her holding things in. "Hmm..." Aneda started, returning her attention to Eva, "I'll take her out if you need me to. i'd like to talk to this lady but it's up to you, I don't mind either way." She really didn't mind, apparently this Nyx woman would rather deal with singles rather than groups anyway. Harmonica returned and a dagger as well, Jericho just sort of held onto the latter while shoving his own instrument away but not before examining it. Hmm... doesn't seem broken or anything.
  13. Taking an extremely small moment to really assure himself it wouldn't break, Jericho eventually tossed his Harmonica in Raquel's direction. For some reason, he only thought of it just now but the word harm was in harmonica. A mental shrug later at the coincidence was all that little ditty would get. Mushirah wanted to tell Shadrak to just leave it but, but she had the feeling that things had moved beyond her at this junction and assuming it was all about her now would seem arrogant and selfish. At least Nyx wasn't angry with the earth mage, in fact it almost seemed that was the expected outcome which left the girl with nothing but a sigh. Seems to be a game of expectations. I expected it to be too good to be true, and she expected me to back down from such an offer. I'm just rationalizing it at this point I guess... She ceded that perhaps that was due to her ever increasing fatigue. Resolving to stay awake until they were done here would prove pretty daunting to her. "It's not the potential killing that's putting me off, Shadrak, because let's face it, I've killed some people already... I hate admitting to it but I can't really justify that putting me off in this instance. Hard to explain I guess. Also a moot point at this rate I feel. What... else did you need here?" She figured to ask so things could move forward quicker and she wouldn't have to fight step by step her way out of the place. I just hope you fuckers hurry up so I can get a word in edgewise. Quit hoggin her dammit! Aneda mentally jabbed, getting really impatient with the proceedings.
  14. "I can't help but feel you're just dancing around my question, or maybe I'm just not getting what you're saying but at this point I'd feel nothing but discomfort accepting this, in my eyes, extremely loaded deal. I guess... I'm sorry for wasting your time." Mushirah got out, hoping to just sort of leave it at that. She couldn't keep eye contact for very long, letting it wander about in a hopefully casual manner. Truth be told, she was incredibly anxious and just wanted as fa away from this place as she could get, not wanting to deal with a person she felt was extremely petty and vindictive from her brief excursion. "Well..." He played with the harmonica in his hand for a moment before nodding at Raquel. "If this thing breaks during this experimentation, you owe me a new one, okay?" he said, waiting on an answer before actually tossing something fairly fragile.
  15. "Gotcha." Mushirah said, feeling this was a loaded deal the more she had things explained, like there was a gun pointed squarely behind her head if she would ever misstep with this hypothetical arm. "I just... it's the protecting at all costs that has me freezing up here. I just want to get this as crystal clear as I can... At all costs means exactly what I'm thinking it means, isn't it? Don't speak of it to anyone, don't let anyone near it, if people start getting too interested, keep them away from it or don't show it in the first place, and if someone, gods forbid, find out about it, i have to deal with that which would probably mean... getting rid of them..." she paused, clearing her lump that resurfaced, "Or if things somehow got out of hand and I do get tortured for the info on it, I kinda feel it'd be better to somehow off myself rather than deal with any of the consequences, given what I've come to hear." She took a deep breath before finally ending with, "I want to think that it won't be that dangerous and that maybe you... are exaggerating on what is expected but I sincerely doubt either of those." This arm sounds like it's going to just cause me immeasurable amounts of stress on every front on top of just a complete barricade to having a remotely normal social life... There's no way I should even consider dealing with this. "Seems like you can do a lot with this damn power, Raquel." Jericho chimed in with an obvious comment like ti was more than simple praise just because.
  16. Of course, what Mushirah wanted was her arm not to have been bitten off in the first place, so even though this is still a fresh wound for her literally, she always figured that getting her arm back with no strings attached was completely out of the question. She'd either have a lifeless excuse for one at her side or a 'fake real' arm which would cost her too much money for her to even consider doing, and really, by the time she'd probably get enough for it she'd probably be used to not having the arm in the first place. This whole ordeal was feeling very surreal for her, the woman still not fully comprehending what her situation exactly was and deep down she was perhaps feeling a bit spoiled by Shadrak, seeking out an immediate solution not even 24 hours after the incident so really, the only shock she could think of was the physical pain that did the deed. This was all sort of swimming around in Mushirah's head to an extent, not necessarily all at once but definitely all there. "I..." she started then stopped abruptly to try and cough her lump away. She was nervous but this was no time to let something as frivolous as that to get in the way, "I understand that you want this information kept secret, private, however you want to describe it... You mention not letting anyone not tied to you examine it, but I guess I'm curious, will you ever send anyone to check on it at all? I can't imagine you not wanting to look at it in person but far be it from me to make assumptions regarding what you would or would not do. In addition, does that also include us since we're talking about it now, or do you not want us to delve into it? I-I know you said we'd never really figure it out, I'm just... curious, and admittedly afraid of accidentally overstepping without knowing since you mentioned a leash." Jericho laughed at Raquel's admission/explanation, completely not expecting anything of what this emblem could do. Once he got a grip though, the man made an offer she could easily refuse, "Well I got a harmonica and my tome, I'm less inclined to throw my harmonica but if you're completely confident it won't break in the process then I can use that, so if you want something not sharp, I've got those."
  17. Going along with Erion's line of thought, or so Jericho figured anyway, "Hell, if you can do that to fast moving projectiles, I just... guuuh." the amount of things he was imagining Raquel being able to do was getting a bit ridiculous, thought he was only able to think on a more fantastic level than what was actually plausible from what she's said. "Hate to keep bugging on further, but can you pull a person to you, or away, like you did that book?" He had his hand on the side of his face like it was a really big deal what he was talking about, and to be fair he always thought what he was saying was a big deal.
  18. Well that happened. Before Jericho could comprehend exactly what happened, Raquel clarified it for him. It happened, and she did it. "Well... hot damn. That seemed easy enough for a first try, and really I'd offer up a way to make it harder but I've got absolutely zero clues as to how your thing works so..." The mage shrugged, quickly running over to pick up his tome again, and as he did that a weird thought crossed his mind. "I know it isn't in the parameters of this job here, and I'm probably gonna sound dumb here, but would you be able to hand someone a weapon lickity-split using those shenanigans, or even go further than just 'handing'? I mean, at the risk of sounding extremely macabre and dark, you could do some extremely sick stuff in a moment's notice if that's the case, and have virtually no chance of a rebuttal." Hopefully she would get what he was implying, what with the serious look on his face. Aneda held her breath for longer than she cared to admit when it came to what Nyx might do to Tia, the rider really wanting to talk to this lady but also wanting to do well by her as well due to association and wanting to ask her own questions. She wanted to yell at Tia, but that'd be piling on more stress and saying the exact same thing to her yet again. Having a few scenarios playing out in her head, Aneda wasn't about to do anything that'd ruin her chances to talk to this woman, and yet she felt completely responsible for bringing Tia here. "Ma'am, I was the one who brought her here, flew her over despite her getting multiple warnings on not doing what she just did. I doubt it'll smooth it all over, but I apologize for causing this." She ended with a sincere head bowing. If that wouldn't help at least get the ball moving, she'd consider physically dragging Tia out, if there was anything left to drag out anyway. Aneda couldn't help but feel what she was doing was stupid, but she was at least being sincere and trying to own up to things happening. Mushirah hadn't said a word yet, and as things progressed, she was a bit terrified of speaking up at this rate, fearing the worst. She didn't think she would be rude or insincere, but it seemed a lot og the misgivings about Nyx were fairly well founded, but she would give the benefit of the doubt given their introductory statements.
  19. Almost immediately the person Mushirah came to see, or really who shadrak brought her to see, was insulted in a rather carefree and awkward manner. Why would you ever say that right to the person? Especially right in front of everyone else... Mushirah thought, feeling a sense of unease, no wait feeling almost a full on dread. If the person they all came for was able to help them but only got insults thrown at her from the get-go, it meant that they'd really have to plead or do something drastic just to get things rolling again. After the dread, panic set in, the poor girl feeling a lump in her throat and her temperature rising from the tension, admittedly a lot of it in her head. Aneda's first thought was that this Nyx character was scary... Well, imposing at the least. She didn't know why, but deep down she couldn't help but think and compare this woman to Lilith no matter what. So that immediately made her ok with whatever Nyx did unfortunately, but it was a mixed feeling on the whole. On one hand, killing kids wasn't cool. On the other, the kid did immediately insult what some would consider a goddess. Aneda wouldn't consider her one on principle, but she'd completely cede that the woman was powerful, or at least Aneda supposed that she was. So far, no display aside from aggressive posturing had been made. Jericho had gone where he was indicated, "Well if you're looking to disarm, I'd say just practice on my tome since it's my weapon in this instance." And with that he held onto the tome by his side. Not guarding it so much as just holding onto it casually, merely waiting to see if she could do what she sought out to do. He'd try to be more protective if trials proved too easy, but he didn't feel like it'd be that much of an exercise all things considered.
  20. I know you mentioned this trip coming up before but for some reason this still came out of left field for me LOL.
  21. It was quite the sight to behold since the one armed gal had never been to a library or archive handled quite like this before. The most obvious thing sticking out to her was the massive pileup in the center with a woman on top who Mushirah guessed was Nyx given the previous conversation. The one good thing that Mushirah was thankful for from her tiredness was that she didn't have to try to hide her nervousness, it would simply be too much energy to worry right now unless properly prompted. Following right behind Shadrak, she glanced inside the room more to keep herself busy than out of interest though interest was still there. It was like a 51/49 split. This place holds the answer to whatever Shadrak's thinking of, and I can see why now... Still, it'd be nice to know exactly what he's thinking on this. Aneda was much more excited compared to Mushirah's lackluster display, an audible gasp as she looked inside for the first time. Sure, it's a pile of books but with who she assumed was sitting on top of them on that bench, she could only feel those books were somehow intrinsically better after that. Unfortunately, she had the sinking feeling that Hannah wouldn't be exactly super welcome in there and was more or less resigned to leaving her be. Hannah didn't particularly care, not irritated at the moment since she was at least dryer than she was before. Jericho nodded at Raquel, tapping his tome reflexively when she mentioned items being left behind. To the man, it sounded like an extremely simple task but far be it from him to comprehend the complexities of an artifact of the gods granting ridiculous powers. "Need us to move on down to get this started?" He realized she said she wasn't doing any range testing but to him that was way too vague for him to even bother registering. Some might say it's ignorant, and it is!
  22. Speaking of distractions, the earth mage was paying attention to the conversation as well. Well... it was an interaction at the least, maybe not a full blown conversation that she's used to. Either way, she decided to take things into her own hand(s), and in a tired sounding voice, "Let her go back to her nap, we're imposing enough as is..." Mushirah tugged lightly on his sleeve to hopefully drive home the point. Aneda, meanwhile, was scratching her head, confused at the proceedings. Place seemed big and there were some knights about, she surmised that that was what was fought earlier, and she really didn't see the big deal. Maybe it's more than meets the eye, seeing is believing and a bunch of other bullshit. Well that was pleasant. Jericho mused, still miffed at his own inability to actively take part in the actual job but still more than willing to help out as he followed after Raquel.
  23. "Door? Fighting?" Mushirah echoed to herself mostly. Not out of tiredness but a mere vocal musing. She winced when the prospect of fighting did come up though, a twinge of pain resurfacing in her stump for a moment before she focused on something else to keep that from festering. "No fighting, please." she mumbled, glancing to and fro, before frowning at what Eva said, not enjoying the prospect of standing in front of a door for hours. From the feel of things, she wagered that unless some adrenaline kicked in she'd be collapsing from fatigue again somewhat soon, though that was mere speculation and pretty much her just wanting to go to sleep. "Well, I mean, yeah." Jericho stumbled over his own words, not sure what to really say that he hadn't already said before a few times over. Rubbing his head in an awkward frustration, wiping his hair back, "Just... if there's anything you need or want from me, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm rooting for you in this endeavor pretty damn hard and I'd like to see you succeed for my sake as well as yours." I know you've had to wait a long time to get your father but I've gone longer, I'd love to jump at the chance right goddamn now but I can't do shit. I'm seriously placing all of my hope on this... and i unfortunately can't help but feel it'll backfire on me somehow but I've got nothing else... Fuck this world. Jericho thought, his mind wandering all sorts of places. He wanted so badly to charge in and bring the whole place down on Sardis and bring his brother back from his clutches, but that was simply not meant to be by the looks of it. If he could wait years for this opportunity, he could wait a few more hours.
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