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  1. I have some questions regarding gender based classes. I wanted to see what others though were the best roles for these classes. I wanted to have an idea of each class's strong points so that I can apply the best skills and other things to make them as strong as possible for their role. List of Classes: Falcon Knight Dark Flyer Valkyrie Berserker Warrior DSl classes not included.
  2. I have used her as a Dragon Lord before but I wish her speed would be a little higher. I think that I will make her a lord again. Did you have any lluck raiseing her resistance?
  3. I was considering making Cherche one because of her choices of classes leaning towards support and her somewhat low speed. I looked at other people and they have better class choices. its too bad they didn't get higher skill and speed, plus the chance to use a sword. Oh well.
  4. Oh, really, I would think a cult would be a more effective way to manipulate people to join your cause of destorying the world. If you truly got the people to belive that your ideas were the only way to save mankind, then you could control their actions and ideas, and could use them as pawns for your own means. Reglion is a strong tool to control people. If people truly belive in something they will do some unbeliveable things if they think it will help their reglion.
  5. I wanted to see what some people though would be skills for a Griffon Rider. I understand that most dislike the class but I would like to try it out.
  6. Well let me repharse the question- I was looking for pairings where every child had a good pairings so that every child could play to their strong points. I know that some are considered to be suport based children but, everyone has strong points they can play off of. I am looking for suggestions where I can play to all of their strong points. Sorry i understand why you said their is not Best combo. This is true the Best is in the eye of the beholder.
  7. I had a unsure feeling that Lyon was destoryed by the DK and that the DK was tring to manipulate Eirika on her route about possiblely saving him, but on Ephriam's route I though that Lyon expressed his hate and jealousness toward Ephriam showing that he wanted to improve his kingdom but destorying his enemy-Ephriam. Now that you both gave your thoughs on this question I belive I understand what truely happened. Thanks
  8. Hello, I was redirected to post this here so: I wanted to see what others though were the best power couples for a lunatic run. I know that everyone thinks Galeforce is king but, I am looking for the best power couples for everone so that every child has their strongest potenial. If you think you have the best Power Couples list please psot below so we can share our thoughs.
  9. Ok then if he is more support based what would be some good ideas to max out his supportness(Is this a word?)? PS: can rally skills stack? I was curious about the grandmaster rally skill stacking with others?
  10. Well yeah, he was really the first Fire Emblem game that I played and I liked how they made his character. I also like how his background story is not similar to most background storys for most rpg hero's. I felt he stands out more and I like that. No, Paris claimes he is Ike's True Descendant but I have come to state that I am the true descendant. However, I though that they did a pretty good job on his character and look. However, I still think Ike is better looking. Paris is more into intense training than Ike but, I think Ike was more compassionate but, they are both are well like by their peers. This is part of the reason why think they did a good job on him. PS: sorry for my little rant on Paris.
  11. Welcome!! I hope you enjoy it here. PS: Italian food is the best!
  12. I think that his reasons made sense, and besides it is a game. i mean you are suppose to win the game. the bad guys are suppose to do dumb mistakes that casue you to win the end, even if it makes no sense. Plus you can do anything in video game, even more when they allow time alteration allowed as part of the plot.
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