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  1. Yeah the Fort belongs to Nohr. In Birthright Iago got all the soldiers removed for his trap and Faceless horde. In Conquest it's been conquered by Hoshido.
  2. It's brought up in Hidden Truths that Nah has mentioned having urges to destroy things before.
  3. It's stated she's more powerful in Valla than she is outside it. She never steps inside the place again after Hidden Truths until Recollection of Bubbles. This applies to that Anankos as well.
  4. Each crystal only has power for one trip as he explained, and even that likely applies to using it on one person. That's why Lilith showing up and used her own dragon powers to fill up both allowed all those kids to travel instantly. The one Shigure gave them would have transported them all to their own worlds without a problem.
  5. No he's not. That's why Gunter had to jump down the hole with them. Only Azura could use the lake to come back and forth. They explained that in Conquest. Though considering he's Anankos meatsuit on Revelations and gets spiffy new powers thanks to that he probably counts on that route only as Vallite.
  6. Well logically incest between same sex siblings, regardless of gender, wouldn't produce babies, which have a chance of being born with illnesses from such a union. Though the chances of that only increase with repeated generations of incest. Not to say that justifies how they act about it, but I have seen people joke about an actual incest relationship involving Corrin that isn't Azura.
  7. I think it's more like it's surprise incest with Azura more than anything. Meanwhile the entire point of Birthright is Ryoma deceiving Corrin by pretending they're blood siblings.
  8. Note that Arete having the pendant doesn't contradict that. The King had gone to Anankos numerous times to try to reason with him. What they could have meant is that he was not prepared to die in their last encounter and so he wouldn't have the pendant on him. Plus there's just no way nothing isn't going to get contradicted at some points. Revelations had a different writer from the other two routes to begin with.
  9. Well the crystal balls aren't used or destroyed with the worlds themselves, but used in the world they are currently in. So that's why I figured they won't get restored. After all they had to use one given by Shigure to transport all of them and it was a one time deal, so it wouldn't get restored after he sings either. The power in them comes from Anankos afterall. Anankos himself stated he bestowed longevity to the people of Valla, so them being able to live for a long time does make sense and it would explain why Mikoto is so youthful. Of course I doubt he lived that long. So descendant does make more sense. @Abvora: Azura's father can sing the song as well from what I understand. So he likely has Anankos blood in him too.
  10. I just read the incomplete chapter for six. Since Lilith boosted the power of the crystal balls to take them all at once at the price of them not working again, doesn't this mean Odin and Laslow can't use those to return to Ylisse? Looks like they have to stay for good in those two worlds.
  11. The 4th Song fixes everything. It's power is far greater than the other songs that just weaken Anankos and his power or those under its influence. The price that one pays is far greater than the other verses as well, which can be sung more than once before taking the users life. Azura isn't strong enough to sing it, and she's weakened herself plenty over the years just singing the normal songs and using her songstress powers in general. Shigure is as strong as his grandfather, who could also sing the 4th verse.
  12. Can't disagree about Camilla and Xander. Camilla would rather Corrin die by her hands/get killed than defy the father she fears.
  13. All the StatTakers and one more thing. I don't remember what. I think there's another thread that mentions what it is.
  14. Plus the whole point of the song was always to weaken him, so we wouldn't know how powerful he was in the past either. Even in the final battles Azura stills sings the songs which all weaken him and his main puppets.
  15. Because she has ice powers but burns with envy so hot that it can't be put out.
  16. I believe there's a convo with Xander where he points out that the Nohr Festival land is much more fertile than Nohr is.
  17. Astral Plane connect different worlds. Deeprealms are a part of it. It's pretty similar to the outrealms, but the Astral Dragons live there. @LoboKD001: Yes. Didn't you notice there's more than three hearts in that final battle?
  18. To think before this he was putting on his own private death matches using the illusions on the sole survivors. Except Shigure thanks to Water.
  19. Knowing Water, she probably told him that. Just like she told him about the secret 4th verse that was too powerful for her to sing. Honestly that last part is the most believable bit concerning her. So this means that Anankos has conquered at least 22 worlds.
  20. Well there's going to be more than one Revelations world, as this one is a failed one to begin with. But yes this effectively solves the problem of dealing with Anankos after the story of Conquest/Birthright and not worry about him attacking again or using his favorite vessel Foxy Grandpa. @Sentinel07: Yes.
  21. I think you're right about that as I saw a Wolfssenger Shigure in a screenshot. Also the fifth chapter's translation cleared some things up.
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