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  1. I hope you can promote classes two times and that the promotion to the final class gives you that “Oompf” feeling where you think you can take on the whole world :D
  2. I’m cautiously hyped for the game right now. My fear is that, like with Fates, my hype gets little by little more destroyed with more information being released about the game. To the point where I feel like skipping the game. I feel like IntSys does a better job now with releasing information about the game. I think it keeps us on our toes. (inb4 that moment when multiple trailers are shown where story and gameplay is spoiled).
  3. Not sure if this was already posted in this thread, if it was, my apologies in advance. I found this vid hilarious (and confronting because maybe I'm part of it).
  4. Hey guys, Perhaps a sortlike question has been asked earlier, please forgive me for being lazy and not search the whole thread for it :). I need your advice on the following situation. I recently pulled a 4 star Fir and I have multiple 3 star Fir's in the barracks. I see the following possibilities: - Upgrade the four star Fir when I have enough feathers. I don't have enough feathers atm. The three star Fir's could be sent home to provide additional feathers. - Keep the four star Fir, upgrade the three star Fir's to four stars and merge them all to one strong four star Fir. - Insert other possibility. Can you give advice to what you would do with these Fir's in this situation?
  5. Hey folks, most of what I think has already been said, so this post will mostly sound like an echo. I should also add that I haven't played FE Fates, so the things I might say may not be completely accurate. So what I say here about Fates is about what I only have heard and read. Nevertheless, I would like to add my 2 cents . - What I dislike in both Awakening and Fates is the character/ Avatar pandering. Your character is the center of attention, in Awakening somewhat less than in Fates I believe, which I at first thought was a fun idea. Later now, I think it quickly gets old. I personally prefer your character to stay in the background, more as a traveller or as a mercenary, so that he/ she has less impact in the story. Why? I think it can give the character the freedom to interact with whomever he/ she likes and possibly the freedom of choice. While I have noticed they have tried to give the player a bit of choice in Awakening, his/ her choices didn't have an impact. Which is a bummer in my opinion. - I believe the stories in the Fire Emblem series are very character driven. What I think IS has done wrong in both Awakening and Fates, is creating a huge bunch of characters (including children) and have tried to give them all a distinguishing personality. So that they stand out from one another. While I think it is a good idea to make a character stand out of the rest, I am personally not a fan of the gimmicks they have. Especially if a character revolves around a certain gimmick, as I believe it restrains character development. Even stronger, when you have a lot of characters, with each of them a different gimmick, I think there is a risk of creating monotonuous characters (if you folks can understand what I say). I would suggest creating a smaller cast, so that more time can be spend on (complex) character relationships, character growth and story development. Of course, gimmicks can be used, but I would love to see how a character can develop without falling back to its gimmick. - Complexity of the story and the characters. I already talked a bit about it in the (wall of) text above here. What I think I've seen in both Awakening and (from what I have heard in) Fates, is that IS tries to make the story more morally grey. In my opinion it is hard to make such a story, with all of the other elements you need to take in consideration to create a story or a character. What I however miss in both Awakening and Fates is character growth (here we go again ). When I think of character growth, I love to see a character overcome certain obstacles or challenges in order to progress not only the story, but his/ her personality as well. Show us what challenge X does to the protagonist, how other characters interact with it as well and how they give feedback to the protagonist about his/ her decisions. Hell, you could also make another noble, good protagonist. I would say, make an antagonist (or a group) that manipulates said protagonist into making dire choices that conflict with his/ her inner self. And show us that! Show us that his comrades hate him/ her for doing it, or applaud him for it. Let the protagonist make a rational choice to sacrifice civilians, even if protagonist hates him-/ herself for it (let alone the rest of his/ her companions whose family died because the choice). Or the protagonist gives the big F* you and stays true to his ideals, he saves those civilians and gains the respect of certain comrades whilst others call him a fool for it, as the antagonist gains the advantage in the war. I could go on with this (and frankly, I think I'm going on long enough), there are many possibilities without making it all too complex I think. I need to add however, I think some of this is shown in both Awakening and Fates. So to conclude this, I think the focus should be (more) placed in the emotional judgement of a character. Sorry for the long post. Respect to y'all if you read it all. *Thumbs up to you*.
  6. I think that freedom, in its most purest form, means that you're not bound by any rules whatsoever, free to go wherever you want, free to choose whatever wish to do. Say something that you're free to do so, and you have the freedom to do it! Somewhere where you have such freedom, there would be nothing that would say to you that you shouldn't.
  7. I suppose it's too much to ask if it is possible to hit over 9000. Then again, pretty cool and good job that you managed to calculate this. As I hate math I pretty much skipped it all and thus believe this so long as no-one counters this.
  8. Earthquake vs Iron Head It looks very interesting! I would personally switch Leon and Takumi's Pokemon, as I think Houndoom would better fit Leon and Manectric would better fit Takumi, at least in my opinion. I understand why you did it this way though! What would you think of Leon as the Pokemon Absol, and Takumi as the Pokemon Ampharos? And what would you think of Camilla as Aerodactyl, and Hinoka as Altaria? Good luck with your project either way! Have fun!
  9. It would either be Aran from FE10 or Innes from FE8. Being a mobile halberdier would definitely suit my fighting style, then again, being a sniper would do as well. I guess it comes down to my personality traits, which are found in both characters. Argh! I suppose I would let fate decide which one would become my mirage
  10. I'm sad that game companies more and more often only tell half-truths. It's not that they're (completely) lying to us, but they leave more often a lot of important information left out or unclear. At least in my experience. This whole Fire Emblem Fates happening will come down to this: [spoiler=5 stages of Grief and Loss] Don't worry guys... we'll get to that last hurdle. In the end, when we're old, we'll think of this as "Ah yes.. 'Fire Emblem Fates'"..
  11. Well, it's quite alright if you're fine with it :). These are just opinions and if you like it, then who are we to say that you shouldn't? Enjoy and make the most of it I say! Personally, I probably won't/ or minorly make use of it. The reason I don't like it, is that I'd probably feel very uncomfortable if I'd do it with someone else, regardless who gets rubbed. It feels... awkward, that you enter someone's private space like that, if you know what I mean. Then again, this is my opinion and feel free to disagree with it :). Quite curious though how it will get localised.
  12. *Gasps at the huge list*. I hope the game isn't a complete disappointment for you :c
  13. Nohr pretty much, a bit of the Hoshido campaign and the third path. And I partly regret it, but for some reason I also feel glad that I know some plot stuff. Oh well.
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