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  1. Am I seeing things or is there some weird figure next to Claude?
  2. The female cavalier outfit looks like it's extremely similar to the pegasus knight one (in that Ingrid screenshot that was shown),in general the outfit designs we've seen (especially the ones with armor) feel way too colorless,bland and excessively grounded to reality. Where's the fantasy?
  3. I'm no expert but I'm fairly sure it's a different artist,the style,shading and coloring is completely different. for reference
  4. By far the worst design so far (along with Dorothea and her hat),looks like he belongs to a Ace Attorney game rather than Fire Emblem.
  5. "Anime" is not an art style.Saying something looks anime is saying nothing.
  6. We're almost 100% safe we're going to recruit units other than the students,right? but it wouldn't make sense to recruit veteran knights or some random mercenary and have them forcefully enroll in the academy and make them take exams to reclass them,seeing them study in the class as well as tutoring them and assigning solo studies and what not,anything related to the academy in general.Would be stupid and jarring. So,what if,to make up for the fact that you're given 20ish units you can fully customize the other units you recruit have a set class and you can only promote them,and not reclass or anything? to balance out the customization craze,which could be honestly overwhelming and tiring if too expansive.
  7. There's a ton of elements about 3 houses that I dislike,even from just the 2 minutes teaser we got. The good -the OST was catchy -the stained glass-like imagery with the dragon and the angelic figure at the start was pretty cool -I like the green-haired woman's design,although I'm 100% sure she's not going to be playable,going to be a villain or both -weapon durability is back The bad -the rest? I'll start by saying that I was immensely hyped for the reveal,as even IS' B team proved to be able to produce such a high quality product in Echoes on a extremely limited hardware,and we were finally going back to a "powerful" console,after the Gamecube-Wii days. Obviously these expectations were immediatly betrayed as they showed the barren map and the embarassingly low quality models.I know the game's not out yet and what you will,but what we saw managed to be a step down from a 3DS title of all things,and even something like the 13 years old Path of Radiance looks four times as good provided you emulate it at a higher resolution.But models and graphics aside,even some stylistic choices are questionable.What's with the addition of the musou-like generic soldiers? I even read about people praising this change,saying how it's more immersive and makes it feel like you're in a real war,but I don't see how these copy pasted,completely out of place mooks do anything but ruin my immersion as they stand around doing nothing and are THROWN INTO THE AIR when hit - what is this,Advance Wars? My gripe with them isn't just that they look awful,which they undoubtedly do,but it's just a concept that doesn't work at all,ever;on any level. There's two ways they can be handled - Edelgard attacks and dodges and does everything herself while they just stand around doing nothing - it's trash,since they're just there to suck up hardware resources and as previously said detract from the so called immersion since that's now how a real battle works,and it looks stupid. Edelgard attacks along with the soldiers backing them up - this is also trash,since it means the fight is no longer about the main unit itself,in a character-driven series that's historically been about 1 vs 1 duels between units and where a huge part of the fucking appeal is how the numerous characters are given a ton of relevance and you use the ones you like.I want to see my cool swordmaster do some sick flips and twirls against the enemy character,not see generic dude swing his generic swords against his generic enemy multiplied by 20. What's with the sub-par artist they chose for the designs? are they tight on the budget after all the profits they made with Fates and Awakening and that they're still making with FEH? I don't want to be mean and insult whoever they hired and I'm sorry for this,but there's no fucking way a series like FE after all the recent success should downgrade from Hidari or even Kozaki to this What's with greasy hair? the red nose -does he have a cold? I read some professional artists' opinions and the details on him (like the silver linings,the buckle,the cape) are objectively amateurish,opinions aside.What's that he's wearing,is that an armor or a shirt,I can't even tell.And this isn't the random ass level 4 Cavalier that join in chapter 3 and you never end up using,this abomination is your next Ike,Sigurd,Marth,whatever you want. Even someone like Edelgard,who I dislike the least,has an outfit that doesn't even fit the fucking setting,looking like a WWI official uniform with epaulettes and everything in a series set in a European medieval fantasy since its conception.And don't get me started on Blyeth because god knows what the hell's going on with his armor. While all these things may not affect the gameplay and some may not care about them,they heavily detract from my experience and enjoyment,to the point where I was sure I'd buy a Switch for this game,yet I'm really not so sure right now. I love Fire Emblem,and precisely because I love it I can't accept this kind of in-your-face mediocrity.The game's supposedly to be released soon,and yet we know almost nothing about it and I hate the few things that have been shown - a second delay is very likely at this point,and I don't know if I have to hope for one so they might fix this mess or just want the game to be cancelled and move on. And I saw some units wear a fucking graduatee hat. A fucking graduatee hat.
  8. No? those are just my first impressions from the trailer. For all we know this could be an amazing game with 10/10 gameplay and incredible story etc.,but visually speaking this is incredibly disappointing.For me. Especially after IS has spent plenty of years working and practicing on their 3D works.What could be justified for PoR back in 2005 can't be done in 2018.
  9. Looks pretty bad to me,to be honest. ESPECIALLY those generic no name mooks,standing around doing nothing,looking all the same with their 20 polygons-count model. Echoes pushed the weak 3ds hardware to its limits,managing to become a small gem with fantastic animations/models and art direction.And then there's this Switch game. A dumpster fire.
  10. FE:A definetly has shallow writing and mostly one dimensional characters,but you could say that for pretty much every FE game.Those have never been the series' selling points. It looks like they're trying something different in IF at least.
  11. I actually had no idea you could retreat from skirmishes,thanks.
  12. I managed to get into a random monster battle and I get a game over as soon as I move a unit. Am I going to be able to continue the save when skirmishes will be properly implemented? nice hack btw.
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