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  1. sorry I guess it's kinda hard to keep just talking to someone you think is scum but it's bad form. but my bad I thought I responded to what you said about your reason for voting claire yesterday. what I don't like about it is that while it's fair to not want to vote someone because you don't like the people on their wagon, it felt like that very suddenly overrode all the objections you had with weiner ed2. when I was rereading d2 after the first couple pages I was almost going to reverse my read on you because you were doing a really good job grilling weiner and then you just stopped talking about him until you started defending him. that bothers me because it didn't feel like you came to change your mind naturally about the weiner wagon constituents being worse than weiner himself. it just feels kind of contrived, like you needed a reason to switch and found one. also i feel like you didn't follow up on any of those people? for example jester being a scumlean was one of the people on the wagon you didnt like and then afterwards you just dropped the jester read. like did the flip make you think that everyone on that wagon was auto town? i've already said my opinions on everyone else a bunch of times. bart is town due to the fact that ichigo tried to lynch him in a way that was clearly not a bus and jester is probably town too because he has a very good voting record and his vote was actually important to getting scum lynched. not really concerned about his vote on me because it feels like he just missed baldrick's post or something. kaif not being around more is pretty frustrating and I have to admit makes me waffle sometimes about my read on you because it's easier to say good stuff right after subbing in, and I didn't like amph's actions. but I wouldn't want to lynch here until after lynching you because the amph stuff that bothers me most about his slot was ed1 and I don't like to let that affect my read too much at this point in the game bc a lot of people aren't good at RVS.
  2. ##Vote: @RADicate this is the scum slot. jester, I forgot to respond to this on d4, but i didn't really get it when you pointed how he defended Ichigo and chose to tiebreak for Claire over Weiner, but then also said he hadn't really done anything incriminating. it's relatively easy as scum to fake tone, especially when you're experienced and a generally chill guy like Rad. at the end of the day Rad has consistently voted against town's interests at basically every step, even when it went against his previously stated posts such as him finding Weiner suspicious at the start of d2. would be cool if kaif was around more
  3. serious bastard
  4. i dont really think the suggested turbo from one scum to another is a point in rad's favour because that would be HUGE brownie points for both him and ichigo if scum saw that they were going to lose someone that day anyways. fwiw I wasn't the one to suggest the logic that you're voting me for. i agreed with baldrick's logic there. that's also not my primary reason for voting xnad; if I didn't think there was a chance he was scum I wouldn't vote for him. main reasons for thinking he could be scum are that it seemed like he was trying to shut down discussion on d2 about ichigo interactions, and that his vote on you seemed like it was because you were trying to shut down a townread on him. I've also said many times that I think Rad is more likely to be scum btw, this is also a consolidation vote since the phase is ending in like 4 hours now.
  5. okay but it was also his scum meta, so if he's playing like that this time it's a point against him
  6. so bart are you saying if people townread him there and aren't here does that means he's less likely to be scum? i don't really think that logic makes sense unless you're saying that he plays better as scum than town...
  7. eh, okay. yeah I guess if scum!xnad would be harder to lynch later it's better to do it first. ##Unvote, ##Vote: @XnadrojX bit confused by this- was xnad scum in training? don't understand the relevance of most people townreading him there. Xnad there are only like 7 hours left in the phase if my math is correct so you should claim.
  8. sorry guys went to a sports game this evening rather than playing mafia ;_; :thinking: i'm willing to consolidate on xnad. going through his stuff again one thing I didn't like was on day 2 when he was like "let's stop talking about ichigo interactions now". it felt like he was trying to prematurely shut down discussion on the most important and informative event that had happened to that point. I'd really rather rad though. it just feels like he's been around a ton responding to questions but never really providing very much content of his own. other than the weiner push at the start of day 2, which he never backed up in any meaningful way, rad just hasn't instigated anything of his own. xnad at least feels a lot more like he's directly trying to solve stuff without people having to ask him stuff all the time. @Bartozio who of xnad/rad would you rather consolidate on, or would you still prefer lynching me? ;_;
  9. maybe if it hadn't been on the towniest person in the thread?? couple questions for you rad- what's your opinion on my slot? what votes on the d2 weiner wagon did you not like so much that you didnt want to vote there despite pushing him ed2? also you're saying tone is important to you but you basically disregarded it if you still sheeped claire's vote despite not liking her tone? @Kaif scum can bus individually on d1 or d2 but bussing both days after a successful d1 bus is suicidal. and bart gets lynched pretty often so I don't think he would have the confidence to do it either. also, you're discounting ichigo's scummy wagon onto bart. can you explain why you're hard TRing xnad? i mixed up claire and bart in the OP flips, don't ask me how
  10. lol what?
  11. oh uh I forgot to actually talk about kaif. i dont really see the weiner vote as very telling tbh because he was just like "this is obviously scum" and then didnt come back until fter the orc flip talking about how it was so obvious. i kinda just feel from tone that they're town tho. wouldn't lynch before the radxnad bros. btw xnad the numbers are 6/1, not 8/1 also i didn't really get shinori's sully suspicion but fwiw shinori did vote weiner after the orc reveal and only switched when sully was like "no rush to hammer" Bartozio, Via-Astra -> Baldrick, Refa -> Jester's Gestures, Shinori -> BBM, Ampharos -> Kaif, RADicate, xnadrojx
  12. ok I finished catching up. updated lynch priority is rad >> xnad > kaif > jester. i don't agree with Bart's analysis of rad/xnad being town/town interactions. if rad is scum sure he walls off xnad as a lynch candidate but it's an easy pocket to carry through the rest of the game. this was also before weiner got lynched so at that point walling off one lynch candidate wasn't even that bad. and speaking of weiner the rad/weiner interactions are also very suspicious. rad begins d2 by questioning weiner pretty heavily about a bunch of stuff and then ends up with a scumlean on him. this exchange is probably rad's best stretch of content in the game but he never votes weiner and in fact at eod2 is actively trying to dissuade people from voting weiner. rad is allowed to separately think that the tone is weird and the logic is good but it's just weird to like the logic so much as to sheep it if you don't like the tone. as town i'm always pretty uncomfortable when this happens and have the two things cancel each other out rather than pursue both things simultaneously. i don't want to spend too much more time talking about this point though tbh because the bulk of my case is really the ichigo/weiner interactions. if it was just this i wouldn't be voting rad, especially given how early it happened. baldrick's xnad case on his d2 and d1 is pretty decent now that I'm fully caught up so I bumped him up to 2nd ahead of kaif. I didn't like xnad's vote on jester because it seemed kinda borne of the fact that jester was trying to shooting down a townread on xnad. i'm pretty conflicted on the amy/kaif slot. on the one hand I'm not sure what Shinori and others were tlaking about- I got a pretty clear Honeybottoms vibe to Amy's early posts in that they were just throwing out stuff without backing it up with conviction (aka votes). their excuse of being lazy probably took more time/effort than actually voting would have. their only other real content was a listpost that ended with a prodvote. the logic on bart here is actually okay but again there isn't really any commitment here. i'm pretty tired right now so I'll try to engage rad/xnad more tomorrow with questions and stuff.
  13. i'm not gonna lie bart I thought you'd already gotten mislynched until I got the notification about you voting me. anyways I don't really have any way to explain shinori's actions so you can decide based on my other content whether you want to base your read of my slot more on shinori or more on me. ok so I've read up to the end of D1 and am taking a break now with some thoughts that are basically based only on d1 + d4 with foreknowledge of the flips. Rad is my strongest d1 scumread of the people who are still alive. His D1 just felt really lacking in that he was around fairly regularly but made a lot of fluff posts without much content. his opening post really irked me cuz it took both sides of claire pushing bart at the time by calling claire weirdly defensive and then sheeping their case on bart. his marth vote also felt like a chainsaw defence of ichigo. his entire stance towards ichigo feels scummy because he just townreads ichigo for his general playstyle rather than because of that playstyle actually being alignment indicative in any way. the caveat of "only if he provides more content" is also an easy way to walk back a defence of a weak teammate if necessary. ichigo never actually provides any good content but rad still doesn't really follow up here. I will say that the initiative to ask claire for past games of theirs to read is good but at least as of d1 rad never provides any analysis based on it so it's pretty empty. ##Vote: @RADicate I also didn't like Amy's play but have read 0 of kaif's posts so far so overall read pending I see your xnad case Baldrick but as of d1 I didn't really feel bad about his posts. your case is mostly d2 based though so I'll be on the lookout for it. also baldrick I was sad originally when I realized that weiner had an oracle flip on him because it meant my read on your d3 end wasnt valid but then I saw that you subbed in for via and my read was saved!!! not sure if people still want to lynch Bart but they shouldnt. ichigo's vote here on d1 was clear scum wagoning onto town. not currently interested in lynching Jester either. not sure if ichigo gets lynched d1 without his vote. a bus isn't impossible given that ichigo wasnt playing well but he's at the bottom of my PoE. in summary thinking rad >> kaif > xnad > jester atm
  14. haven't read the thread other than looking at the flips. hope you guys are ready to win the game today and give me an easy win without doing anything!!! Baldrick you're probably town based on this page bc you would have counterwagoned Sully if you were scum, so tell me who's town and who's scum please gotta finish work and run some errands and I''ll start reading the thread after that in a few hours. cheers.
  15. i don't think scum played badly but I would agree that this was more of a town loss than a mafia victory. maybe it was because of inactives and subs or the 48 hour deadlines but it didn't really feel like town was really very organized and ended up settling on compromise lynches? that being said apologies on my part for trying to take control of the thread at end of d3 when I hadn't read anything. it fucked up the lynch and also drew town's power roles to me on a pivotal night phase.
  16. it's possible that scum vig exists? but if that's the case town vig should shoot them at night, not CC.
  17. alette's claim is 99% town. town vig almost certainly exists in a game with no SK and vig is the worst claim to make to draw out a CC because the vig just shoots you instead of CCing
  18. this is just dumb now. town screwed up by not having this decided with that it was always going ot be a turbo. we need votes for a lynch
  19. if this is true then she gets vigged or gets lynched tomorrow anyways lol. are you scum weapons?
  20. idt the claim failing on mack is indicative fwiw; just don't have a reason for thinking he's town as I do with shinori and marth
  21. I would rather this than Marth ##Unvote, ##Vote: Mackc2
  22. i can't tell you I think shinori has a good chance of flipping scum, but I think marth/snike have a probably lower chance of being scum. interested in mack simply because I know nothing about how he's played, but it doesn't seem like anyone other than snike finds him scummy? what are your opinions on mack?
  23. snike sell me on mack in your 7 minutes and how does your night action play into it?
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