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  1. THANK YOU!! Here's a cookie! http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/mspafetchmodus/images/a/ab/Chocolate_chip_cookie.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20100726200146 Of what? The song? :D
  2. How would a Knight/General Subaki fare? Bolded skills are skills which I know can go on Subaki. Tsubaki Married: F-Kamui (secondary picked as Knight, +Str -Res) Buddied: Asama? Maybe? - Lancefaire (dmg bonus when using lances) - Swallow Strike (helps low Speed) - Vantage (?) or maybe Sol? - Renewal (?) - Not sure what to put here. I'm still a noob. Astra?
  3. The very first one we ever saw. The teaser one.
  4. Does anyone know where to get the original fe if trailer music? Like the one played in the trailer?
  5. Yes, on Kantopia you can download the whole of the 4koma anthology in a RAR format. Kirokan translated it. I hope someone does scanlations of the Kozaki/Kibayashi Fates manga, though...
  6. I usually go +Luck -Res, since they compliment eachother well.
  7. Wow, thanks. This will make teambuilding and PvP much easier. But what's ORKO?
  8. I think the main problem is that they put fanservice where it's not needed. For example, DLC Witch, and the Dark Mage line, and even Maid don't try to pretend they AREN'T fanservice. They clearly are fanservice, clearly are meant to be 'sexy'. Their *whole* design is 'sexy.' But Wyvern Rider, Falcoknight, and lots of other classes have random fanservice all over them. Like Camilla's boob strap and panty hole in a design that didn't need it, or Charlotte's weird perpetual upskirt thing when she would have been fine wearing a normal skirt or shorts or whatever.
  9. After the writer (Kibayashi? I forgot) wrote the game's script, it's likely it was changed a bit to 'fit the game' or whatever. Almost all stories for types of media which aren't novels are meddled with to 'make it more appealing' or whatever. IMO they just made this game's story terrible. Apparently Kibayashi wrote 500 pages for each route, and I'd really like to see his original idea.
  10. Does anyone have translations of the Hero Song cards? I'd like to see what the poems actually say. Especially Eirika's, Nowi's, Adult Tiki's poems. Edit: Me and my friend translated Nowi's and Tiki's. Nowi: Crush them flat with dragon's breath!* Nowi's strong and prepared! Come on, let's go! *Fire? Tiki: Tell me where we will meet in the distant night sky, Onii-chan.** **Approximate translation. Does anyone have a translation of Eirika's card?
  11. Hi. Even thought I don't have the game, I was thinking of my Avatar's stats and wanted to see how good/bad she would be... Femui 1st Class: White Blood 2nd Class: Dragon Rider (Should I take Peg Warrior instead? Or something else?) +Luck, -Res (Is lucky, thickheaded) Skills Personal Skill (Charm... Charisma.... something like that.) Cut Through (if Dragon Rider gets it) Deadly Breath (if Dragon Rider promotes to Revenant Knight) I also was thinking about Tsubaki... Since his Skill and Defense have 50 and 45 respectively, as their growths, a class that takes advantage of those would be good. Skill means good crit/hit chances and Defense means tankiness. Obviously he will have to rely mainly on his Str, since his Magic isn't that great. Since I'm likely to only get Hoshido, maybe marrying Oboro would be good for him. This passes on Lancer, which can promote to Holy Lancer. The other option for him is Setsuna, which would give Bowman/Holy Bowman to him. I personally think he would make a good archer, with his Skill/Def growths. Does the F!Avatar pass on her secondary class?
  12. I once saw an interesting fic where yes, a chara was sucked from the real world, but they kept messing up the games "script" and they kept dropping hints that she wasnt belonging there.Like, she couldn't fight in a battle, battles were literally the gameplay, and Chrom said "We'll know when to go once we get a... Signal", referencing tapping the icons on the map, and when she asked, he denied it entirely, pretending that Gameverse was real. And then it was disconyinued :T edit: Sorry for necroposting.
  13. Can we have Parents Only or Kids Only metas? I would like that. If Lethality can be stopped by Miracle, then I don't think Lethality should be banned. Unless Miracle has no way of being included in a skillset which can boost its activation rate.
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