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  1. Anyway, I'm mostly here because I have a Discord bot with a built-in RPG, it's on Serenes Forest Discord now, and a bunch of its players realized/remembered I had an SF account and voted for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. 1) a 2) Both can be fine -- it's more about self expression than any particular preference towards how one expresses themselves. My member title, Cogito Ergo Nukes, came from a game of AI War: Fleet Command where @Integrity, @Parrhesia and I had the 'infinitely'-powerful AI enemy on the ropes, but our final push got repelled, which... in AI War, the difficulty of the enemy scales on how much they notice you; a failed homeworld attack is crippling, so we may well have been doomed. But I had a backup plan, and warped in a Mk II Nuclear Warhead in to destroy and cripple the AI homeworld (and the surrounding worlds; nukes in AI War are serious business, not to be taken lightly) so we could do a followup surgical strike before the AI could muster up its defenses. (For reference, just exploding the nuke doubled the AI threat level, and we would've been dead in minutes had we not struck immediately; AI Wars campaigns take many hours). So in that case, it was both sheer firepower and technique, while also being the ultimate move of self-expression. 3) Because they've always got more fatigue available. 4) I answered this earlier in the thread! As I said there: I can do top 3. I don't tend to really expand things beyond that -- my preferences change based on my mood and everything else is too broad-strokes. 3 - Reimu Hakurei - Well, there's a reason my bot's got a Reimu picture and motif. I love the aesthetic, and the general approach of 'view every problem as exactly the same'. 2 - Marisa Kirisame - She's pretty much me, tbh. Explosive, aggressively weird and not insecure about it, curious, fairly unkempt, and extremely creative in the strangest ways. You can probably thank @dekw for her making my top 5. 1 - Utsuho Reiuji - She's aesthetically perfect (incredible surreal cape, nuclear power, flight, fire, all of the Haru checkboxes hit in one). She's also fairly simple, and motivated by a desire I can relate to, which is just to have home the way she remembered it. 5) I just like it because it's bright, in-your-face, and the stereotypical fire color. FF0000 red has become my brand.
  3. I like these questions in particular quite a lot. 1) Never, not once. Nope. 2) It probably depends on who you are. For me, it's just a matter of treating myself the same way I treat everyone else, which is to say, with respect and dignity. 3) The first answer that came to mind was... "Few, because I also had few hopes and dreams growing up, and I think you need something to lose to have something to fear. Maybe a bit (or extremely) weird, but that's how I am, I suppose." And it's mostly true, but on thinking about it a little more, I remember I was a compulsive liar back then, and I developed sort of a... reflexive fear of multiple parts of my lives meeting with each other, in case I'd been inconsistent in the web of lies I'd woven. Of course, I was never nearly as good at lying as I thought, and those days are long past. Suppose it says something about how much escapism there was back then that the only thing I was afraid of losing was fake anyway. 4) The ones I can remember. I retain dreams so very rarely. 5) This is gonna sound weird, because the community is frankly memetically bad where it's bad, but... the community. Not the icky parts people think of, but the parts that make entire games and romhacks, beautiful art, music, quality fanfictions, etc, based on this weird niche bullet hell shooter and its setting. I like the setting a lot, too -- in a way, Gensokyo has been kind of formative in how I write my own fantasy worlds -- a lot more subjective, a little harder to grasp... and kind of their own characters, in a way. There's a lot of character that, to me, remains fairly consistent across many different visions of Gensokyo in fanworks, and I appreciate that and use elements of it in my own works. 'sides, the aesthetics are on point. Have you seen Utsuho? She has an arm cannon that fires suns, her cape is the universe and she has wings.
  4. XI) Casting from HP is a fairly cool system that I don't think has ever been quite pulled off, or I'd choose SoV. That said, I guess I'm just not all that attached to any of them? XII) Rapier, no contest. Have one in real life. XIII) Ninja. Not the Hollywood full black costume and mask ninjas, but the combat pragmatist 'dress in plain clothes to blend in' type. XIV) Western. XV) Probably just somewhere I could visit friends, honestly.
  5. 11, 12, 13, 14) a 15) I had a dog named Miranda for about ten years. She was a good dog but occasionally we would hear a THUD from the backyard and it would indicate that she was chasing squirrels along our fence and barrelled into it at the corner. This happened enough times that we had to reinforce the fence with steel, because it broke apart in several places.
  6. I couldn't tell you what the future holds. 17) 18) Never heard of 'em. Give me a recommendation. 19) It varies, but pretty consistently near the top is Lullaby of a Deserted Hell. 20) Yeah. I'm a big fan of Order of the Stick, which, as it turns out, has fairly excellent writing besides also being a pile of D&D jokes. I also like Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (though I believe the writer is taking a break), SMBC, and xkcd. In the immortal words of HaruBot,
  7. 6) A bunch of design space opens up in using S-Ranks as 'weapons which can't get stat modifications from forges'. 7/9) These two questions make me laugh. Dodge tanks cause salt, but the update penalized them too much, in peoples' opinions. The main reason people don't like fighting dodge tanks is that a miss is a lot more unsatisfying than a hit for 1 damage, even if effectively the mitigation is pretty much the same. In short, I think small/lower CON units should be afforded a bit more offensive identity somewhere, but I don't think it's too poorly balanced, and I think it's extremely risky to give them too much more than they have. 8) Zero. 1) You can do anything with a Discord bot that you could do with anything else, so long as you have the time and inclination. 2) I'm not much of a music person. I like music most when it's associated with something -- a scene, a world, a location -- so that it can hold a bit of that thing's tone. To that end, I appreciate game soundtracks more than anything. 3/4) Can't say I have particular attachment to any given tropes or archetypes. I've always had some appreciation for whenever the world is made to feel a bit more full and real, when, for instance, the characters of focus encounter another character who's clearly on their own quest, in the middle of their own story, and they never meet again. 5) Good, as ever.
  8. I've always been more a red mage kind of gal, but probably white mage? 6) Third shrine boon should help. Not sure yet, though. 7) I think the balance is fine; they look worse in the early game but I don't think they're actually bad. Aris (Troub > Paladin) was one of my best characters. 8) Yes. :) 9) Well, this one time, I was a compulsive liar ('this one time' being for the first twenty...?ish? years of my life). Then he pointed out that he couldn't really operate around that, so I stopped cold turkey. I think it really confused him. To quote him: [5:16 PM] dekw: ?????????????????????? 10) I certainly can. How many times will you fall into the same trap? VI) Suburban. VII) I enjoy all places for different reasons. I didn't use to like urban, but living in NYC for a few months kinda sold me on being able to go out at 3 AM to get a sandwich at the local deli (where I spoke the same language as no one). Suburbia is a nice middleground of 'being near stuff' and 'being far from stuff', and rural -- while it's killer for my allergies -- tends to just be very calm and beautiful, which I appreciate. VIII) There are five conditions which will force a draw in Chess; In a case of stalemate, a player is unable to make a legal move on their turn. Draw by threefold repetition occurs when the same position is returned to three consecutive times. A draw will be forced when no piece is captured or pawn moved in fifty moves. A draw by colony drop occurs when humanity becomes too horrified by the atrocities committed in the name of independence to continue. Finally, draw by insufficient materiel occurs when checkmate is impossible to force with the pieces on hand. IX) Winter. Only season my allergies don't explode. X) The only part of Myers-Briggs that I can really identify with is 'Introverted', and that's just because people tire me out quickly. 'Sensing' and 'Intuition' seem pretty much the same process, 'Thinking' and 'Feeling' are two completely different but valid ways to work through information, and... well, I'm not very judgmental at all, but that doesn't mean I'm incapable. I dunno, it's hard for me not to see MBTI as fairly nebulous and ill-defined.
  9. 1) It is as it should be. 2) Spoilers, Spoilers, and Bookends on the Path to Everywhere. 3) I could! 4) Not very, I'm feeling quite sick. 5) Another friend of mine used to do that. Then I started doing it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 12) Fuck, don't remind me. 614 accepted, 150 pending. I need to get someone else to be able to curate. 13) I've seen at least fifteen. 14) No idea! Probably at least 10%. 15) Didn't I already answer this one? 16) The rumor that you needed as many classes/weapon types unlocked as possible to unlock Master Knight and Baron made me laugh. Maybe also that time people quested with broken weapons intentionally to game Karma. I have no idea what this means, sorry My game Probably AI War: Fleet Command.
  10. Selphina and Selphina's -- Damn, you already covered the obvious Okay so hear me out Fiana Braves banner - Orsin, Marty (who drops to 3*, not even 3-4*, but is insanely good at 5*), Eyval, and Finn (they did Kaze again, they can do Finn again) but with an actual refine. GHB: Seram, and the map has random warp tiles TT: Dagdar
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