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  1. The Buffalo Bills are 8-3 for the first time since 1996. I don't know what to do with myself.
  2. To be entirely fair, the woman who wrote that sonnet (Emma Lazerus) was also rich as shit and could afford to say things such as "sure, we must take in everyone". It's like Hollywood actors saying the same thing but not willing to house those same people in their own gated neighbourhoods. She was also mostly referring to Russian Jews who were fleeing pogroms and worked almost exclusively for Jewish immigrants to America. Maybe if she had been working class, she would have had a different opinion.
  3. You are going to have to explain how British Imperialism did more harm than good to Botswana rather than say "holy shit".
  4. Imperialism isn't this terrible thing that only harmed people. That's a serious historical mistake you're making. For example, compare modern day Zimbabwe to Botswana, both countries where the British came in and colonized the shit out of them. One of the two countries threw off the entire yoke of Western civilization... and spawned one of the most infamous despots of the last century. Meanwhile, the other is probably the single most stable African nation of the last fifty years and that was all thanks to British Imperialism.
  5. Why can't Buffalo just win with a blowout at least once this season? 23-14 at halftime is scary.
  6. I have to agree with Ana for the most part on this one. I wouldn't have an issue with Rudolph getting a 1 game suspension for his actions like Pouncey but that was well after Garrett hit him late after the play.
  7. My dad and I were talking about the Myles Garrett helmet swing today. I think Garrett should be suspended until 2021 at least (season and a half). My dad thinks lifetime ban is a better punishment. And there are morons on cable television arguing that the rest of the season is too harsh of a punishment. Myles Garrett did irreparable harm to the sport last night. Rich Eisen's take is spot on when he says that Garrett was lucky that he didn't hit Mason Rudolph with the crown of the helmet instead of the base because Garrett could have actually killed the Steelers QB on the field, no exaggeration.
  8. Cleveland was 8th and Goal from the 1 and still couldn't punch the ball in. Damn.
  9. We will be going back to elections again. That, I can promise. I personally love it. The more times we have to go and vote, the less of a chance that Shas gets to enforce more religious laws on the rest of the country or The New Right (specifically Ayelet Shaked) can decide how next they want to break our already fragile system for opportunistic gain.
  10. The PPC did exactly as I expected them to do, even though it was less than I hoped. They were set up less than a year before the elections, were shut out of any media attention by both the gov't and Canadian national media working together and still put candidates in every riding. It'll take them 10 years before they become a credible party as long as they keep pushing and campaigning.
  11. Fuck the Dolphins. I hate this team more than I hate the Jets. Finally put them away but but goddamn, that was terrifying. Josh Allen is a monster.
  12. Excuse me but I'm old enough to remember that it was a precursor to being part of the American left-wing to be against ALL military intervention in the Middle East. Why are people now arguing FOR military intervention in the Middle East? Is it because it's Trump doing it rather than someone else? Because that's what it seems like.
  13. Looks like Miami has won the Tank Bowl! 10-6 is becoming more realistic as the weeks pass on. Dolphins twice, Redskins and Broncos at home, Browns and Steelers make it 9 and then we need to snag one more win from somewhere and Jets at home is probably the most likely.
  14. It's nice of you to suggest that I'm "regurgitating alt-right talking points" so let me give you a real example that happened to my sister. My sister studies History at the University of Toronto. She's taken a few gender studies courses which have outlines that read as activist teachings rather than educational knowledge but whatever. One day, she calls me up in tears because she just got home from a course (I can't remember which course it was but it deals with 1800's and onwards East Asian History) where her professor accused anyone of having a Phillippeno nanny of being a slave-owner. Me and my sisters grew up with a Phillippeno nanny because my mother went away to law school at age 40 in another city while my dad (who is also an immigrant to Canada, by the way) worked 70 hour weeks to support my mother's degree and the rest of us. Our nanny helped my family through a lot of difficult situations when my parents weren't available. In return, my parents helped her gain full Canadian citizenship, assisted in moving her family over from the Phillippeans to Canada and have fully accepted her as a member of our family. Oh and the nanny votes Tory, by the way. She loves Doug Ford much more than us. For a professor to accuse us of being slaveowners is beyond absurd. It is actually offensive. What started as a mutual job (and still technically is a job 15 years) morphed into embracing another person into our family. So spare me the "you just spew alt-right talking points" speech. These people actually offend my senses because they judge me as being a Jew rather than an individual. If you want to defend them, go ahead. But don't accuse me of being pro-white nationalist just because they have some of the same legitimate concerns that they do. The NDP are closer to the alt-right in ideology than I am because the NDP talk the same way as the alt-right. The only difference is which racial group they support (alt-right are pro-white while NDP are anti-white). As for my quote, it's because it's hilarious. It's a joke. And if you want to get technical about it, Alex Jones actually undershot the mark. The frogs are being turned trans, not gay.
  15. Serious question. If (example) James Harrison had ever hit Andy Dalton or Joe Flacco in this manner, would you call for Harrison's ejection even though you knew that it would probably cost you the win? Is it the hit that bothers you or is it the fact that the guy hit is a Steeler? My guess is the second because of how you cannot let this go. This was an accident. It's one of the dangers of football. Either you agree that we need to move to flag football entirely (non-contact) or you accept that this hit is sometimes going to happen without anyone being at fault. Anyway, the football gods require sacrifices! First lamb on the block... JAY GRUDEN.
  16. Mason Rudolph was hit jumping into the air while throwing a football. If that's a fine, then we need to eliminate all tacking entirely and turn the NFL into flag football. Proof: Rudolph is an unfortunate injury that happens in football. This is not Vontaze Burfict headhunting defenseless recievers.
  17. If that forward pass wasn't called back, I would have been pissed to hell. Man, your D is rough. Tough luck that you went up against the best D in the league. Ben's willing to lie about raping a woman; you don't think he's capable of lying about who dressed him? Your worship of that man is creepy.
  18. These are the people trying to stop us. Most of them are gender/racial studies students at a variety of universities (example: in my sister's history degree at UofT). They are willing to call a gay Jew (Dave Rubin) a Neo-Nazi because ideology trumps reality for them. They constantly threaten people with violence over and over due to not being ideologically aligned (for the record, that means being right of Chairman Mao). But this isn't new. This has been happening across the country for years. The only difference is that this time, they tried to block a politician who actively fights for individual freedom and liberty. We caught it on camera and the CBC finally has to admit that this is happening. And how exactly do they label it? Well, they're apparently "protestors" with the same moral standing as us. Bullshit. We don't wear balaclavas and threaten people in the street. We are the average Canadian who understand that when everyone who disagrees with you is a racist and a Nazi, these kind of things can be morally justified. What are they protesting; freedom and liberty? They are nothing more than thugs who are encouraged by Canadian state media, humanities professors and the left wing political parties.
  19. I was cursing Josh Allen and McDermmott all game. Josh threw the same exact INT THREE times. It drove me insane. But even worse, he got himself sacked outside of fieldgoal range because he just NEEDS to play hero ball every play. And why are we going for 4th and Goal down 6 with 10 minutes left in the game? Kick the FG and it becomes a 3 point game. These coaches and their stupid hard-ons for 4th down? Doug Pederson ruined the strategy of this game.
  20. I have never seen such a badly coached game by undefeated teams before in my life.
  21. If AB was still on the Pats, I'd be hoping that he burns them down with him.
  22. This is starting to get really frustrating. How dare I post pro-Bernier and PPC content on this site!!! Kidding, of course, just incredibly weird that it forces me through the Captcha system every time. EDIT: SUCCESS! It's on the previous page but let me put it here too. I have this whole big answer typed on my computer and the capcha system is blocking me from posting it. This is frustrating, give me a moment. It's actually blocking me on both my phone and computer when I try to copy/paste. And it answers your question perfectly. Want it in email form, @Dark Holy Elf? Second paragraph first. I like to disregard federal results when the provincial were much more recent and were very drastically different. My parents riding (St. Paul's) has been a heavy Liberal riding in both Federal and Provincial elections and is the same size for both. Last provincial election, it went NDP. The swing? 26%, gained entirely from the Liberals. It's actually worrying since it is a pretty affluent area with a lot of rich Jews (Spadina Village). Here's the ethnic/religious breakdown as of 2006. The NDP MPP (Jill Andrew) is a social justice acolyte. For St. Paul's to vote for her rather than even the Conservatives was a complete shock to just about everyone so the shift wasn't based on immigration, it was entirely ideological. That's the same across all of metropolitan Toronto. It will go NDP despite the last federal results. Now, immigration. Wasn't ignoring you; it's that Bernier has fleshed out his position on each issue so thoroughly that I wanted to know if immigration was the only topic you wanted to delve into. First off, the People's Party of Canada is against mass immigration, not all immigration. And what is mass immigration defined as, you ask? ~350,000 immigrants per year with a rising quota, regardless of whether the immigrant is going to contribute to the economy or not. What Bernier points out is this: Only 26% of immigrants to Canada are economic migrants who have skilled wanted by the Canadian economy and are ready to jump right in to work. That is about 90,000 of the 350,000. What about the rest? Well, another 25~30% is immediate family (spouse and children), another ~30% are extended family that make the jump via family re-unification (a process which allows many people to simply jump the queue) and the remainder are refugees and asylum seekers. It is important to note that while the number of immigrants who actively find and go onto hold full time jobs jumps from 26% up to 55%, we are still looking at nearly ~165,000 immigrants per year who cannot/do not contribute to the labour force at all while we have a labour shortage. Or as my dad puts it, he could legally bring his 93 year old mother into Canada by way of family re-unification and she would require immediate state care without ever contributing a net positive to Canadian society due to the fact that she weighs about 35 kilograms and cannot walk without assistance. So what changes does Bernier want to do? In short, he'd cut family re-unification so that having a cousin in Canada no longer fast-tracks your way into the country. Another way of describing family re-unification in its effect is "immigration nepotism". This would not affect bringing spouses and children in (immediate family) but it would limit immigrants to that. He would also cut immigration to somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 per year, with the number subject to change depending on economic circumstances. He is open that his goal is to turn immigration into a net economic boon for Canada and his goal is +50% economic migrants. Where does that leave refugees and asylum seekers? Glad you asked. Bernier plans to focus on actual persecuted minorities around the world even though it wouldn't be the ~50,000 refugees we currently take in. Examples would be the Yazidis (Christians) and the Uighars (Muslims) who face actual persecution from religious majorities across the world. Lastly, the social justice arguments of "Bernier just wants to bring in more white people because he's a racist" are bullshit arguments from racial collectivists. I don't why we need to take racial collectivists seriously in 2019 but sure, here we go. The PPC does not give a shit about race. Based on the numbers alone, the PPC would be happy to only bring in Nigerian economic migrants because they have the most chance of succeeding in both the Canadian economy and society... period. It's an incredibly hard working culture that fundamentally agrees with Canadian values that based off of British Common Law due to heavy British influence from the past century. But only racial collectivists are going to see "less mass immigration" and jump to "you must hate black and brown people coming to the country!" because they don't realize that black and brown people can be successful on their own without sympathy and help from the white man. I cannot believe that I actually had to say this in 2019. Racism is fucking stupid and racial collectivists are bad people. Anyway, hope that answers your questions on the PPC's immigration policies. Any other policy concerns with the PPC that you'd like to discuss?
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