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  1. This is just based on that one sentence introducing Dimitri, but I bet that he will end up being some Kind of Yandere archetype. It just seems weird to me to Mention that he holds "a tinge of darkness" or smth in him. Also I think that, if you pick his house, there will be a heavy Focus on the rivalry/ dynamic between him and Claude, though this is just based on a gut Feeling that Claude is most likely the smartest/most talented out of the bunch but just Plays the clown most of the time. I think something along the lines was shown in of the screenshots in which he mentions that there must be something only Byleth/Beleth knows, though None of the other two got this Kind of characterization. I could be Looking into it too much, but who knows. The "high strung perfect prince burdened by pressure"-type vs. "the aloof Genius"-type isnĀ“t too farfetched. One Thing I am sure About though is that Raphael is gonna be Benny 2.0, which is fine with me. Edit: fixed some spelling
  2. What i would really like would either be setting that borrows characters/designs from all kinds of fairytales,though storywise the only thing i could imagine with that would be really cheesy;another aspect that could be interesring involves norse (?)mythology:like,picture it-you(the avatar)are a high priest or something and can come into contact with the 'gods'-you sense a danger one day-the snake thingy which is a major villain in a lot of legends regarding thor-is threatening to destroy the world(s)-to defeat it you team up with the main lord and travel trough many dimensions to obtain/gather an army of the strongest warriors of your world-even the ones that already passed away-tying into the elegy of the brave leak-like imagine traveling to muspelheim/nilfheim etc.-there could be an emotional buildup,knowing that they will disappear after the war because they are,in fact long gone anyway and only 'temporary'available-the different worlds/stations of beings could mean different lords that would come to the story gradually;in the end the fire emblem could be something like mjolnir or something that the main lord gets at the start of the game and gets a final version at the end;in the finale,naga/a high god/godess could bring the characters back to life (because i could imagine that is/nintendo would not be that confident in themselves to let your entire army die); dlc would be your army travelling into the world of the amiibo chara and defeating them on one of their classic maps-asgard(?) could be a hub of some sort and per bridge that lets you travel you could access multiplayer etc. Sorry for the length i just thought that this idea would make sense in regards to some aspects is seems to push.^^; I also know that the dlc gate in awakening had the tree motive but it was just for aesthetics in my book...
  3. I am thinking that we might get something on the next cipher stream-oscar mentioned something along those lines too,going as far as tslking about echoes,which did reveal new characters etc.;i think he mentioned that the next realistic possibility would be on the 16(?)or something,though i am not sure^^-otherwise i would think early april/late march would make most sense for a direct,but ehh... Edit:fixed some typos
  4. I really really wanted cyl lyn-but another takumi is also nice i guess,my pity rate is destroyed anyways^^;
  5. Here Are the scans,thanks again to famigeki
  6. Yeah,from what i have Seen so far everything is highly polished, which,In combination with the artstyle,is really nice.
  7. So here Are the famitsu Pages,some new images are also present. hope i didnt get ninja'd. edit:now actually readable,Credit to famigeki(Tumblr) From what i can make out robin is holding a carrot in that one screenshot-so that one chunk of text maybe dedicated to the "Food"option we have seen in the First trailer.
  8. I am really happy to see s-rank supports; I loved the children mechanic in awakening and will wait til i judge it in fe:fates/if. I dont want to hate on /or criticize anything while not having all the infos.
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