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  1. Quoted below: Question: Are there any other characters who have just as strong or similarly strong implied romance between Male Avatar and Azura? Camilla comes to mind but outside of support convos, are there any scenes that push her with Male Avatar? Mamui x Azura. - different support conversations depending on route - different confession scene on the third route - lots of plot romantic interactions on both Birthright and Conquest - even more plot romantic interactions on Invisible Kingdom - have a unique ending if paired together on Invisible Kingdom (apparently? I've heard rumors about this, haven't actually seen it for myself) - When he asks her why she's so nice to him, she says it's because she feels safe and happy whenever he's around - The old lady in chapter five notices that something's up and tells him to take her out/share his food with her. - Conquest ending spoilers: she always chooses him to appear to for her final goodbye, over her own husband and children if she's married to someone else - Birthright ending spoilers: she spends her last moments telling him to keep smiling and trying to crawl towards him, says nothing to another husband and children - Invisible Kingdom ending spoilers: she swears to always stay by his side, even if they're not married or married to other people
  2. And trying to pick S ranks for my Female avatar? And actually enjoying somewhat?
  3. How come Asama cannot S rank with Orochi even though they are both from Hoshido?
  4. What's wrong with a female or a male character being a virgin? Even in real life, people might save themselves for marriage and this is a thing you know? Like others said there's more scope in this game now compared to Awakening. Sure we still have the virgin/maiden Hinoka and Camilla who really cherishes the Avatar, but we also have Zero, we have Yuugiri, we have characters like Saizou and Kagerou. Hearttranquil said it herself, more variety in character tropes allows more players to better enjoy the diversity it brings and self-insert/fanfic.
  5. You seem very knowing. Now you mention it this way I see it more clearly... Ok Camilla isn't a slut because she can S-Rank so many ppl. Because the ppl she can S-Rank can also S-Rank tons of other ppl. God this game, I never expected it to be this way, its actually very allowing for player decisions to decide what is canon correct?
  6. I remember Tharja really liked Avatar in Awakening but she also can marry other characters. But she kept referring to Avatar and it annoyed me. What do you mean this game has no canon? When Camilla can potentially marry so many other characters? Its just very hard to believe that Camilla who loves Avatar to the point of obsession will have genuine supports with other male characters without still fawning or talking about Avatar.
  7. Kamui (S) Male (A) Female Luna (A+) Belka (A) Benoit (S) Harold (S) Lazward (s) Odin (S) Zero (S) Joker (S) Cyrus (S) Suzukaze (S) Flannel (S) Isn't Camilla a HUGE slut? She can S-Rank so many characters. You guys know in Avatar's S Rank she said she loved Avatar from the moment she laid eyes on him and have loved him since forever - and she cannot bear Avatar choosing any other woman. So why is it possible for her to S-Rank so many other characters? What is canon and what is not?
  8. How does he not like Avatar?????????? This I need to know. Serious question.
  9. It has been confirmed that Camilla has the biggest chest. Not sure if you rub it. Not sure if rubbing her eye will make her angry... though there is only 1 eye that you can rub. She would love it if you rub her hair though.
  10. What I mean is how are confession CG's handled? Do confession occur during S rank, or occur during Amie?
  11. Wait wait....... wait No confession CGs? Confession/proposal done in AMIE instead of normal S-rank support? wth?
  12. I thought the Avatar had to achieve minimum of A rank with a character to engage in Amie? True or false? Of the 2 parties participating in Amie, 1 has to be the Avatar correct?
  13. Correct? Because the lines seem too lewd for a Nintendo game - too lewd. People were saying characters in Awakening didn't actually consummate their marriage until after the war is over. This time, it seems they don't consummate their marriage but instead touch each other's faces to prepare for the eventual consummation. It is too weird. I believe localization WILL make the necessary changes. This will not make it to NA or EU.
  14. I find it weird that the universe can be so certain that next generation characters will exist, and have an actual personality and traits when all that happens is a romantic confession and marriage proposal at srank. How can the universe be sleeping certain when the marriage isn't consummated? Isn't this a paradox potentially?
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