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  1. Unless you LilMac and some other character with crappy Tech and tech rolls. Mac can still get hit whether he techs or not. It sucks and should be made the same for all charcaters.
  2. Sheik is murdered. This is just sad. Makes Diddy's nerf lok like all he ever did was drop his ice cream. #SakuraiIsAMurderer
  3. Yes. Nothing really changed to much, but lessen the ability to follow up on certain moves, like a paralyzer. But the changes do effect some things like combo's now and makes the other FE characters a reason to be used instead of this all round dragon boi.
  4. Roy does have a pretty good anti against some of the higher tiers. Ryu, Cloud and Sonic in some cases and Fox. It's just the margin of extra mileage to get that extra inch closer to sweet spot an attack. Roy gets out spaced pretty easily. He needs those sweets because a bag full of sour the entire match ain't gonna cut it. A good number of the cast beat him in this element. Roy is good, but only in some cases. Also, anyone else think Sakurai ruined Bayo's most- you know, basic combo. Side B (Hold) is quite hard to combo into now.
  5. You could always use it for combo's. The dash just doesn't whiff as easy any more. And most of her changes are more, fixes. Don't whiff smash, Dash Attack, inside Ftilt is safer, linking Jab. Things that should been there to begin with. Again. Nothing gameplay wise changed. Her fundamentals didn't alter. Just more dash attacks.
  6. I agree with many people stating thoughts here. This balance patch became a 'nerf patch'. Even my beloved Samus's Dash Attack feels worse now. They can fix the hitbox but they reduced hitstun, impact along with KGB change. It doesn't kill anymore. My Samus is racking 150%+ and I still don't have a kill throw. A fast faller when she was fine getting out of Throw combo's and other such. Samus... gameplay wise... didn't change. She can't move up from that bot tier. I think the Sheik nerfs were unnecessary. Hard character is hard to kill with. Why nerf that. Man, ZeRo matches are gonna be a struggle. Some things with Corrin I get, but the speed nerf... for what? To make it hard to follow up from D.Fang? Nerfing Bayo in the wrong place. The Side Special is fine. How about making the Counter window tighter so it'snot spammy. She got a slap on the wrist. Corrin got a beating.
  7. Generic Nohr units armor look pretty sweet doh.
  8. Hardly, with that kind of neutral game. Both are pretty the same recovery wise. Other than that, Corrin seems to do a lot better in margins against other Fire emblem characters.
  9. I agree with him and these characters. I'd even put Marth at the very bottom of the high tiers. Sonic still makes me confused tho. How can he be so high tier?
  10. Uhhh... This is so... true... I laugh and cri all at the same tim.
  11. I said, video games is falling behind to other mediums. I also said that that video gaming isn't where it should be. I'm not arguing that Video Games are doing worse then they were 5 to 10 years ago (While arguable), but I can sure as hell say Gaming supposed to be better than what we have today. So allow me to explain despite a good topic being off topic to this post. I'll try to keep it brief. (http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/20/5522320/final-fight-can-japans-gaming-industry-be-saved) It was seen by Mr. Inafune that Japan pretty much made the Video Games, but not doing as good as they used be as years went by. How I see it, we don't get the whole "This game is a masterpiece/milestone in gaming" as we used to. Japan's Nintendo made OoT and it was called a masterpiece and milestone in gaming. And I seriously don't see a lot of this in today's games, as today's games are more... just 2 dimensional. Japan aren't making their best products as much as they used to be doing like with Majora's Mask, and FF7 or anything in between 1995-2002 which could be argued the peak, the best, the Golden Age of gaming. The best thing Japan have are the lead with is their JRPG's to the WRPG's falling behind. Games like Pokemon, Dark Souls, SMT and even FE:Fates are pretty much the only things holding bar against the West and doing a good job of getting needed money. Even then, people argue that Pokemon is on a decline, too. So with Japan not doing as of well as they used to, what about the West. Well they're making the same thing over and over again. Western games have dropped in quality quite a bit. Few games coming out might change this like No Mans Sky (heavy panting). I remember Miyamoto saying that Japan or Nintendo is creative with their works. That the west are in lead of money from doing the same thing over and over again, only for the money and not inventing new things and not trying anymore to grow the industry. So this is one reason why a few things in Nintendo fail, because they try so hard to make the game for different people and thus suffer from it. But this is why CoD, Assassins Creed and such keep doing the same stuff. If it ain't broke don't fix it, but while not inventing anything better for future growth (At least Dark Souls 3 and MGS5 is trying). If that's the case, in which kind of is, then the gaming industry is gonna suffer no matter how good a game looks or the genre. We don't want cliche stories and boring gamelay again and again. We need new characters, rich writing, and immersive worlds. A lot of the reason why we play games. These guy's seem to think the same calling it the Dark Age in gaming. I agree with them. Quality is a slippery slope. We understand that quantity is important, but so is the quality. Instead of going into paragraphs, for reasons. I'll link you. If you ever go through them. You can see people are indeed looking at it the same way. There's a decline. Gaming isn't where it should be. It's falling behind. And us complaining about this original post doesn't help. The best thing is the indie games. That'll always be good. Do you see where I'm coming from. I'm just talking that Japan censor a lot of sexual content too. But again... not little anime girls... curious-er and curious-er. <.<
  12. Boi, son, lad. Don't act like you don't know it. Just because we're making more diverse games now than back then doesn't mean the medium is where it should be on the economy chart. It's not the games, but the people. Everyone wants gaming to be art, and yet the community makes a joke out of itself by judging which console is better or them facing PC's, crying and making controversies about simple things like localization, and shit on Sonic the Hedgehog every time despite Mario doing the same thing. Poor Sonic... poor sonic... And this Post. This post is a joke. This is why aliens don't visit and we get called whiners. Face reality, the gaming economy is falling behind to other mediums. Even then, Japan can only take sex to a degree. I remember seeing a video that they censored God of War's breasts. Even Heavy Rain was censored, removing sex scenes. I think even in Res Evil 4 Ash's breasts didn't bounce, I think. It comes down to more, they can't handle reality and only sexualized fantasy 13 year-olds.
  13. Uh, shrimp... more like. Shiny Clawitzer could be his son, doh. Done. Matching set. I want it printed for me before late evening tomorrow. Azura and I went to the hot springs. Cheers.
  14. What's going on in this nek-of-da woods? ... Oh... Oh noes... Oh no, now I feel like getting engaged, some one help!! I hate the people, especially on Youtube, that say (especially say they're 18 or something) how localization teams should do there job. "Yur job is two translate it. Nuttin' else." BITCH we'd probably never be getting any games, from japan. I get it, localization sucks, but deal with it or no game at all. These people.... theeese peeeeeople, are salt as hell. And that makes me salty. You don't like the localization and yet you still bought it and enjoyed the damn game. Just... just to what? Go through every support and boycott? This fanbase is sick. And not the sick with toxins, but like f**king horrid acting like cancer. This is why the gaming medium is falling behind and isn't going anywhere. I just want things to go back to the way they were. ;_;
  15. This is my second time round seeing this... I just got that.
  16. No. Noooooo. The feels. I can't bare to look at this. It's just so true and hurtful... on my sides... cause of laughter. Real talk, this is a load of butts.
  17. Reminds me of Riots female champions poses. All... impossible and awkward. Kozaki has a lot to learn about the body and poses. All he had to do was do some poses himself for reference and accuracy of how the body works. Take time to go out and watch peoples movement, or dance, or just watch Jojo.
  18. I think a majority would say yes as it would/might remove the title waifu simulator in degrees.
  19. If a Bravely character was to be in smash, would they make a new and real model or stick with the original chibi battle designs?
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