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  1. Do I have good or bad luck? I after spending 60 orbs I get the new Lucina and Lyn but my Lucina is negative def, plus hp, & Lyn is negative res and plus def, I also get a 5* Delthea with minus atk & plus def fml
  2. with the up and coming event im confused, is it a new banner where you pull for the alternate Ike, Lucina, Roy, Lyn but I herd that each player can choose to get either one of the four, if that is the case if you choose 1 do the others become unavailable?
  3. I think fury stops you from being otk'd, like my ike with fury 3 has 35 def so he can tank lance units and hit back hard due to his high atk, having a staff user on your team for chain battles mitigates the the long term affect of self damage, life and death is better on ranged units as you can control who initiates on them better but I gave fury 3 to linde because of desperation I think its funny how you bring up the term 'immortal' I gained an appreciation for def stat because my +def hector has been a god send, it has made me realise the importance of having a tank unit. but u guys think legion is a worth while unit when compared to alternate chrom, xander & my custom barst? I thought the atk and spd is close enough to justify them cuz of the big difference in def and I thought def is useful for getting your units to tank/bait the opponent's units, but u guys are saying thats only worthwhile if your unit has ridiculous defense and theres not much difference between ok and very good def?
  4. At the start of the game I think this is very true but with the introduction of chain battles, defense missions and with some of the infernal maps I need units with some bulk, its why I prefer fury over life & death so units don't get one shoted, my Linde is one of my most valued units but anything can killer her sev a red tome/dragon unit
  5. I think Legion is a bit too much of a glass cannon, I think hes good only because he comes with fury but don't want to invest the 5* promotion on him. reason I'm curious is because I've got a 4* Barst with +Atk&-Res, and I've got a killer axe+ lying around to give, but with my xander am do I need 5* Barst or or is 5* Barst better. Barst only has a few points in atk and spd less than Legion but Barst was way more defense (excluding the fury)
  6. what do you guys think? spring chrom or summer xander who is better or stronger? I pulled a plus speed minus def sum xander, I feel kinda happy about it because I don't have and decent 5* axe units and his defense high enough, with a fury 3 his speed, defense and attack will be well above average
  7. kk will remember nxt time, also I thought Soren's watersweep would make her more favorable over nino since their stats are so close
  8. I have: 3* nino: -hp : +atk 4* Soren: -res : +spd 4* Merric -res : +atk 4* Boey -spd : +atk I've been saving my feathers but I don't want to spend too much promoting more units to 5* than I need, I've gotten a lot of Ninos but this is the first one I've gotten thats got a positive offense stat and no negative offense stat however Soren has very similar stats to Nino, with plus spd and minus res Soren matches Nino's base speed and res, Nino will have a few points in atk but Soren has more hp and access to watersweep. I've got a 5* Robin so I know how useful it can be to have a physical tanky mage but whether to pick Boey or Merric, my Boey has abysmal speed but it might be worth teaching him weary fighter from my 4* Effie, Merric has less atk but his higher speed may allow him to double slower more tanky enemies. what do you guys think who is worth promoting to 5*
  9. looking at some gameplay can each character only hold one item/weapon? i.e. each character doesn't have an inventory just the weapon or item they have equipped. If that is so does that mean that each character thats not a magic user has access to one art in fights?
  10. is there still a lunatic mode? anyone know how the difficulty compares to awakening and fates
  11. The Over Class 's you get from dlc are they the strongest classes since they are further promotions? or are they just as strong but with different play styles? If the former then doesn't that mean people can buy a much easier playthrough of the campaign?
  12. Sorry I'm a bit confused I need to phase my question a bit better, if I want a character to use 'swap' they have to have the leather shield equipped and can use it immediately but when they have used the leather shield enough does that character become able to use the skill without leather shield or other equipment? Or is it where the character equips the leather shield then when the character uses it enough the character can then use swap but only if they have the leather shield or other equipment with that skill?
  13. How do skills work? do you learn skills when you use the equipped weapon enough times or do skills only work when you have the corresponding weapon equipped
  14. I remember reading that the original version didn't have the weapon triangle and that since the original game didn't have axe wielding classes adding weapon triangle to the new version would have been awkward. I'm worried that if you have 1 or 2 units that are total powerhouses then they essentially have no weakness in battle, nothing would really worry you except for sheer numbers. Thats been my experience with previous FE games that when I just focus on 4~5 units they can clear the whole game without threat so long as they lookout for their weapon weakness or resistance/defense. But I believe it when you say its not noticeable they probably re-balanced the stats and I remember weapon triangles are most of the time to your advantage rather than the enemy's. I'm willing to give the game a try, I think its good that theres a new installment with a slightly new take on the mechanic but i did like having an extra variable to consider when forming a strategy.
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