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  1. Arthur and Niles support can changed a bit. Mostly with Arthur's theories on Niles' manner of speech. In the Japanese support, Arthur guesses that Niles' talks the way he does because he has something to hide, Niles questions it and Arthur admits he made it up, but it doesn't mean it's wrong. Arthur then adjusts the theory in their A support where he believes Niles does this as defense such as his embarrassment when Arthur suggested telling everyone he's a good person. In the English version, Arthur instead comments that if Niles jokes about crime then he must be trying to convince Arthur he is not be involved, Niles rejects this logic, Arthur admits he made it up. The theory wasn't brought up again, the A support was basically the same, but lacked that insight from Arthur.
  2. I only have the translated supports to compare to, since I can't read Japanese. I took a look at the Leo/Beruka support and there was very little change, but something bothered me that I only realized when I got to the A support. They replaced the silence with dialogue. They probably thought that it would add to the support, since it didn't exactly change anything. However, there is something poetic about silence in certain scenes when it lets the audience read between the lines, that is lost when they spell it out. Fortunately, those were only a few lines. I still like the support, but what I really liked about it got change so I'm somewhat bummed out.
  3. So I read the Tsubaki/Sakura support and now I'm curious, what other supports have the girl confess first? I know of Oboro/Takumi, Setsuna/Kamui, and Kinu/Foleo.
  4. If it makes you feel better, Scorpio and Taurus are "opposite signs" which can result in personal growth for both parties. It's just a hit or miss kind of thing, so it can be one of the best or one of the worst.
  5. Flannel and Luna because it was hilarious. Tsukuyomi with Aqua and Kagerou http://pastebin.com/izHSvYyJ surprised me in a good way.
  6. This was done with Xenoblade Chronicles X as well. It's pretty detailed.
  7. Thank you, seriously. There were supports I was interested in that weren't translated, so I appreciate you doing this. I at least want to read some of them to compare with the localized versions. Even if you can't do full translations, I look forward to the summaries. Again, thanks.
  8. You know, a lot of arguments could have been avoided if the game released earlier, like November maybe? Anyway, Intelligent Systems have shown that they are a studio that takes feedback to heart, so as long as I get to finally play some more Fire Emblem, I'm OK.
  9. That sounds pretty funny. Could you imagine if that is what we get in the western release? "Lord Corrin, do you need something from me?" "I just want to... stare at your face." "Um... OK?" "Please don't talk."
  10. I've read comments about this on other sites, and I got to say; this forum is the only one to seriously entertain the possibility that the feature is still in. The others mostly took it at face value pretty quickly. I think it's because there are genuine Fire Emblem fans here, I may not have much of a history with the series, but I can't help but be bothered how much the negatives get talked about. I mean, some people treat Awakenings success as this thing that didn't deserve to happen and all I hear about it is "dating sims" (which to those who actually plays or seen dating sim games should know how wrong the statement is). So it's hard to talk about Fire Emblem without stuff like this coming up. I thought this feature was hilarious. I wasn't really going to use it much, but I don't exactly get how something optional can effect a person so much. I mean, it was just a menu option right? It's a little hard for me to get my thoughts across, but when I comments like "good it was creepy" or "now I can actually play the game" I can't help but feel sorry for the developers. They just wanted to make something fun right? I'm still buying this game, but if it's out, I will be disappointed that NoA didn't feel confident enough in this game to withstand the complaints. Although maybe this is a testament to how enough fan reaction to something optional perceived as creepy by people can change a game huh?
  11. Tsukuyomi x Kagerou support http://pastebin.com/izHSvYyJ I personally found it to be pretty sweet.
  12. I feel the same. Although I might be one of the few who liked Ricken, I don't want Tsukuyomi to be Ricken 2.0 especially with the romantic supports. When it came to most of the Ricken supports I couldn't shake the impression that the women didn't really like him and it was just a 'he might grow up to be my ideal' so it was a little bitter sweet. What made the Maribelle x Ricken my favorite was how it felt genuine there are like two others that were decent though. I just don't want to experience that for Tsukuyomi, but if his supports aren't translated it is hard to judge.
  13. I've been thinking that Fire Emblem is becoming quite the big game, not in terms of popularity ( although it is getting popular now) but in the games content. Intelligent Systems seem to want the games to be very satisfying to play with more replay value ( at least thats what it seems like to me). The fact that we can have most of the characters support one another with multiple A supports make me think this game is becoming huge. Obviously, the characters are given more quirks so we as the players become interested in them and then the supports serve to further give them identity because most of them serve little purpose in the story. But not every player is willing to grind for multiple supports of the same character or replay the entire game. So I think there should be more than 3-4 supports for each pair if the games are expanding in content. Although, if I could suggest something a little more interesting, I think it would be cool if there was a detailed sidequest for each character that gives rewards like a rare weapon or promotion. The sidequests don't even have to be about battles, maybe some will involve simply talking to other characters or trading items. I say this because depending on supports a player may get a different impression on the character than intended so more detailed supports and insight to them might be a great way to expand the game if Intelligent Systems are looking to do so.
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