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  1. I didn't get good first impressions from either Cyril nor Lysithea. The both seemed just kind of needlessly mean to other characters at times, and Cyril also seemed a little boring at first. Lysithea especially seemed pretty rude, and making her adore cake / fear ghosts felt like a cheap way to make her seem "cute". Then I saw their supports together on my second GD playthrough and, while I still wouldn't call either character my favorite, their support line together has cemented itself as one of my absolute favorites in FE history. That support line was actually adorable without having to cop out with cake or anything.
  2. This entire description is pretty much true for me. The main differences between me and Marianne (aside from the fact that I'm a guy) are that I'm not religious and that, despite having a few slumps, I don't have crippling depression. But I am a huge animal lover that has a really hard time talking to people. Just for fun I decided to check out my runner ups to, which where Lysthia and Mercedes. I did have a bit of a short fuse when I was much younger but I've calmed down significantly since then. I suppose that would make me more like the much calmer time-skip Lysthia, then. As for Mercedes, while I really do like feeling useful, I don't think anyone thinks of me as "adorable".
  3. Am I missing something or is Corrin's strong attack totally worthless? It takes a long time to charge for not a lot of pay off, and it always seems like there's a better move to be using. If there's some reason to use it, I'd love to know.
  4. I think it makes sense for them to dislike each other though, at least at first. They both had to learn to get along before they stopped hating each other in Fates, so I don't see why they should immediately start being playful with each other here. But then again, continuity makes absolutely no sense in this game. I probably shouldn't be thinking about it so hard.
  5. I think it would be fair if they released the models for all the characters to interact with armorbreak for free, but made it so you'd have to pay in order to equip it as a costume. That way people who like the models would still be insensitived to pay money for them without making the armorbreak mechanic feel incomplete.
  6. I just used Celica to test to see if snipers had lower defense or resistance, since her attack and magic are equal (at least at the level I have her at). Yeah, their resistance is definitely better. Silly me, I just assumed that they had better defense since they're a physical class. Just to be safe, I did one last check on a manakete who I know with absolute certainty has significantly higher defense then resistance (I tested this with Celica as well), and Sakura OHKOed with Topsy-Turvy and couldn't even bring it under half health without. Yeah, that's definitive proof that all of her attacks are physical. Topsy-turvy really is the only way to go with her.
  7. I find Sakura's description in the guides to be interesting. "While these [bow] attacks lack in power, her Warrior Specials are quite effective." So I decided to try a crude test. I'd attack an enemy with a Topsy-turvy bow, then I'd attack the same one with a bow of equal strength and no skills attached. Here's what I got; I can't see any visual differences, oddly enough. This could mean that warriors specials ignore the effects of Topsy-turvy - in which case, we wouldn't know if they're magic or not. I'm going to compare them directly in an image editor just to make sure though. Edit: It's hard to see, but there is a tiny difference. The one on the top is with Topsy-Turvy and the one bottom is the one without the Topsy-Turvy effect. If the sniper has higher defense then resistance then the magical attack would be the one with higher damage. This would mean that Sakura's Warrior special is indeed magical. I'm going to test this with a more powerful weapon and see if the difference is any more noticeable, just to be safe. Another Edit: Okay, yeah, it's much more noticeable with a Brave Bow. Either this sniper has some awesome resistance or Sakura's Warrior Specials are definitely magic. This probably applies to other characters as well.
  8. Thank Naga you can turn off the exploding armor visual effect in the settings. The joke got really old, really fast in Fates and I couldn't bring myself to use Sophie while animations were on because of it. I mean, it's not like Warriors is a game I'd like to try to take seriously anyway, but it's really nice for the fanservice of a gameplay feature to be optional rather then shoved up in your face whether you like it or not.
  9. I'm pretty sure she was. Her hitboxes are very small. I guess the thing they're going for with her is raw power at the cost of speed and range, like it says in the description of the generic enemy fighters.
  10. You don't get the Sol Katti until the final map. The Mani Katti is the one you get at the start of FE7, and iirc, it's good against cavalry and armored units.
  11. Can we talk about how the Spellbane Yumi, despite its name, gives zero advantages while fighting mages? Personal weapons without built in skills feel like a huge missed opportunity in general.
  12. I guess it kind of makes sense if you think about it. Gungnir was one of the legendary weapons available in Awakneing even without spotpass as it was dropped by one of the Deadlords. Of course, by that logic, you'd think they'd give Freddy or Lissa Helswath but I guess not. Maybe Tharja will come packing Valflame.
  13. Is there a way in game to check everyone's support level, or even just whom can support with whom? I keep digging through the menus, but I can't seem to find it.
  14. If you look closely, that strange monument seems to be made of stone, as opposed to some sort of metal as you'd expect if it was sci-fi. It is strange, but even if there are it'll more likely be tied to something magical then technological. As far as the icon goes, I think the most reasonable conclusion to jump to is that the protagonist nation will probably be Celtic-inspired. The patterns on the stone monument also look kind of Celtic. If anything, this just adds to the evidence that FE is sticking to its traditional fantasy themes.
  15. I showed the leaks to my sister and she immediately pointed out to me that the new "logo" looks an awful lot like a Celtic knot. Comparing the two...Heck, it pretty much is a Celtic knot. There's no way that's just a coincidence, and I'm a big believer in coincidences. All that Celtic-inspired music in Fates was awesome. I'm really excited by the idea of a whole entire Celtic-inspired country.
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