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  1. Seeing 3 Hoshidans in the top 3 of Fates warms my heart. However, Pent and Louise aren't top 5 of Blazing Blade?! Wow! That saddens me... But... My spirits are lifted at seeing Morgan and Noire in top 5 of Awakening! Anyway, I'm voting for Oboro all the way this time. Not just because I love her more than any other character, but because she deserves better art.
  2. Okay, wow! With enough determination, I figured out a solution to my problem! So, as I previously stated, Mozu's paralogue would crash the game when loading the battle preparations. My hunch was that it had something to do with NPCs. In this randomized rom, Selena, in place of Mozu, was having the issue. I didn't test it in my first randomized rom that crashed on Chapter 4, but it might be safe to assume there was issue with the NPCs. What appears to happen when you replace the dispos file is that it returns NPCs or newly recruited characters back into their original selves with their original items. In my current rom hack, Selena reverted back to Mozu. In my old rom hack, Azura and Keaton reverted back to Rinkah and Kaze respectively; however, Hayato (Ryoma), Reina (Hinoka), and Flora (Sakura) remained randomized but had their items changed back to their default (Hayato holding Raijinto, etc.), which made them sitting ducks because of the classes they were in. That occurrence in that rom hack was probably due to the "change all appearances" setting, though. I checked that off for my current rom hack so I wouldn't run into that issue again. Turns out, that wasn't the main problem. Obviously, the NPCs were the problem, but what about them was the issue? Was it the class? No. The skills? Nah. It was their inventory. It turns out all it took to fix the crash was to supply them with their original items. In the case of Mozu's Paralogue, Mozu is supposed to hold a Brass Naginata and a Vulnerary, but Selena, her replacement, spawns with an Iron Shuriken instead (as she should). How do I know this? I downloaded the FE14 Dispos Tools (found here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-fe14-dispos-tools.455805/) and examined a .txt version of the dispos file. I examined the randomized version and the original version to spot any differences that may have had an effect on the crashes. You can view them here (randomized: http://pastebin.com/cWDxaTHE, original: http://pastebin.com/BYthJJiL) Turns out, the only thing that mattered was Selena's inventory. So, all I needed to do to make her work was add "BrassNaginata" to her inventory, and no more crashes. Replacing the Script and Script/bev files was not necessary. In fact, they shouldn't be replaced at all because when I did, my avatar couldn't talk to Selena, and after finishing the map, she was assumed dead. Keep the original hacked files and you can recruit her as intended. I am now on Chapter 8 and Ninja Selena is in my party. :) TL;DR: I edited the dispos file with FE14 Dispos Tools and added a BrassNaginata to Ninja Selena's inventory, and now Paralogue 1 doesn't crash.
  3. So, I'm playing Revelation now, and everything from the Prologue onward was running perfectly until Mozu's paralogue. Her replacement was Selena, and just like with Chapter 4 in my last randomization, the game crashed when loading the map. Also, just like before, the only way to fix it was to replace the Dispos file, which meant that I wouldn't get Selena and would instead get Mozu. That's really awkward considering the next chapter, Chapter 8, has you fight against Yukimura, Saizo, and Orochi, and, you guessed it, Mozu replaced Orochi, which tells me that if I continue, I'm gonna have two Mozus in my party and no Selena. Is there no work-around for this? Was this already known? I've been eyeing the FEFTwiddler Save Editor thinking I can replace characters with other characters, but I haven't gotten around to trying it yet.
  4. You probably already known all of this, but I feel it would be responsible for me to describe a couple of things I've noticed that really stood out to me (and made things slightly harder). I'm assuming it was due to my checking of "change all appearances" that caused this, but after I fixed the chapter 4 issue, my Rinkah and Kaze replacements, Azura and Keaton respectively, were reverted back to Rinkah and Kaze in their randomized classes. This also made Rinkah unusable because she was a Dark Mage with a Brass Club. I was lucky enough that Kaze was a Butler. All three of the Hoshidan siblings in the chapter remained as their randomized characters and classes, but had weapons they couldn't use, such as Wolfssegner Hayato holding the Raijinto. So, I figured that was to be expected and everything would work out later. Things kinda went back to normal, but not exactly. To my surprise, Kaze and Rinkah were nowhere to be found in chapter 5. They just did not appear. Only Flora (Sakura) and Anna (Azura) appeared along with Hayato (Ryoma). They thankfully came with weapons they could use, but I was missing two units. Kaze and Rinkah were missing in chapter 6 - Birthright as well. Additionally, all the Nohrian siblings returned to normal along with their original classes, which I guess was expected, but still used their randomized characters' portraits for cutscenes. Takumi, who was Leo, reverted back to himself and Hinoka, who was Reina, reverted back to herself, both with their original classes. Everyone else remained as their randomized characters and classes, including Ryoma as Wolfssegner Hayato. So, that was a challenge, and no one died, miraculously. After all that, the game decided to make Felicia (who was a Wolfskin and was meant to replace Elise) appear in the following cutscene instead of her replacement (who was Selena as a General), but after that, everyone I'm supposed to have at the start of Birthright, including their replacements, was in my party. Rinkah and Kaze returned... but not their replacements. I never got Azura and Keaton back. I also realized that randomizing "all paths" was probably not a good idea because when I looked at supports, Flora and Selena were not selectable, leaving me to believe that because this is Birthright now, you can't recruit Flora and Selena, which means you can't support them either. So, that concludes my experience so far. I know I'm extremely late to the party, but have you considered dealing with all or most of this already? Things such as the enemy units reverting back to their original characters. Are you working to make it so that even the enemies will stay randomized? For example, Crown Prince Shura vs. Crown Prince Hayato can actually be possible in chapter 6? Could the support conversations actually match the characters being replaced and not the replacement characters? For example, I support with Selena, but I'm actually talking to Felicia, which would solve the unavailable support issue, assuming that even works. Alternatively, is it possible to just force the game to make a support with Selena selectable in a Birthright? Again, I'm sure you've considered all of this, but I thought it'd be worthwhile to share my thoughts. Thank you so much for making this, and I hope this becomes something truly remarkable one day. :D
  5. First of all, thank you so much for making this thing! I'm already having a blast laughing at all the crazy outcomes and out-of-place and also slightly fitting voice-overs. Second of all, I have a bug report! The game crashed at chapter 4 in transition to the scene where you find Sakura and Hinoka in trouble. Here are my randomizer output results: http://pastebin.com/W1PuJG28. I checked "All Paths", checked all items under "Options" ("Passes" is set to 1), checked all items under "Optional Characters", and checked "Change All Appearances." I fixed the issue by replacing the file (GameData/dispos/A004.bin.lz) with the original as advised by the troubleshooting instructions. Off-topic: how do I space without double spacing on this forum?
  6. I see. I do know that downgrading, say, a version 11 3DS to the proper firmware requires hardmodding, which I do not trust myself to do. Yeah, I was hoping for a somewhat simple solution, but that's OK. I'll just have to do without it for now. Thanks, by the way.
  7. Crap. So, there would be no way for me to download any additional content to Fates? Not even with custom firmware? Or, am I reading that wrong? This seems to be a lot more trouble than it's worth... I mainly wanted to play Birthright in Japanese for the sake of practicing Japanese because I plan to take classes soon, as well as play the Festival DLCs since we're clearly not getting them localized...
  8. Specifically, the "Region Free Launcher" application that comes with the homebrew starter kit. Does it work? If so, how does DLC work? Would I be able to purchase DLC of the Japanese version on my American 3DS/2DS/n3DS and have it work with the Japanese game? Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this, but I'm only interested in this for this game only and didn't know where else I could turn without feeling alienated.
  9. Happy Birthday to my favorite girl, Oboro! And, to me! We share a birthday! XD
  10. Address: 07120-88145-45669-37052 Region: North America Castle Name: Skills 'R' Us Affinity: Valla Resources: Rice, Cabbage, Amber, Onyx Skill List of the Day Forrest: Skill +2, Locktouch, Countermagic, Rally Speed, Poison Strike Leo: Inspiration, Replicate, Quick Salve, Elbow Room, Renewal Ryoma: Rally Skill, Golembane, Elbow Room, Good Fortune, Potent Potion Rinkah: Counter, Pass, Swordfaire, Good Fortune, Quick Draw Peri: Seal Magic, Camaraderie, Swap, Warding Blow, Vantage Jakob: Inspiration, Shurikenfaire, Shurikenbreaker, Quick Salve, Skill +2 Xander: Future Sight, Shurikenfaire, Bowbreaker, Quixotic, Rend Heaven Rhajat: Underdog, Warding Blow, HP +5, Rally Luck, Swap Dwyer: Axefaire, Gamble, Rally Strength, Natural Cover, Astra Niles: Profiteer, Future Sight, Bowfaire, Gamble, Seal Speed I hope you find something you like. I shuffle characters and skills every day, so take my card to check for updates. Thanks for visiting!
  11. I just need Savage Blow on Silas now. If anyone has it, I would be most grateful.
  12. I'm looking for Silas with Savage Blow and Anna with Future Sight.
  13. Address: 07120-88145-45669-37052 Region: North America Castle Name: Skills 'R' Us Affinity: Valla Resources: Rice, Cabbage, Amber, Onyx Skill List of the Day Kana (F): Miracle, Odd Shaped, Duelist's Blow, Rally Speed, Warding Blow Azama: Trample, Rally Defense, Inspiration, Shurikenfaire, Tomefaire Ignatius: HP +5, Lancefaire, Duelist's Blow, Luck +4, Dragon Fang Subaki: Astra, Duelist's Blow, Aegis, Future Sight, Lunge Percy: Underdog, Counter, Seal Defense, Warding Blow, Nohrian Trust Keaton: Life and Death, Darting Blow, Vengeance, Golembane, Grisly Wound Hayato: Lifetaker, Spendthrift, Certain Blow, Strength +2, Rally Luck Ryoma: Camaraderie, Amaterasu, Strong Riposte, Inspiration, Bowfaire Camilla: Rally Speed, Warding Blow, Quixotic, Death Blow, Miracle Orochi: Rally Strength, Savage Blow, Replicate, Rally Defense, Amaterasu I hope you find something you like. I shuffle characters and skills every day, so take my card to check for updates. Thanks for visiting!
  14. Address: 07120-88145-45669-37052 Region: North America Castle: Valla Resources: Rice, Cabbage, Amber, Onyx Skill List of the Day Rinkah: Rally Defense, Life and Death, Lifetaker, Pavise, Strength +2 Selkie: Resistance +2, Gamble, Quick Draw, Seal Speed, Certain Blow Rhajat: Counter, Nobility, Spendthrift, Lethality, Seal Resistance Effie: Strength +2, Shove, Countermagic, Warding Blow, Armored Blow Beruka: Luna, Rally Strength, Rally Defense, Trample, Gamble Felicia: Swordbreaker, Swap, Lancebreaker, Amaterasu, Bowbreaker Niles: Death Blow, Rally Speed, Tomebreaker, Lancefaire, Future Sight Velouria: Rally Resistance, Lancebreaker, Swordfaire, Luck +4, Wary Fighter Selena: Lucky Seven, Potent Potion, Rally Speed, Armored Blow, Tomebreaker Nyx: Seal Defense, Movement +1, Axebreaker, Shove, Rally Luck I hope you find something you like. I shuffle characters and skills every day, so take my card to check for updates. Thanks for visiting!
  15. That's some damn good voice work. Some of it felt kinda natural too. Even though the face touching would probably get old quickly, I would have had a blast with it the first couple of playthroughs just listening to them speak nonsense. What a shame.
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