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  1. On the spirit magic thing, that term would not really cover it. From the lore of multiple (not all) titles, it's anima that is the spirit magic (nature spirits). Light magic comes from faith, or the gods. Dark magic comes from science.
  2. I really like the magic traingle, so yes please bring it back. In my own FE D&D system I made the types of magic distinct by giving them certain abilities. Light magic debuffs the opponent's hit and avoid (blind special condition) and gives access to staves. Dark magic grants activated skills like sol and Luna (Nosferatu and Luna tomes). Anima magic has minor effectiveness (MTx2 instead of x3) against affinities; Wind is strong against fliers, fire is strong against beasts (incl horses and pegasi, excl wyverns), and thunder is strong against wyverns, dragons and heavy armor. And then there is the triangle, giving advantage to your rolls, giving dark magic actually a good chance to hit anima users. That said, I didn't hate the way magic worked in 3H either. But I did miss the triangles.
  3. I'm a little sad that Nemesis was never a bigger player in the story. Actualy getting to relive that part of history with the Golden Deer is what makes that my favorite path. It leads to one of my favorite lines in FE to date; It's cheesy, but I love it.
  4. I opened this thread to say the exact same thing. I may still get both of these games in the nearby future, we'll see, just not now.
  5. Everybody is usable in Sacred Stones, the only warning I always give new players is to make sure that if you want to train both Ross and Colm you should promote Ross to fighter. Both pirate and thief use the same promotion item of which you get only 1 before the late game. If you don't use Colm however, pirate is probably the better choice for Ross.
  6. I drew it. I used to have a comic, started on paper, kept it as a webcomic for a year. But then I noticed I'm not quite funny enough to come up with a joke every week, and it started to feel like a lot of work, so I stopped. I still use the character as my profile picture everywhere.
  7. In actual D&D? A little bit. In my completely self written system based upon a mixture of D&D and FE? Yes, a lot. In D&D most characters have a movement of 30 ft, which means as much as 6 squares. In my system I gave most units 3 movement, with mounts granting a +2, which is actually quite substantial. Effective damage won't one-shot cavaliers, but it keeps you from sprinting ahead and getting ahead of everyone else. Ledges are great and all, but that won't stop fliers. Make your terrain benefits too high and everybody simply sprints for the bushes like in Echoes. Using multiple tools for balancing is better imo.
  8. I feel like most FE games solve the superior movement of cavalier/fliers by giving them slightly lower stats, which sort of is a solution. But, for my self written FE D&D system, I decided on solving it using effective damage. It's been quite a journey and it's still not completely well balanced, but I did notice this way effective damage obviously becomes very important for both players and enemies. I do find effective damage a more interesting way of handling this that lowered stats though, harder to balance, but it feels more rewarding. So yes, enemy effective weaponry should be more common. (So long as it's not an instant-kill weapon, that's a bit much imo.)
  9. Hopes for a FE remake announcement are rising again. All other things on my wishlist basically have no chance of happening. Though that is what I said last time and we actually got an Advance Wars announcement that time, so who knows. (Come on Megaman Battle Network, I'm waiting for you.)
  10. Yeah, no, murder is a nono. But relieving him of his duties I could see happen once Micaiah tells Pelleas of her powers. At least she should know Izuka was manipulating him, as long as Pelleas still worships Izuka. At least in my eyes it would be best if Micaiah was able to convince Pelleas around 1x08, having Pelleas make that final decision. Then in part 3 we'd learn that Izuka had Pelleas sign the blood contract way before Micaiah and Pelleas even met.
  11. As mentioned by others before, I also don't believe the blood pact needs to be scrapped. I would've personally liked some more clear references to it before the reveal, like a more clear presence of the plagues preceding Asnard's and Neasala's reigns. But the blood pact itself wasn't too bad imo. Even Micaiah following Pelleas would be understandable knowing she can read his heart. Though GonzoMD1993 above makes a good point when it comes to Izuka, haven't really thought of that before. With Micaiah's abilities, and the moment he used his feral poison on Maurim, he should have been expelled by everyone. Of course this doesn't have to ruin the blood pact, as it could've easily been written that Izuka tricked Pelleas into signing it before he'd get chased off.
  12. Allright, let's try this. So, a heroic type with an ucommon unit build, making a bunch of jokes, being more of a talker than a fighter, and a mystery backstory... Ok now it sounds a little boring putting it all together. XD
  13. I actually like the idea of earning renown from how well you play the game, and then being able to spend that renown for improvements. Stuff like supports and weapon ranks as in 3H, but maybe even character stats, weapon stats and growth rates. What and how depends on the balance of the game, but making players decide their own difficulty is something I'm all for. If they decide to not bring combat arts back the way they worked in 3H, I would be all for maybe making certain weapons unbreakable in new game +. Or at least give them higher amounts of uses.
  14. The highest printed value is 100 (on Caineghis), but some cards can get higher through skills (like the X power Ike, who has stack times 10). The exact amount of cards that reach 100 power I wouldn't know, I don't know every single card in Cipher.
  15. Oh right, lately games have auto play I use for this challenge. It's the older games where I have to make up the AI myself. Not sure if maybe it's more interesting if you can write simple AI (on paper, not inside the actual game code) per character at the start of each chapter, might make it somewhat possible to try on maddening?
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