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  1. How about this; Warp staff, range magic/2, choose an ally in range warp it to another position in range, the warped unit can no longer act. Sounds to me like a fun staff to distribute among both allies and enemies. (range based on a late-game magic stat of 30-35)
  2. Compare it to this; you spend money in a shop to buy something (you tap Faye as payment to attack), then you try to buy something with the same money you just spent (tapping an ally for +10 power). I personally find this comparison to help in a lot of cases when it comes to costs, hope it helps. Short answer: nope Glad to help, I enjoy helping. ^^
  3. I respectfully disagree with your opinions that rout is not the worst. I understand where you're coming from, but personally I find one of the most annoying things when I forget an enemy at the start of the map, and then need to walk my units all the way back to kill this cleric which gives 1 exp. Might be because I play on modes that are too easy for me, but that's just what I enjoy. I've tried warpskipping, and it only makes other chapters harder, which is how I learned that warpskipping can be a terrible strategy. Even on chapters where you can kill the boss early, it can be strategic not to, which is simply how I like it; choice. I do agree that variety is best, some rout maps won't make the game worse. Maybe I just played too many FEs where rout is the only objective in the game?
  4. A map that offers multiple possible approaches is usually a better map. SoV suffers from too many wide open spaces, while other games force you to take all units through one single hallway packed with enemies. Multiple team splitting possibilities usually make a map better. The keyword here is options. That, and other winning conditions than rout, rout is the worst winning condition in FE. Not saying a rout map can't be good, but other conditions are simply superior.
  5. A 0 support card works the exact same as any other support, you add the value of your attack and the support card's support together. Example: 40 attack + 0 support = 40 total attack Everything functions as normal, it simply only doesn't help your attack total. Edit: Additional note that if a support "fails", as it does with a self support, the support card is immediately placed in the retreat area, whereas a 0 support remains in the support zone until the battle ends.
  6. Dragon/beast stone or natural transformation depends on lore, but for the most part I do enjoy natural better. Makes it feel more like the species has a special power over them just using magic items. As for stats, I've been struggling with this a lot for my D&D FE hybrid game. I ended up giving Laguz a second health bar, kind of like monsters in three houses, but more like shapeshifting druids in D&D. When shapeshifted they use a different health bar (which can't be healed by regular means but instead recharges each day), which means if their transformed health bar is 0, they can no longer shift/return to their unshifted form. They also get an additional list of skills they can learn, which give them stat boosts while transformed. They do however only get 3 skill slots opposed to the 5 for a regular human. Beside the 3 skill slots they have a laguz race skill, giving them additional stats while transformed depending on race. (I'm still playtesting though.) Edit: oh also If you get burned in the real world, would you say you just got magical damage?
  7. I believe this is incorrect, the support still works, meaning attack/defense emblems still take effect and other skills that activate on support-fails don't activate.
  8. I have only used restore once or twice, and never have all that many flying units (usually one, maybe two). I believe we get a flying battalion from Seteth's paralouge? It's a no from me, I could see it being useful on a maddening run, but not more useful than something that stops my opponent from moving. My all-pegasus playthrough will be Black Eagles anyways.
  9. Magical beasts exist in Fire Emblem, so why not magical poisons that repel white healing magic? Nobody said anything about poisons being "mundane". =P (That said, if they were to make an FE where magic and magical beasts play a smaller role, it wouldn't really make much sense from a lore-perspective, no.)
  10. While half-proxies are probably the best way to do it, creating them takes quite some time. What I did was create small notes with the card's effects and put them behind the cards into their sleeves. After a few games I usually know my cards by heart and only need to look at my notes if I haven't used the card for a while.
  11. Leonie with Bernadetta's crest to make better use of that bow, forgot the names. Other than that, I've been doing so many creative builds lately and each can make use of other stuff, so it differs a lot.
  12. I like this idea and I'm going to steal this for my own system. =P I already had poisons with different potency (some last longer, some deal more damage etc.), but some other effects are a great idea. Beside anti heal, maybe also disabling spells, lowering movement speed, or disabling activated abilities?
  13. I know, I said previously I would never say no to a class, but with the lord class I simply can't do a fun run where my whole team is in 1 class, and outside that there's simply a lot better classes to have.
  14. Beside creativity the most important motivation for me is getting my mind off other things, which I guess counts as relaxation? All of them apply at least a little bit though, but competition the least. I like a bit of friendly competition, but too much takes away from the relaxation and such.
  15. Yep, I know he's strong, and I'm handicapping myself by not using him. I hope my planning of every little detail together with recruiting characters like Ferdinand and Bernadetta will help make things better. I hope I'm smart enough to pull it off but look forward to the challenge.
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