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  1. Hopes for a FE remake announcement are rising again. All other things on my wishlist basically have no chance of happening. Though that is what I said last time and we actually got an Advance Wars announcement that time, so who knows. (Come on Megaman Battle Network, I'm waiting for you.)
  2. Yeah, no, murder is a nono. But relieving him of his duties I could see happen once Micaiah tells Pelleas of her powers. At least she should know Izuka was manipulating him, as long as Pelleas still worships Izuka. At least in my eyes it would be best if Micaiah was able to convince Pelleas around 1x08, having Pelleas make that final decision. Then in part 3 we'd learn that Izuka had Pelleas sign the blood contract way before Micaiah and Pelleas even met.
  3. As mentioned by others before, I also don't believe the blood pact needs to be scrapped. I would've personally liked some more clear references to it before the reveal, like a more clear presence of the plagues preceding Asnard's and Neasala's reigns. But the blood pact itself wasn't too bad imo. Even Micaiah following Pelleas would be understandable knowing she can read his heart. Though GonzoMD1993 above makes a good point when it comes to Izuka, haven't really thought of that before. With Micaiah's abilities, and the moment he used his feral poison on Maurim, he should have been expelled by everyone. Of course this doesn't have to ruin the blood pact, as it could've easily been written that Izuka tricked Pelleas into signing it before he'd get chased off.
  4. Allright, let's try this. So, a heroic type with an ucommon unit build, making a bunch of jokes, being more of a talker than a fighter, and a mystery backstory... Ok now it sounds a little boring putting it all together. XD
  5. I actually like the idea of earning renown from how well you play the game, and then being able to spend that renown for improvements. Stuff like supports and weapon ranks as in 3H, but maybe even character stats, weapon stats and growth rates. What and how depends on the balance of the game, but making players decide their own difficulty is something I'm all for. If they decide to not bring combat arts back the way they worked in 3H, I would be all for maybe making certain weapons unbreakable in new game +. Or at least give them higher amounts of uses.
  6. The highest printed value is 100 (on Caineghis), but some cards can get higher through skills (like the X power Ike, who has stack times 10). The exact amount of cards that reach 100 power I wouldn't know, I don't know every single card in Cipher.
  7. Oh right, lately games have auto play I use for this challenge. It's the older games where I have to make up the AI myself. Not sure if maybe it's more interesting if you can write simple AI (on paper, not inside the actual game code) per character at the start of each chapter, might make it somewhat possible to try on maddening?
  8. Oh challenge runs, nice! I do a lot of challenge runs, though I do them on hard because I'm not smart enough for maddening. I've done a whole bunch of 1-classline-only runs, so much I've grown tired of them by now. Though particularly my Magitri (magic Dimitri in mages only), Puncher Hanneman (war master line only), Bow Knight only and Pegasi only runs were a lot of fun too. One of the first challenges I always give myself for a second playthrough when a new game comes out, is the AI only run. Only for the avatar (or lord for games without avatar) you can choose movement, all your other units must simply walk towards the enemy they can deal most damage, and do just that. This was pretty easy on normal mode, except for Caspar's chapter, where I sort of cheated by giving Caspar no weapons. Might try again in hard mode, but this one obviously requires little strategy and more luck. My current playthrough is one where I picked 8 of my favorite characters with the highest growth in a single stat, I picked the class path with the highest growth and have to give all of the corresponding stat boosters to the unit training that stat. Let's see how high I can get those stats. Fairly easy so far for hard mode. Some great idea's in this thread actually, I'd love to try the chess idea, with actually only making characters move the same way their class does. And I still need to do another support run, might as well use the good teacher idea there, I wonder what class the death knight wants to be. =P
  9. I usually like to replay games a couple dozen times, I think that's one of the reasons I like FE so much. I like using different characters each time I play, which makes multiple lords, multiple forced spots, a negative in my book. That's why I like Ike and Roy in Path of Radiance and Sword of Seals respectively the most. Not saying it can't be done well, I never really had anything against Micaiah/Ike in RD, or Alm/Celica in Echoes. The switching teams aspect seems to help in keeping things fresh. On the other hand there's Blazing Sword, where Lyn and Hector might as well be forced each chapter. Having the same 3 units again and again on each replay was really annoying to me. At least the 3 lords in Three Houses take turns in playthroughs. Plus Three Houses allows for many different builds for the lords, so it doesn't feel so samey each time, which is why forced avatars bothers me less from a gameplay perspective. (Though let's not get into the story perspective for that one.)
  10. I heard the time of day you measured yourself actually has a small effect on your length. Could be getting it mixed up with weight though, I know timing matters with weight. See if you can measure yourself at different times during the day, or night, or maybe check for seasonal effects, sounds like that could be interesting.
  11. The old system felt special to me, all other games use systems similar to 3H as well. There might be a reason for that (like limiting overleveling for balance's sake), but it makes 3H a bit less special. I would like it better if they went back to the 100 exp bars, but wouldn't be too sour if they decide not to. That said they could even work with percentage bars. In the code it would still work with exp points like 3H, but for looks and feels it would show 0-100 for how far you are for the next level. Just popped into my head, could be interesting, no clue if it'd work.
  12. It's certainly a fun game and worth getting. But the DLC is too expensive to be worth it, after all these years I'm still hoping for a sale or something that discounts it. Doesn't sound worth the money. Amiibo don't really add much at all in this game. IMO, the story and maps are the worst parts of this game. But the characters and (certain parts of the) gameplay are great so it evens out. If you get this game purely as a strategy game you will be disappointed, if you get this game because you want characters you'll absolutely love then this is the game for you.
  13. In my Experience, Ingrid is a great dancer, but you'll really miss out in combat for her. I'd recommend Annette as a dancer, her magic is still strong enough to make her a great combat unit, and she actually enjoys the role storywise. She doesn't make the best dodge-tank, so the sword avoid would be wasted a bit, but you'll have an even better dodge-tank in Ingrid this way. On that note, you could also just give sword avoid to Felix or Ingrid and not class change them to dancer. Dancers are really strong, but so is an Assassin or Falcon Knight with sword avoid. (I have no experience with Ashe as a dancer, but that only seems worth it if he's your weakest unit and you only need someone for dancing, but then Flayn might be a better option.)
  14. Yes, this! Or actually, I'd probably prefer Byleth to start with E+ in Faith, keep E in Reason, but make E+ in reason give a spell, because only gaining Reason Proficiency on E+ is worthless. "Hey I got better with casting magic, Now if only I actually knew a spell" (I should start saying that irl, "Yeah I'm great at casting magic, I just don't know any spells")
  15. Her goal is very clear, it's mostly some of her early game decisions that could use some explaining (like why she tasked the bandits to attack her group before the prologue). And it's not really clear how much she knew at certain points. For the first few routes this was cool, because the missing pieces kept me motivated to play the other routes. It's just a bit sad that after playing all routes I'm still left guessing about certain points.
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