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  1. Personally I've never seen it, I'd place Haru above Zuko.
  2. It's no miracle cure, but I found it helps to tell other people your plans. If friends or family occasionally check up on you, you might feel more inclined to actually do stuff. That or dedicate specific periods of the day to be no-tv times. I used to always game in the morning before school, but I decided no computer or tv in the morning. Now I actually work on my cosplay or other creative projects every morning for half an hour before work. Again no miracle cure, but every small bit counts. And don't beat yourself up for not getting things done, at least for me that only makes it harder to do better next time. Accept what happened and focus on the future. Hope this slightly helps 😃
  3. No, Ike leaving because of people hating him doesn't sound like him at all to me. I don't recall all of the Greil Mercs their endings, but I could imagine them starting to drift apart. Under the rule of Elincia Crimea might become too peaceful for Ike to find enough work. Maybe Nailah invited him to come and see her country. Or my current favorite, a random sailor hires the Greil mercs for an excursion to a new continent he discovered. I should read the endings for the Greil Mercs again, do they confirm none of them actually leave with Ike? I know only Ranulf and Soren's upports say they do leave with him, but does that prove nobody else does? Those exact words, that's exactly how I feel about IkexElincia. XD I guess both our points are equally valid, we simply don't know. Our own views on the subject stop us from seeing the validity of each other's views? idk Also, so many random things were thrown into Awakening, I can't take it seriously for other games' lore. I don't think Priam proves anything. (Besides, Awakening has a multiverse. If you do count the lore, he could still only be one in a million universes chance to exist.)
  4. I also don't believe Ike would leave Tellius with no intention to return. Though I do believe the epilogue implies he never does. It may be that circumstances prevented him from returning, it could even be that he died on this new journey?
  5. Personally I'm against a ballistician class. It's a single class that every map needs to be designed especially for, I just don't think it's a good idea. That said, we do need more ballistas. Having a limited part of your team being able to use them makes for some great strategic gameplay in my opinion. And it still means you don't have to keep them in mind for every single map from the moment they're introduced.
  6. Oh right that exists. I remember switching between Ike and Roy their themes a couple times on my first playthrough. I should check this option out again, thanks for reminding me!
  7. Sounds interesting, although I'd like to add 1 point. Enemies also get to have adjutants.
  8. That actually sounds like a great way for promotion, and a solution for if they want to keep 3H's all recruits are in the early game system. If every character has a story-based moment from when they get to promote, and every promotion brings that character to the base stats of the promoted class (like in 3H), then the permadeath option becomes viable and interesting again. Lost your tanky knight? No problem, the knight you didn't train just got to their promotion moment and is ready to be thrown into battle now. Having every unit needing their own story based promotion makes having it work a bit harder though. But I think it would be epic and worth it.
  9. Oh I'm not saying they can't have feelings for one another. Elincia clearly has feelings for Ike, and after Ike's obsession with challenging the Black Knight is over he might find feelings for Elincia. I do believe the final cutscene of PoR could point to that. But with that said, I still don't think they could have a shared ending. Even if they were head over heels for one another, their lifestyles don't match. Elincia would never give up her place on the throne. Even if she does trust Renning completely to be a fair ruler, stepping down would make her feel like she'd be letting her country down. Putting herself before her country is not something I'd see Elincia do. Had Renning been there at the end of PoR, then sure. But at the end of RD she's been through too much. As for Ike, could you see him sit still in a castle? Neither can I. While Elincia would have no problems with living a commoner life, Ike would have big problems with living a life in a castle. Doing stuffy noble stuff would bore him to death, he needs to be out in the world. There's a reason he revoked his lord status right after PoR, he's okay with it if he needs it to lead an army, but if it weren't for that he never would have accepted it. Castles are not for him. If he were to try and build a life with Elincia, they would hardly get to see one another, as Ike would always try to be not near nobility, and Elincia would. Either way, that's my view on the matter. It's sad really but it makes for a nice story. In my mind Ike never gets together with anyone. Not because he doesn't want to, but because he prefers the way he lives his life. And that's why Elincia and Ike can't have a shared ending, not even platonic. Their lives are too different. (And Geoffrey is a slight little bit like Ike, and that's why Elincia eventually settles for him.) Hope that makes sense.
  10. Tbh, that's exactly what it sounds like to me. While I do believe Ike and Elincia should have had more interactions in RD, them having any shared ending does not make sense. That said, support chains through both games does, and I hope they do it. I could see them bundling PoR with RD, but I don't see them coming out at the same time. Maybe PoR comes out first for $60, but you can get the special edition for $100 which includes an RD download link for when that hits the shelves. Besides the ElinciaxIke paired ending, yes, sounds cool. Last thing this game needs is more characters.
  11. Usually, from a box, you get each N-rarity card at least twice, and at least one from each HN-rarity card, meaning those are quite easy to max out. When it comes to R and SR, it's luck of the draw. For people who limit their budget, like me, a full playset of those is usually not what we go for for more expensive cards. My decks won't be winning any tournaments, but they're still fun to play with against others with similar budgets. =3
  12. Normally I get a haircut every 3 months, except I skip it during the winter months. My last haircut was around November, and usually I'd get the next haircut end of April or start of May. Everything was opened back up in June here, but I've decided to let it grow a bit more. I have a good excuse now and I'm actually curious as to how my hair looks when it's longer. I do have to keep track of trimming my beard better now though, I really look homeless if I let both grow out. (Last year I tried growing out my beard, had to get my hair cut a couple times more then.)
  13. Ak okay, got you, confusion averted. XD
  14. There's actually quite some N and HN cards I'm really looking forward to, but with 2.5 boxes I'm pretty sure I can get full playsets of all. Now here's to hoping I get to pull a Fir R and a Hapi SR and I'll be happy (no pun intended).
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