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  1. Finally I have a unit+10 that is not on the list yet! (I have 7 others; Soren, Fir, Titania, Lukas, L'Arachel, Clair and Mae.) But Joshua deserves the trouble of uploading. =3
  2. Bernadetta! I really love her personality, she's really shy but really lightens up when you get her out of her shell. Also love that she calls herself Bernie. =3 Currently playing Golden Deer, so recruited Bernie as soon as possible. I'll be going for Annette, Petra, Leonie and Edelgard on subsequent playthroughs.
  3. Pre-Awakening S supports don't even exist at all (as far as I'm aware), and they're usually far too awkward and/or random for me to enjoy. Lute and Artur A support is to me the best relationship support there is, if there had been a forced S support with a marriage proposal that would've just ruined it. Having a relationship form at the A support and then having them get married after the game just makes much more sense to me. Other than that, the only correct answer is Zihark and Meg, obviously.
  4. I'm not a speed player, don't play hard mode very often, hardly use mounted units and enjoy focussing on units that need a lot of help getting stronger. For my playstyle, all Roy really needs is an earlier promotion. Once he hits the lvl 20 wall his usefulness starts decreasing fast, before that and after promotion he's fine as he is, for my style of playing that is.
  5. With some new classes revealed, here's my new lineup
  6. Classic/Normal. I will probably restrict myself to no grinding maps and minimal use of the turnwheel (just for 1% crits and allied forces messing stuff up). I usually enjoy FE best giving myself restrictions instead of letting hard mode do it for me.
  7. I like Silque as well, but besides warp she's not very good as a cleric I think. She really misses physic, which is something all other clerics do get (even Tobin and Saber if you reclass them to sage get physic). I'm currently doing a lords + pegasi play-through, and I must say she is amazing as a pegasus, she really outshines Clair and Faye. Though Matilda is the true god on a pegasus this play-through.
  8. I was planning on letting the game surprise me, but I just can't help planning my units...
  9. I'm saving all my orbs for Lute (over 300 now), and for over a month now none of my free summons have been a 5 star. (about 90% were 3 star units even) I'm seriously tempted in throwing some orbs. But I won't. Gotta be strong. Doing this for Lute.
  10. I was going to ask for Neimi to be added to the list, but then I saw Jill. Jill is the better option. Though I still want Neimi to be added as well, also Ilyana.
  11. I think the Est archetype has morphed into the Donnel archetype. And yes I think Cyril will be the Donnel archetype.
  12. Just going to drop here how I handle these stats in my own self-written D&D-like tabletop based on FE. When a player makes an attack they roll a d20 and add their skill and their weapon's hit to it, if it beats their opponent's roll plus their speed and half their luck, they deal damage. The game is designed that an average weapon hit and average skill are equal to the average speed and average half of luck, giving 2 equal average units fighting about 50% chance to hit. This makes the stats very competitive and important to keep up. I won't bore you with the details of the crit system, but I designed it to give a very small chance to crit while your skill beats the opponent's luck, making luck very important not only for avoiding, but your only defense against being critted. This is how I tried balancing the stats and I believe it works.
  13. My all time favorite; Shaman in the Dark my newest addiction: 3 Houses theme (orchestral cover, in a spoiler just in case) and an honourable mention because it's still awesome; the FE Heroes theme:
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