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  1. It would break the lore, since Jahn says all the dragons got either killed or escaped through the dragons gate. He and Idunn are the only actual dragons left on this continent. Even if there were dragons that came back through the dragon's gate, they would probably not fight for Idunn/Zephiel. Which reminds me, let's not forget Fae, so there's 3 dragons left in Elibe. Jahn also talks about the simplicity of the war dragons, which means that if they were more varied, it would undermine his point. Not saying this all couldn't be changed, I just hope they don't. It may not make for great gameplay but I love this story too much.
  2. The dragons you fight in FE6, besides Jahn and Idunn, are all War Dragons. Vessels created for combat, not actual dragons. They're supposed to feel like they're mass produced because they are.
  3. Nothing I can think of, but I can think of a few other chapters where reinforcements seem to come out of nowhere, or the win conditions change, or stuff like that. Maybe you can look them up if you don't mind the spoilers. I know many people tend to hate these things, but I actually like it. The opponent actually creating ambushes, without them for some reason yelling about it to you across the map makes it feel more real to me. Yet having rewinds fixes it in gameplay, imo.
  4. This game is made with rewinds in mind, sometimes you just have to use rewinds and then use the information you rathered from your failures. So yes, this game has many more stuff like this.
  5. Actually I don't, I will admit I know very little of the subject. But I do know that open borders are a thing here in the EU. I also know trade is a big part of the EU, for example the Netherlands trades a large percentage of its food and gas with other countries. Of course the biggest difference is that the EU used to be separate countries forming closer ties, while the US would have to cut certain ties. I like this line, you've convinced me, partitioning is a bad idea.
  6. Makes me wonder if the US would be better of with all states being separate countries, tied together to something similar to the European Union. Not saying the EU is a perfect system, but from my point of view it seems a lot better than the US system.
  7. I never really thought about this, but it makes sense that not low-manning this game makes bosses really hard. I normally train no more than 5 units at that point of the game, and even then these bosses are tough to take down. Not dangerous though, so long as I don't try to hurry, but I never play for ltc. Bring plenty of vulneraries and these bosses are simply good sources of experience.
  8. Actually, I'm currently working on armor knight Byleth. I'm doing a run where everyone can only learn stuff they're bad at (Let's go priest Edelgard and archer Annette). Byleth has nothing they're bad at so I decided to go armor knight - fortress knight - great knight. I've done way too many playthroughs already, almost each time with different classes. War master Byleth was my strongest. Wyvern lord Byleth was the most useful. Mortal Savant Byleth I think was the worst. Only classes left are Fortress Knight (current pt), Seraph Knight (coming up next), Dark Bishop and Gremory.
  9. Ah thank you, that explains that part. Also makes using her as a puppet a more valid strategy, since Begnion could confirm her lineage as well.
  10. They did get attacked before Elincia was found by the mercenaries. From the platoon sent with her for protection only Geoffrey was able to escape and Kieran got captured, pretty sure the rest died. They hid Elincia away in some shrubbery or something where Ike found her. (Been a while since I read this though, let me know if I forgot something.)
  11. Path of Radiance is my favorite mostly because of the worldbuilding. I also love the simplicity yet effectiveness of the story, and the characters are great. Besides that there's also the bexp system, the base conversations, and skills system. Ike is also my favorite lord, which helps in replayability (other FE's there's always the "oh I have to use this one again" moment, which made FE7 one of my least liked FEs). I have to say Three Houses comes in at a close second though, for many of the same reasons.
  12. This, Elincia's existance is a secret, not sure it's even explained how Ashnard came to know of her. Did the Crimean and Daein royal families have close enough contact for this to be known? Or was it her being given a royal knight platoon to escape that gave away her identity? I can think of reasons why Ashnard could want Elincia alive, but all would be just speculation. I don't believe the writers found it important enough to include a reason, or maybe one was given in the original Japanese but got translated out?
  13. There is nothing pointing to her having nobility ties in the game. If it's not explicitly said, assume they're not. Greil came from a certain amount of renown, but was it ever confirmed he was a noble? I know Ashnard was the first to give the opportunity of becoming a rider to anyone strong enough, so Gawain must have had some sort of title, but not sure if that means he's a noble. And even if Gawain was a noble, as Greil he was not, meaning Mist never was a noble. I'd say no. During the game he is king, king definitely counts as nobility. Pretty sure that besides kings/queens there is no nobility system to speak of within the Laguz communities. Where was it said he is the ruler of said village? I recall him only saying he's from there. As with Titania, this is just wild speculation, she's a commoner trying to pass as something more, but she isn't. Is that true? Is this said in a support with Tanith or does Sigrun mention this? That's actually an interesting bit of information I may have missed, as it does sound plausible. Well this one is completely up to you, do you only count people who are recognized as nobility, or also those born into it but then lost their titles? You can also ignore everything I said, your challenge your rules, how hard do you want to make it for yourself?
  14. If you want a challenge how about a Kurthnaga, Ena and Micaiah only run from endgame on. Ike can only take out BK and Ashera.
  15. Technically speaking, pretty much all my runs have been iron man runs, since I've hardly had any game overs or restarts in my 15+ runs. However, I do often use the divine pulse, but that's officially not an iron man rule? =P I even did a normal mode, autoplay run that was technically iron man. (I was only allowed to move Byleth, rest of the team I could only give orders through autoplay.) But that was way too easy, I should try that again on hard mode. (Though I'll keep using Divine Pulse because I like the mechanic.)
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