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  1. Is this fortune loadout a good one for a Berserker!MU? Clergy (+2 Def), Beautiful (+1/10% Skl and Spd), and Enlightened (+30% HP)
  2. If I go Berserker, which past, present and future would you recommend?
  3. Gotcha. I'll try to make do with Fighter => Warrior for the playthrough, unless someone can convince me otherwise.
  4. Gotcha. Anyway, any tips on beating the game on hard mode, so I can pull off the Fighter => Dracoknight thing X-Naut talked about?
  5. Oh. Of course, I'd need to beat the game on Hard mode, at least, to access the Dracoknight reclass as a Fighter, which is the problem. Besides, I don't think Warrior can be considered a good class to end up on. I mean, yes, you can use bows, but... Anyway, how good are dracoknights in this game?
  6. I plan on playing in Normal, most likely. Also, I'm certain people prefer Fighter!MU because people think MU is the best axe user in the game. That, or because it grants you Pirate/Berserker as a reclass option. I'm tempted to go with a Female Mage!MU because of Nosferatu, but I'm having second thoughts, hence the topic.
  7. Which MU class would be best for a first playthrough at this game?
  8. Not sure if this is worth it's own topic (or if this question even have a topic of it's own), but is there benefits to promoting at Level 20? In fact, when I should I promote? Right when I can or when I capped a character's level?
  9. Wait, so you get Fernand's lance by keeping your generics and not the ones with Slayde alive?
  10. Do you, the people, have any tips, tricks and advice on fulfilling the objectives to get the items like Fernand's lance and what not, please? Thank you in advance.
  11. But first, A-rank with Effie/Benny for Wary Fighter.
  12. Hence why I talked about all-Takumi teams.
  13. I couldn't care less if it's immersion breaking: I mean, it is a turn-based strategy game, after all.
  14. Brace yourselves, all-Takumi teams are coming. That's my only thought. With the DLC, that includes Witch and Lodestar, right?
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