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  1. Does a Nyx!Nina inherit Diviner or Archer for her third class?
  2. I went on a bit of a Midoriko spree. Here's a bunch: Luna/Selena Orochi Rinka/Rinkah Hinoka
  3. http://megidoladying.tumblr.com/post/141884096229/saizoukanna Saizou/Kanna is hilarious.
  4. Setsuna/Matoi Looks like Matoi/Caeldori inherits some of Setsuna's sarcasm-blindness.
  5. Oboro/Eponine: http://megidoladying.tumblr.com/post/141530151919/oboroeponine Edit: And looks like Kanna inherits Yuugiri/Reina's bloodthirst. http://megidoladying.tumblr.com/post/141531405284/yuugirikanna
  6. Silas/Kana Kagerou/Kanna Kagerou/Matoi
  7. Sakura/Hisame: http://megidoladying.tumblr.com/post/141244799269/sakurahisame-conversation Edit: Oh god, here's the start of the Sakura/Kanna convo. Kanna: Hey, hey, Mom! I have a question! Sakura: Fufufu. What is it? I’ll do my best to answer. Kanna: Um, well… what does it feel like to marry your brother? Sakura: …Eh? Ehhhhhh!? W-why do you want to ask about that?
  8. Gonna be working on some of these later, but I find it fun that Felicia's children inherit her 'hawawawa' thing. It's cute when it's Ophelia. It's hilarious when it's Syalla.
  9. I have tons and tons of HC's. Here are some I posted before (pre-localization, so they use the original names): Unabashed Ryouma/Elise and Marx/Sakura hc's based on letter writing, because letter writing is apparently a Hoshido family thing (Shiro's mom supports, Hinoka/Kaze and Hinoka/Saizo supports): And a couple more I have lurking about in mind for some fics that I'm writing (backstory stuff, some spoilers for Revelation) And finally, some non-spoilery miscellaneous ones: Peri is distantly related to Azura. This one is a huge stretch, but basically in Greek mythology, Arete's great-grandmother is named Periboea. It'd explain the blue hair. The royals won't be able to turn into dragons ever, but they do get rashes and blisters if they have to handle wyrmslayers for a long period of time (like a nickel allergy, basically) Yay for unrequited love. Corrin's childhood goes Corrin -> Flora -> Jakob -> Corrin, and poor Felicia is stuck in the middle of this whole mess as everyone vents to her and tries not to take a side. Not really headcanons, but my crack pairings: Camilla/Subaki, Xander/Flora, Hinoka/Selena, Niles/Kaze. Don't ask why, I wouldn't be able to answer either.
  10. The main fic of Dameceles's universe, Into a Walled Garden, is pretty much exactly what you're looking for. Very political, and amazing character explorations, especially for Marx/Xander and Hinoka. The side stories are where the smut happens, and even then they have very good characterization and lots of interesting worldbuilding. I highly recommend the AMOS series, even if you only read Into a Walled Garden.
  11. Round 1: Takumi and Azura vs. Falcoknight and Onmyoji Round 2: Takumi and Azura vs. Kinshi knight and Sniper It was fun. Takumi had Air Superiority too, for even more hilarity.
  12. I have to go with Shigure. I've been in love with the Pegasus warrior armor since I first saw it and his entire design really goes well with it. I like Caeldori too, but that's mostly because I love her with Kagero's hair in her Live2D thing.
  13. 5 possible situations result in you not being able to obtain all children: 1. Play as M!Corrin. Marry any first gen mother who can S-rank other first gen fathers (anyone except Flora, Scarlet, Reina, Anna). Even if everyone else is married off, this leaves 1 first gen father unpaired, and thus his kid cannot be recruited. This applies to all routes. 2. Play as F!Corrin. Marry any first gen father who can S-rank other first gen mothers (anyone except Gunter, Yukimura, Fuga, Shura, Izana). Marry off all the other first gen mothers except Azura. Azura will not have anyone to marry, thus Shigure cannot be recruited. This applies to all routes. 3. Play as M!Corrin and marry Niles. Nina and Kana cannot be recruited. 4. Play as F!Corrin and marry Rhajat. Kana cannot be recruited. 5. You planned your pairings poorly, and the only eligible parents left are siblings (ex. Ryoma and Hinoka, or Leo and Camilla). Edit: Actually, there are 6. Spoilers for the final one:
  14. Reina might have once been intended to be able to support other characters and Rinkah might have been intended to be Avatar-only. In the files where lines are listed for all units, Reina's lines are often grouped with the other Hoshido women and Rinkah's are often with the Avatar-only supports (Flora, Yukimura, Fuga, etc)
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