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  1. Sorry for the inactivity. 1. University was kicking my ass and 2. I totally forgot this thread existed. Anyway, I've made steady progress since my return and have completed Hisame and Selkie. I highly recommend following the thread on GBAtemp as that is my main base of operations. EDIT: I should have also mentioned that I've written a guide on how to install the translation here: https://github.com/SilentHeII/Fire-Emblem-Fates-Festival-of-Bonds-Translation-Project/wiki Have some screens.
  2. I had already posted this in the if Fan-Translation thread, but someone from gbatemp recommended I just make a dedicated thread on here. The title says it all. This Fan-Translation is dedicated to translating the Nohrian and Hoshidan Festival of Bonds DLC. This project is dedicated to the U.S. releases of the game but a port to the European versions is also very possible. The DLCs have their own slots, titles, and icons and do not replace any pre-existing DLC. The translation are based off of young-il-long-kiyoshi's and mariethe crocheter's translations which can be found here and localized where necessary. So far this is mainly a solo project in terms of getting the text into Fates script format and getting it into the game. I don't have much else to say at the moment but I'll leave the necessary info and links if you want more information. I'm also looking for help if anyone else is interested in helping turn the translation into script format. I'm not even asking for you to rebuild the DLC or test it as I can do that all myself. Just someone else who's willing to help put it into script would greatly speed things along. So if you're interested, shoot me a message. As of 9/8/2017 I've been focused on finishing the "Spring Scramble" before working on "Fall Scramble" as the Spring Scramble contains more content. The intro, pre-battle dialogue,, all kimono conversations, Shiro_parent, Kiragi_parent, and Asugi_parent conversations are complete. Links: GBAtemp thread (Has more info/Screenshots) Github page (Contains project files. I update it after every translation session so it's always up to date) Screenshots:
  3. I don't know how far you guys are going with the translation patch, but I started translating the Festival of Bonds DLCs mainly for the NA version on GBAtemp, but if you guys want, I'd be happy to share the txt files with you guys for transitioning into the Japanese version. Also, shameless plug, but if anyone is willing to help me too, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  4. Is there a nightmare editor for items? I just want the ability to sell EVERY item.
  5. Anybody know the offset to the character pointer block? I'm having a hard time editing my characters and wanted to make a gateshark code. Or at the very least does anyone know if it's possible to SUBTRACT from a value in cheatcode? For example, D4000000 XXXXXXX This code type ADDS to the register. Is there anyway I can SUBTRACT from it?
  6. Speaking of hair color. I took the liberty of dumping the children's hair colors from Lost in the Waves. Here is what they are: Shigure - BAE1E1 Kana - EBE2D6 Shiro - 58332D Siegbert - D0C29F Kiragi - C1B2AC Forrest - F2E3B5 Selkie - D39146 Velouria - F5F3F0 (Yes this is correct. I have no idea why her hair shows up as white like Nina's in RAM) Ignatius - D2C3AA Midori - 7D9682 Sophie - AAB5B5 Caeldori - CC7373 Percy - FEEAB7 Rhajat - 484848 Hisame - 6F554B Asugi - E47859 Soleil - EBCDD6 Ophelia - DAD3BD Nina - F5F3F0 Mitama - FFDDE9 Dwyer - D2D2C3 Another note: If you wanted to make the children be able to use their father's sacred weapons here are the flags you'd need to add to the character: Takumi - 31 Corrin - 3 Ryoma - 32 Leo - 33 Xander - 34 A neat glitch occurs however when you try to recruit Kana with the third flag (Yato) active. Kana is unable to be recruited and he defaults to Corrin. My bandage solution (since I play using NTR) was to create two separate GameData.bin's. One with and without the flag checked. I play without the Kana flag until I recruit Kana, reboot, use FBI to rename the GameData.bin's and viola, you have Kana able to wield Yato. If anyone has any other ideas as to why this happens I'm all ears.
  7. I'm trying to make a cheat plugin for NTR and so far have found enough data to make most of the codes work. However, I can't find for the life of me how to make a code STORE values from a pointer or add to the stored value. Anyone have any ideas? More specifically I'm talking about codes like this, Class modifier D9000000 03CF0AF8 D4000000 0000XXXX B3CF1100 00000000 D6000000 00000068 D2000000 00000000 How would the D9 and D4 translate into the coding?
  8. I'm 21 now and can say it's a mixed bag. Being able to drink and have the freedom to do mostly whatever you want is great. Taxes, paying for university, and other financial responsibilities are not. Not saying it's not fun, but you'll get like at least a month's worth of stress out of a year. Plus, turning 21 is the last real milestone of life in terms of coming of age. It's all downhill from here haha.
  9. I have all the files in the right places, I mean, how do I go about connecting the debugger to my computer and reading memory in real time/applying codes.
  10. Anyone ever figure out how to get NTR debugger to work? Was wondering if I could use that since I recently modded my N3DS and was hoping to use that as my main source to run the game however Spider doesn't work on N3DS since it runs Skater. T_T
  11. Planning on making similar codes to the ones made for Fire Emblem awakening with all this info. Thanks guys!
  12. Genuinely curious. Since this patch is obviously using the unlocalized names for characters, why are the Awakening characters Localized? Do you agree with the name changes or is it just not as dumb as Xander? Not complaining it was just something that caught my eye.
  13. I'm just pissing in the wind. You guys did mention a unlocalization patch of the English release no? I guess I'll just look forward to that. Which leads to my next question. Awakening unlocalized when?
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