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  1. Trump voters are mostly frequent voters. This is technically a point in Biden's favor. Don't let fear get in the way this time, and just go out and vote.
  2. Yeah, I don't see that happening purely because health and safety are political matters to that guy in DC who doesn't deserve to be named.
  3. You have to be aware that the media, regardless of bias, does not want society to transform in any way, lest they become irrelevant. Most likely, no matter what the end result of CHOP, the real consequences and information about the area will not truly be known for years. There are many conflicting and misconstrued reports about it, and none of them are truly grasping the entirety of the situation. And the lack of protection is also because the Seattle Police themselves decided to abandon the area. Regardless of what the protestors wanted, the SPD had a duty to protect them, and they were found derelict... which is the entire reason CHOP even happened. Because police don't have the best interest of their charges at all.
  4. But they coincidentally line up a lot more often than not. What the electorate or the party wants isn't the end-all be-all of politics. Sometimes politicians need to trust their judgment, even if it means breaking a campaign promise. The unfortunate thing is, that hardly happens, anymore, and as a result, voters on both sides have become cognitively dissonant in regards to what they should be asking for and what they want.
  5. Someone will pick up the torch from them. Lots of things changed for the actual Buu saga. I imagine this wouldn't be much different.
  6. His enemies have good lawyers, and federal judges stonewall him at every turn. You better believe anything he would try to do would get so bogged down in courts that by the time any progress was made whatsoever, a new President would be in office, and their AG would be directed to drop the charges and retaliate against Barr.
  7. The thing is, simple doesn't help anyone. Why worry about mass dissent if the only seriously armed groups are in your favor? Why worry about protests blowing up if state and local police are just as armed as the military and independent from it? Why pay the opposition any mind if they have to play into the fears of your base to even attempt to beat you? We don't need to worry about losing rights when they already don't work. Not to mention that they can just as easily keep people down by depriving them of money as much as depriving them of rights.
  8. There's actually a surprising amount of bad luck facing the Chiefs Sunday. Andy Reid is 1-9 against us (0-3 with the Chiefs), and the Chiefs overall are 4-8 in the playoffs.
  9. Official AFC Playoff Picture: AFC North: Baltimore Ravens (1st Round bye) AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs (1st Round bye) AFC East: New England Patriots AFC South: Houston Texans Wildcard 1: Buffalo Bills Wildcard 2: Tennessee Titans
  10. If this wasn't an individual act of terror, this is a declaration of war by Saudi Arabia.
  11. Titans potentially on track to take the AFC South. I'm definitely feeling better about the team than I was.
  12. You act like that level of control is anything new for China. A lot of their history going back to the founding of it by Qin Shi Huang is eerily similar to what is going on there now. The Qing arguably did things that were just as bad if not worse. The Kuomintang only became Western after they were forced onto Taiwan, otherwise the situation wouldn't be all that different imo. And of course the Yuan Dynasty was run by enlightened bandits and raiders. And when it isn't being run by thin-skinned despots, it's in constant civil war.
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