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  1. There's actually a surprising amount of bad luck facing the Chiefs Sunday. Andy Reid is 1-9 against us (0-3 with the Chiefs), and the Chiefs overall are 4-8 in the playoffs.
  2. Official AFC Playoff Picture: AFC North: Baltimore Ravens (1st Round bye) AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs (1st Round bye) AFC East: New England Patriots AFC South: Houston Texans Wildcard 1: Buffalo Bills Wildcard 2: Tennessee Titans
  3. If this wasn't an individual act of terror, this is a declaration of war by Saudi Arabia.
  4. Titans potentially on track to take the AFC South. I'm definitely feeling better about the team than I was.
  5. You act like that level of control is anything new for China. A lot of their history going back to the founding of it by Qin Shi Huang is eerily similar to what is going on there now. The Qing arguably did things that were just as bad if not worse. The Kuomintang only became Western after they were forced onto Taiwan, otherwise the situation wouldn't be all that different imo. And of course the Yuan Dynasty was run by enlightened bandits and raiders. And when it isn't being run by thin-skinned despots, it's in constant civil war.
  6. Aaaand there goes Jacksonville's playoff hopes. Titans are looking good right now.
  7. I prefer we have a QB that can win and doesn't get hurt all the time. But we can't all get what we want.
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