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  1. @Integrity I think the Titans may have fucked up. Both of our teams may have to forfeit this Sunday.
  2. I always thought that a group of heroes from elsewhere should try their best to prepare humanity for the real villains by sending monsters to attack them, only for said villains to create the Rangers. Except that the person they sent to help the Rangers helps them to avoid being manipulated by the power of their morphers so the power to defend Earth doesn't go away when the real threat emerges.
  3. You know the problem with Kirk Cousin's insatiable appetite sometimes, Ike? Sometimes he just gets stuffed #TitanUp
  4. If Trump wins, even if the Senate is won by the Democrats, Trump can veto legislation, and his conservative Supreme Court will probably shoot down anything that can navigate past his veto. That's why he must go, no matter what.
  5. I should clarify that I agree that we should try to implement more progressive policies, but without moderates on either side, we will fall into a civil conflict similar to that of Spain in the 1930s.
  6. @Integrity I look forward to Sunday. Unrelated to games going on this week, this just pisses me off: I sometimes wonder just how tight the race to the bottom is for some of these NFL teams.
  7. Our quality of life is far behind that of most of the West, and is only deteriorating further by the day. Most of our health standards are being forced back to the 70s or before. There's no interest by Trump to look into alternative energy sources. Civil rights and civil liberties are at their most bleak since 1964. And you think someone who gamed the election won't try to do it again? That a president should be able to lose the popular vote twice in a row and win the office twice? The people did not elect Trump: the states did.
  8. It's less that they have bad policies, it's just that with the way American politics operates, they would be extreme and probably expand far beyond the scope of the original goal, and probably be overall unpopular because our education system keeps teaching us that unregulated capitalism is necessary for our society to function. What we want is usually far above what we need as a country. That's why we're in such deep shit.
  9. I hope it doesn't radicalize them too much. Because that means moderates are going to be caught in the middle of a massive civil conflict between neo-fascists and democratic socialists. We recognize when the pendulum swings, but if it's gonna be violent, fast, and wide swings every time, the country will not survive.
  10. Unfortunately, the minute they start playing by Republican rules, they lose the support of moderates. They can't play hardball until after the election, lest the both sides rhetoric starts coming around and jading the center again. And it's been like this for a long time. Once the House gets a new Speaker (which I hope is soon), we might get stronger responses from them.
  11. Then the liberals need to retaliate by expanding the court to 15 like FDR wanted to. That is something the Republicans could not ignore or undo.
  12. Just as some places serve teens alcohol, so to do game companies understand that kids play their games and they actively don't warn them about the dangers of gambling. Regulation is necessary purely because of predation on children.
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