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  1. Which means she wants the Dems to focus on a win in 2020 and not impeachment.
  2. Lies, Damned lies, and statistics. No amount of numbers could possibly justify the horrible business practices which these companies use. This sort of defense was used when Roosevelt subpoenaed the robber barons. It didn't convince anyone back then, either, and the companies were split up. I would venture to say these mega corporations making these games will also have to split up or risk collapsing under their own weight, especially when these laws hit.
  3. I know it wasn't with guns like Christchurch, but over 200 people in Sri Lanka have been killed by myriad car bombs on Easter.
  4. Don't be so sure about that. It's very easy to argue that such a law as this infringes upon the 1st amendment, and that such a bill would be fought as far as it would need to in order to be struck down, if not shot down through a bipartisan "no". Yes, there are a lot of "Christians" and other prudes in Congress, but they will absolutely not put up or shut up when it comes to actually addressing this "issue."
  5. To Capitol Hill, that doesn't matter, and more than likely, they're gonna do all that they can to nail those 3 and anyone else involved to the wall that he so desperately wants.
  6. This reminds me of when the US government called such a "national health emergency". Although in typical American Conservative fashion, it was all just hot wind to align with their "religious" sentiment. They didn't do anything, nor did they really want to, because if they did something like this, the backlash from the more libertarian elements in the country would lead to many lost elections on either side.
  7. Glad this was on the front page so it's legal, but Cup Season is upon us. The teams are: Boston Bruins Washington Capitals Pittsburgh Penguins Toronto Maple Leafs Columbus Blue Jackets Tampa Bay Lightning New York Islanders Carolina Hurricanes Nashville Predators Winnipeg Jets Dallas Stars St. Louis Blues Las Vegas Golden Knights San Jose Sharks Colorado Avalanche Calgary Flames Good luck to all the teams, but even still, Go Smashville!
  8. Tennessee 7th District @Dr. Tarrasque
  9. I've all but given up on Senate and Congressional elections. I'm a liberal in a deep red state, so my vote means absolutely nothing. Only local means anything to me anymore.
  10. @Tediz64 I want to vote for him not because I hate Texas, but because his message was well received in a region that has been historically conservative to the extreme. He almost won that election to the Senate, which is impressive in Texas.
  11. I think I'm gonna probably go for Beto O'Rourke when the primaries come around. He almost won in a deep red state. I've heard people from Texas say they don't like him, but they all lean far right anyway, so their opinion of him doesn't matter.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-latin-america-47558141 A reminder that it can happen anywhere. I would hope that this doesn't become common in Brazil, though. Edit: A twofer. Now New Zealand has had an attack. That was livestreamed to 4chan. No words.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-47261314 It's been a while, but here is another one. Seems this guy wanted to make the company pay for firing him. Honestly, what did he accomplish by doing this?
  14. Let's be honest, they didn't have to do much. The show writes itself when the movies are already so easily mocked. All they had to do was keep the characters consistent.
  15. The role of a conservative party is to allow for a time of reflection on progress before more progress is made. The Republicans are instead actively regressive, which is not how it should be. Progress needs to be tempered and controlled, not volatile and swinging. I think small government is possible once money is taken out of politics. Without bribes (call them what they are, not what the PACs say they are) stop, there's a lot more incentive to let the states have more leeway with what they want.
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