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  1. Hello everyone! Today I started a Let's Play of DLuna's ReDuX of FE6 on hard mode. There are no special conditions this time just a straight up LP. Also, I just started uploading episode 5 of my LP of FE7 Leila Edition HHM Hector and Females only, Chapter 14. I managed to complete the chapter using only Hector, Leila, Rebecca and Serra, and towards the end, Priscilla. Granted the characters are slightly modified, but it's nothing game breaking or even remotely trivializing. I'm quite proud of it, and I welcome you all to take a look. Both videos should be done uploading shortly. The link to my channel is in my signature. Have a great day, Gryphon
  2. Oh wow, I never noticed that many, probably because they blend together seamlessly. Perhaps I should have a closer look. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Oh. I only played Sacred Stones once as well, and that was quite a few years ago. Interesting concept, except I wouldn't have the player fight their former units if they failed to recruit them back. Thanks for filling me in.
  4. Ah. I wasn't even aware I triple posted. I tried to post once and my connection timed out, then tried the refresh button and got the same result, then hit the back button and tried again. It must have gone through all three times. Sorry for the triple post. I only played PoR once, can you tell me what you mean by "Orsons?" Thank you for the feedback.
  5. Seriously!? Drat! And here I thought I came up with something original. Maybe I should work for Nintendo. Thanks for the feedback. It's good to know you and possibly others enjoy this type of chapter. If it's in Thracia and people like that game then I feel good about it. Nope. Just one chapter like this. If I did three in a row it would become stale and boring quickly. I think one relatively short chapter would be best.
  6. Hello everyone! I decided to post this here instead of concepts because this isn't I new game idea. I'm going to propose an idea for a chapter in my Blazing Sword hack and I ask that you guys share your thoughts on whether it's a good or bad idea. In the chapter before it your party is captured and thrown in prison, with one or two characters being in each cell. Your main lord manages to escape, and your thief picks the lock on their prison door. Prior to the start of gameplay all your other units (only six at the time) get turned into red units with the guard tile AI (this is to hide their location as this will be a fog of war chapter) and standing on the tile in front of their cell door turns them into green units which can be recruited back to blue units. Your goal is to rescue as many of your units as possible and you end the chapter by reaching a certain tile with the main lord and escaping. Any allies you don't rescue are permanently lost. There will be many enemies stationed around the prison with either the guard tile or attack in range AI (no approaching enemies) so you'll have to be careful about how you advance, but nothing cheap like a bolting tome or sleep staff. Does this sound like fun? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you, Gryphon
  7. Heh I believe you. But seriously these look really good. Unfortunately I'm not an artist so I can't offer good feedback, but for what it's worth I think they're pretty good.
  8. Whoops, I should have mentioned what style I'm going for. To be honest I wasn't really going for either. I was just doing what I thought looked good. lol, I hope that statement doesn't make me sound like I have bad taste in colors. But I guess I'll need to go for a more FE6/7 style since I'm using portraits from those games. I see what you mean; cooler colors. I'll give it a shot. Also: Violet! You're turning violet, Violet! - Sam Beauregarde, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) Got it, look out for too much saturation. So would you say I need at least 3 different skin tones? Borrowing colors from another portrait is a good idea. I'll be sure to do that. Got any recommendations for tutorials? Also, thanks for pointing out the eye frames. Much appreciated you two. I'll give another update after I have the next version. Gryphon
  9. Salutations! I've decided to take Primefusion's advice and do some portrait recoloring until I get some better mugs. I'm going to post my work here so everyone can see it. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Best to iron out the mistakes before I make all of them (I've got about 25 to do, and just this 1 took about 4 hours. I'm not an artist :/). Click to enlarge the image. I did a recolor of Fir for my character Violet: Thanks and have a radical day. Gryphon
  10. Wow you improved her portrait quite a bit. She's kinda evil looking (is that what you were going for?). Good work.
  11. Hello everyone! As the title says I am doing a Hector Harem run of Blazing Sword on hard mode, using this hack: http://feshrine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=6173 This is so I have access to a thief. I welcome you all to take a look. The link to my Let's Play channel is in my signature. Have a radical day. :) Gryphon
  12. Was this supposed to come off as confrontational? I'm asking because I got that impression but I don't want to jump to conclusions. My goal for starting this topic was to get people to share their thoughts on a character with each other and me, and for me to share my thoughts with them. Someone gives their thoughts and I give mine and so do others. If this has been done before, cool. I'm not trying to shove my opinion down everyone's gullets. I really hope no one thought that. This was supposed to be a friendly discussion.
  13. Yeah I admit I always get really lucky with her. She's always ended up better than Bors or Barth though whenever I tried using them. I don't know, with certain characters for me they always turn out good or bad. For instance once time I played FE7 and my Erk ended up with 14 mag at 20/20. This ALWAYS happens whenever I use Erk. I guess I shouldn't mention I think Sophia is a good unit, also with some TLC. Now I'm gonna get crucified.
  14. In chapter 8 where she joins there are mostly soldiers and mercenaries (whoops, meant knights). And I believe I got an axereaver in chapter 11. And yes, In that case I give Wendy much TLC.
  15. Fair enough. However I never had a hard time training Wendy. In chapter 8 I would put her in the space where the cracked wall was and let her kill everything. I can have her at level 8 or so by the end of the chapter. Then getting her to 20 from there is pretty standard. I usually just give her an axereaver. TLC? I'm not familiar with the term. Could you enlighten me?
  16. Hello everyone, I was watching an FE6 Let's Play today and the player made the comment that Wendy is the worst character in any Fire Emblem game. I couldn't tell if they were exaggerating or not. Anyway I commented on their video explaining that I always use Wendy in every playthrough of FE6 and she always ends up great. We got into a debate with my argument being she's worth the effort because she has great growths and their argument being she is bad because she requires effort to be good and that effort could be spent on better characters. Your thoughts/experiences on Wendy? Some food for thought, in my current playthrough of FE6, this is how my Wendy is turning out, and I'm only on chapter 14x. I also didn't use any stat boosters on her (click to enlarge): Gryphon
  17. Thanks a bunch! I pasted them in the main post and gave you a credit.
  18. Thank you! Hope you have fun. If the reaver weapon bonus/penalty has always been 2 I guess I just never noticed >.<. Nope, it hasn't been doubled again it's still only 2. Thanks! Good to be playing with the big boys and girls now. I understand what you mean. I don't know how soon I'll be able to do it though because I have some tests to study for and a paper to write. But I'll see if I can do a little bit tonight.
  19. Graduation Day! Please move this topic to the Fan Projects forum. See main post for details. Thank you!
  20. Greetings everyone, I would like to change the critical damage multiplier in my hack from 3 to 2. I looked for a nightmare module that could to this to no avail, I'm not comfortable enough with ASM to do that stuff on my own and I couldn't find a topic that has dealt with this issue. So I am reaching out to you wise sages of the Questions sub forum. Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated. Gryphon
  21. I played your demo last night. I'll try to provide some feedback but it's hard when all I have to work with is one short chapter. Here goes: Love the characters. Even after only one chapter I've fallen in love. I'm excited to see how they behave in the actual game. The animations are also really good. I love the custom sprites. The character balance is a bit weird, but since this is just a demo you may already have plans to fix this. The two biggest issues I think is your valkyrie and your assassin. It won't be an issue in the main game I feel, but the valkyrie did so much more damage than everyone else, and the assassin got a silencer on me which, in a short chapter like this, is beyond annoying. Also the CGs. They took me by surprise and added a lot to story. Well done. I'm happy to see that you're still working on this. Keep it up! I'm looking forward to the first main release!
  22. Ooh your demo patch is out. I just got butterflies in my stomach. I will play tonight after I make my Let's Play episode and provide some feedback.
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