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  1. Trace basically gives up bonus nullification for extra mobility. If you want a pure combat unit, Lulls are better. If you want something with a little more flexibility like a Galeforcer, Trace would be better.
  2. I would not use Null Follow-Up as he does not have any sort of Sweep for protection. I would save Null Follow-Up for a super tank or a unit with Sweep on their Weapon. I would stick with Desperation, or Special Spiral if you want to use him as a Blazing nuke. Links and Disarm Trap are also options if you want a more supportive role.
  3. As I have already mentioned, not every nuke needs to be a raw damage nuke that can kill everyone. On a team with tank busters and other raw damage nukes, the Galeforcer's job is to take out foes with low combat performance so other raw damage nukes are not wasting their damage output on weak foes who are support units and player phase units. There is also the option of replacing one of the two Peonys/Plumerias with a Rafiel. Unless the player can afford max merges on two Peonys/Plumerias, players will still score well with two Mythics (one Peony/Plumeria and one Ullr/Dagr/Reginn) and four Blessed Heroes. We have enough team slots these days to move skills around various units to work around any problem. Blazing nukes having shaky matchups against the bulkiest units does not matter, as there are Firesweepers and tank busters on the team who can soften up those bulky units or outright kill them. Since so many strategy players apparently do not have a drop of patience to research the wiki/forums/resource sites, nor an ounce of brain juice to build a Firesweeper/tank buster, Intelligent Systems is handing out Sweepers and tank busters like candy left and right at every Foci and Refinement, like how we were printing out stimulus checks in 2020 (not that I am complaining, mind you, I love free money). Dimitri: Savage Boar and Eirika: Pledged Restorer for some reason was not dumb enough to use apparently. They had to dumb things down so badly recently, that they straight out of the box made Alm: Imperial Ascent able to kill any bulky tank in one round of combat, or two if the tank is blue or Edelgard: Hegemon Husk. And players can also be extra Hapi now that there is another nuclear button to turn poor Edelgard into a literal husk. As I have already mentioned, if they are using a Nótt-Sigurd cav line, I would not use a traditional super tank team. But the more they dilute their cav line with non-cavalry units, the less likely they will be able to reach your squishies, and the more comfortably a traditional super tank team can handle them. Against modern cav lines, I run single-Mythic-dual-Saves-triple-Flayns team to nearly guarantee I win, but since I rarely use it, I do not care if it does not score well. If they have not set up things up properly though, then I can just Galeforce them and score much better. As I have shown, you can hit 90 Spd even without max merges, and if you are spending Orbs, it is probably cheaper to get the fourth Spd Mythic instead of nine more Merges. And most of the time, you do not need to reach that high as Selenas can rarely reach that level of Spd. At +Spd+10+10 with Life and Death and two Triandras, she hits 67 visible Spd, and her Weapon and Blade Session can provide another 14. That is 81 Spd under ideal combat conditions. Under more common conditions, she is not likely to be at +10, she is not likely to recieve the full Blade Session, the set up is more likely to be one Spd Mythic or none at all rather than two, and she is probably going to be closer to the mid to low 70s. Sigurd: Fated Holy Knight is not a problem if his teammates are not a problem. His combat performance is nowhere close to a super tank, and the boost in mobility only matters if they actually have someone that can take down your super tank or go around it. If it is a Nótt-Sigurd cav line with a bunch of cavalry, then there is not really much you can do except run a Save tank team or Galeforce team. But if they deviate from that template and the less cavalry they have, you have a lot more freedom to use a traditional super tank team to take out their one or two cavalry nukes first, and then work your through the rest of the team in subsequent rounds.
  4. Velouria is a Galeforcer, and she can fully Pulse him down with Infantry Pulse on C. A Galeforcer can help take out multiple units in one turn. The third unit can be a Firesweeper or tank buster to weaken enemies for Ullr/Dagr/Reginn, Yuri, or Velouria to take out, or just kill them themselves. Rafiel: Blessed Wings can be used if the player only has one Peony and need more Dancers/Singers. If the player wants to replace Velouria with someone else, the other two charges of Pulsing can come from Infantry Pulse on the Firesweeper/Tank Buster and Time's Pulse on Yuri that he comes with by default. If the opponent uses only one high range threat, depending on the rest of the defense team, either a super tank team can take care of it, or you can have a player phase team to bust it with can openers or to Galeforce it. +Spd+10+20 with Resplendent stats and Summoner Support reaches 43 Spd. Ullr with dual Peonys give 12. Spd/Res Solo gives 6. Lucina: Brave Priness with Ally Support and dual Drive Spd gives 10. That totals to 71 in combat Spd. Sometimes he gets more Spd if a Peony or two are lined up. +Spd+1+0 Eirika: Twin Refulgence can already reach 48 visible Spd without Summoner Support nor her Weapon. +Spd+1+10 with Summoner Support reaches 52 visible Spd. Ullr with dual Peonys give 12. Her Weapon gives 5 Flayn with Ally Support and dual Drive Spd gives 7. That totals to 74 Spd with minimal investment and a free Sacred Seal slot. With max merges (+3), Lucina: Brave Lucina (+3), Spd/Res Solo (+6), a fourth Spd Mythic (+4), and additional support (Peony positioning, other Mythics with Drive Spd, etc.) you can reach 90+. +Spd+1+0 Eirika: Pledged Restorer can reach 47 visible Spd without Summoner Support nor her Weapon. +Spd+1+5 with Summoner Support reaches 50 visible Spd. Ullr with dual Peonys give 12. Her Weapon gives 5 Flayn with Ally Support and dual Drive Spd gives 7. That totals to 72 Spd with minimal investment and a free Sacred Seal slot. Ideally you want as many Merges as possible, since Spd based super tanks can utilize every single stat point that they can get their hands on. At the same time however, Merges have less weight and impact over time as Flowers gain more importance, and Summoner Support itself being completely free already have the same weight and impact as Merge+5. If a player cannot afford a lot of Merges on a new unit, it is not ideal but it is workable, and Flowers and Summoner Support will be the equivalent of merge+10 a year later.
  5. In my opinion, I would not use Leif: Unifier of Thracia for performance in Aether Raids, although he should be okay in other modes. He is good, but his Galeforce is a bit inconsistent since winning the Atk check to trigger Heavy Blade with a Brave Weapon is a bit difficult. If you do need a second ranged Galeforcer, I would just grab another copy of Leif: Destined Scions. I also recommend keeping Leif: Destined Scions at merge+0 and use Trait Fruits to fix any problematic Flaws if necessary, both to Save Orbs and to better take advantage of Miracle to make sure he has an easier time getting under 50% HP for Wings of Mercy shenanigans. If you do change his Trait, I recommend +Atk/-HP if you plan to use Heavy Blade, but +Spd/-HP is good too if you do not plan to use Heavy Blade. Personally, I would prioritize Yuri, since you already got Leif: Destined Scions, unless you want second ranged Galeforcer for both Aether Raids seasons or something, but you can save Orbs by simply giving him a second Blessing temporarily, lock your team, switch his Blessing back, and he will be available on both seasons. I agree that Reinhardt: Lightning's Rondo is nice to have, but I would not put him as a necessity. Sigurd: Fated Holy Knight is great on defense under AI control, but he does not seem like a necessity under player control. If he is a priority though, make sure you have a huge stack of Orbs since Legendary and Mythic Foci can get pretty horrible if you are unlucky. I do not care for Dimitri: Savior King, but he has pitybroken me so many times that I have him at +10 now, and I even have a second Normalized copy at +0 in my Reserves in case there is a slight chance I cannot figure out a map and a guide uses him. That is 12 pitybreakers that could have been Seiros for more Dragon Wall, or Orbs that could have went to other Foci.
  6. A tank busting team will be running two Peonys/Plumerias, and Ullr/Reginn works well with that type of team composition. The other three will be nukes, and a nuke like Yuri can function as an additional Dancer/Singer to allow for more mobility in case the defense team has a high mobility ranged cav that is hard to snipe. Not every team needs a bonus unit, and ensuring a win is more important to save Ladders for the truly hard maps later in the week and the occasional misclicks and mistakes. A player is mostly likely going to use their super tank team most of the time with max scoring, so not running a bonus Mythic on a secondary team to ensure to win against a few challenging maps towards the end of the week is not a big deal. I would not use a super tank team for open-map Nótt-Sigurd cav lines with four or more cavalry nukes either. However, the less cavalry units they use, the less effective and threatening their coverage and range will be, and the better a traditional super tank team will perform against them. Ike: Brave Mercenary-Lucina: Brave Priness combo and their derivatives will work on any map that does not have multipe high mobility nukes that can reach all four center squares of the front row, and assuming whatever super tank you use is not hard countered by something specific like Líf: Undying Ties Duo or Caeda: Sea-Blossom Pair on the defense team. Ike: Brave Mercenary-Lucina: Brave Princess can still work on open maps if the defense team does not have the mobility to reach Lucina: Brave Princess behind Ike: Brave Mercenary. It is possible and feasible. In addition to Eirika: Twin Refulgence, there are also other super tank options: Marth: Prince of Light Larcei: Scion of Astra Eliwood: Marquess Pharae Eirika: Pledged Restorer Players will also have additional options during Wind and Water Season: Corrin: Child of Dusk Ryoma: Supreme Samurai Dimitri: Savior King The selection of premium super tanks is not huge, but there are options available and they all require less merges to reach a similar Spd to disable Sweeps and activate Dodge. All of them also work with Lucina: Brave Princess or do not need her, and the one that does not work has the effect on Primordial Breath and does not rely on Spd checks for Negating Fang, Dragon Wall, and Windsweep negation anyways.
  7. Other Blazing nukes do not have the mobility and support capabilities that he does. In modes like Aether Raids where you have a bunch of team slots to cover each other's weaknesses and the ability to counter pick on top of all that, nukes do not need to clear 100% of foes on their own like in PvE with triple Dancer/Singer support. Raw damage nukes just needs to be good enough to clear out most things rather than everything, as Firesweep and tank busting teammates can handle more problematic ones. If you see a well invested cav line, then do not use a traditional super tank team. This is easier said than done as a Galeforce team is not exactly cheap to build or easy to use, but a player should have at least two team per Season, or at least build towards a second team. I see Selenas outside of cav lines too in mixed teams. Not everyone got the resources to make an effective cav line, so they do their best with whatever they have on hand for a mixed team. Super tanks can offload not only Special charge+1 to Lucina: Brave Princess and Hilda: Deer's Two-Piece, they can also offload Dodge to Flayn and Nifl, and Null Follow-Up to Byleth: The Fódlan Star. A unit with Special charge+1 on their Weapon can still have two stacks of Dodge using Spurn and Flayn/Nifl and simulate what Ike: Brave Mercenary-Lucina: Brave Mercenary can do, and they are not as vulnerable to having one of their stacks of Dodge disabled by Hardy Bearing. Eirika: Twin Refulgence has mini Aether in her Weapon, so she does not even care about having a damage Special nor Special charge+1, have Spurn and Flayn/Nifl for two stacks of Dodge, and her Special slot is free too so you can run Sacred Cowl or Aegis for even more damage reduction.
  8. Rafiel: Blessed Wings can Pulse Specials down by two. A Galeforcing Velouria can do three. Running a team of infantry nukes is not an issue if the main challenge from defense comes from bulky tanks rather than high mobility nukes. Not every nuke needs to run Fatal Smoke or Savage Blow on their C slot. Yes, I think it is quite reasonable. Lucina: Brave Princess alone provides 10 Spd. Two Spd Mythics provide another 8. Flowers, Summoner Support, and Spd/Res Solo provides at least another 9. Chill Spd or Sabotage Spd can swing it in your favor by 6 or 7. My Ike: Brave Mercenary +Spd can hit 70 Spd at max Merges and Flowers with Lucina: Brave Princess support and three Spd Mythics, and Chill Spd on one of the Mythics can swing it 76. A different faster tank should have no issue reaching even higher Spd with less investment.
  9. Ike: Brave Mercenary on offense has enough Spd to contest Blazing nukes on Infantry Pulse teams, at least on Light Season with multiple Peonys to back him up. Mine got dogpiled and Flashed, and while he stands a better chance of surviving Infantry Pulse teams compared to other tanks, he was not the magic bullet that shuts them down and he can still die if he gets Flashed early. Selena is not an issue if you stack enough Spd, which super tanks should be doing.
  10. The reason you want a Blazing nuke to finish the job is to kill the entire team quicker, since they hit an entire area, and Yuri is also a dagger unit with the C slot free for more debuffs so his allies have an easier time cleaning things up.
  11. but Yuri fails to one-hit kill either of them and dies to their counterattacks, Save or no Save. Yes, and I also said right after you can use tank busters like Alm: Imperial Ascent right after if Yuri cannot handle it, and tank busters and Firesweepers can also just weaken these units first before Yuri takes them out. Urvan with Spurn is not what shuts down Infantry Pulse. In fact, plenty of Infantry Pulse teams can smash through Ike: Brave Mercenary. It does not matter that he has a huge amount of in combat damage reduction if he is reduced to single digit HP through multiple rounds of combat. Plenty of Infantry Pulse teams employ multiple Blazing nukes and/or Flash to wear him down. Aether Raids is more nuanced than PvE. In PvE, you can often use a single nuke or even a Galeforcer to clear an entire map, but that is not going to fly in Aether Raids. Out of all the raw damage nukes, Blazing nukes still have the best overall kill rate.
  12. All Petrine needs is Windsweep, and that is the best she can do. It can work, but it is going to take a long time. If you want her to kill Edelgard: Hegemon Husk within two rounds of combat or at least in a reasonably quick time frame, you will need higher investment by getting Catria: Azure Wing Pair and/or Byleth: The Fódlan Star. At this point, you might as well just pick up a 5* tank buster in the first place that can actually do the job without further major investment and does not need much support to do the job. Alm: Imperial Ascent is the best man for the job right now out of the box against all types of slow bulky tanks since he got Scendscale. Eliwood: Marquess Pharae is okay too, but he needs Windsweep and he is only effective against dragons and beasts. What sets these two apart from Petrine is that they have access to the Null Follow-Up-Sweep combo to double their damage output in a round of combat. Basically, a modern tank buster have two key components: 1. Not Die Desperation used to be sufficient, but nowadays, you will need some kind of Sweep. 2. Damage Output This can be further divided into two subcomponents, damage per hit and hitting twice (or more) per round of combat. 2a. Damage Per Hit There are two main ways to accomplish this right now: effective damage (Petrine, Eliwood: Marquess Pharae, etc.) and true damage (Alm: Imperial Ascent, Lyn: Lady of the Wind, etc.) 2b. Hitting Multiple Times This is best accomplished with Null Follow-Up and/or Brave effect, but guaranteed follow-up can work too if the enemy does not have Wary Fighter. This was not really important back then as bulk was not that high. However, in this day and age with super high bulk and HP regeneration, you want to speed things by hitting at least twice per round.
  13. While there are many prominent units that can achieve very high Atk, there are also plenty more units that cannot achieve that level of attack. It is impossible to make every unit on defense reach that level of Atk, as you still need support units that have less attack, or player phase units depending on the team composition and they generally have much less Atk on enemy phase. While Save tanks can cover some of that weakness by forcing to nukes on offense to fight them, Save tanks are vulnerable to Fireweepers, and there has been a large influx of all kinds of Sweepers lately that can weaken them significantly enough with just one round of combat for regular nukes to take them out in a second round of combat.
  14. Adjacency requirements are not practical on nukes, and you are still wasting the S slot since you are not running Life and Death for more guaranteed damage output.
  15. That is true. Still pretty good though. He is still going to reach well over 70 bulk in Aether Raids, if not higher, depending on his team composition and build. Unless the enemy he is fighting is going to counter attack with a Special trigger immediately to his face or something similar, he does not have much to worry about. Against units like Edelgard: Hegemon Husk and Hector: Brave Warrior who counters with Bonfire, he can use "Desperation" as a Blazing nuke to bypass/delay the counter attack as well, or simply let Alm: Imperial Ascent or any other tank buster to handle them. For PvE, 66 bulk is more than enought to take a counter attack.
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