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  1. I mean, it is not exactly expensive to build him as a nuke, and it is not like he has access to or can make use of more expensive nuking skills in the first place. As a nuke, he is realistically only going to be running the classic Blade mage build (or Fox if you want to be a bit more fancy), which is generally dirt cheap. He cannot run something like Surges or Flows to make him function better, even if you can afford it. The only premium nuking option he might want is Fatal Smoke, but even then, Savage Blow is far cheap and better in general, and I do not think he can safely apply Fatal Smoke in PvP without gimping his damage output with Impact and Sweeps.
  2. Corn is my favorite food. Canned corn in particular is my comfort food. Nothing beats a nice cold can of sweet corn.
  3. I lean towards HP comparison. You might not hit all armors, but they are just armor units who moves at snail's pace, so I would not worry too much about not affecting them. The more mobile Edelgards also are not going to try to win an HP contest in most cases (and if they are running HP+5, they should be easier to deal with). HP comparison is most useful for countering nukes in general by inflicting Panic, getting rid of some Specials, and limiting some mobility. Luminous Grace helps you maintain high HP, and you can use the unit to act as a healer. +HP Luminous Grace (Any Refine) (Any Rally) — Ardent Sacrifice — Reciprocal Aid R Duel Infantry — HP+5 (Any Pulse Tie) — Sudden Panic Panic Ploy — Stall Ploy HP+5
  4. Hm... Now that I got Azura: Hatari Duet, she does not seem feel as good as Dorothea: Twilit Harmony. In a vacuum, I think Azura: Hatari Duet is a tiny bit better than Dorothea: Twilit Harmony. However, what sets Dorothea: Twilit Harmony apart is that she works with Leif: Destined Scion, while all Azura: Hatari Duet got is just Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act. Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act is not bad, but she is nowhere near as good as Leif: Destined Scion in my opinion.
  5. When talking about raw stats, it is assumed to be without anything equipped. And if you also just look at the pictures, there is nothing equipped. When doing a rough general comparison, you just want to look at the stat distribution and BST to see what kind of role the unit fulfills and how the unit compares to older units. There is no point in factoring skills since different builds want different skills and different stats. Factoring in skills only makes sense once you are comparing units doing a very specific job, like Sweeping, super tank, Galeforce, etc.
  6. I spent about $8,000 in my first year of Heroes, and I did not feel like a whale as I only had three 5* exclusives at +10. I have since dialed back a lot, but I still probably spend about $2,000 on Heroes per year since I subscribe to Feh Pass, purchase all Special Orb Packs, and sometimes buy additional normal Orb packs to get the guaranteed summons. If I spend $2,000 per month on Heroes, maybe I will feel like a whale then.
  7. He comes back on Weekly Revival Foci rotation, and the Weekly Revival cycle lasts about 9 months, so he will come back later this year. You can find the schedule on Reddit or by Googling it. If you want a copy right now, you can buy Feh Pass and then buy the Respledent version, which gives him extra stats and new artwork.
  8. Nailah: Hatari Scorcher is good for breaking walls. I wish Karla: Sun-Piercing Steal is a ranged unit to better run Blazing Specials. She can still do so, but melee range is less ideal for nuking. Serpentine Staff is fun and it sounds like a pain in the ass to deal with. It would be cool to pair with Flash on defense. Azura: Hatari Duet is nice. Her C is kind of pointless on her though; Cross Spur Atk or Cross Spur Spd would have been more ideal. In my opinion, I think it would have been better if she was a flier since you also have the option of Orders. Her Sacred Seal is free to run Chills.
  9. I would replace Deadeye with Ruptured Sky or plain old Moonbow. Deadeye does not do much to bulky tanks due to their sky high bulk. Even with Time's Pulse, I still would not use a three cooldown Special since slow tanks often run Guard so you would not get your three cooldown Special triggered on time. Desperation is fine, but I would also add Windsweep for Arena Assault so she has more options. Time's Pulse is decent, but it is more for Galeforcers and Slaying-Ruptured Sky/Moonbow in my opinion. It is not bad against slow tanks either, but Fatal Smoke is more effective at stopping slow tanks like Edelgard: Hegemon Husk from healing; it is a lot more pricey though. For something cheap and effective, I would also give her Savage Blow. Flashing Blade is better on the A slot for killing tanks and sniping support units, but you can leave it on Sacred Seal until you get the higher tier A slot version. Against fast tanks, you want to run another stat booster on Sacred Seal, like Atk/Spd Solo or Brazen Atk/Spd.
  10. It is better to have Blade on A and stat booster on Sacred Seal, assuming winning stat checks is not an issue. So if you are using Lucina: Glorious Archer to screw bulky tanks, she should win the Spd check with very little effort and having Blade on A will give her some guaranteed damage and offset opponent's Guard. I would use Atk/Spd Solo on Sacred Seal, since she is not likely to be near allies when she goes in for the kill, and it gives almost as much stats as most tier 4 skills. If you are having her fight fast tanks though, then I would just double up on stat boosters since she needs the extra Spd to make sure she wins the Spd check, as they are likely to run Null Follow-Up.
  11. No, they do not. The prude extremists in this country are no different from prude extremists elsewhere, and they are all trying to dictate how people live their lives. My issue with them that affects me is just clothing, something relatively minor. If you are a woman, black, non-hetero, muslim, or whatever else that makes you really stand out or vulnerable, they are going to make your life miserable just because you are being you.
  12. I am not obsessed with them. They are obsessed with me! Their nosy ass is interfering with my life! It might be the middle of winter right now, but I do not look forward to being sweaty and in my soggy clothes when summer comes back.
  13. I guess so? I do not give a shit about clothing in most cases, but the tyranny and oppression of the fashion industry and American prudishness forces everyone to wear wasteful garments even if they do not want to. I do not mind walking around like a caveman, especially during the summer when it gets hot here in California. But "Nooooooo!" says evil American prudes, and they are forcing their sick and narrow minded opinions on everyone else, shackling them in fabric, and shaming people for being comfortable in their skin. And fuck uniforms and dress codes. If a work place wants employees to dress a certain way, the damned business should pay for it, not employees.
  14. I have joined the forums back in 2015 when I first started playing Awakening, but I have used the site way earlier than that for looking up stuff for Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword. I did not become active on the forums until Heroes came out, since that was when I really needed the socialness to better understand the game.
  15. I took a picture of my cat when she was a kitten, and had one of the forum users add the Santa hat later.
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