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  1. Awwww yes! Hello! I myself am in the middle of a run like this myself, tho I dunno if I will complete it at this point...
  2. Noire can't have Agressor. Skills don't activate together. So if Luna is activated, the other skills won't activate.
  3. Nah can't utilize Gladforce tho. Donnel ruins Nah's MAG for her to be able to use Tomefaire, Nah is too slow to double, and she does not have Luna or Vengeance to make her attacks stronger. Henry, Vaike, amd Gregor at least help make her a competent back supporter.
  4. Nah. Henry(magical) or Vaike (physical)are her best dads, with Gregor as 3rd best.
  5. The Sumia S support with male Robin is hella good. I wish female Robin can get it too...
  6. I think there's a tier thread that is based on a Hard Classic run. As for Lunatic+ no grind.... Lissa is great. Gaius is a terrible lead, although he supports ok. Nowi is hard to get going because Counter is a hella bitch. It affects Nowi more than other characters because her low HP. Olivia is great because she Dances. Gerome is probably the worst kid to get. And ohhellnaw Donnel.
  7. I love turning Lissa into a Sage around that time.... And she wears the same thing as Emm.....
  8. No joke, I'm trying to get Robin, Sumia, and Cordelia GF in a Lunatic run so their kids can all have GF to level up easier (this will go postgame). Easier than I thought. Though, I found a few Risen to beat up first.
  9. I have do another one. I do eventually plan to finish writing it up, even if the last update was late last year. Anyways... Chapter 2: I handled the left bottom side just fine to be able to keep the scrubs safe. However, I accidentally left Hamburger in the range of two soldiers. Chrom dual guarded against both of them! Looks like Hamburger may have some luck after all, even if it is at a low 8. Top half was handled by fort dodging with Freddison. Stats in order: HP/STR/MAG/SKL/SPD/LCK/DEF/RES Cram: Base Hamburger lvl 13: 29/13/11/14/19/8/11/7 Lisa Simpson lvl 3: 18/1/7/6/4/9/3/5 Freddison: Base Scruffy: Base 180°est of 180°s: Terrible Base Tan Teacher: Base StooL:Base Walking Dictionary: Base
  10. Chapter 1: Fast enough to send the Fighters crying home to their mommies! Got a Superior Bow for Virion....For later. Fort tanked with Freddy. Did a few battles with Chrom at the end to get C support. Now Hamburger can be even faster! Stats in order: HP/STR/MAG/SKL/SPD/LCK/DEF/RES Hamburger lvl 9: 25/12/10/12/16/6/9/5 Cram: Base Lisa Simpson lvl 2: 18/1/7/6/4/9/3/5 Freddison: Base Scruffy: Base 180°est of 180°s: Base Turns:8 Heroes: Freddison and Hamburger
  11. Premonition and Prologue: So I have a +SPD, -LCK avatar named Hamburger. True to his bad luck, I had to restart prologue due to RNG Mage getting a crit. Stats in order: HP/STR/MAG/SKL/SPD/LCK/DEF/RES Hamburger: 22/10/8/10/13/4/8/4 Cram: Base Lisa Simpson: 18/1/7/6/4/9/3/5 Freddison: Base Turns:45 Heroes: Hamburger and Lissa
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