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  1. I wanna do it without Rescue because I wanna use Maribelle for paralogue 1.
  2. Pravise nor Aegis work for support. Geromr can get Deliverer and/or Dual Support from Cherche alone. Gerome's best fathers give him the Berserker line so he can get Axefaire. He tends to fix his accuracy issues with Breaker abilities.
  3. Lucina!Morgan says "Hai!" with an Aether attack!
  4. Vaike gives Nah the Merc line to work with and can potentially pass down Axefaire for her to use. Freddy/Cherche is terrible for Gerome. Virion and Libra would be better fathers for Gerome. LQ/Maribelle makes a great Brady and their supports are cute.
  5. Donnel has terrible mods which ruin Laurent's mods while also not passing anything Laurent wants. Ricken!Laurent or Libra!Laurent are your best bets if you want a really powerful magic male Morgan. Henry can be good too, but Henry tends to be needed to father someone else, plus he comes in when you'd likely would open Laurent's map.
  6. I don't think it's a bad thing if you can be creative about the challenges. It helps that unless you bought DLC, it's hard to grind in Lunatic (+).
  7. I enjoy full deploy, no kids Lunatic runs. It's satisfying to see all the characters pull their weight!
  8. Awwww yes! Hello! I myself am in the middle of a run like this myself, tho I dunno if I will complete it at this point...
  9. Noire can't have Agressor. Skills don't activate together. So if Luna is activated, the other skills won't activate.
  10. Nah can't utilize Gladforce tho. Donnel ruins Nah's MAG for her to be able to use Tomefaire, Nah is too slow to double, and she does not have Luna or Vengeance to make her attacks stronger. Henry, Vaike, amd Gregor at least help make her a competent back supporter.
  11. Nah. Henry(magical) or Vaike (physical)are her best dads, with Gregor as 3rd best.
  12. The Sumia S support with male Robin is hella good. I wish female Robin can get it too...
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