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  1. I get zip files but are the links downloadable too because when I click on a song it opens windows media player with no save option?
  2. Well........thanks again 70 views 0 replies can you at least point me to a map change ptr chart for Sacred Stones lol
  3. Well I've gotten no replies to any of my questions and I know I'm probably behind on rom hacking as most people seemed to be doing so in 2010-11. I am trying to add FE-7 and 8 sprites/portraits, chapters, music in one. I've found so far the only way to add without replacing is adding in HXD so I wondered where free space is in sacred stones.gba. Starting at offset 00E47180 FF FF FF FF FF...... FF FF FF............ and above that 00 00 00..... 00 00 00........ appear in many places. Are all of those chunks free space to add characters and will this add to my nightmare character modules? Also, do you know any other offsets I am free to edit without ruining my rom? Blazer if you see this how did you put FE7 and FE8 characters in the same game as seen on youtube and is that rom available to download? Thanks, sorry I'm so nooby at this stuff.
  4. Anyone know on Sacred Stones? I see a big chunk of data at 00E47180. I this free when you have a whole row of 0's and F's? FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF OR 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 That's empty right?
  5. I watched a guide to Hacking FE7 from a guy named Ghast that used Eventiel (The Emblem Brigade) to edit FE7. It was used in the Z Hack project. However Eventiel does not seem to work for Sacred Stones (FE8). Is there anything like Eventiel for sacred stones. It easily generates the code for events to make your own chapters which you can copy into notepad++ and combine with Feditor and Event Assembler to edit roms. I'm a little disappointed it does not work for Sacred Stones as I really want to edit FE8 over 7. This made me wonder If I can insert Sacred Stones Classes and Character into FE7 or can I only replace the portraits in FEditor Adv. In other words can I place all characters, classes, maps from both 7 and 8 into 1 game and 1 set of nightmare modules? The FE-7-8 Modules in one. Basically combine all resources from both games.
  6. I'm a little confused how to get the wii-tools and needed files. I keep finding wii-tools databases listing code commands and no downloads. Also when do I use that BatchLZStuff and WindHex?
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