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  1. Lodestar!Kaze. Leave the entire hoshidan army to him, he has it in the bag!
  2. on my Revelations playthrough, I had a Midori!Selena alongside Azama!Shigure. for the former Selena gave her alot of good choices for skill inherentance (Air Superioity, Shurikenbreaker, friggin Countermagic if you know where to look which is what i gave her) Plus the choice of Bow Knight which fits her just fine even if i have her on hero for the moment. Granted, the -2 Str is a damn shame (which leaves her maxed strength at 32 if you can get it that high) but i feel it's a good trade. The latter pairing choice however, gives Shigure a very impressive +3 strength boost (47 max strength if you are wondering) alongside the accessibility of Rally Luck & Magic added to his choices of rally skills with Resistance and Speed with the options of Countermagic and Renewal. That gives me a very useful and tanky (on the magic side) Great Master. My Azama gave him Rend heaven as his inheritance skill and Azura's was Lancefaire.
  3. He's just gives you the bare-bones support bonuses. that being said however Haitaka is a great damaging unit (had him and Chapter 23's Rallyman on my final party) and he's your only choice for a spearfighter in conquest unless you decided to give your corrin the spear fighter secondary class trait via character customization. Really, just get both whenever you can and have Haitaka as your glass cannon with Rally Defense on standby whilst having Rallyman on standby for that sweet buffs and attack stance.
  4. Create the most powerful red-haired merchant loli and allow her to decimate your enemies, for she has the power of a true hero. (Selena!Midori as a Hero)
  5. Haitaka has unique stat growths so downright he's better then any generic spearfighter, alongside with edging out Oboro except for Magic/Luck/Defense. He's a great damage dealer that can actually prove his worth if you want to use him as an attack unit, while still having utility as a rallyunit with Rally Defense until Chapter 23's Rallymen come. Quick disclaimer: In lunatic he gets Seal Defense early alongside with Strong Riposte which is...okay i guess. Now Kumagera on the other hand, he's great for being a tank in lunatic concidering he gets Darting Blow and Countermagic. But if you want to get his fullest potential, you're going to have to put some time into him so that he can get Death Blow and Counter. Both units are great and if you have units that are lacking or need help on, i'd say go for them alongside Guzak from Forrest's Paralogue if you can swing it.
  6. Alright, starting me some Hard!Revelation! I need a few skills that i shall put down below. I need: Aegis and Pavise (either works if you only have one) for M!Corrin, Lancefaire for Azura, and Bowflaire, Counter and Pavise for Anna. Message me whenever you can. EDIT: I just need bowfaire for Anna now.
  7. alright as i start i just want to give Gunter a quick 3.5 for Revelation concidering he actually stays the same as he did back the end of C3. He's good for literally the chapter that you get him back and the one after that but otherwise is your usual Jaegan. For the Prologue section he's a good durable unit so that your avatar can get some good level ups. Now Conquest on the other hand, He is much more serviceable...despite having the same problems as he did previously. Even though he has added stats and Luna, he's only good for helping out getting through Chapter 15. I had Azura as Great Lord at that point due to the needed stats and abilities so she was able to get some kills and if i recall correctly three level ups. Still, after Chapter 15 he's only good for benchwarming and maybe, maybe, getting some work done in the boat chapter but by that point you have Xander. I'm giving Conquest!Gunter a 4.5.
  8. Greetings, I'm looking for Certain Blow for either Arthur or Percy and Tomebreaker for Siegbert. Message back whenever and i'll leave feedback.
  9. My Rating for Felicia: 6.5 Felicia can be a good unit, i have her as a secondary healer incase elise gets taken down but she is dangerously frail for her own good. Her usefulness in the long term comes down to 2 things: 1. Are you playing with a Male Avatar or a Female Avatar? 2. Are you going to pair up her with someone that has a magical class? Flora and Odin can give her Dark Mage which is nice but the former is the route's "secret" character (By secret i mean you have to max out a turret around chapter 22) so her availability is scarce for supporting and Odin can benefit more with pairing up someone else such as Elise (which is what i did) or Orochi who can give Ophelia the Basara class which is just friggin amazing. But if you have a female Avatar, her usefulness is very limited, due to her most likely having lacking starting stats compared to the rest of the cast especially since she rejoins at the halfway point of the game in Chapter 16. However, she is an excellent Magekiller that can work very well if you reclass her to Strategist or into a different magical class if you have S+ ranked her with a Male Avatar. She also has four eternal seals slapped onto her for a maximum level cap of 40+! But i can't stress this enough: If you are going to use Felicia, play as a Male Avatar so that you can get the most out of her 40+ total level cap.
  10. Does anyone have Certain Blow for Arthur or Tomebreaker for Siegbert? My Castle Address is 10090-05918-83954-25566.
  11. Greetings, I'm almost done with my Conquest run yet i want to get some skills for some asssurance. I need a Xander with Pasive, Selena with either Counter or Astra, Azura with either Pasive or Aegis (just reclassed her out of greatlord back to songstress, so she's a bit on the weakside) and an Odin with either Sol or Vengeance. My address is 10090-05918-83954-25566 . PM if you want to talk.
  12. I'm nearly at the halfway point of conquest (i'm at the cheve chapter) and i'm actually wondering who to use my great lord seal (either camilla or azura, leaning more towards azura since she needs some stats) and that actually got me thinking: What classes did you guys go for when reclassing characters? (Avatars, units, etc)
  13. Ugh i have 39 orbs and i'm tempted to blow 20 on them to try and get some 5 star units. I only have Minerva as 5 star and i'm trying to get Anna up to 5 star. EDIT: and just as i say that i get a 5 star bunny lucina. what is this
  14. Yeah, being spoilered on the final boss itself would be a bit of a pain even if it is on the 3rd route's final boss (from what i know, every route has a "different" final boss). I'm going in expecting the plot to be not the best, concidering this is a game that had three stories shoved into one game. I'm going to buy Conquest once i get enough cash and if i like it or if i just have cash to use, i might buy revelations.
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