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  1. Noted. And so it begins... Vinceton deploys to L5.
  2. Oh boy, more mentions! Let's see... I feel like we'll end up killing every last one of them on the way to the boss, so let's kill every last one of them. And I feel that Casual mode might be a little too generous, so Classic. Won't be mad if the others want Casual, though. I feel there's more classes behind the scenes than the options we've been presented with? That aside... Name: Vinceton Class: Warrior -> Cataphract S-Rank: Axes Gender: Male Appearance: The regular Cataphract but blonde, basically. Make the shield silver, too. Personal Skill: Patient Strike: When enemy initiates combat, Critical +10. Items: Reprisal Axe, Sawshark, Reaper, Axereaver, Guard Spear Base Stats/Growths: HP: 24, 85% (+2 pts) Str: 7, 55% (+1) Mag: 0, 10% (-1, -10%) Skl: 7, 45% (+2, +10%) Spd: 7, 45% (+1, +10%) Lck: 3, 30% (+10%) Def: 3, 35% Res: 1, 25% (+1, +10%)
  3. Honestly, if you already planned the map out and such that's valid for testing. Still, would be good to have a proper campaign with this too if the test map goes well. Also do whichever's easier for you to keep track of. I'm ready for whichever, though.
  4. Hopefully I don't get my butt kicked by reality like before I went on this hiatus from basically all forum junk for who knows how long, but also interested in testing. ...And also echoing the "don't put us at 20/20" sentiment for this; putting us somewhere lower would also give the benefit of testing EXP and seeing if you have the values too high or low.
  5. Tomas Tomas has remained quiet for a fair while, but that's because he was mainly listening. Talking isn't the most necessary right now. At least, up until the question of if everyone is going to follow Jake comes up. That's definitely something that he'll have to respond to. "Of course. I will most definitely follow if it helps me return to Archanea in one piece. As for the-" He pauses for a moment, blinking. Did... Did he just feel a drop of rain on his foot? He looks down, and- ...Oh, that's what it is. No wonder he thought he heard someone faintly snoring. And why Kyodaina hadn't answered, too. He bends down, giving the sleeping girl something that's not strong enough to be a slap, but too strong for a simple pat. Regardless, it's enough to make Kyodaina stir. "Hey, wake up. Are you staying with us?" Kyodaina To say that she was expecting to be slapped awake, or even need to be waken up at all, would be a lie. She didn't even expect to be asleep on someone's foot if she did. "...A-Ah!" She pulls herself up to a standing position, somewhat slowly but not too slow. "Sorry, sorry... I've been trying to not do that so often, but everyone just kept talking and I couldn't really keep track of everything..." She mumbles, looking up and over at those dark storm flying towards another city. "I guess I can follow along after the storm with you."
  6. Kyodaina and Tomas are still here, I should mention. They just haven't needed to say anything, and they aren't sure what to say anyways so they're just watching the others talk.
  7. I'd like to write a formal apology for suddenly vanishing like I did. My focus has been absolutely trash and I'll try to not do it again. Will join Discord when I get home, just posting this on my break.
  8. Kyodaina moves to M15 and, after some consideration, simply stands there. Tomas moves over to O15, ready to attack the Mogall next turn because he can't reach it now. Dang.
  9. Tomas slides on up to R13. Kyodaina stays put. She has triangle advantage, so maybe...
  10. (Alright, I'm actually feeling better again now. Hopefully I won't cause any more huge delays this time. Part of it was also me failing to notice the turn swap since last time so oops) Tomas heads to Q17, handing Elice that fancy Wand of Sparkling he got from the mage. He sure can't use it, after all. Kyodaina, meanwhile, heads to K16. close enough to do stuff if necessary, but far enough from the enemies to be safeish.
  11. Tomas shrugs. "Was it really your kill, since it wasn't ever claimed verbally and I shot him first, anyways?" He questions, moving to P17. Kyodaina just nods at Raven, pulling back to I18. She's really thankful that the Blade Knight doesn't look all that fast.
  12. i've just been down with pneumonia these last few days so that's why i haven't done any acting no idea about anyone else though
  13. Kyodaina tilts her head as Raven talks to her, a little confused. She doesn't see any weak spots on that armor to hit. ...Kyodaina moves to I13 and attacks the strange dog with her Bronze Lance instead. (she does no damage to the knight by a fair number) Tomas glances up and notices the axeman, but also sees Raven's got it handled. He heads to Q20 and attacks the mage from there.
  14. Kyodaina moves to K13 and stays there. This is fine. Tomas takes a glance over at the healer. Did... Did he know her from somewhere...? Regardless, he moves up to P17 and snipes at the mage.
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