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  1. Oooooh, now it's coming back to me. I knew this game because of a Youtube video. It was about a ''Obscure game made by Kirby people'' or something. If I remember right, the game only had the ''Normal Mode'' before, so those Alternated Modes might be the changes. That's pretty fun if it's cheap.
  2. I remember seeing this UFO game somewhere else.. Like, I'm 90% sure it's a phone game or something..
  3. Jesus Christ how should I define who the left guy is when there's at least 1 guy with that haircut every game. Anyway, I'm going with right being Deirdre and left not being Sigurd, but he's there somewhere (otherwise I'll cry).
  4. Uhh..I'll try to go one by one. Just don't take my points too seriously. Dimitri has great potential with Sword Avoid +20 because of his Personal Skill, which gives him another +20 Avoid when his HP is full. I'd say this is better for a Avoid build rather than Vantage-Wrath because he's more likely to survive instead of taking damage and getting into the 50% HP range with this. Also, he should be using Lances (or anything that isn't a sword/punch) in Vantage-Wrath because of the higher MT and 1-2 Range options it provides, making the Sword Avoid +20 almost 100% useless in a Vantage-Wrath combo. That's a lot of Vantage-Wrath. Flayn:..I don't think she needs to be able to deal damage. She's a dancer, she can dance people to kill things for her. And the Sword Avoid +20 doesn't really help all that much when you have horrible Spd/Lck. And I think a dancer is really useful even on Warp/Stride strats cause you can just use her to refresh the warper (wait, warp has 2 uses at this game, right?) or just give the Stride to her and open a new combatent slot or just warp her too. Lysithea: Why? So yeah, I'm voting for Flayn if support and Dimitri if you want to stack avoid.
  5. Bread with Polenguinho. It's a uhh...cheese paste? I seriously can't describe it.
  6. If the other characters weren't as strong as they got, my Boey could do the same. The dude just has everything! But was quite useless in the Mila Temple map
  7. I picked Boey ('cause he got REALLY trash level ups as a mage, stuff like 4-5 levels of only HP), Jesse (too many Mercs) and Palla for a callback to my FE12 days. As for classes, Boey and Palla got into Cavalier and Jesse got into Soldier. ..None of them are optimal, I know. I did more for fun and diversity.
  8. Ah, thanks for all the comments! So from what gathered, the game is tough on Alm for Act 3 and those Paladins are kinda of the welcome sign? I'll give the maps a try after dealing with 4 more of those Paladins with Ridersbane Tobin after my 3ds charges up and figure it out if grinding is necessary. Maybe Tobin can get enough levels in those Paladins to carry the rest of the team? Also, Pitchfork is not really a option because I kinda of..used them all. Yeah, not the smartest idea, but I gave them all to Celica.
  9. So this is my first time playing FE15 and Alm's party was okay until Act 3. I decided to play Celica's part before continuing Alm's, and now that she has arrived in Mila's Temple, I have to go to his part. However, now Alm's is struggling even to fight those Paladin reinforcements and was severely weaker than Celica's party even before the Act 3 (but I guess she had more Dungeons, so that's justified?). No one has died yet and I've been using everyone 'cause more units mean more chip and that's basically everyone's job. Here's a small summary of every character: As you can see, no one has the power to at least fight on their own. So I want to ask: Is there any hope for those guys beating Act 3 on Hard mode or will I have to resort to grinding in low level areas? I'd prefer not to grind for obvious reasons, but if the Paladins map enemies are giving me trouble...I can't see the main maps being any easier.
  10. I suck with pretty much anyone, but the majors would be Marth, Luigi and Terry. Marth: Jesus Christ, I can't control this guy. Everytime I play as him, it looks like I'm on Space. Luigi: Kinda of the same reason as Marth, but slower? However, after putting some hours in his training, his playstyle is starting to make more sense overtime. Maybe someday I'll actually overcome this. Terry: I love K.o.F. and how this guys plays. But it ain't happening with my Joy-Con drift.
  11. Are you on Maddening? If not, then you should be fine. Golden Deer has pretty good characters that can fill all the roles you need (yes, I do think Raphael should be considered a good character in this type of run mainly because of the unreliable Defense Power of the units). Also, don't you get the Church guys in post-skip? I'm 60% sure you do even if you don't recruit them in pre-skip..
  12. I'm placing my bets on either Tellius or TH because of the anniversary thingy. My orbs are scared.
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