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  1. I see well the more chapters the better it is imo Good Luck on the hack
  2. Didn't know this existed will try it soon! Thanks for the release..
  3. I broke my characters and now the game is easy ಥ_ಥ I'll start again in Hard Mode this time and maybe it'll be harder ಥ_ಥ
  4. That's too bad I kinda got into the lore of the game.. You really did make a nice story and the ending with Alicia gives off an open ended vibe
  5. Finished this today at 3 am.. The ending was bitter sweet.. Is a sequel in the works? Kudos to you Sacred Blaze for making such a solid hack!
  6. Zev

    How hard is it?

    That's good to know.. I'll try learning it during christmas.. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Zev

    How hard is it?

    Pokemon has a lot of limitations as well so I'm used to it.. The only workarounds are ASM.. Is there a thread that focuses solely on ASM which i can insert or are they private? I won't raise the bar though I'll do it for fun and release it when I'm done.. That's the plan at least :) I see! Thanks!
  8. Zev

    How hard is it?

    So I'm thinking of starting my own FE8 hack, Can someone tell me how difficult it would be considering that the only thing I've hacked before is Firered. Are there sufficient tools that I can work with? Are there documentations that I can refer to when needed?
  9. I'm really excited about this hack! I'm eagerly awaiting V1.5.. I hope it's coming along well.
  10. Just signed up to say that I'm really enjoying this game :) Thanks for making it! Edit: What is Star Seal's purpose?
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