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  1. Summer Sylvain's "Hanging with Tens" is just... the best dumb pun in all of FEH, honestly.
  2. yes.... i love her..... I've been grateful to find so many other fans of her over the last couple years, it's been a great time...
  3. I'm not really the type of person to use the term "waifu" anymore... ... but I mean, I've been kinda dedicated to yelling at people about Ophelia for the last like 3 or 4 years, so take that as you will.
  4. Hard disagree, Hanneman is an amazing magic nuke. His main issue is just... being a Male magic user. They all get pretty screwed thanks to just lacking the amazing magic classes girls have. His utility through White magic is also kind of garbage, Recover and Ward, but he really just needs to nuke. Worst units in the game I'd say are Caspar and Manuela. Caspar has some low bases for how mediocre some of his vital growths are, and unfortunately he struggles to get his feet off the ground on average, until he hits War Master where he can finally pick up some steam. He's not an awful unit in the long run, but getting him there isn't fun. Raphael at least has better strength base and growth to work with for Fists, meaning his low speed is less of an issue. Plus Raph easily picks up Armor/Fortress Knight for an amazing Defense boost. Manuela, on the other hand, is a mixed offense female, which on paper isn't awful, but her growths and bases in them are veeeery low for the point you normally get her. And, despite having the rare Bolting, she has a negative proficiency in Reason, meaning she's going to have to work extremely hard to get into Magic offense focused classes. Not to mention her negative proficiency in Flying, meaning even if you wanted to put her into the objectively best classes in the game, you're going to have to focus on it and likely only get her into Wyvern by veeeery lategame at best. While she can get Trickster or War Cleric, there are much, MUCH better options for both due to her extremely poor Strength and negative proficiency in Reason meaning her literal only offensive options are Hexblade and Levin Sword/Aura Knuckles. So, basically, Manuela lacks the ability to access Magic offense classes, or her own spells for that matter, without extreme focus which is very difficult to throw into her given her later join time compared to other units with bad Reason, she has poor Strength meaning she'll struggle to use anything but a Levin Sword/Aura Knuckles in mixed Phys/Faith classes, and she can't even access the Wyvern line without EXTREME focus on a negative proficiency from the moment you get her. She has Warp, but as great as Warp is I don't feel like it's enough to justify sinking resources into her when there's 2 much better Warpers in the game with actual combat capabilities.
  5. It's just them uploading the UK version of the trailer, which they always do.
  6. Unite might be fine if it wasn't Tencent developing it. Apparently they have a poor reputation, and being a Chinese developer they do legally have to give user information to the Chinese government. As always watch over the situation rather than assume, but at the moment there's a lot of signs pointing to issues of information security. Beyond that my issue is that it just looks very... normal? Very standard, I guess would be more accurate. There's nothing really unique about it that makes me want to play it. Cafe Mix was another puzzle game, even by the same developers as Trozei and Shuffle (which is Genius Sonority, who're also the Colosseum/XD devs), but it's got a super cute style and did end up being pretty fun to boot. Unite just looks... uninspired. Agreed with this.
  7. Honestly I'm actually voting for us to get Let's Go Johto. Not only would it give more time for them to work on what's coming next for the mainline after SwSh*, it'll, frankly, probably being the most balanced gameplay of the Johto games. GSC level curve is absolutely garbage (among numerous other issues) and HGSS didn't fix the curve that much, so honestly Let's Go Johto might end up being a better gameplay experience than the originals and remake, although I doubt it'll reach HGSS's raw content. Given they hopefully also took feedback on LGPE and removed the less enjoyable things, I do have a bit of faith in it. Plus, if the mascots aren't Pikachu and Eevee, it'll be a BIG breath of fresh air. * (As is, there's about 1 year of pre-production and 2 years of production, assuming we don't get another main title between SwSh and the next game, whether it be a new game entirely or a remake. Adding a Let's Go to the mix between them would give another year of production, meaning hopefully higher quality.) But honestly, the dream right now for me personally is actually a Colosseum remake. I wasn't 100% on board for the idea before, but the previous Presents had a looootta Colosseum available mons in the back, including Espeon and Umbreon specifically, the dark Pikachu plushie, and, the kicker for me, Genius Sonority made Pokemon Cafe Mix (which by the way, is out now, and extremely goddamn cute). Not that they haven't worked on spinoffs before, but they haven't exactly done anything at all in the last few years, and I doubt Cafe Mix is the only project. Either they're being outsourced for a project right now, or they're cooking something. ... Buuuuut that's just the conspiracy theorist in my talking.
  8. ^ This. Bringing up a Pokemon example raised earlier, I similarly hate the distribution of Mega Evolutions to Pokemon like Salamence, Charizard, Metagross etc, but I've never put that on the Pokemon itself so much as I put it on Gamefreak for awful distribution of Megas. Another example is Camilla, Camilla is a character I really hate being so popular for the reasons that she is, but I can't bring myself to hate her as much as I hate the way she was written. She had a LOT of potential for being a good character, being possibly put into a seat of power she didn't want in BR (which was explored in Heroes but put aside for pandering sadly), experiencing immense childhood trauma from the concubine wars (ONLY explored in Niles/Camilla support), and growing up essentially acting as a mother to her other siblings, but instead of making an interesting character out of those elements, Intsys decided to pander to people who want their marriable "Onee-san". She HAS good supports like Xander/Camilla and Niles/Camilla but SO MUCH is outweighed by Avatar pandering, but I've honestly never put that on Camilla as much as I've put it on the writers. Conversely, we have Azama, a character who's fully realized as a cynical, nihilistic monk with humorous remarks. Even without a proper backstory, he's still got a generally full and finished character. But I can't stand him and how much he genuinely bullies others for no good reason beyond getting a kick out of it. That's the difference, for me, in disliking a character and disliking a character's writing.
  9. Not gonna disagree with this at all, I actually totally feel you on them getting stale over time especially if you didn't like it to begin with, I'm just personally a big fan of the trope. I also completely agree, Ophelia in her Siegbert support is pretty awful and I do not blame you for disliking her for that. But I'm actually gonna come in and talk about said Ophelia/Siegbert support a little. The Eng script as a whole really tries to push Ophelia's pride to usually blinded levels of it, where as in Jp she is, yes very prideful to the point of occasional rudeness, but NOWHERE near the level that Eng Ophelia hits. (in the spoiler is a copypaste of a write up i did elsewhere) You can read the JP support here: https://pastebin.com/TE6zUEak And yes while it IS a fan translation, the difference in tone is a very big and turns Ophelia into a much worse person in Eng, which is carried over to 2 other supports, Forrest and Ignatius (both of which are far better in JP). It's so weird to see her going from her Midori support, all about how war is hard and sometimes you just need someone to tell you what you want to hear to keep you moving forward and how she's aware enough to be that person even if she does get lost in her own world, to Forrest and Siegbert ENG supports where she's so blinded by pride that she can't take a hint that maybe she's taken it too far before Siegbert spells the whole thing out. Anyways yeah I just wanted to get this off my chest because I genuinely hate the way Eng Ophelia gets written in those 3 supports and I've seen this get talked about before. ... Oh, right, on thread topic uhhhh I only really hate Azama across the whole FE cast and among all of gaming? Not much. I love every Pokemon, I don't have any characters I can think of that I dislike... Not really THAT unpopular but I do have a bit of a hatred for Yosuke from Persona 4 because of how much oh an ass he is to everyone and ESPECIALLY Kanji, but I actually haven't even 100% seen his Social Link yet so I'm reserving my full judgement for now.
  10. This. I believe it's left vague because it doesn't matter in VW whether she lives or dies. Rhea's time is over, whether she died with her sins or lived to repent them. Fodlan is in new hands. EDIT: That said I'm really not for Rhea dying. I'd rather her not get off scot-free for the ignorance she'd had throughout her life as Archbishop. She had the 5 years of imprisonment, but for a nearly ageless being, that's practically nothing. She deserves to live with the reality of what she did, or didn't. . Y'know that sounded really harsh, and it was. For the record, Rhea's probably my favorite character in 3H in terms of just her character, I just don't believe she deserves the luxury of death.
  11. I'm really torn between FE12 Arran and Seth. Arran is just super fun with reclassing options, but Seth is... Seth. Buuuut I think Arran edges out the win, since Flier Jagen kinda just speaks for itself. (i know FE11 Jagen also does this, i just havent finished it lmao frederick can too but it's not quite as immediately available or useful comparatively to wyvern!arran)
  12. Y'know, I'm actually really not a fan of Duos not being Alts. Even if some make sense, unless they're Seasonals I'd really prefer if every new character introduction to FEH was a single unit rather than being part of a duo, since it means that ultimately the back unit is super shafted. Let's just take the previously mentioned Janaff and Ulki. If they came in as a duo, why do either of them have the right to lead the duo? And whichever one in the back is now cursed to forever, or at least for a super long time, be stuck as a secondary unit to the other, meaning effectively there's no playable version of them. Yeah, technically they're in the game, but that's FAR worse than being stuck as a seasonal only, since they don't even get to be their own unit. That said, I do think there's exceptions, for example, FE7 Zephiel and Guinivere (I know FE7 Zephiel already has a Seasonal ver, but this would be his regular introduction). Regular FE7 Guinivere has no reason to be her own unit, so tagging her along with FE7 Zephiel would be perfect, plus it would end up being a really cute nod to their official FE7 artwork. EDIT: Oh, my other issue with Duos being a character's introduction is that they're not available in the main pool, so those characters would be locked in availability to when IntSys decides to let you get them. Less of an issue for alts, more of an issue for possibly a character's only version. Seasonals at least have a consistent re-release schedule and have stuff like Double Special Heroes now.
  13. Oscar gaining 2 Speed in 15 levels from my initial Path of Radiance playthrough is my current "record".
  14. They'd 100% have alternate forms which is kinda the way I'm trying to justify them being in SwSh too. In any case I'd say the evidence for it getting a remake is stronger than it not, so hold out hope.
  15. It's really just a new scenario, we've never had the "Mass Legendary Capture" like ORAS, USUM, and minorly HGSS and B2W2, (assumedly) before the final game of the Generation. Across every Generation, never have we had a Legendary double up outside of sister versions like RS and E, DP and Pt, etc. New Games and Remakes within 1 Generation have never shared Legendaries, and especially never ones from previous gens. So now we come to the point where we have to assume, either there's going to be 2 opportunities to obtain all the Sinnoh Legendaries within 1 Generation and we break previously established facets of how Pokemon distribution within a Generation functions, or there's simply no Sinnoh remakes and most, or all, Pokemon will be fully obtainable within Sword and Shield itself. The real issue is that still doesn't explain why so many Pokemon, specifically a lot being from Sinnoh, are lacking a TM/TR movepool. That one point is making the whole situation hazy, since that alone is a heavy suggestion that they're planned to be excluded from Sword and Shield DLC, which in prior games (RS, DP, XY) has been a trait of the game which got a remake. RS lacked a lot of Kanto mons, DP lacked a lot of Johto mons, XY lacked a lot of Hoenn mons. Sword and Shield, as we currently are able to observe, lacks a lot of Sinnoh Pokemon, even including DLC. And regarding it being behind a paywall, 3rd versions are basically just a glorified Revision + DLC as it is, so I don't see the situation changing much just because it's directly DLC to the original game. Platinum added the Legendary Birds, USUM added all the Legendaries, it's the same thing.
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