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  1. I feel it's less that her character can't work without being reworked, it's more that Fates supports and story isn't an environment when it CAN work due to every support needing to start and end without the character majorly changing. Peri as a character would've likely only worked if she COULD change.
  2. Selkie isn't particularly a favorite of mine unfortunately, I don't find her to be particularly interesting as a character and I don't really find myself getting directly attached to her. But she is cute. Percy I think I'd like more if they toned down the "Lucky" gimmick.
  3. Y'know, it's a bit of a shame when you're worse than a character with 1 support. Reina's got some interesting dynamics going on with Corrin that I wish we got explored more, and I REALLY wish she supported Orochi.
  4. I actually agree that Peri doesn't grow in her Laslow support. There's definitely a semblance of it starting, however due to the nature of FE Supports pre-SoV, she unfortunately cannot fully change due to the fact that she has to be able to act the same in every other support. It's a shame, because I genuinely think she could hypothetically be a semi-decent character should Fates writing not be Fates writing.
  5. I find a majority of them to be at least decent characters in a vacuum, honestly. Shiro is kinda neat, and Siegbert, while a bit boring and generic, isn't too bad. I genuinely appreciate Ophelia and how she differs from Owain overall (and to be fair, how else would his kid be), and I also find Mitama to be enjoyable to read. But then we have some stinkers like Soleil and Nina, the latter being a major disappointment since instead of making a fun Robin Hood thief character, we just have a fetishized fujoshi. Honestly their main issue is just existing While their individual character honestly improves from not being in the clusterfuck of a story that is Fates, and are instead entirely in the generally better written supports, it also means they have literally 0 place in the grand scheme of thing and suffer haaaaard from it.
  6. Asugi just makes me sad. He was the one potential Fates kid with a chance to actually mean something at the end of the day, and they just slapped bootleg Gaius on him and called it a day. He would've been such better as just an original character entirely and throw the Gaius clone on Kaze's kid slot, or remove them entirely (even if Rhajat is a pretty good change to Tharja).
  7. Oh my lord can we talk about how many of those Fates fucked up though? Like jesus they decided to play so many of them for comedy instead and that just does NOT work at all.
  8. Oh I've been compiling as much of it as I can find for a couple years now. I'm currently sitting at 240 works, but I do choose to not include some more ecchi works as well as any nsfw due to like okay i really dont want people looking at my flashdrive and finding a bunch of sexualized art of an anime girl okay
  9. That's totally fair, I've just been personally growing very tired of seeing the majority of fanart I see being very risque, and I have a certain someone who I won't name to thank for instilling in me the hatred for her being specifically called a slut because of her outfit. I've just gotten very, very tired of it and I'd love something better in canon that we actually get outside of Japan. Spring Ophie I would only like if she gets to paint pretty eggs because it'd be extremely in character. Anyways looping this back around to CYL, I've actually voted solely for Ophelia since Year 2 (Y1 was a variety but did begin with Ophelia) so this is definitely a change for me. I honestly wanna throw some votes at Kieran and Leila. Astrid too... many can we go back to how CYL1 was with like, 14 voting slots? RESPECT FOR YASHIRO AND NAVARRE also Asbel seriously where are they
  10. I'm so afraid they'll Tharja her.... please don't throw her into revealing outfits despite it being against everything else on the banner, Intsys. Please. Marianne's definitely a big candidate for the next 3H banner, that's for sure. And I hope Noire comes soon too, hopefully with Laurent...
  11. Oh I adore the two of them. Praying the latter gets in and the former gets an alt at some point. I'd really love it if she got one that's an actually nice outfit... Respect from me for Noire and Soren.
  12. Gharnef may be absolutely boring as a character (although there is potential with his relation to Miloah but they really don't do anything with that ever), but at least his VA is just so, so extremely cheesy villain, which makes him very amusing to listen to. I could never hate that cheese. That said, for me, with characters like Gharnef that're just kinda plot devices I don't really dislike them, they're just... existent. They exist for a purpose and they fill it.
  13. See I love Cordelia for the actual core of her character, but all the Chrom shit just drags her down so hard. I don't personally hate her at all but I do totally get where people come from. Honestly it just helps that her Avatar support is genuinely one of her best. Severa though I don't really like in Awakening save for Future Past, but greatly enjoy her in Fates, so... she's an odd case.
  14. Azama. Everything about him just annoys me and makes me boil with anger Doesn't help that my first impression of him was literally his worst support but it's not like anything makes up for it
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