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  1. Ah, my bad, Masuda method is where you breed 2 Pokemon of different regions of origin (as in like, real world region. like from Japan. It's based on their game's language setting). And... that's it. Thanks to Wonder Trade, this got pretty easy to do. Doesn't matter what regions as long as they're not the same.
  2. Well, Masuda method has been a thing since Generation... 4? I think? Then X and Y doubled the shiny rate. I don't think any official reason was given but considering the rates are still very low, I think it's overall a fine change to make them SLIGHTLY more common. We've been getting other methods like the encounter method that tie Masuda since XY, so this isn't really anything new, although the constant rate of encountering is definitely different as most previous methods usually killed their rate after finding a shiny. Shout out to Gen 4 (and X and Y) for having the lowest shiny odds of 1/200 at a chain of 40 with the Poke Radar, multiplied by the amount of grass patches, which can take it down to like, 1/40 or lower effectively, if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Oh, I guess I should mention, while most Pokemon can be encountered method'd (at least 1 per evolutionary line I think) some are much harder to perform it with (Low percent encounters, Pokemon what very specific spawn conditions, etc), which is definitely a benefit Masuda method has over it.
  4. Honestly? Whatever you feel comfortable doing. There's no best method in this game, both have a max of 1/512, one just hits that cap sooner (or well, immediately), while the other is much easier to perform generally and isn't going to take up a ton of box space by the end.
  5. It's a bit complicated due to Shiny Charm, but I can tell you it's 1/4096 without any method and without Shiny Charm 1/1365 without any method and with Shiny Charm 1/683 using Masuda Method without Shiny Charm 1/512 using Masuda Method with Shiny Charm Then, concerning the new encounter system, it's also a little complicated... Basically for every Pokemon of the species you fight and defeat or capture, including Trainer battles, a number in the Pokedex goes up. This number is how you keep track of the Encounter number. Encounter No. W/O Charm W/ Charm 50 1/2048 1/1024 100 1/1365.333 1 in 819.2 200 1/1024 1/682.6667 300 1/819.2 1/585.1429 500 1/682.6667 1/512 All of the encounter rate numbers are from Serebii. Bulbapedia is what I used for the top 2 (although for the most part I knew them by heart), although that's because Masuda and base rate haven't changed. The Encounter number rates can be found here: https://serebii.net/swordshield/shinypokemon.shtml During the main story that's definitely the easiest, however once you get into post game it gets a bit rough to do. The Metapod method mentioned above is definitely the most effective for lower levels, however once you reach the 50-60 range, I'd recommend teaching the Farfetch'd Leaf Blade from level 55 and instead using either static encounter Vespiquens, or Combee if you're basically JUST hitting around 55-60. Metapod, since it doesn't quad resist, would struggle to stay alive for 3 criticals once you're around it's level.
  6. Eevee is caught on Route 4 (the small area right before the first Gym). It's a fairly low chance but since it's an overworld spawn it doesn't take too long to reset the area and try again. As for Synchronizers, we have... Natu, Ralts, Munna, Elgyem and Indeedee. Also Mew, Espeon and Umbreon but they aren't noteworthy for Synchronize users. On an unrelated note...
  7. Shadow Dragon: Navarre / Sheena Gaiden/SOV: Python / Silque New Mystery: Samto / Sheena Genealogy Gen 1: Lex / (honestly dont have one, so) Briggid Genealogy Gen 2: i literally dont know a single one, so, Leif / Patty?? Thracia 776: Fergus / Machyua Binding Blade: Raigh / Sue Blazing Sword: Rath / Farina Sacred Stones: Joshua / L'Arachel Path of Radiance: Zihark / Astrid Radiant Dawn: Naesala / Sanaki Awakening Gen 1: Gaius / Maribelle Awakening Gen 2: Brady / Noire Fates Gen 1: Shura / Beruka Fates Gen 2: Shiro / Ophelia Three Houses: Dedue / Marianne Heroes OCs: Bruno / Laevatein
  8. Once you're in the postgame, doing 4 star and some 5 star raids should be fine if yu have type effective moves and most should be pretty easy once you're level 100. But some 5 star raids are veeeeery hard with the AI characters bring randomized. Thankfully, you can do it as many times as possible until the daily reset, and should you succeed, Gigantamax Raids in offline play actually have guaranteed capture rate, or so I've been told, meaning you won't be going through hell more than once just to catch one. Most other 4-5 star raids have decent catch rates and will rarely fail should you be above their level (they're 60-70 for 5*, around 50-60 for 4*, and level does affect the capture chance in SwSh for all captures).
  9. That's sort of what Regional forms are for, I think because a MASSIVE stat shift for some Pokemon might be a bit too much, and could take away the identity the Pokemon already has. All of the regional forms have improved competitive viability even though type changes and minor stat redistributions alone. It's be nice to get some more per game or adjust older mons, but with the Dex cut, it's actually making some Pokemon MUCH more viable in high level play than they've been for the last 2 gens. The yellow aura is called "Brilliant" Pokemon, I believe. Either way, they appear occasionally by chance and they have more perfect IVs, and occasionally Egg moves. You can get them to appear more frequently by chaining encounters which I don't know the specifics of. Frankly, they're wholly overshadowed compared to Raid Pokemon which have way more perfect IVs at higher level raids and can learn the Egg Moves anyways thanks to the new Egg move passing.
  10. To be fair, there isn't much to nerf overall besides Aegislash (and frankly it's biggest nerf is Excadrill becoming one of the faces of the meta), most additions were buffs, with one that acted as nerfs. Intimidate now gets blocked by a bunch of abilities like Oblivious and Inner Focus. Rapid Spin is 50 power (up from 20) and raises Speed by 1 stage, making it both utility and a buffing move. Given Pursuit's absence meaning Ghosts got a buff, this isn't really that busted or anything. Plus it's main users either aren't super amazing or don't require the buff to be fast (Excadrill vastly prefers having Sand already up). Multi-Attack, Silvally's signature move, is up from 90 power to 120. It's now actually worth using. Defog now removes Terrain as well. Howl now boosts all allied Attack stat by 1, previously it was a self only buff by 1. Still... probably won't be used by literally anyone given, y'know, Max Fighting. The only nerfed move is, surprise, King's Shield, another Aegislash nerf. It now only gives the attacker -1 to Attack rather than -2 upon being hit by a contact move. The abilities Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo, and Scrappy (weird choice but it's not like theres a Ghost Intimidater) now all block Intimidate's effect on the user. Rattled also activates when the user is hit by Intimidate (basically makes it the same as the Adrenaline Orb, but multi use). Flash Fire, Harvest, Lightning Rod, and Storm Drain all now increase the chance of encountering a Pokemon of their respective type, similar to Static and Magnet Pull before them. Moody no longer affects Evasion/Accuracy stats. Infiltrator reduces the amount of wild Pokemon encounters when lead in the party (Cleanse Tag effect, iirc Stench too) Super Luck increases the chance a wild Pokemon encountered will be holding an item when in the lead (Compound Eyes secondary effect). Synchronize is now a 100% guarantee that the wild encounter will be the same nature as the lead, but doesn't affect Gift/Event Pokemon any more (It's really only unfortunately for the Fossils but they can be SR'd easily). Oh, and regular Weezing got G Weezing's new ability too, Neutralizing Gas, as a secondary regular ability.
  11. I've been on the SFcord forever lmao so yeah thats fine. It really depends, personally I'm in the same boat with time, I rarely would take over 20 minutes, but some people play that way. It's still a very... strict timer. But it does help prevent timer stall which is useful.
  12. Does anyone happen to have a Defiant Falinks? If so, I can offer HA Galarian Corsola among a few other things. Honestly I should get around to making a list... If I'm not mistaken, Sun and Moon had a 60 minute total battle timer, and a 45 second move timer. So longer for each turn, but 20 for the whole battle is WAY too short.
  13. I lost a really good chunk of stuff I like, but I don't really mind? I miss Scolipede a little since I would've liked to use it competitively this gen, but otherwise, I'm fine with not being able to use a lot of my favorites. Honestly being a Zorua fan already kinda tempered me for this lmao. Venipede family, Seawaddle family, Pidgey family, Tangela family, Ekans family, Mienfoo family, Bunneary family, Shuppet family, and the Zorua family, Zorua being my all time favorite (I'm probably forgetting some others.) are what didn't make it. But like... I kinda like every Pokemon as is, and I do especially love Appletun and Falinks among the group of new things (they've definitely topped my previous favorites for their types, although maybe only tied for Grass) so even though a lot didn't make it in, a lot I like DID make it in. The Rhyhorn family, Ralts family, Bergmite family, Barboach family, Klink line... oh man and I'm really enjoying having a usable Elgyem line... the Pumpkaboo family too. As for like, the concept of "Dexit" itself... did people really think Pokemon was gonna be able to support 1000+ Pokemon growing by like, 100 every generation..? Even if they WEREN'T pressed for time, it's getting a little crazy to manage for balancing, animations, other content... And with a smaller amount, more work can put put other places, meaning the actual general quality of the games will (hopefully) increase. This time being an exception as GF's both getting used to working on Switch hardware and managing itself awfully (this is the part I'm personally fed up about, if they don't change how their function from here forward I'm absolutely having major issues with the company and likely won't buy their next release if it is so). I understand people being miffed about not being able to use their favorites, that's totally fine, but saying the "Dexit" as whole is just a horrible concept... like, no. No, it's an extremely good idea because it lets them manage their time better and not have to test whether 1000+ models can use one move, every time they add a new move, or giving all 1000+ new animations for whatever new mode they want to add. If people want Pokemon to evolve, they've gotta let this happen. Frankly. And I get it doesn't show yet, I totally feel you (I mean, it does when you look at the tiny improvements in general QoL and animation additions they made but no one cares about THOSE apparently) but seriously, give it 1 more game. If they don't improve by the next game, I mean, I'm gonna end up being on the other side of this whole "Pokemon's going in the shitter debacle, because at that point it'd 100% show a lack of care from the higher-ups for just yearly pumping out games, and not at all listening to the people and just listening to sales. Given the game sold well on week 1... well, I'm a bit scared for the future.
  14. Hate to break it to you but... If you don't, then don't get it? It's better than just getting some stupid certificate for it. I'd also like to say, it honestly doesn't take that long now that it's regional Dex only. 400 sounds like a lot, but it only takes a good few hours at most to do everything you have access to with your version, and then some coordination from friends with other versions or online peoples on forums and the like to complete the whole thing. Anyways, I've been looking at older Pokemon we call ugly Shiny wise, but honestly a good chunk looked great at some point. The lighter green looks pretty swell on Espeon, it's just later generations fucked it up and make it an uglier green. Gen 6 especially made it a lot darker, although I don't think it looks particularly any worse with it than the Gen 4-5 sprite with it's green. The original Gengar ain't too bad either honestly. (Shiny on the right) Unfortunately it just lost this over time, again. The change is significantly less impactful. In any case, I don't think removing the rare variants of Pokemon just because some don't look nice is really a good thing. It's sort of a big deal that they're rare at this point. Like the OP said and I agreed before, adding more, less rare variants of Pokemon would be an apt solution. That defeats the whole purpose of the rare variants, though. I think that could be cool for some less rare variants like it was talked about before, say changing Flabebe's flower color, or Alcremie's berry and cream color. But Shiny Pokemon have become such an integral thing to the series at this point, it'd be pretty awful of them to suddenly make it changeable, or make it less rare. Again, less rare variants would be cool, but reducing the rates to common levels without supplying a rarer variant is kind of a big fuck you to players who DID randomly find or go out of their way to obtain a Shiny Pokemon.
  15. A couple notes you (OP) may not know about if you've been distant from the series for a while. >Shiny chance doubled starting with X and Y, now 2/8192 and not 1/8192 as it previously had been since Gold and Silver. >The Shiny Charm is a key item obtained by completing the Pokedex (National in B2W2 and Gen 6, Regional in Gen 7, 8 and assumedly onward) and gives 3x increased odds (3/8192 in B2W2 and 3/4096 in Gen 6 onward, before applying other methods. Speaking of...). >There's many different type of ways to increase the rate, starting with Masuda Method and Poke Radar chains in Gen 4, with something new added with each removal of an old method due to changes in ways to encounter Pokemon (ie: SOS battle chaining isn't a thing anymore because SOS battles aren't, Chain Fishing was altered due to fishing being moved to set locations, etc). I'm personally someone who had valued Shiny Pokemon highly for a veeeery long time, and I used to be extremely harsh on the decision to increase the rate and continually add methods with higher and higher Shiny rates. I've cooled down a bit from those days lmao. Frankly, why I value Shiny Pokemon so much is purely the experience of it. Whether by random chance or through hunting methods, that experience is unique to you alone. If you increase the rates, the less valuable that experience becomes. Now, granted, a small increase like the XY change has been is barely important, it simply lets more people have that experience possibly, and I think it's been a good change overall. Hunting has it's own challenges, needing to through hundreds and hundreds of encounters to obtain it. It's hard work and it's definitely something many people pride themselves in. The thing is, we already have Pokemon like this. Examples being: Flabebe, a Pokemon family that has 5 unique flower colors or varying location and rarity of encounter. Spinda, a Pokemon with unique spot placements that even outclass Shiny odds in the chance of 2 patterns being the same (not quite the same but a similar concept). Alcremie, a new Sword and Shield Pokemon, has multiple varieties based on the item you use to evolve it (alongside another variable I'm not currently aware of due to how recent the game's release is). Minior, a Pokemon with multiple colors of differing rarities that even has a set single color that it becomes when Shiny (The gimmick being it has an outer shell, and you can only see the different colors once it breaks). There's plenty of ideas to show this works alongside Shiny Pokemon (Minior especially), so rather than simply removing the concept of rare Shiny Pokemon as is, I'd personally suggest more of these unique variants to Pokemon. Now obviously, that's a lot of work to give it to more than some things, however I think simply taking a selection of Pokemon and giving them new visual variants would be a great idea. The Solrock idea seems like a good example, and personally I'd suggest the Roggenrola line as well, changing the color of it's crystals and/or body. Maybe the crystal color changes from it's Shiny as it already does, while the body changes based on another random chance, with differing rarities, but nothing as rare as Shiny odds. Rocks already have varieties like this in real life, so they're fairly easy. Another possibility could be for Kecleon to have unique colors based on random chance, seeing as it's a chameleon. You could even tie it into it's Ability Color Change/Protean, if they decided to make 17 color forms for it, with Shiny variants. Although for older Pokemon it'd be a bit of a controversial change, so I think if they were to do this idea, they'd likely want to mostly do it with new Pokemon (which they have been) while possibly rolling out 4 or 5 new color variants for older Pokemon every generation, probably ones that either have ways to explain it lore wise (like the above mentions). Of course, that's assuming they keep their current yearly model, which is a whole other bag of worms I'm not going to touch on any further and I would ask doesn't get re mentioned, at least not here. I definitely think we could brighten up some older Shinies though. Green Espeon, while oddly iconic for it at this point, looks terrible. And I don't think anyone would argue with Shiny Gengar matching it's Mega form's Shiny (changes it to a white body with black eyes), alongside Garchomp.
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