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  1. Sure, but I'm talking about the Mons, not their moves. Normal type moves are bad coverage, but so are Dragon type moves under most circumstances. Both have 1 immune and at least 1 resisted, and Dragon's only super effective on itself, which is suuuuper niche application, especially with the Fairy Immune has being way more common than Ghost Immune. What makes them strong is what the do WITH those moves, not necessarily the moves themselves. Dragon and Normal are kinda similar types in that way, where having the Moves without being that type typically doesn't give you too much (outside of Draco Meteor, which is usually an Event only thing on non-Dragons), but being said type can give you some very consistent damage output due to the type being relatively unresisted, combined with common coverage options. So yes, no one uses Normal for coverage. But that doesn't make it a bad type to be. The same thing goes for Dragon. All things considered, the only difference between the two types is that Dragon types typically have much higher BSTs, but that doesn't necessarily stop some Normal types from being really good, and most are usually pretty solid picks for the competitive tier they reside in. I'd like to point out that in Japanese, Body Slam is just called "Lean On", roughly. The implication is it's not really a practiced art, moreso just falling on top, or into, the opponent to deal damage. Not particularly fitting the Fighting type. Oh, and I'll mention that Incineroar, the Pro Wrestling Pokemon, didn't even learn Body Slam until it became a TR in Gen 8 that like, half or more of the Dex learns. So I definitely don't think it's intended to be that. Flying Press is definitely supposed to though, considering the nature of Hawlucha. Which... also doesn't learn Body Slam.
  2. As far as single player goes, that's honestly not that bad, it's still really good coverage despite the low stats and will definitely put in work. The x2 power from super-effectiveness isn't to be ignored. As far as comp goes, they have enough coverage in other areas. While Raticate and Purugly lack Earthquake, a staple move for Normals due to Normal/Ground coverage hitting everything for at least neutral except for Steel/Flying and Rock/Flying, they do have a lower power alternative in Stomping Tantrum (Possibly High Horsepower in the future, although unknown due to them not existing in Gen 8 which has the TR), as well as plenty of other solid Physical coverage moves, albeit lacking in strong elemental ones usually, Wild Charge is about the best they usually get, mostly because Physical Fire/Electric/Ice moves just are rarely available outside their own type, and are rare in the first place.
  3. I don't have much to say on the actual topic itself, I think Beast type could be interesting but I feel Normal already fits the bill well enough given the whole point is it being unaspected, almost every non-Normal Pokemon learn Normal type moves, because they're... Normal. Just because Charmeleon isn't Normal type doesn't mean it can't do Normal things, Normal types just have some element of mundane-ness to them, such as Litleo/Pyroar. They do have some element of Fire to them, but externally it's only visually, where as something like Emboar has the Fire externally. But this I need to heavily argue against. Normal is absolutely nowhere near a bad type to be. Seriously, 1 Weakness and 1 Immunity is really good and consistent. And while normal does lack any super-effectives, it also is only resisted by 2 types and immuned by 1, which makes it the most consistent neutral damage in the whole type chart besides Dragon, which is an amazing type on it's own entirely due to that and the type's mons typical high stats and coverage. And similarly to them, pure Normal types also have really good coverage, with many having access to Thunderbolt and other elemental moves. Honestly their real issue most of the time is a lack of stats holding them back, but as far as single player content goes, it's not a major issue. While their STAB option lacks targets to hit for full ohkos without boosts, it's still extremely consistent and hard to switch into unless there's a Ghost on their team, and even then, plenty of Normal types learn Dark type moves, so even that isn't consistent.
  4. Yeah this is way more my mood than anything else in this thread. Because like honestly I think complaining about "most units being unusable" is just, like, actually wrong. And hit rates, yeah they're lower than most FEs, but thats a very universal thing across the whole game and supposed to change how you approach situations, which while I can get is uncomfortable for some people to do (myself included) it doesn't inherently make it wrong. Except nomads and the shit bosses, christ, fuck them. But the issue is those, on their own, aren't bad design decisions, but piling those on top of all the other shit that the game also does really makes it annoying, between gaiden requirements, tons of fuckin siege tomes across mid-lategame, really makes certain sections of the game tedious as hell.
  5. mistake? no no, this is clearly intentional. you've had this coming
  6. Whoops! Totally forgot about that one! But beyond those 2 that really IS it. Ack, I meant Skill. Her skill is usually pretty bad, averaging at a wonderful 6.25 at Lv 10/1 Strategist. Her luck helps make up for it a bit, but not enough. If you care about gameplay, Nyx, Felicia, Elise, Camilla are all good moms for Ophelia, and physical moms (specifically Effie and Charlotte) can work for her too if you're okay with a little babying and immediate Heart Seal usage. If you're just in it for the rewards, may I recommend Selena? Their support is super cute.
  7. Mmhm, between how early the paralogue's available, how good Ophelia is, and the rewards you get, her Paralogue is by far the best one to actually go for just gameplay wise. As far as I remember very few others give as many good rewards as hers does. Yeah, it's entirely RNG without Battle/Visit points, hence why it's not usually something I mention. It makes them very difficult to forge (they're annoying to even with DLC), and impractical to recommend unless you already have them. However, some of them are definitely good. Disrobing Gale has it's +3 AS, although low might, Moonlight is solid, although I actually much prefer Nosferatu for actual usage, due to it usually recovering more than 20%, and working on Enemy Phase, Iago's Tome is the only debuff Tome and it's actually super good, definitely worth carrying if you manage to get one, and Odin's Grimoire is basically just a stronger Mjolnir, but it can't double. The only other ones are Ember, which is a generic joke weapon although it can be good for Elise on promotion due to her usually low Luck stat and usually high Mag to make up for Ember's weak might, and Speed Thunder, which I question why it exists, because it gives enemies within 2 tiles +4 speed after combat. There ARE weapons that give the player's units Rally effects after combat, like Saizo's Star, but Speed Thunder and Xander's Lance give stats to the enemy and, idk it's just weird. Xander's Lance is at least strong but has other drawbacks that make it even worse, and Speed Thunder just isn't very strong.
  8. I wouldn't say IMPORTANT, so much as just incredibly useful. You get no other Weapon Triangle reversing weapons in Conquest besides it, without DLC or Visit/Battle Points. Ophelia's paralogue also gives the earliest possible Lightning Tome and a Spirit Dust as well, tbh its super useful to do when using any magic user. Odin can probably just sit behind Felicia or Nyx in Pair-Up while they do the work.
  9. Leo also reaaaally loves Calamity Gate for Ch 17 also, he's got natural bulk by himself already, so he actually becomes a very potent unit for both phases on that map, as long as you avoid him getting Lunge'd.
  10. Generally Forged Thunder is going to be your best, along with Lightning and occasionally Mjolnir. Honestly, not much else of the Tomes is particularly useful that I recall. There's no real need to give any unit a big inventory of different weapons from the same type (mostly because CQ has very few effective weaponry and other specialized weapons up until near endgame, unlike BR and Rev) beyond what they need at the time, with the exception of Ophelia who's pretty much the only unit with direct benefits from it. However, the Horse Spirit and Calamity Gate from Paralogue 20 are definitely worth getting even if you aren't planning on using Odin or Ophelia. They're super useful, and available veeeery early if you go for it specifically.
  11. Previously I was pretty much just, like, Ophelia + 3 Dancers for everything, although recently I've been leaning really hard onto F!Ike and B!Dimitri for when Enemy Phase becomes more important, and generally since I've gotten burned out from overusing that strategy tbh.
  12. Yeah, that should work fine. You can also have Niles do a bit of damage and Dance him out with Azura before enemy phase since theres room, although depending on your rng with his Strength he might not do that much.
  13. Most people give Effie a Javelin, which she does use rather well given she won't double normally anyways.
  14. You can actually avoid the reinforcements entirely by staying outside of the square area that the Dragon Vein hits. That's the activation zone for them. You have more than room to walk around. Other than that, ditto to this. Lunatic does give one of them a Shining Bow (I don't THINK Hard does?), but Effie can live it on average iirc given she has Elise's personal active on her? The boss also has Strong Riposte, so taking him on Enemy Phase and moving away to heal is generally optimal. Effie and Arthur paired up (with either in front) should be decent at dealing with him, although unfortunately he's variable given the terrain he's on.
  15. It's a lot easier to focus support gain consistently in Guard Stance, you don't need to break formation or anything to guarantee support gain. And that's also for cases where you have a unit you're using for both combat and as a 2nd gen parent, which is often not the case, at least for me. ^^^ This isn't about optimal play. This is about using a character. tbh though this definitely did get a little off topic lmao. Trading weapons around has always been a good strategy in FE, and Fates, particularly BR, has a lot of odd and niche weapons that you only get in very limited quantity due to their usages being unlimited, meaning in order to make the best use of them you often need to swap them around to other units in the same turn, or swap off of them using Trade before Enemy Phase due to poor function during that phase. Birthright in particular has a lot of "hallways", general choke points, and tight spaces that makes it pretty easy to trade around weapons both offensively and defensively between your units with the same weapon types. Not that all FEs don't have a lot of those, in any case. BR just has a lot.
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