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  1. There's no way they'd stop making Legendary Heroes unless they run out of characters. Even then, seeing as they're every other month now, I don't see that being for a long, long time. Anyways, I really would love to see Seliph and Leif, the former deserving a shiny new version and the latter being my favorite lord, as well as Chrom and Eliwood to complete their duo and trio respectively. Realistically, though, I expect Xander to match Ryoma, Celica to match Alm, Corrin, and Eliwood to finish his trio. Kind of a random hope, but Falchion Owain. Make it happen, intsys.
  2. I have not seen Mirror mode, it only lists 50 through 200. On a completely unrelated note, the game is currently not Player vs Player. The other racers are AI, but with player-like names. This is pretty apparent in how they act. The cups also have a score ranking system weekly which would be pretty odd if it was all online. This isn't necessarily a negative point on it's own, but the lack of a separate online mode currently makes this... frustrating. We do not currently know if this is how the game will be, or just how the beta is.
  3. Yes. I haven't seen any new courses, if there are any, they all seem to be retro tracks. Everything so far is from MKDS and 7, and that includes retro tracks from those games, along with their changes. Although the retro track only in DS and not 7 have 7 style changes.
  4. Not really leaked so much as "the beta started, people talk about it". Speaking of which, I'm in that, so feel free to ask questions. The advantages aren't rarity based, they're course based. Each course has specific characters, karts, and gliders that have advantages. Theres also 3 levels of advantage. Characters are either 1 item, 2 item, or 3 item, Karts are 3 levels of top speed, and Gliders are 3 levels of item luck. Currently, I've yet to really notice a difference between the 3 levels of speed or item luck. The game being vertical is actually better than horizontal tbh. you can see ahead of you just fine and the camera is pulled back far enough to where you can easily see far enough to the side. Controls wise it's fine with the default, but I vastly prefer the "manual drift" mode, which is more like Drift Mode since you can't drift at all in the Standard Mode, where as in Drift Mode you can ONLY drift. It's a bit awkward but good once you get used to it. The gacha isn't super prioritized. You're given free characters, karts, and gliders by simply playing the game, and karts and gliders can be bought using coins, the non premium currency. Also, everything has levels that increase as you play, or by using items you can buy with coins. No, they do not give you a higher top speed or anything. They simply let you score higher in races, which lets you get more Grand Stars which are simply a progression item that you can get to unlock gifts (Characters/Karts/Gliders, free premium currency, coins) as well as preventing you from moving to the next cup if you don't have enough, although it's in increments of 5, and the bare minimum to complete every course is 1, 4 courses per cup, meaning you literally have to TRY to not get 5 stars per cup. Speaking of which, the score in determined by a few things. Using higher advantage char/kart/glider gives some extra points (not too much), what CC you're playing (50, 100, 150, 200) and what actions you perform during the race. Doing mini-turbos, using items, etc. Race placement is the largest sum though.
  5. Stranger things have happened. At the very least, if that is the truth, Flygon is finally getting some love, and Zeraora, which I personally love, is too. So it's not all bad.
  6. There's a chance this isn't the case, as Armored Mewtwo is from the original Pokemon Movie, which is about to get a 3D remake. So it's possible it's simply related to that instead, and possible it'll transfer over to Gen 8 similarly to Ash-Greninja, as just a standalone form. I don't have a major issue with Armored Mewtwo honestly, as long as it stays to just it. It'd be a fun little reference and a tie-in to the "new" movie. But I really, REALLY hope it doesn't actually go beyond that.
  7. The minor bits of the UI we can see don't match up to anything from Gen 6 or 7... this might be a bonafide leak. Either that, or someone took enough time to mod the UI for one of the 3DS games instead of just putting it out of view, alongside making the clean model and animations. On the other hand, real or fake, the background looks... horrible, texture wise. I really pray that it's just the video quality, because I don't know if I could stand seeing such low effort backdrops. ... Also its eye looks like a fried egg.
  8. Honestly I love Awakening Roy. It's so damn sleek, and the colors are so amazing. But Smash Roy is definitely the best for me using more of the original design.
  9. Huh, I didn't think about that. I might have to try for that now... If anything, it'd be nice to give my Ophie more premium stuff lmao. I'll make a note of it in the OP.
  10. I really enjoy Conquest's early-midgame tbh. It's really solid up until... I'd say 17? Could be forgetting a few meh chapters but I generally love playing 7-16. But Ninja cave onwards is a slog and pretty lackluster. And yeah, music. It's not to the same level as Awakening or SoV's OSTs to me personally, but it's got some great tracks. also ophelia lmao gotta mention it somehow
  11. I'm not super big on Silas, but he became a big part of my Arena core (as much as a Cav could be, anyways) once I got a +9 one during my long pull session in an attempt to get as many Ophelias as I could (I got 6). He's super tanky, hits hard back, and his default weapons is amazing or Arena. He'll get +10 once I get a +Def one since that's my ideal. Due to his nature as a Cav with Cav BST and no prfs, he'll definitely be phased out for me sooner or later, but for now, he's a real treat to have and will definitely still be used.
  12. Well damn. When they said it was releasing Q1 2019, I was expecting March or April, not early Feb! Been dying for this to release for ages now. I'm gonna end up using that map creation tool to death, aren't I...
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