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  1. Yeah uh, I think my profile kinda speaks for itself. But shout out to Beruka.
  2. Hey, I was actually coming here to mention this one. I honestly really prefer it to the JP confession, which is honestly a rarity for me when it comes to Ophelia dialogue between the original and localisation. In JP it's less flowery and also less sweet. "I love you. It is an honor to be chosen by you: a legendary warrior! I'm looking forward to our rings. So let's get along forever, starting now." I also wanna shout out Marianne's entire S Support, it gets me every time. The whole thing is super sweet when you take in the rest of her growth throughout the game and finally wraps up that growth by having her be the instigator of the proposal in giving Byleth the ring instead of the other way around, which iirc makes her the only girl in the cast to do that. "I... I love you. So very deeply. Thank you for giving me the world."
  3. The generic tome for it is apparently called "Rock", so definitely Veld with Stone. He makes too much sense for it. I do like FEH adding new magic elements. Earth was a weird element always missing from FE magic overall minus a few examples. Also, I'm like... 99% sure they added it to give Tomes a colorless option since, if they add Fists which is highly likely especially now with these being added, it'd be the last group of weapons that lacks a Colorless variant.
  4. It, uh, definitely doesn't just make the shop look weird. yeah this is a thing you can do if RNG blesses you and you get Audhulma as that final slot. (or anything else good). If you buy that 0 cost item it also bugs out the items available in the 2 normal slots still visible. Like, I got a Brave Lance to show up. (ill come back and give some proper feedback later, currently at ch 17. the squad)
  5. I've been playing Masters since launch, although not particularly often since I have like 3 other gachas I play and tbh enjoy a bit more overall. Rerolled for a while until I got Roxie which was preeeetty much the only reason I was playing at first. And kinda still is. N, Gladion and Silver are all coming soon so l'm pretty much going to be playing during that time for sure. Thankfully Silver is likely to be free with Ho-oh (hopefully), and I hope N is too for a Reshiram/Zekrom event. Even if personally I don't really have time to play it, I really appreciate them working very hard to improve the game and taking player feedback.
  6. I dislike this opinion. It makes me angry. I'm the opposite, mayo is really gross to me but I really like mustard. Ketchup is..... okay. It has it's time and place but it's like BBQ sauce, it can make something taste better but it super overpowers the flavor and I really only would use it to make something that doesn't taste really good better. Mustard on the other hand, in lower quantities (especially for yellow), is good at enhancing taste. Brown mustard is best, yellow is honestly kinda gross I agree with that one. I USED to like Mayo but I really can't stand it anymore.
  7. Fates kids weren't a mistake because we got Ophelia. Genealogy isn't fun to play beyond the Prologue. Thracia is really fun to play but I have to hate it design wise because of the noob traps. Three Houses' maps are really poorly designed in both layout and enemy placement and AI in the majority of cases. Etrian Odyssey is the best Atlus property.
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