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  1. In this game Ilyana can beat most of the enemies but in RD she is not that good. I always use Mist and Jill. Both of them are good units but with Mist you'll have to forge her arms so she can cause damage.
  2. I'd love to marry Niles, he's cute and I love their support but at the same time, I like Nina so much (I am big fan of Les Mis, hence my username). Sooooo I'll get Male Corrin support with Niles in a second playthrough. I ship them so much but I love Nina too :( why can´t Niles adopt her and we can get both of them.
  3. I'm trying to complete another Blazing Sword file within next week but due to an error, my files have been erased :( So now I'll complete again Sacred Stones. And next week I'll probably upload countdown pictures on Instagram just for me.
  4. This is hard since it's for the whole GBA era, so... Males: 1. Joshua 2. Ross 3. Sain 4. Matthew 5. Percival Females: 1. L'Arachel 2. Sophia 3. Eirika 4. Natasha 5. Serra
  5. I'm getting the special edition. So excited to play it. I think I will start with a female Corrin in Birthright, then a male Corrin in Conquest and finally my main file for Revelations.
  6. I remember that when I was a child I really got scared with Spirited Away. But I love it! Even my parents like that movie.
  7. I don't know if someone has shared this before but I think everyone should take a look at this video. It combines three of my favorite things in the world: Dancing, Taylor Swift and Fire Emblem, of course. Shake it Off!
  8. Top 5 girls: 1. Mist: She is my favorite character in the Tellius saga. I just love her having a unique class in these games. Her personality and looks are my personal favorites. I like it how she was redesigned for RD, her hair and outfit, to look a little older and mature. And also, I love that she can touch the medallion and not going berserk and not being a heron or goddess. 2. Jill: I think you can learn a lot of Jill, when I first saw her when I was like 10 years old I got a little crush on her, loved her long red hair and contrasting colors; I'm talking about her armor and her wyvern. She is one of the characters who changed the most in PoR. And I liked that she became a little more relevant in part 1 in RD. 3. Mia: I guess I love the swordfighters. Plus she has purple hair and a bright and enthusiast personality. And I like her poses. 4. Micaiah: I liked that she was a light mage! My favorite kind of magic. She always turn out to be the best unit in most of my games, maximising all of her stats and killing everything at the end of the game. Sad part is that in part 1 she is bad but I kinda like to protect her, for me it's fun the harder the challenge. 5. Ilyana: I don't know, I just like her. I always use her in PoR and RD. She is always available and the only one who can use Rexbolt (but I hate her HP in RD). And she is hungry all the time. Like me. Top 5 guys 1. Tormod: He has been my favorite character since I saw him in PoR. He is so funny and crazy, and cares for random things. He's sassy and cute. I identify as Tormod like 70% of the times I've played it. I love him. 2. Ranulf: He's great. I love his ears, his weird color for a cat and strength. 3. Rolf: Love how he is the youngest person in the mercenaries and still one of the strongest. I feel like I'm Rolf and my brother is Boyd when we are talking. Actually we argue bout the same things most of the time. 4. Kieran: I am as loud as Kieran and I like it. Love how he is always going into his world like nothing else matters. 5. Aran: His expression is priceless and also funny, like how is that you're always with that expression? I don't care, the best sentinel for me. HM: Ike: We all love Ike. Soren: Love his mysterious nature and story. But not his attitude. Volug: I like how he's always naked and talks ancient language. It's like a sexy foreign student. Leanne: She looks just like a classic ballerina should be: fragile looking but super strong in will.
  9. This is too tragic. What's happening in 2016?
  10. Welcome to the forums! Hope you like it and have a nice day!
  11. Yeah! I'm getting the special edition. Got lucky enough to find a store who still had the offer. Hmmm it's more than just a hobby, I was thinking of making it like a second career but I'm not really sure. I mainly dance contemporary and modern but I also do classic ballet and breakdance.
  12. Thank you everyone! I'm looking forward to discuss and talk about fire emblem and any other topic you might like.
  13. Thank you, Radiance. Well Inigo is the character who I can relate to the most so yeah!
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