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  1. In which preview did you read that
  2. No problems! I knew it was weird to get a preview from one source only. We'll probably get all the previews in the upcoming hours
  3. I managed to save it. https://imgur.com/gallery/v27AaFD
  4. Normal Classic first run (three routes) then Hard Classic
  5. I'm getting the special edition so nope. I'm still waiting until you can buy the expansion pass separately though.
  6. Black Eagles (Marianne + Lysithea recruited)
  7. Shame that you can't buy the Expansion Pass ONLY right now. It will probably be on sale the day it comes out
  8. Yeah I don't think thats Erika either.
  9. Just be clear. Yokota works with Nintendo EPD and he is the Director & Planner (EPD Production Group No. 1) We still don't know whose IntSys director is from Three Houses.
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