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  1. How many times can you buy a copy of one of your own characters in the Einherjar shop? Only once?
  2. Damn guys after reading some of the later posts I can see that you two are thinking about two completely different things..so let me try to explain what you two were trying to convey to each other Chaos says he has a problem of people using the fan translation as personal attacks against the localization most likely those kids who go on hate spills about boycotts or some other crap. -So pretty much -Does not like people using the fan translation as something negative as who would? -Like who would like it if someone was using something you translated for pure hate. While Immanoob is talking about how "they" were being used to compare the original Japanese text, to the NoA translation, to the fan translation in a neutral manner to display that the official translations ain't really that good and to most likely just spread awareness to the general masses who don't really know about these kinds of things... HOW this misunderstanding got even deeper? ImmaNoob the way you word things can be interpreted as uh "strong and harsh" and causes misunderstandings, in this case im referring to this line ""or are you saying that your translation was off-limits when making comparisons...?"" To you in may sound very docile but if you read it differently it sounds like something a typical teenage brat would say when being reprimanded for doing something bad. Example "Or WHAT? Did you WANT to waste more of MY time"....or in this case interpreted as "Huh!? are YOU saying I can NOT use the fan translation" -------------- Its like hey yeah I know you added ...? which does denote a calm tone/(edit 2)A question but it can be easily misinterpreted so please try to rephrase the way you say things. EDIT - also yo if you read fast like I was before.. completely didnt see the ....? part so is beary easy to misunderstands Like yo it was pretty easy to see why both sides were getting irritated as I usually try to see things though the other persons perspective but yo it took me time to actually denote those messages and as this is the internet who rly got time to do that.
  3. Oh nice you helped me as well with that aptitude on Ignatius
  4. Anyone have a Ignatius with Aptitude?
  5. When is the best time to recruit children as they scale by how far you are in the story? Would their overall stats be somewhat better if you got them later than early due to rng stats gains/Lunatic mode static stat gain?
  6. So how does hit rate and critical's work in this game? I noticed when I was playing on Lunatic mode that if you had the weapon advantage hit rate of enemy attacks would drastically be lower but if they had the advantage hit rate would be pretty high. I also noticed enemys have a higher chance to get a critical hit if your in attack formation which I am not sure why...(if I fought alone crt % would be say 2% but if I had a partner to help attack it was 5%)
  7. Ah thats alright, If you happen to change it back to Rend Heaven I'll just visit when the day limit is over. Also the skill that she had on instead of Rend Heaven was Aether if you wanted to know.
  8. Seems I was a tad too slow as you have already replaced rend heaven lol.
  9. Anyone have a midori with Rend Heaven?
  10. Castle Address - 09363-59567-78313-97334 Skills Silas - Elbow Room, Quick Draw , SwordFaire, Trample, Luna Sophie - Quick Draw, Elbow Room, Aptitude, Luna, SwordFaire Selena - Trample, Vantage, Death Blow, Sol, SwordFaire Kaze - Trample, LockTouch, Armored Blow, Astra, Death Blow Midori - Salvage Blow, Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude, Profiteer, Darting Blow Corrin - Lifetaker, Astra, Draconic Hex, SwordFaire, Nobilility Felicia - Astra, Insipiration, Live to Serve, Demoiselle, Shurikenfaire Azura - Insipiring Song, Voice of Peace, Movement +1, Amaterasu, Pavise Niles - Trample, BowFaire, LockTouch, Lucky Seven, Movement +1 Elise - Demoiselle, Live to Serve, TomeFaire, Astra, Rally Resistance
  11. Do I have to escape before it turns to "x" turn or can I wait till its exactly "x" turn before I fail, meaning I get to do a turn on "x" turn.
  12. I noticed when I was defending against a group of ninjas with Steel shuriken (str -3 def - 4 res -4) and spear men with Seal defense (-6 def) that the dmg I took wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. As seal defense wears off in a single turn(which im assuming is on my turn) I am not sure if it had any effect so can someone tell me if Seal Defense and ninja stars stack or not?
  13. The description says it gives +3 eff speed but the actauly stats it gives is +1 speed, -1 def, and -1 res......so what does this mean then? EDIT: I think I get it now....Katanas naturally give those stats but the weapon itself gives + 3 speed without showing it on the stats
  14. Which mode should I pick? I would also like to know if they made Lunatic mode less bs after Awakening as I remember it was just plain stupid, literally Robin and Chrom soloed entire game. EDIT: I really should have made this in the Fire Emblem Fates post...my bad.
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