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  1. Shame 😞 I'm probably just going to imagine it's the same VA since it seems like that was their original intention lol
  2. Yeah Cristina Vee was the voice of Edelgard originally. Is it confirmed that she's the singer? Her name isn't in the credits anywhere, and she was removed from the cast for breaking her NDA. You'd think they'd replace her singing voice too instead of just changing her name in the credits.
  3. I assumed it was Edelgard's VA ever since the first reveal trailer (it even sounds like her), but I can't find confirmation of that in the credits. I hope that's the case, but does anyone know for sure?
  4. So I'm sure we all know that Azura (Rena Strober) sang the theme song for Fire Emblem Fates "Lost in Thoughts All Alone", and that Silque (Bonnie Gordon) sang the theme song for Fire Emblem Echoes "The Heritors of Arcadia". Do we know who sang the theme song for Fire Emblem Three Houses (Edge of Dawn)? The credits say "Caro (Being)" which seems like an odd name, and Buttercup for the English Vocals. I'm not seeing a either name in the cast list. Did they get a random singer instead of choosing someone from the cast? It seems that way, but I'll be pretty disappointed if that's indeed the case. Thanks!
  5. Got it, thank you! Still looking for Nina with Swordfaire if anyone has that :)
  6. Does anyone have: - Nina with SwordFaire - Felicia with Shurikenfaire? Thank you in advance! :)
  7. Does anyone have Nina with SwordFaire? Thank you! Edit: Apologies, I think I may have posted this in the wrong forum. But I don't think I can delete my post? Sorry!
  8. This is the first time we have a 100% chance to receive a 5 star and I want to choose the best one. Who do you think I should choose?
  9. I've used all but 300 of my flags. Should I save them for future rounds? I'm assuming after we complete our flag quests, the only way to get more is the 5 daily bonuses?
  10. Apologies, I went on a trip a few days after posting and wasn't able to see your post until now. Would you mind putting Sophie with Swordfaire back up? I just visited your castle so I should be able to swing by again tomorrow. Thank you!
  11. I definitely need range and magic would help wonders with armored units. I now have a 4 star Robin as well. You think he'd be the better unit to upgrade over Tharja and Cecilia? It'd be double blue, but at this point I'm probably looking at doubling a color anyway. Only reason I would consider Cecilia instead is because she has more movement. Jeorge was another consideration since he adds range and and an advantage against fliers. It's such a tough decision because It'll be ages before I save up enough feathers again. You ultimately recommend Robin though? How do you find out their boon and bane? My 4 star Cordelia is AMAZING but I wouldn't have any magic/range attackers if I upgraded her. Might have to save her as a replacement for Ephraim down the road. Would my newly acquired Robin be the best option at this point?
  12. I've been lucky enough to get a 5 star Ephraim, Minerva, and Lucina. Therefore I have 1 of every color except grey in 5 star. I originally planned to upgrade Tharja, Nowi, Roy, Cecila, or Cordelia before I got my 5 stars but now I feel like I should upgrade a colorless unit to round out my team. Unfortunately the only color 4 star units I have are Setsuna, Sakura, Matthew, or Jeorge. Should I upgrade one of them? Or upgrade one of the better units I have to 5 star regardless of their color?
  13. Does anyone have Sophie with Swordfaire? Thank you!
  14. I know! Her voice is different from Fates, and way worse. She's my best blue unit but I hate hearing her talk...
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