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  1. Sakura's Strength is pretty much abysmal to begin with and her Magic stat with the Amp Attribute at Lvl 107 comes off near 144 while her Luck is around 130+, which still punches very good holes into Tome users even without Lethality kicking in if Topsy-Turvy is attributed. Additionally, just healing isn't enough as the Great Festival has a max of 5-7 uses and Recover has at most 10-12 uses and if you don't switch to your healer to take out the Strong enemies around them, you'll use up all the charges your Rod/Staff has leaving you in a rather unwanted condition. I didn't unlock the Critical Focus attribute yet for some odd reason. I also don't really rely on Tiki for rather tedious missions as her damage outside of Awakening is rather bad and even with Galeforce, there will be a few times where you'll exit out of Awakening Mode and it becomes annoying when you need to move only for the delay of Awakening ending and there's nothing you can do so cancel out the ending sequence animation (in general). I naturally prefer Awakening as even while the damage boost isn't as much as Lone Wolf, I tend to keep it up unless I feel it just slows me down (I normally rely on Warrior Specials for most scenarios). It does work wonders on Tiki where the two make her stronger than most other units who only rely on one of the two skills. I had Armored Blow since the enemy Manaketes tend to have more super armor than usual and being knocked aside from a distance while closing the distance gap isn't fun and the Shadow enemies never flinch meaning that with Armored Blow, you're not going to get knocked out of a combo before you can land your Strong Attacks unless you're almost always in Awakening Mode. The only Armored enemies are the Shadow Fredericks from Wave 2, otherwise you get a lot of Fliers and a lot of Dragons. Sakura had Dracoslayer so I could keep the villager at the top section of the map safe (as it gets swarmed with Manaketes all the time and by Wave 2, 3-4 Shadow Tikis show up) while I used Lyn to keep the other two villagers safe. Mountslayer on Sakura isn't really needed either for this particular mission as the only enemies that are affected are once again, the Shadow Fredericks but they all have crappy Res meaning that she punches huge holes in them from the get-go. I normally give Lyn the Draco/Plateslayer duo attribute for any mission but this one mission had me alter her attributes slightly for a one-time use. Well, insight on how to improve one's capabilities in any game is helpful, so I thank you for offering your time and advice.
  2. Hello I am back yet again, after who-knows-how-long I was gone since I can't seem to remember when I was last here on Forums commenting/responding. With the Awakening DLC batch released not too long ago we get a few new challenges along with the Level Cap of 150. While I'm willing to make another topic about describing characters and what skill crests (Boost) as well as weapon attributes work for them but that's for later. However there is one new type of mission in History Mode that really got me really annoyed, bordering on rage after some time. Escort the Villagers. Yep, it's not that hard...until you have to do Caravan Dancer's mission for the Falchion's Opus and said mission has a Difficulty Setting of 117. Now, at first this might not seem like a big deal as you'll most likely have some pretty strong units who can chop through hoards. However, there are at least three waves before you can relax and all three aren't too kind if you didn't think first before hitting the 'Start Mission' option. It's basic at first, then you get three Summoners who will continuously spawn Shadows of some familiar characters until all of them are defeated, while you already have Shadow Freddy Bears coming after one of your villagers. Shortly after the Summoners appear, you have three Onmyojis that show up and spam long range lightning that start to heavily damage your other deployed character and all three villagers at the same time forcing you to work fast to defeat them as well or suffer a nearly unavoidable game over. Then you get three Priests who will attempt to heal any enemy units that they can get to, meaning that if those above mentioned Summoners, Shaows and Onmyojis are still present, you have a a storm of enemies coming at you. If you can get past them, you have more fliers, Ryujins/Manaketes, alongside some more Shadows for the remaining two enemy waves so you get little relaxation. Then you get Camilla and Co. showing up at the end. The mission to get the Falchion Opus will put you at your limit or make you work above it if you can't keep up. Honestly to me, this one mission is harder than the Story Mode itself and almost all of the other History Mode quests as you only have two units at your disposal against a lot of enemies not long after the mission begins. It took me a lot of work after five consecutive failures, the last one as a result of losing a villager just a few seconds before the mission would have been a success. I ended up resorting to using... Level 106 Blade Lord Lyn w/Divine Favor Sol Katti (Rainstorm/Amped/Wingslayer/Strong VI); Skills: Luna/Awakening/Astra/Armored Blow/Lethality/Galeforce Level 107 Priestess Sakura w/Divine Favor Spellbane Yumi (Rainstorm/Amped/Dracoslayer/Strong VI/Topsy-Turvy); Skills: Luna/Awakening/Astra/Live-to-Serve/Galeforce/Lethality I unlocked all the Offensive and Boost Crests and a majority of the Defensive Skill Crests unlocked and still found it hard. I nearly lost Lyn on three seperate occasions and almost lost Sakura during a heated up Dragon rush when I was using Lyn to remove all the Shadow Fliers assaulting two of the other villagers. Had I lost Sakura, I would have lost seven times in a row.
  3. It's still pretty much the same as back in Fates. Ryoma had one of the highest non-statue affected Strength Stats for a supporting main character and here he again has one of the highest Strength stats but not the highest. His strength was higher than Xander yet pretty much close to being near Camilla's. You can't really complain about some characters having higher stats than their class since Fire Emblem has traditionally had such traits for a long time. In that case, Frederick should by all means have the highest Strength and Defense (he does have the highest Defense of all playable units so far) of all playable characters as the Great Knight class has had that tradition for quite some time on top of his Guardian Knight promotion having the dead highest HP and Defense but having what could be said the worst Luck and Resistance to prevent him from being the greatest tank. However Camilla has the highest Strength of all promoted level capped units, being 106. What makes Robin's Strength stat useless is that while he can use it to bypass enemy Tome-Users (he can simply have Wingslayer to get rid of the Sky/Pegasus class line without needing Topsy-Turvy) as he has a pretty great Strength Stat, is that said stat was mainly used for his ability to use swords in his own game, which he can't use at all. Celica's rather perfectly tied stats (Strength/Magic, Skill/Speed and Defense/Resistance) resembles how she performs in Echoes, being an attacker (both physical and magical) while being a supporting healer as well. Likewise, Corrin has a pretty great Magic Stat yet while she can use Staves (which oddly she shouldn't be able to use as a Nohr Noble) she can't use 'Stones' (which she could use no matter what in Fates) or Tomes (one of the three weapons she could use as a Nohr Noble). Really, stats are the least reasonable case to be changed as their are other things that are apparently off. Most of the unique weapons that had additional effects are removed (Parallel and Exalted Falchion lack the HP recovery, Raijinto and Siegfried lack their innate Strength (Raijinto) and Defense (Siegfried) boosts and only Ryoma has a ranged attack that he can use normally while Xander's is only during his Dual Special and Awakening Mode finisher when his duration ends, Spellbane Yumi doesn't do extra damage to Tome-Users...). Also, Anna's base class uses the wrong weapon as the Trickster class should be using Swords, not Bows. Lucina's alt costume (Bride) doesn't alter her weapon of choice (she's still locked to Swords only). The list can go on but I'm not going to bother making a page long explanation. *Yawns* What would be nicer is that instead of having stats increase with an increased Level cap (the stats of promoted units at Level 99 are already good enough as anything more basically 'destroys' any possible challenge a CPU could provide as the Crests provide additional buffs), is that the non-inherent attributes on weapons were upgraded. Ex. Tiki's Strong 4 attribute on her Brave Stone got buffed to do some more damage if she were Level 110 whereas at Level 99, the attribute remains the same without being boosted.
  4. I don't know what everyone's thoughts for how History Mode was hard (as everyone most likely had different barriers that required at least one extra attempt), but the only challenges that made me come close to deleting my two save files (which are 100% as of now), were the Timed Attack (Bows-Only), Invisible Ties Axe-Only mission (seriously, just about every enemy is a Sword-User for the most part and by that point we only have three Axe-Users and some of the enemies gun for the Ally Base as their top priority) or the mission on 'Together to the End' where you had to defeat Iago with the restriction of only being healed inside an ally base (gosh, a pretty big map with Summoners (only two thankfully), Rally Commanders and Priests (who'll continuously show up until all the Shadows and Summoners are removed) and the two long-range spamming Sages who bombard your Ally base). How would something of a challenge like adding elements of the Arena into a non-Arena History Mission for a Map outside of missions that unlock Anna? After clearing all non-generic enemies you have to clear every other enemy and enemy base before the next wave of enemies show up with at least 3 waves having increasing difficulty as they are cleared, it makes the game a bit closer to Apotheosis (and honestly, this is how the maps involving getting Anna operate and so far there's only five missions that feature this right now) but at least it isn't the basic bread and butter missions that each Map generally has.
  5. 'Questionable' Stat Choices, as in stat caps? Some users have at least one stat that didn't need to go above one point (Freddy has no need for Luck or Resistance and those are his two lowest stats while Takumi's Magic Stat is completely pointless as it maxes out at 3) and if this is what you're aiming at, I can agree. Tome-Users generally need no Strength (it becomes pointless as with Topsy-Turvy, you can't really defeat any enemy without a bonus damage attribute. Any melee character who can't use staves shouldn't really need to have a Magic Stat that goes above 5 points (thank you Takumi for clearing that point up). There's no point dumping boosts into increased stats as once a promoted character hits Level 70, they are capable of defeating generic enemies in little time and the only reason to level up further is to be able to defeat named characters quicker. There's the Antitriangle to reverse the weapon advantage/disadvantage for you and bonus damage to overcome other barriers. For characters who's primary attack stat is completely pathetic when compared to the other offensive stat (Lissa and Sakura who have higher Magic compared to Strength), there's the Topsy-Turvy attribute despite it meaning that your damage is reduced based on your opponent's Resistance stat and the only enemies that you'll struggle to defeat at that point are Tome-Users. If your statement is mainly centered on why some characters have higher stats than they normally should, that's out of our range of understanding unless we were all to look at how class stats were since FE came out. What would be needed more than alterations to stats is giving each character a completely separate or unique moveset so we don't just have a bunch of carbon copies that aren't needed (outside of showing who comes from what game and really, at least the main series for the Warrior franchise kept true to this for the most part). Rowan/Lianna, Chrom/Lucina, Frederick/Xander (they share a few similar default attacks), Ryoma/Owain, Anna/Sakura/Takumi/Niles (all who are most likely going to share the same basic moveset), Lyn/Navarre, Marth/Celica and Leo/Elise. With the upcoming DLC packs, I'm most likely guessing that Azura and Oboro are going to share the same basic moveset (both being ground Lance-users) and Robin is going to share his basic moveset with Linda and Tharja, Camilla/Minerva meaning that the only two who might be completely different from the rest being Tiki and Olivia (possibly). I'm surprised that the Bridal costume for Lucina didn't change her designated weapon of choice to Lance or Bow. Hopefully the three new History Maps add some more diversity or challenges to the game outside of the 'adding more characters' content. That's naturally how History Maps function, early missions are relatively easy but after you clear the map the first time the difficulty gradually goes up. Or perhaps after clearing a map (non-Story Mode) there's the option to have the ability to replay that map from the start but have the difficulty level be the same as the last mission you finished (which would be the one required to clear the Map initially). There are ways to mess up the weakness of being lower leveled compared to the enemies yet still get challenged by how cheap the AI can act.
  6. That's understandable and I'm not holding anything against your line of reason. The particular reason why my units were above Lvl 80 by the time I finished one of Anna's missions was due to how ridiculously hard/annoying I found some of the Scroll missions were before hand. For me, I found Corrin's Yato Scroll and Hinoka's Hinoka Spear Scroll to be a pain in the neck because of either very annoying Generals knocking you out of attacks (I didn't unlock Tiki's Armored Blow skill by that point) and facing Lvl 62+ promoted enemy units (named characters) (I didn't use bonus attributes and I was never able to reach the required 2k kill count on time with any units before I had at least a few viable Lvl 80s after several failures to get the S-Rank) or having to deal with a lot of equally powerful enemies in the arena (for Hinoka's quest). For everyone else, I was able to use Lvl 60-70 units after simply scouting the map during battle preparations to make sure that my other unit could score enough kills without my help. I'm also aware that as of a general analysis, not everyone has patience to do what others can do and not everyone needs to do so. If my response to you and everyone else is deemed as being boastful and too forceful, I can and will remove it if asked. I've also run damage specs based on how much damage my units were doing against each regular enemy during the Invisible Ties Anna mission and I wasn't too impressed compared to how I did normally on normal missions. I had to tell myself that if my results were this bad compared to my The Path is Yours Anna mission (where I had less issues), then I was still screwed up.
  7. The only unit who actually was seriously overblown was Lissa, who did more damage than my Lianna on average (not helped that Lissa has more Strength than Lianna) against the same types of enemies. I also didn't boost the passive crests that reduce damage past the third stage, so the level gap between my units and the enemies didn't mean much when I was taking a lot of damage off the bat during the mission. I nearly lost Chrom when I sent him to clear the upper left forts and my Robin took nearly 40% damage upon fighting 3 Swordmasters at once not long after the fighting began. If my units were as too over-prepared as what I think you mean, I should have been able to KO any non-Lance enemy Fort Commander in one Stun Combo with my Lianna which never happened (my Chrom came close though). Also, weapon power doesn't factor into your NPC Character Allies (as in units that you set during battle preparation that you can command but can't use) so the only things that made a difference was the bonus damage and stats that they had. Overkill isn't an issue in Warrior games, better to be over-prepared than underprepared if you are unsure about the scenario. I'm already paranoid that encountering Enemy Anna made me remember how harsh Secret Route Apotheosis was with all the Snipers and Zerkers running around with Dragonskin, Hawkeye, Luna+, and Counter (that also activated on their turn).
  8. I would recommend Lvl 99 promoted units with either True Power Uniques or Base 240 Braves for any Anna mission as the enemies take considerable less damage overall unless you hit them for bonus damage. While Awakening's is easily one of the easier options (as it is perhaps the easiest thanks to Anna showing up early on not later when you're focusing on other enemies) as you have more units (bar Together to the End which allows all but Celica), Anna shows up not long after you clear the two forts on the bottom left and right corner of the maps. She's Lvl 80-85 and fully promoted as an enemy, she has a Lvl 80 General and a Lvl 80 Swordmaster with her. If you dawdle for too long, she'll summon her sisters to make your life a complete mess so have one of your playable characters reach her then use that character to defeat her quickly. She's not too hard, her HP and Defense is fairly low so any physical attacker can best her, you can potentially 2-HKO her with someone like Rowan/Lianna or Chrom/Lucina while in Awakening if you have Awakening, Astra and Luna equipped. Validar also isn't that hard either, with a paired up duo at Lvl 99 with either True Power or a Brave of 240 without penalties can knock him below 60% HP from full in one hit. Keep Lissa at base though, enemies that target it are generally Lance-Users like Generals and Falcon Knights. I also wouldn't opt for Cordelia or Frederick since there are a fairly good number of Snipers and Sages near most of the upper forts. Defeat all the required designated enemies to reveal the Sage who's creating a Wall of Darkness shielding Validar, then defeat that Sage but be wary that during this time, enemies will be targeting both Ally NPC Chrom and the Ally Base once again. Once Validar is disposed of, get one playable character to the left side of the map and two other playable characters to where Ally NPC Chrom and where the lower right base is, as you'll get three Shadow Robin's spawning there. The Shadows take some time even in Awakening and they can easily take over a base in a few minutes or less. Once all three are removed, Female Robin shows up. She isn't a particular threat (read Validar's entry). On the side note, enemy Tome and Sword users will target Chrom not long after the mission starts so... I went with Lvl 99 Promoted... Playable: Lianna (240 Brave no penalty with Recover): Awakening/Astra/Luna/Sol/Armored Blow/Aegis Chrom (True Power Falchion with Plateslayer and Dragonslayer): Astra/Luna/Pavise Lissa (240 Brave/Topsy-Turvy no penalty with Recover): Astra/Luna/Skill +10/Live to Serve Robin (240 Brave/penalty due to Wingslayer and Beastslayer): Awakening/Astra/Luna/Sol/Skill +10/Def +10 Allies: Lucina, Rowan
  9. Going from how Anna's missions are, they are perhaps the hardest missions since Secret Path Apotheosis (Awakening) and Lunatic/Classic Conquest (in general once you get past Chapter 11). Together to the End and Invisible Ties aren't something to look down on, seems to me that the more units available, the harder things become later on at least in my opinion. The Path Is Yours is a Pincer Escape, meaning that while you get stuck with three units on the initial run (as you'll get Anna after completing at least one of her missions), you aren't under as much stress. The mission is to eliminate Ryoma and Xander (both are Lvl 88 and are a High Prince and Crown Prince respectfully), the other two major units that are present are Sakura and Elise (Lvl 88 High Priestess and Lvl 88 Strategist). Mountslayer helps with the Nohrian duo and I would highly recommend maxing out the 'Fang' Crest (aka Chip Damage against guarding enemies) line to be completed due to how often enemies protect themselves. True Power weapons are easily the best if not 240 base power Brave Weapons with Mountslayer to help remove Xander when the time comes. Of course, considering the name of the mission, Wingslayer might come in handy as there are surely more than what meets the eye. Skill-wise, Awakening and Astra are highly of use, Luna is a fine option for the twins as they can combo with more ease than Corrin can. Additional skills that are handy are Live to Serve (as your main three can heal others which heals them), Trample (most enemies aren't mounted or flyers and every bit of extra damage helps) and Armored Blow (prevents enemies from interrupting your attacks). Judging from Palla and Catria's dialogue in Echoes when you first meet them (but can't recruit)...sometime either before or during Alm and Celica's adventures in Valentia, Palla, Catria and Est were traveling across Alm and Celica's homeland. During the trio's travels, Est was captured leading to the two older sisters searching throughout Valentia for their younger sister during which they meet Celica during her journeys. The Whitewings are indeed from Archanea, however the Whitewings and Celica we have in Echoes aren't from the original timelines where Marth and Celica come from (Echoes being a remake of Gaiden and being somewhat of a similar-different timeline within the universe). Echoes can be said to be Pre-Awakening, as we actually encounter Grima before the First Exalt slayed it (and temporarily put it down). The Marth, Caeda and Tiki in Warriors all originate from Shadow Dragon (possibly by their appearances look far more updated from the original game), while Celica comes from Echoes (appearance, voice and all). Assuming that the Awakening cast already knows about the Outrealm Gates thanks to the Anna from their own timeline (after all Anna shows up basically everywhere bar Gaiden/Echoes), those from Awakening might think that they're encountering the same Marth, Caeda and Tiki from back then. They might not even know that they're encountering a completely different Marth, Caeda and Tiki. Additionally, the Outrealm Gates in Awakening are accessed fairly early in-game sometime after visiting Fort Ferox for the first time which is before we get Cordelia, meaning that there's the chance that the Awakening cast might have already stumbled across legendary figures from other timelines/universes and simply struggle to distinguish the Marth, Caeda and Tiki that are currently with them from the same three that they've encountered in the Outrealm Worlds. Frederick makes it rather clear that the Marth that helped save them not too long ago might come from an era before he officially earned the title, 'Hero-King'. This is different as for those from Fates, the Outrealm Gates are accessible after the path split...and unfortunately, the Fates cast got dragged into Warriors before the path split even occurred so they don't know who everyone else is (after all we barely got to do anything before the path split in Fates).
  10. Corrin's specialty is taking on enemies 1-v-1 as they lack a lot of attacks that effectively hit mobs but most of their C finishers hit hard and they have at most 3 C finishers that proc the Stun Gauge against anything that isn't a Lance-user (or anything that can't be stunned regularly). Their C5 shatters the enemy's guard on the final hit and if it hits anything that isn't guarding, does great damage against anything in the hitbox without sending anyone flying. The normal attack chain is their only reliable distance attack but it sends anyone hit flying backwards a bit on the final blow so that's pretty ugly. I'm also guessing that Anna is only playable after her mission is completed as otherwise she's a NPC ally (like how we have an NPC Ally Chrom in Invisible Ties). So we're stuck with a Lvl 80-90 NPC Anna who might just get herself killed as we lack the ability to give her commands (her AI in Awakening as an NPC Other unit was ok given the conditions but in Fates her recruitment chapter was pretty annoying early on with so many enemies and she could only take two hits at most before going down.) So far the only thing that an extended Level cap would help for given the current status of FE:W is for Anna's mission as every other mission in History Mode can be completed with units who aren't even Lvl 80. It's entirely possible to clear Together to the End (including the Distortions) with promoted units below Lvl 70 despite your damage not being as high as desired (compared to being Lvl 99). Even then, having an extended level cap just for five missions (which only one is needed to be done) to get one particular character isn't enough. There has to be more of a logical conclusion for increasing an already perfectly fine level cap than just to have 'stronger' units. A higher level cap would be nice, as I've said before, if there was an in-game reason to train every character available. If the game had more than just a few chapters where certain characters (outside of the story-important beginners) are forced to be used that would add some incentive to use those who aren't easy to use. Your earlier post about character max stats is kind of...unusual. Complaining about how some characters have higher stats than others isn't uncommon as FE doesn't really follow who has what. Ryoma has the second highest Strength stat in-game so far at 105, only slightly higher than Takumi's 102 and being below Camilla's 106. Lyn's Strength isn't even higher than these three, even Chrom and Frederick who have their Strength at 100 are higher. Lyn's stats follow the traditional Swordmaster, decently high Strength with very high Skill/Speed with decent HP/Luck with everything else being average or trash (oddly she has one more point in Defense to Ryoma's one more point in Resistance).
  11. Try using weapons that have either Plateslayer or Mountslayer and using said weapons against an enemy Frederick. Anna's Missions... Invisible Ties: No Restrictions; Awakening Heroes + Rowan/Lianna. The Path Is Yours: No Restrictions; Corrin, Rowan/Lianna, Anna The Dark Pontifex: No Restrictions; Marth, Caeda, Rowan/Lianna, Robin, Leo, Anna Noble Lady of Caelin: No Restrictions; Rowan/Lianna, Chrom, Robin, Anna Together to the End: No Restrictions; Within the heart (whatever that means)...everyone bar Celica. The Path Is Yours is barely harder than Noble Lady of Caelin which adds in one extra character to use, meanwhile Together to the End only restricts Celica as unusable. Anna says that her rules don't follow normal regulations.
  12. It would be easier for Chrom's version to be the 'Exalted' as it comes from Awakening, not Shadow Dragon though. In a game sense for FE, the Lucina we use is Chrom's daughter, just not the present timeline Chrom (she's the future's Chrom's daughter). Until there's a family tree showing where in the Marth's family does Chrom's parents show up, there's really nothing proving that Marth is Chrom's ancestor. Lesser extent to Caeda as it only applies to her when she and Marth are married together as until then, there's no way that the Awakening cast has any relationship to her (as in Chrom, Lucina, Lissa and Owain). It's like saying that Priam is Ike's descendant despite there being little to no evidence to back it up other than the two sharing the love of eating meat and both using Ragnell. The Falchion issue would be even more annoying if Alm was added as he also uses 'Falchion' later on in the games.
  13. FE:W removes most of the 'harshness' on gaining levels if only due to how simple the Training Grounds work. Once Invisible Ties is unlocked, the Lvl 20 Timed Assault can be abused to get units to at least Lvl 70 if one has the patience. Combine that with selling any weapons not needed results in the leveling issue being not so much of a problem. The Lvl 61-63 Timed Assault after the map is completed allows one to get units to max their levels out since you'll most likely have gained access to Silver Weapons if not Braves which often net good amounts of gold over a few runs if they have a full 6 slots and most of them are already full although there are some 'hurdles' in the path. Increasing the level cap would be better if the Training Grounds had more of a restriction to avoid being easy picking, maybe if it were accessible after every playable character in the main story at least was unlocked or you could only use it to level up a set number of units after each mission. FE:W is one of the easier 'Warrior' games that was released so some mechanics would need to be tweaked to avoid making the game more of a challenge while making it less challenging. Yes, grinding is a pain (and always shall be in the FE universe for those who really dislike doing so) but if there was some sort of reason in-game to require players to do so that could help. Such as some maps post-game can only be accessed once every character that one has are at least at a certain level would mean that even the less-used characters would have to be used. Some classes have dual bonus weaknesses. Mounted units are anything but flyers. Frederick is on a mount and is also treated as an Armored unit, giving him two bonus weaknesses to Plateslayer and Mountslayer (on top of his general weakness to Tomes thanks to his crappy Resistance). Camilla has a dual weakness, one to Bows/Wingslayer (as she's a flyer) and another to Dragonslayer (thanks to her flying mount). That's what I find odd when I look at the usable units on Anna's missions. Unlike every other mission that has a restriction to a certain game's characters, those missions twist the actual use of who can be used. Closest example is when a mission says 'Fates Heroes' but only allows the use of Corrin out of them all whereas in Invisible Ties, it says 'Awakening Heroes' and allows the use of what can be said the entire cast. I'm rather unusual for mounts in this case as while I really don't like using anything mounted (Freddy and Xander are hard to control as they hit fast but move too much, Camilla hits too slow, Leo and Elise alongside Camilla don't really gain much on their Awakening Gauge, and the aerial trio are like Camilla but trade being 'slow' for being a bit too fast and the aerial Knights main use is their C6 command), they are of use on Anna's missions where the maps tend to be very huge. Given the possibility of enemy Rally Commanders, Sages/Sorcerers who spam long-distance lightning which is a pain to avoid (your ally units take a crap ton of damage on higher difficulties so healing everyone is hard) or create Shadows, enemy units trying to regroup (which on large maps is a hassle to prevent), or simply trying reach the objective without losing too much time, anything non-mounted (both ground and air mounts) will struggle to prevent most of those conditions. At least anything that could be considered 'mounted' by ground or air terms can reach the enemy unit in question and if paired up properly, complete that objective by defeating the enemy. This is the issue when you lack such units due to restrictions. Said final boss isn't really hard compared to everything else being thrown at you. In the Main Story where you fought it for real, you had two Sages bombarding your entire team with long-range magic and that easily takes a heavy toll within a minute on top of Shadow enemies who soak up a lot of damage before going down. The dragon isn't even a pain by that point. On the two History Maps that feature it, everything prior to the final boss is harder than the final opponent itself for the most part. Increasing the level cap past Lvl 99 would, again but for a different reason than I listed above, be nicer if the game tossed out enemies who are harder to defeat who were at least Lvl 90 (I'm talking about general enemies not those who have names) however the only Lvl 90+ enemies are those on Anna's missions so outside of repeating those missions (unless any upcoming updates have maps where the enemy levels are higher than Lvl 80), increasing the level cap would make the game easier than it is (and FE:W is overall easier than most other FE games even when playing the same difficulty and mode as you would on other FE games and is perhaps the easiest 'Warrior' game). The other issue is that for anything non-History Mode, your ally units (those you can't control or command) are at set levels and those levels never change even on higher difficulties. The increase in max level caps would result in stronger enemies who could create a 'Game Over' faster than anyone would want, especially problematic on missions where an Ally Commander or Ally Fort Commander (Base) suffers from a heavy disadvantage to most of the enemy forces and is lower leveled than the enemies in general.
  14. That would be 100% correct if the Outrealm Gates weren't a thing in the FE universe considering how Awakening, Fates and apparently Heroes toyed with events. The Awakening cast aren't necessarily 'descendants' of Marth and Caeda as the Falchion that Chrom and Lucina each use aren't the 'same' as Marth's. For some reason the creators gave Marth's Falchion the name 'Exalted' despite that being the fully powered version of Chrom's weapon. Well, stat spread is unusual for everyone. Lords in general tend to have some stats that are higher than other classes that usually have higher stats than the Lords do in those same areas. The most general case shown is that Swordmasters are in general faster than Lords, but here we have two half-cases in the situation of Ryoma and Lyn who are treated with movesets closer to Swordmasters but are logically much closer to being Lord-class characters as their promoted classes are more or less treated as unique 'Lords'.
  15. I don't really see the need for bringing the level cap in general any higher than Lvl 99 considering that if you want any extra damage, there are bonus attributes that can make anything that has a weakness to a particular attribute look like a normal enemy. Even the damage reduction on other enemies isn't that big of a deal when using a weapon who's max power is at 240 as the drop to what I think is 185-195 as a penalty isn't a huge deal (unique weapons with True Power unlocked don't suffer the power drop but still do less damage to enemies who aren't weak to any added bonus attributes). Like others who responded, there are consequences that come with the added benefit of having an increased level cap...such as enemies who are higher leveled and are often times way too strong even when the gap in difficulty says otherwise. I wouldn't say the game having '99 chapters at the least' is particularly wanted as the traditional FE games in the main series have at least 25 chapters (including endgame) with some actually being quite agonizing to finish without losses due to bonus exp. being limited on receiving to only after the chapter is completed the while Warriors only had at most 21 chapters and had an easy way to 'cheat' the difficulty via Training Grounds as you could get gold by selling weapons so you could over-level your units before the endgame even struck. Anna's mission is at default, a Lvl 80 however all the enemies are at least Lvl 90 with the named enemies being at Lvl 93 at the beginning. This means that even with Lvl 99 promoted units, the mission is no cakewalk, especially if your doing Invisible Ties, The Dark Pontifex, Noble Lady of Caelin or Together to the End. The former only has two mounted units (one who hates magic and has two weaknesses one to Plateslayer and the other to Mountslayer and the other hates bows and anything with Wingslayer), one healer and two strong units who aren't really walled on either the physical or magic side (the twins are also you're other viable units). Robin faces stiff competition as one of the beginning enemies is a Lvl 93 Validar and a number of enemies pack high Resistance. The second gives you three units outside of the twins (I think Leo and Robin are added as they are replacing two of the 'would be characters' so there might be five units outside the twins) and your choices are much more strict as Tiki's usage isn't as good and your main powerhouse is Marth and some enemies shrug off Tomes rather quickly. Noble Lady of Caelin gives you Lyn, Chrom, Marth and Robin and I believe Caeda as well including the twins. While this gives you a balanced branch (Marth/Lyn for mob killing and Chrom for bossing), you only have one healer not including the twins (if Caeda is added) and said healer is your only mounted unit who can reach objectives that are in danger but can die quickly to bows or to anything with Wingslayer. The last one isn't recommended as your only ally I believe is Celica. The Path Is Yours is the best since outside of the twins you have five mounted units (Hinoka, Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise) and the two elder Nohrians are also tanks who hit hard but are hard to control. You have three healers (Hinoka, Sakura and Elise) and three ridiculously powerful hitters (Ryoma, Corrin and Takumi). Of course Dragonslayer spells death for Corrin and Mountslayer will eliminate three of your units (Xander, Leo and Elise) while Wingslayer kills two of them (Hinoka and Camilla).
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