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  1. Mignogna's creepy behavior with underage female fans has been well-known and documented for years, so as far as I'm concerned any of the flak he's getting for it now is long overdue. I'd imagine the homophobia accusations stem from a few infamous incidents where he spoke out against people doing same-sex fanart and fanfiction of his characters, to the point where he once put words in the mouths of the creators of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle, saying that they had told him that the character he voiced was straight even though it's CLAMP and their usage of LGBT themes and characters is well known.
  2. Altria is the face of the Fate series, she has been since the series started, and no one else in FGO has anywhere near the number of versions she does, with the most being Liz at 4/5. Also, as pointed out, each version of her is treated and written as a different character, or at least the same character at a different point of her life - original is her in her prime, Lily is her before she became the heroic king of Britain, Lancetoria is older and wiser her from another universe, MHX and by extension MHXX are actual jokes, and the Alters are all separate characters too; the only straight fanservice only variant of regular Altria is Summer Altria. Camilla is literally just the same character released over and over with nothing changing except the amount of clothes she wears, and she's far from being the face of the series. That's also not getting into how most Altria variants bring something different to the table gameplay wise while Camilla is always flying and often ranged, or how Altria's alts have been spread over three years while Camilla's have been crammed into a year and a half or so span, or how "Saberfaces" are both still seperate, unique characters with their own merits while again Camilla is just the same person released over and over. Second, this sort of alt saturation is actually pretty uncommon among gachas, especially the bigger ones. Altria is the exception rather than the rule in FGO, with most characters that do have multiple versions having 2-4 versions at most. GBF is fairly evenly spread in its alts as well, as is Dragalia. Camilla's physical counterpart, Narmaya, in GBF has all of three versions. The only gacha I know of that have comparable alt saturation are Dragon Ball Z ones. Also I'd like to point out that a( we know Camilla isn't making them oodles of money anymore because Adrift happened and yet November was one of the lowest grossing months in the game so far according to independent reports and b( this Camilla is free so she doesn't even make them money.
  3. Yes and no? The difficulty of TMS is definitely a good primer for SMT games' general difficulty but SMT's tone is drastically darker and more bleak.
  4. To quote myself from a previous thread on the topic: That thread was about an FE3 format for the two, but it applies to any form of them being connected together.
  5. Chrom gives natural access to Archer by default.
  6. Eyyy, Lucina! I'm very pleased with their choice this time, Lucina hasn't gotten an alt in a while and all of her previous versions have sort of slid downwards in usefulness, so I appreciate them giving her this leg version. I do find it funny that Lucina Emblem is 3/5ths blues. Agreed 100%. Yamada knocked it out of the park yet again.
  7. I rate pretty much every event in terms of how much free stuff it gives out, the ease of acquiring said stuff, and such. From best to worst: 1. Tempest Trial+: Same rewards with half the grinding time, and thus the best event. 2. Voting Gauntlet: I actually likes multipliers because it means there's the potential for interesting match-ups and wins instead of the same boring characters that IntSys refuses to retire winning all the time (and as a tangent, I have no idea why people want a straight popularity contest and thus the same winners all the time which sounds insufferably boring, outside of wanting feathers). There's no real grind which is nice too. I do wish there was a system in place that would balance the color of your allies, though. 3. Grand Conquest: I find Rival Domains-style gameplay to be pretty boring overall since it's just normal combat but with more units, but since GC has actual good rewards and you can just use 8 spears and autobattle it that means the grind is minimal, which means GC itself is pretty high up on the list for me. 4: Forging Bonds: TT but you need to get four different scores and also the rewards are pretty mediocre (1 orb per character? yeah no). The grind makes this pretty unbearable and the idea of support conversations is nice in theory but a( was given to Awakening characters who don't need more supports and b( is just an excuse for more player butt-kissing. 5: Tap battle. What a pointless and content-free mode. The rewards are okay but being a mediocre rhythm game with stages that go on for too long kills it for me. The only real benefit is that if you wait a couple days it's not super-grindy. 6: OG Tempest Trials. Thank goodness these are gone because boy were they obnoxious.
  8. Saber: Marth, as he is the only one with a long enough time gap in-series to justify him actually being a Saber Lancer: Oboro, her tragic backstory makes her a perfect fit for Lancer Archer: Beck, as any projectile weapon qualifies for Archer and a ballista is more impressive Rider: shitpost answer is Corrin because of the other "Riding" qualification actual answer is Sigurd because being a rider can be just as much about leading an army as it is riding a horse Caster: Literally anyone, thanks for being the actual dumping ground of Servant classes, Caster Assassin: Jaffar, because he's an actual assassin and not one just in FE class Berserker: Muarim, as he's one of the few characters in the series that actually had something akin to a berserker rage Ruler: No one, since no FE character is a Catholic saint Avenger: Rutger Moon Cancer: No one, since no one in FE is BB Alter-Ego: Anankos, because of the whole splitting himself thing Foreigner: Lyon, because the Demon King is the closest thing the series has to an Elder God
  9. According to the notes, both the modifier and the friendship drop rate-up change every six hours. But unless the multiplier hits at least the double digits, I can't see it being much help.
  10. While I try to temper my expectations and be positive about new things, this mode is pretty bad. It's basically the old style of TT, except the rewards are worse, the stamina cost is obscene, and the nature of it makes it impossible to do with any sort of efficiency. This and the arena changes are just two of the many things that have made me realize that IntSys never had any real idea of how to sustain Heroes in the long term and how unprepared they are to keep it going now that it's become so profitable.
  11. Given the pattern that's gone so far, it's more likely that Hrid will be Wind unless they throw us for a loop, so I'd imagine he'll be Wind/Def if anything. Apparently they need to make the reds as boring as possible. At least Hrid can potentially get a weapon with cool effects unlike Ike and Ryoma just using the weapons from their normal forms.
  12. If Hrid is a legendary hero, he'll probably be August's since that's the next one where a red is most likely going to happen, as Ike comes back in September and Ryoma is July's red leg hero. This month...I dunno. It could be Awakening related but I doubt it.
  13. By that logic, the new banner could just as well be FE7 related, since we're also getting the Lucius and Raven BHB revival shortly before the new banner. Not to mention what Ice Dragon said about it being the exception, not the rule. Also, considering that we haven't gotten an actual Hoshido banner and we just had a Fates banner fairly recently, a Nohr banner would be ridiculously out of place.
  14. Hinoka's was a revival and the Hector and Matthew BHB didn't start until after the Leg Banner had passed.
  15. Doubtful. BHBs rarely ever have any connection to concurrent banners and the GHB re-runs have fixed order dependent on the order they ran so Fallen Takumi would be this month regardless of whom was on the banner.
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