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  1. Nope. Besides a series as large as fire emblem wouldn't need that anyway. There's tons of 30-40 hour fully voiced visual novels on the switch and those don't have nearly as much sales (15-20k at most) so a series like fire emblem which has well over 3 million sales in their most recent game has no reason to cut corners on that either. Just get a bigger budget. You can afford it.
  2. Personally from the fire emblem remakes, I liked new mystery the most. It added new maps, new plot points and story, an avatar, improved the gameplay, and more characters. It's basically just expanding on the world, story, and gameplay, while keeping most of what's already there. I want more remakes like New Mystery.
  3. I wouldn't trust myself not getting critted so I'll just stay on the healer line and get that sweet sweet miracle skill (God knows I need it, haha get it? A faith magic user, god......I'm sorry) Monk>Priest>Bishop>Gremory is probably a path I would take. If a healing class is not allowed because I'd know everything is fictional and would have little sincere faith, an Archer would work fine aswell and I'd probably go Fighter>Priest (I REALLY need that miracle skill)>Archer> Sniper and then maybe bow knight. Magical bows anyone? A spell list of Heal, Nosferatu, Physic, Rescue (I'll rescue you against your will if it looks like someone is gonna attack me x.x, you're protecting me no matter what) would probably be fine for me
  4. I'd say get Birthright if you want something chill, Conquest if you want a challenge, and Revelations if you're really into babymaking
  5. Beat New Mystery in a Gordin Solo run with a 20/20 Gordin at the end with all stats capped (except magic and res)
  6. No it's fake. Stat caps are a myth. The chance of reaching them is as likely as jumping from an airplane, your parachute malfunctioning, and then falling on top of a Pregnant Panda in Siberia and the both of you coming out of the incident unscathed.
  7. I don't see what's wrong with fanservice. Just because you may not be the intended audience for it doesn't mean it's bad. I don't care about the overabuncance of tits myself, but just because I don't, doesn't mean that I should claim it's garbage and ruining the game. Just let other people have nice things. Besides, fanservice in FE has almost always been a thing (Lyn crit animation anyone?), and many other games have it aswell. Just look past it, be happy for the people who like it, and wait for fanservice geared towards your taste instead (Resplendent Gordin who doesn't look like a shota IS please! Give me that fanservice! I want him to look like he did in new mystery T_T)
  8. Banned because you should channel your inner Gordin, overcome that fear, and Shoot them all down.
  9. I don't like Cute girls. Instead I've fallen heads over heels for Gordin ❤❤❤❤
  10. Fallen Edelgard doesn't let them all go! But maaaaars
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