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  1. Apparently some users reported this happening to some retail versions as well. Be careful!
  2. Basicly what the title says. You first pick a favourite character from the 3 listed above and then name a Fire Emblem character of your own. To get it started I'll put 3 characters here, but all after me should just list one! Lachesis Ashe Boyd
  3. I want to murder your family and then bring them back to life for them to become my own family
  4. Give up on my previous attempt on setting Ryan up on a date, and instead hypnotize the dragon to fall in love with him
  5. Extrememy overly religious people are sad because porn Fire emblem has good Husbando's~
  6. Convenience stores are great I agree Dimitri is the most popular 3 houses character~
  7. By making the battle of gronder field a fog of war map like it should've been~ The story even says that it's really foggy and that's part of the reason it's chaotic in 2 of the routes. WHY is this not a thing
  8. Not saying Eirika is the best unit ever but that's a really shitty arguement and a bad comparison. Personal experience means crap. You could have 90% growths in every stat and still not get any stat ups for 10 levels. Comparing Eirika to Seth is also really unfair, especially since they have different roles. EVERYONE is meh compared to Seth, so saying someone is worse than seth doesn't make them overrated.
  9. Anna just has her special merchant lotions and masks and stuff to look young forever I suppose
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