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  1. Because it's a song fitting for people who get ninja'd Why is Gordin the most attractive man in all of Fire Emblem - Lmao I got Ninja'd too
  2. Not the question but you are so of culture it's amazing - Because the name fits perfectly if you pair her with Gordin Why do I want an fe12 remake where you can s support Gordin
  3. Yuki Sohma because he needs a waifu after Kyo stole his
  4. Tbh I would totally say that and I would 100% marry myself. Emmeryn's corpse is my waifu and I'm proud!
  5. Granted, people can no longer view you as an arrogant bastard, because they can now longer view you at all. You are now an invisible spirit. I wish for a new haikyuu game for the switch
  6. Cath joins at 5 but for the sake of being fair let's let cath be about 15
  7. At Serra's promotion ceremony to congratulate her for finally getting promoted, an intruder is spotted, singing a very familiar tune.... Lalalalalalala lalalalalalala lalalalalalalalala lalalalalalalalala..... It's Cath! Serra, being upset that Cath would intrude at her party and sing her song, challenges cath to a duel with her newfound tomeusing powers. Who would win?
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