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  1. Granted. Now you are a Camilla Fanboy and the only character you ever care about is Camilla. As such, you don't engage in fates bashing as you praise it for it's "deep' characters. I wish Warriors 2 would get announced soon
  2. Banned for being boring and only saying "banned" every time you post in this topic
  3. Holy Knight Ashe. Cool af and he finally reaches his dream of becoming a knight!
  4. All you'd need is a green wig and then Leo would fall for you instantly then. Marrying into the royal family: Successful
  5. The story isn't that bad Imo. We had stuff like it in 3 houses with child experimentation and literal genocide. And fe4's story is literally about how incest caused the 2nd coming of satan to appear. No glorifying incest in fe4. Y'all are just weak and can't read.
  6. Realistic Answer: Fire Emblem warriors 2 What I would like most but isn't realistic thanks to shitty sales sadly T_T: Tms 2
  7. If we are getting a remake next, it'll probably release around christmas 2021, if we're getting a brand new game, christmas 2022
  8. An avatar would be cool but only if they get murdered in Belhalla. I don't want the avatar to survive that ruins the entire massacre. I don't give a crap about new players being disthrought. MURDER THE AVATAR IN BELHALLA.
  9. Banned for being the most boring person ever and not giving a reason
  10. It's the same as the AI in fe7 and fe8, you're just imagining things.
  11. "YOU MUST PAY FOR YOUR BETRAYAL." Rhea summons Takumi and he oneshots you with his Skadi and then ends up massacaring the Entire Empire. I made Sakura a furry and let her marry Kaden.
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