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  1. A baked golden deer Wyr go to the Sauna with Ashe or Caspar?
  2. Sylvain is an S- on pretty much every route. He can be recruited for free if you're female, gets an OP lance in like chapter 5 and leatns swift strike
  3. I think they'll probably go like Byleth (Sword, Unique) Edelgard (Armor Axe, Unique) Dimitri (Infantry Lance, Unique) Claude (Wyvern Bow, Unique) Hubert (Infantry Mage) Felix (Infantry Sword, Either copies Navarre or unique) Hilda (Infantry Axe, Unique) Ferdinand/Bernadetta (New Lance Paladin/Unique Bow Cav) Sylvain (Paladin, Same moveset as Ferdinand) Lysithea (Infantry Mage, same as hubert) Rhea (Sword, Unique) Seteth (Lance Wyvern, Unique) Boss: Solon (Mage, to fit the other mage bosses in the game, copies Validar and the like) With as Dlc Ferdinand/Bernadetta (The one not in base game) Dedue (Armor Lance, Unique) Marianne (Magic based sword unit, Unique)
  4. I would actually really like a Fire Emblem Art Academy. We could draw characters to weapons to cipher art in the advanced classes. Not to mention maybe drawing important moments in the series like Ike's battle against the Black Knight
  5. Apparently this is going to be the last costume released in dlc according to Japanese twitter :(. That sucks. Wish we got a few more for everyone
  6. Have a short one that is very physical WYR be a soldier of Nordion under Eldigan or be a general of Grannvale under Julius?
  7. Yeah Stat manipulation is a thing but it's just way more trouble than it's worth than just getting Athos to crit. With Athos you don't need the entire game to plan it out. You can do it the chapter he joins with not much effort. The exp you even spend on Eliwood is better used on others but that's beside the point
  8. Getting Athos to crit is waaaay more reliable and easy than getting Eliwood to max one of his stats
  9. ...She's not only super strong and OP while dual wielding some of the world's strongest and heaviest blades, she's also hot. Count me sold.
  10. Whichever one that'll make the ending a full version of the song Dorothea sings about Edelgard in their C support in the Crimson flower route. If they did CF and did not use that as the ending I'd be dissappointed
  11. Apparently some users reported this happening to some retail versions as well. Be careful!
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