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  1. Don't let her go, and kill her, no matter what a certain blue haired lord might say.
  2. I voted for Camilla! She's make an amazing teacher! I want her to teach me how to make an entire community salty by just existing
  3. Thinks Camilla's boobs caused the Titanic to sink
  4. Fire emblem 3 houses: Felix Fire emblem warriors: Owain Animal crossing New Horizons: Bunnie
  5. I prefer female because it just fits better storywise. You can't tell me SS final cutscene works better with Mbyleth for example.
  6. Since they've finished up co-working on 3H, and don't seem to have picked up too many projects since, do you think it's possible for them to be working already on Warriors 2 for a 2021 release? Or are they still too busy?
  7. The "But we'll keep that a secret for now" things in the interview really does make me wonder if we're gonna get a pre/mid/sequel or something focussing on claude after the war (since he pretty much always returns to almyra in every route unless you off him in CF). A definitive edition in like 5 years would also be very much liked by me. I'm really excited about the implications, really!
  8. While Yuri makes a better dancer, he does also make a good trickster with foul play and all. The Canto+1mov really helps foul play
  9. I don't think FE Warriors is going to happen. Zelda never got a Hyrule warriors 2.
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