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  1. I have stumbled onto this issue as well. With the repeating scenes and all. I assume after chapter 25 my game is irreversibly borked, and there's no way to progress past Morse Tower. Does anyone maybe got a save file around chapters 25-30 (before Morse Tower)?
  2. Are there any cheats to assist a semi-casual player? I'm very interested in this game, but don't want to subject myself to the brutal challenge. I don't want to remove all the challenge, though, by making the heroes immortal or something. A bit of a challenge is fine. Could anyone help me out?
  3. My team is getting utterly destroyed. I don't have Hector or any other knights, and any of the other heroes I use to bait is killed no matter what. Whoever designed this battle should be shot in the face.
  4. Does it matter if I level the second one before merging? Is the stat bonus always the same?
  5. Rolled a second 5-star Camilla, should I send her home or merge with the first one? Will she gain any extra stats that way?
  6. Hey, just a quick question. Are we done with DLC releases or is there more to come? I suppose people familiar with JP Fates would know.
  7. Much obliged. It's a shame we'll never know for sure if Yamauchi actually said this. Although, considering the man's many eccentricies, I suppose it wouldn't be impossible for him to declare something of the sort.
  8. I think the phrase in question was meant to convey a different message.
  9. Hello, Serenes Forest. I am hoping you might be able to help me clear up a certain matter. I vaguely recall stumbling upon a peculiar bit of info on old Fire Emblem forums. Apparently, some person of influence at Nintendo (probably some producer or something) at some point said that Fire Emblem games lack numbers in the titles because numbering is for nerds. Or something of the sort. This was a really, really long time, so I am unable to reproduce the quote in its entirety. I am wondering if this quote is real or did someone just made it up. Also, even if it's real, whom does it belong to, really? Perhaps some of the Fire Emblem veterans who frequent this site remember where this bit originated from.
  10. Holy crap. Thanks a ton. Now I only lack FE3 saves.
  11. Thanks, Celice. Ideally, I'd like to show some of the later battles as well, but at least I've got something.
  12. Indeed, there's a lot of pictures there, but their quality is rather poor. Why the heck would anyone store NES screenshots in a heavily-compressed JPEG format is beyond my understanding. GIF and PNG are ideal since NES can't display more than 256 colors anyway. So, unfortunately, I can't use those.
  13. Saves on Grandbell are for the final battles. Showing those in the introductory article seems wrong to me. As for FE1 saves - yeah, I'd like to check them out.
  14. Thanks to Celice, I have plenty of screens from FE Gaiden. I still need both FE1 and FE3, though.
  15. Yes, I'm still looking for them. Any saves at all would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Uh, thanks. Not sure what FFTF is, though.

  17. Maxed out stats is not a very good thing, but I can probably photoshop them to look, er-r, not so maxed out. Gimme everything you've got. Oh, and thanks.
  18. Greetings. I am in the process of making an article on Fire Emblem, and I am facing a predicament in that I lack the means to make screenshots of the first three entries in the series. Perhaps some of the FE veterans that frequent these message boards would be so kind as to provide me with appropriate savefiles? Ideally, I'd like to screenshot some of the middle to late missions (as long as it's not the last one). Showing the very first battles would be lame, but I just can't bring myself to replay these games. As much as I love FE4+, the earlier ones, in my opinion, haven't aged all that well. So, yeah, I could really use those saves. Sorry for such a blatant request.
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