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  1. Thank you for using the cheat code. During my time of making cheat codes the purpose was only to break the game for fun, since the game has more content than TRS. I didn't expect a 2 players usage. Now that is interesting. You can workaround by using a dummy playable character. He will be the last turn and he cannot move. Now you can move anyone else as you please. The turn only end if all playable characters finished their move(s) And everyone else. Sorry for not helping the hacking activities. I was putting my full focus on my job. Just to let you know. Due to the complex nature of the video game and modding scene I cannot go on and continue the work on this. It is a pity that I didn't get the kind of activity while I was still hacking. And thank guys
  2. I probably will never have time to make a new version out of this due to my carrer/life choice So I'll give instruction in case anyone want to improve on this work Relevant expertise is to know how to use cheat tool like ArtMoney or Cheat Engine on a PS1 emulator on PC Anyways if you don't have the exp, the process to search for an address is: 1. Scan for a value 2. Change the value in game 3. Filter for the changed value 4. Repeat until you have the address you want Knowing C is a plus, but if you don't know C programming language you can do trial and errors. It will be a time-consuming process. Step 1: When you load the versus save, go to the place to manage party. Step 2: To hack a character open the stat window of the character you want to hack and search for '4 bytes Integer' value, using this formula to find the address: - (First Slot Weapon ID) + (First Slot Weapon Durability * 256) for example if the character's inventory is: - Weapon 1. Luna | 30 2. Iron Sword | 50 3. <empty> 4. <empty> - Item 1. Fruit | 3 2. <empty> 3. <empty> 4. <empty> The first weapon slot is Luna with a durability of 30, and Lunar weapon ID is 25 So you should scan for: 25 + (30 * 256) => 7705 (4 bytes Integer Values) Step 3: Make a save state Step 4: You probably will get multiple results, for each of the value try replacing with '7681', 2 case will happen: - Case 4.1: if your character first weapon changed into an 'Slim Sword' with durability '30'. This is the correct address. Proceed to step 5 - Case 4.2: if your character first weapon didn't change, restore it back to the original value because you changed the weapon for other characters, when in doubt reload the save state from Step 3 and try again Step 5: When you get the chracters' base address in RAM, you need a Calculator with Programmers mode, to do the math in HEX mode (base 16), so let's suppose the character base address is 0098AA8, if you add 4 it will make 009BAAC, because human counts from 0 to 9 in base10, but in base16, we count from 0 to 16, with 10=A, 11=B, 12=C, 13=D, 14=E, 15=F Let's call the base address BASEADDR [Character structure] - Character avatar: BASEADDR - 3 (3 byte int) => see character.txt for existing character avatar => value from 0-16777216, but not all is used, trial and errors is needed to get correct avatar => a value of 0 means no avatar, it means that the character's portrait will be generic solder based on their existing class => however you cannot make a non-portrait characters a leader because you will get a Broken Save on saving - Character gender: BASEADDR - 8 (1 byte int) there are only 2 values, 1 for male and 1 for female, you can extract it from the available characters - Character name: BASEADDR - 4 (1 byte int) => value from 0-255, see character.txt for existing character name ID - Character class: BASEADDR + 3D (1 byte int) (if not working try subtract 3D) => value from 0-255, see character.txt for existing character name ID => please note that the class affects the stat - Character stat: BASEADDR - 18 (8 bytes value) => all of character stats like attack, def, magic, however they are not stored in 0-256 range format, they use something like C bitfields to store all of the stat in 8 bytes range, so 1 byte might contain data for multiple stat fields This is the most tricky part of the hack, what I'll do is to apply Step 2 but when the character is in Battle/Gameplay Mode, get the character base address, hacking the items to be the Stat Boost potion, making them all 99, then boost the stat up to the desired value using the in game Potion, then copy the value of that character stat as reference (also making sure the current HP matches the max HP). - Character skill: BASEADDR - 10 (8 bytes value) Hacking the skill is not as hard as you might expect, there are 8 bytes, which means there are 64 bits, and each bits contains 1 skill, so example: - Skill ID 1: 1 - Skill ID 2: 2 - Skill ID 3: 4 - Skill ID 4: 8 - Skill ID 5: 16 - Skill ID 6: 32 - Skill ID 7: 64 - Skill ID 8: 128 - Skill ID 9: 256 => Skill ID N: 2^N ... So if I want my character to have Skill 1 and Skill 2, I will simply add them up: 1 + 2 = 3 It's been a long time and I forgot the skill ID, Skill 1 and Skill 2 refers to the HP Stealing and the 5 Attacks Skill, they are always the same so it would be nice if someone could document them - First weapon: BASEADDR (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256) - Second weapon: BASEADDR + 4 (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256) - Third weapon: BASEADDR + 8 (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256) - Fourth weapon: BASEADDR + C (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256) - First Item: BASEADDR + 10 (4 byte int) => (don't know if this is correct, but should be nearby the weapon address), same formula as Weapon - Second Item: BASEADDR + 14 (4 byte int) => (should be first item + 4) - Third Item: BASEADDR + 18 (4 byte int) => (should be first item + 8 ) - Fourth Item: BASEADDR + 1C (4 byte int) => (should be first item + C) Step 6: Once you are satisfied with your edit, make a save Step 7: Go to party placement menu and scan from top to bottom, make sure when you pass through (ex: hack coverage) all the characters, the game won't crash. if the game crash then start from previous save Always make backup of the saves before to prevent this issue Step 8: Then repeat with the next character. The old save is still available for download. Here are some ideas: - There is no bow user in this save, unless you mount Barca - There are a lot of soldier class unused - Making each country has its own commander and soldier class - 5/6 NPCs are not in there ... Good luck
  3. This is a xdelta patch for Tearing Saga which you can use to change the skill formula for some skill in Tearing Saga: For example: Sol, Luna, Terra, Draco, Tiamat,... or any skill which has the formula: * Chance% = (User Skill - Enemy Skill)% to * Chance% = User Skill % Reason for disabling it: 1.This mean you will have a character with high skill and your opponent must be of lower skill than you. Usually most of the time you can just finish him without any skill 2. This mean you can't make a cool VS Battle with characters already have Max Skill 25 with each other. Since ( 25 - 25 )% = 0% don't expect to have any exciting battle when 2 Skill Masters are fighting each other 3. Users' skill should be dependent on himself only like other FE games. 4. Those skills are used to showcase a character's fighting style. It is useless if they can't use it against an enemy that is the same level as them - Xdelta patch link: (apply to Tearing Saga BIN file, see Aethin's patch topic on how to apply xdelta file to image) http://www.mediafire.com/file/9h4p4smomhh3irz/TRS-skill-formula-patch.xdelta/file * I tested them in game. It doesn't mean the characters will execute skill all the time. The game is still enjoyable with the new formula.
  4. This is the tricks that I have found while playing Tearing Saga. You can perform it at anytime but you'll probably fail unless you do it after clearing map 19. You can get rare weapons, spears, axes and magic spells but you can't get rare bows. Here is how you do it: (I will try my best to minimize spoiler) * Recommend step: You should recruit the bishop and Plum before completing Map 2 because you are given a staff that can halve damage by 50%. Or else your chance of restarting the game is very high. But it's optional. *** Important: Don't trade Yuni to Runan's group in the first part. There is no good reason to any way, she can't fight and will be killed by the enemies easily. *** (In your first control of Holmes) In Map 15, let Attrom visit the house near the Inn that looks like a church to recruit Lyria. You must do this before reaching the next map but before Map 16. You will be given a staff that increases STR by 10. - Step 1: After you are taken control of Holmes' group the second time. Go to the Zombie Swamp and train Yuni (the female thief) to level 30. She has good Speed, and Luck, but her STR can't increase (It is 1 in my case). So the staff is a must for her to be able to defeat someone in combat. Here is my stat: STR 1 - MAG 11 SKL 20 - LUCK 17 SPD 25 - WLV 12 DEF 1 * Why use Yuni? Because she has the Steal skill that can take an item or a weapon from an enemy. * You can buy the Gladiator skill for Yuni in the same place you recruit Lyria for 8000G. - Step 2: Go to the map when there are 4 archers and you are given an option to use your allies as shopkeepers. Put Lyria and Yuni into your team. You can put Xeno in too. Put Yuni in the arena and put Katri and Xeno near her so that she can gain the Critical Hit Support Bonus. * It is recommeded that you put someone in the item shop. Because you can buy the Repair Hammer at a cheaper price. - Step 3: Use the STR+10 staff on Yuni and choose the highest hitting weapon you might have currently. I chose the Scimitar then the Steel Sword. If you have the 1/2 damage halves wand, use it on her too! You can try buying her shield to boost her weak DEFs. - Step 4: Go to the arena and fight. At first pick someone with a low class such as Sword Knight, Axe Knight, Lance Knight, Chief,... and defeats them. If you are lucky she will steal a weapon from him/her after you succeed. ( Marchen can steal all enemies' weapon upon defeat, but his growth is the worst and he isn't allowed in arena.) Here are the following rare weapons you can still in the Arena: + Master/Brave Sword: 2x attack. If you stole this and Yuni's WLV is high enough (12), use this from now on as your Arena weapon + Master/Brave Spear: 2x attack + Master/Brave Axe: 2x attack + Wardblade: Raide MDEF by 8, has slow use. It's not useful but you are not able to get that one often + Silver Sword/ Spear/ Axe: This one is useful to steal but the opponent will 1 hit Yuni unless she has the 1/2 damage stat bonus. + Levin Sword: You can use this one and Mel's MAG+8 staff combo but you can't bring Roger to Runan's team if you do that. + Shield Sword: Randomly increase DEF on his + Shield Axes: Always increase DEF + 10 on his + Swordbreaker + Killer Axes/ Sword: +20 Critical + Thoron Magic + Hellfire * If you are not leaving the map your stat bonus will not get reset. So it's the best way to get those rare weapon as early as chapter 20. * Alternatively, use Repair Hammer on the weapon. If you gets at least 51 kill it will be added CRT hit to your weapon. But at CRT+49 stop, make a save. If you get a red star, restart because the character might kill himself in the attack. If you get a green start, good. With this you can farm item from the arena easier. Good luck
  5. Wow you guys have figured out almost everything that I want to answer. Check the first post, I have added the new hack that can allow the capture of anyone.
  6. I was inactive because my family is having problem right now. To change equipment you open the character's inventory like you did in the picture and put a breakpoint at 0x0017C590 and s2 is the inventory address.In battle it will always works. In menus (outside battle) you have to trade your item with another character to get the right address.
  7. In that case, it is better for me to make a new game and make some bucks out of it instead of spending all times on editing a game that is copyrighted.
  8. Cool.Berwick Saga is one of my favorite games.Thanks you for doing this.
  9. What does you mean by finding out something? Here is a video of a Gigas Knight in action:
  10. Here is the King's class weapon skill cap
  11. I have hacked Volcens into the game, many thanks to @Aethin and @Emperor Hardin .I wonder if there is any way to easily hack the portrait of a person you want because I have to go through 300 values just to get Volcens' portrait You can download my hacked save here. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xn43x9shj6wnri4/Berwick Saga Hacked Save game.7z - This has Weiss, Chaos and Volcens all playable.Volcens is given low level.
  12. Thanks you very much, I was making a list like this for items and classes. This will make my job easier.
  13. But first I will have to go through 255 values to check for the class there.It will take a while.I have made video about the class ID as I figure out the class About the save I already made one save at Chapter 3 that has Chaos and Weiss permanently recruited into party.Once I found out about the two class you mentioned I will add them to the save for sure.
  14. I have likely lost all saves of Berwick Saga, even if I still have them it is the last stage's save so it will not be useful.I have a save of chapter 3 and chapter 2 Just made a cheat code to save every turn. Useful for cheaters who want to reload the RNG that save state can't do. I just noticed game will delete the banned weapon like poison arrow from the player's inventory so I made a cheat code to prevent that.
  15. I can do generic ,I just need the save for the sake of stat accuracy.About Richard he can have a horse if you take control of him using my Controllable Enemies code. I have made a test to make Chaos and Weiss fight each other. You can take a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Acp-T-YRrg&feature=youtu.be
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