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  1. Have you played any Harvest Moon games before? If yes, who are your favourite Harvest Moon characters?
  2. Beyond epic! I love how they chose the best of Kirby's Return to Dream Land's soundtrack, how well they remixed the songs, and how smoothly they transitioned from one song to another!! 10/10 You can stop at 2:25 for the below video:
  3. I actually burst out laughing while watching the video, despite how disturbing it is.
  4. What are some of your biggest pet peeves? Ooh, that's a tough one. I feel like it'd either be Ratatoing (for the "evil scheme" scene and the epic running cat scenes) or What's Up? Balloon to the Rescue for its general overall humour. It's more than okay by me. I mean, I feel like the "ninja-ing exception clause" is widely considered acceptable in most "Above Poster" Forum Games threads, and I feel like responses from ninja'd posts should also be considered acceptable.
  5. Pretty epic, especially with the choir in the background. 8/10 For the below video, you can stop at the 2:30 mark: F-Zero Maximum Velocity: Tenth Zone East
  6. That was very random and enjoyable, especially the dabbing with flying dislocated arms part. It's supposed to be really funny, since he makes friends with an inanimate corn on the cob, and the song/video portrays the friendship in such a serious, deep, and emotional way. Anyways, here the video for the below poster to react to:
  7. Since you have a lot of anime-esque girls in your signature, what preferences do you have for girls, appearance-wise? (Eg: long straight hair, glasses, Asian, etc.) [Edit] That was actually directed towards twilitfalchion, but I guess it works for Sooks as well, except for the signature part. I essentially have go-to questions that I almost always resort to. Examples include -How have you been doing these days? -What have you been up to this past week/month? -How has work/university/college been? -Are there any upcoming events/releases (the latter meaning movie/TV show/video game releases) that you're looking forward to in the next couple of months? I usually let the conversation flow from there in terms of what they answer, and expanding upon their answers with more questions, even if it's me asking "so what do you do instead of watch TV series?" or "what are your plans once you're done your university term?"
  8. What are your real life friends like, hobbies/personality-wise? How often do you get to hang out with them or talk with them? No, actually. Even foods that are among my least favourite, such as pacbet (a dish with squash and shrimp combined) or moongo (I think that's how it's spelt, it's essentially mung beans with shrimp & fish) I'll eat without complaining (those are Filipino foods, in case you're wondering). My siblings and I were raised that way, I guess.
  9. I... guess it's cool. I'm sorry to say, as much as I want to give the video a chance and enjoy it as its own thing, it just exudes "PS1 era and onward Square" to me, which I utterly despise. There are some "PS1 era and onward Square" games that I enjoy, like Dissidia and the FF1-6 Advance remakes (and the PSP remakes for the ones that received them), but Final Fantasy XV/Versus XIII isn't one of them, as cool and flashy as the fight scenes in the video were.
  10. A pretty cool and upbeat theme song. I feel like it's kind of missing something, though. 7.75/10 For the below video, you can stop at the 2:00 mark.
  11. What is your favourite tragic death scene in movies/TV? (as in, a death scene of a character you like/care about, but you feel it was epically and respectfully implemented) If possible, do you have a youtube video of that death that you can link us to? Lust and anger are definitely on the top of my list. But lust beats out anger, due to my religious background and "everyday, typical" sins of lust having far more weight than "everyday, typical" sins of anger. Sure, I may have my lust far more in control than the average person, but with how high of standards Christianity has for purity, it's hard to choose being immune to anger, when being immune to lust would make me immensely closer to being an ideal Christian.
  12. A really peaceful and beautiful tune. It feels quite out of this world. 9.5/10 You can stop at the 2:10 mark for the below video.
  13. If you could be immune to any one of the seven capital sins (Eg: pride, lust, wrath), which one would you pick and why? You mean going by support conversations only, correct? I guess if I had to pick one, it'd be Chrom x Maribelle, since the conversations flow quite well and feel pretty natural, with the two of them knowing each other really well since childhood and the conversations don't seem too out of the blue. Ironically, I prefer Chrom x Sumia pairing-wise (mostly because the cutscenes heavily imply it to the point that it practically feels canon). Thanks.
  14. I like how deep, emotional, and nostalgic it sounds. 8.25/10
  15. Who are your top 3 favourite characters to use in Mario spinoff games? (Eg: Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Golf/Tennis/other sports) I... don't actually eat that many different kinds of burgers (despite my family having burgers every Sunday). I guess an angus beef cheeseburger with mustard and onions is what comes off the top of my mind.
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