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  1. What a silly general... For the below video, 0:00-1:57:
  2. So I was really surprised that there's no threads on the Pokemon Arceus leaks, and all the juicy new info that was revealed. I was wondering if it's just because I was the first one to get around to making the thread, or if we're avoiding talking about it to not get in trouble with Game Freak/Nintendo. Can anyone answer this question for me? As much as I want to talk about specifics on the new info, I'll refrain for now until I get a definitive answer on if it's okay or not.
  3. The video was over 4 minutes and without a specified time span, but I still listened to the full song. It was quite enjoyable, though it's not exactly my cup of tea, in terms of rock music that I like. I'd still personally rate it above average as far as rock songs go.
  4. Have you ever had phases in your life where you do research on a topic, just out of fun or plain curiosity/boredom? (it doesn't count if you've researched something out of personality self-improvement or school/career related purposes, since there's a clear reason and purpose as to why you've researched it. Also, researching specific video game/TV show/movie series don't count) Even if it's watching a bunch of youtube videos to learn more about a certain topic, that counts. Also, feel free to share findings of your research in this thread. For me, I was into researching edible wild mushrooms almost a decade ago. Sadly, I never got to a point where I could accurately and correctly identify which mushrooms were poisonous and which were edible. I was hoping to reach a point where I could actually distinguish between edible and poisonous mushrooms in real life and safely forage them. I really needed an expert/veteran mushroom hunter for that, which were hard to find where I live. More recently, I've been researching unintentionally creepy children's show characters. It's a really intriguing topic, since it shows just how the littlest touches in a character design can make a well-intentioned character design look terrifying. Some of the gems I've found in my research include the following:
  5. What are some interesting facts/quirks about you that your family/close friends would know about you, that online people wouldn't? (Eg: you never make direct eye contact with people when you talk to them, at restaurants you generally order food you've never tried out before, you always wake up late on weekends due to staying up the night before, etc.) Video game music, definitely. I've lately been listening to a lot of Kirby, namely C-R-O-W-N-E-D and Moonstruck Blossom. Though aside from video game music, I listen to Vitas, meme music, and whatever you classify this as. Yeah, if you don't count video game music as a real genre, my music tastes are pretty hard to classify.
  6. Hilarious and epic stuff!! I can't believe it's over 10 years old and it hasn't even reached a million views yet!
  7. What characters are you hoping will make it into Fire Emblem Heroes that haven't been in it already? For this question's purposes, you can list characters that don't have a standard version of themself in the game (Eg: Elice only has a paired version of herself in the game, but not a standard solo version). I didn't know I could have my member title be completely removed by leaving it empty at the time. A single hyphen was the most neutral looking member title that I could think of back then.
  8. The co-op gameplay reveal has really won me over, and has heavily increased my likelihood of getting the game. Hopefully, I'll be able to get one of my friends/siblings to set aside enough time for me to play the game with them fully. I do wish it was Gooey as the 2nd player though, even if it means him not being able to copy abilities and him being stuck with the tongue whip, fireball, and such. I've always felt Kirby and Gooey were really good "similar yet different" partners, in the same vein as Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, and Sonic and Tails. I like Bandana Waddle Dee and all, but he doesn't really have as nice a partner dynamic as the examples I listed above. Wow, you and your brother sure are lucky with the timing of the game's release!! That's sure going to make for one epic birthday celebration. The closest thing I've ever got to something like that was Vega being revealed for Street Fighter V one day before my birthday (though to be fair, Vega is my most favourite Street Fighter character, so that was pretty big).
  9. It really brings back memories of studying Shakespeare in English class. Old Wil' sure had a confusing yet decorative way with words. For the below video, stick to 0:15-2:22: To give the video some context, the guys who made this video are a martial artist group with their own youtube channel, and they don't have the budget/resources that most movie or TV show producers do.
  10. Has anyone heard of or watched the TV series High Guardian Spice? If so, what do you think of it? What do you think drags down the TV series' quality the most? I'm really surprised no one's made a thread about this series on SF yet. Though with me creating the thread for it, I guess I have to post my opinion on it. Well... between the low quality animation with many errors (like that "random giant student" who walks behind his teacher), main characters who act unreasonably and unbelievably (eg: Maybe it has rabies!! Let's follow it!!), focusing screen time on the wrong things (like the 1st episode having way too much screen time on traveling to the academy, without even doing any world building), among many other issues, I can't say it's good, sorry to people who like the series. I do get a fair amount of unironic enjoyment from it, watching animation errors that most people missed and watching people tear the series apart in reviews. ...okay, maybe I should cut it out with the non-constructive criticism of the series. I'm actually really interested in hearing from people who like the series, and the reasons why they like it. I also want to hear from people who can get to the core of the biggest problems with the series, and suggest ways to improve the series and make it better.
  11. I've never watch any ani... Never mind. I stand corrected. Jokes aside, I did have a pretty huge anime phase around 2008-2010, watching Galaxy Angel and a few other anime series. Nowadays, I mostly just watch short clips of it on youtube, with Komi-San Can't Communicate being the main series I watch youtube clips of. And if you count it (which I don't), High Guardian Spice bashing/critiquing/review videos.
  12. I apologize. I shouldn't have been so snippy about your guest character suggestions, and at the very least I should've been nicer in telling you to steer away from posting guest characters for this thread. Guest characters in general just really frustrate me as a whole, especially with so many games these days focusing less on the original game's scope and more on which guest character will create the most hype/revenue, or which guest character will surprise people the most. (eg: Stars Wars characters showing up in Soul Calibur IV just to get Star Wars fans to buy it, Joker showing up in Mortal Kombat 11 to get sales from Batman fans, or Ninja Turtles showing up in Injustice 2 just because no one would've expected it) I suppose I can't do much to argue about the sales and money it brings in, but for fans of what the game series is originally supposed to be about, it's disappointing and feels like a betrayal to have the game image and game resources be directed away from what the game was originally supposed to be about. I mean, many people were angered over Joker making it in over Mileena in Mortal Kombat 11 (though she eventually made it in the latest DLC batch), or Mortal Kombat characters showing up in the Injustice games (especially with how Sub-Zero, Raiden, and Scorpion have showed up in 10-12 fighting games, while most iconic DC characters have only showed up in 2-3 fighting games). One of the things that personally bothers me the most about guest characters is that in most cases, they hype up characters that are already popular and well known, instead of giving lesser known characters (and franchises in some cases) a chance to shine and potentially grow popular. I mean, Fire Emblem very likely wouldn't have been released internationally and become popular if Nintendo didn't give Marth and Roy a chance to shine in Super Smash Bros. Melee, who were unknown to most of the world at the time. Pit in Brawl and Kid Icarus Uprising is also in a similar boat. I really wish game companies would put more spotlight on their obscure characters, help their characters' popularity grow, and by extension, help their franchises/game universes grow as a whole. In particular, Injustice 2 focusing more on guest characters than DC characters that could use the spotlight feels like such a waste of potential. You've got somewhat unpopular characters like Shazam, Stargirl, and White Canary with their own movies/TV shows, and they don't even bother to put them in Injustice 2 to boost popularity/interest in their movies/TV shows? (Shazam dying in Injustice 1 is no excuse, since they brought back Green Arrow and Joker despite both of them dying in Injustice 1 as well) DC characters outside of the Batman universe hardly get to be playable in video games as it is, and having a DC fighting game that barely scratches the surface of the DC Heroes/Villains library feels so disappointing and like such a waste. Although putting obscure Mario characters like Wart, Mouser, or Kamek in future Mario Kart/Mario spinoff games may not be as impactful as my Fire Emblem/Kid Icarus Uprising examples, it would still help the Mario series/universe grow as a whole; expanding the amount of characters the Mario series uses frequently, and having more characters be known and loved by the fanbase. I tried to think of characters that would fit this bill, though with my unfamiliarity with Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Odyssey and a fair amount of other Mario games, I thought I should turn to SF for help, hence this thread's creation. If anyone wants to continue with the "guest character beings good or bad" discussion, we should probably make a separate thread for that, since this thread is getting quite derailed. Again, I'm sorry for being harsh to you Lord_Brand. If you happen to have your old post saved, feel free to post it back if you're up for it. It was never my intention to have you delete your post, even if guest characters do frustrate me.
  13. No. I specifically made this thread so we could brainstorm and think of Mario characters that would be good candidates/choices for the Mario Kart/Mario spinoff games, not so people can suggest any and every guest characters they personally want in. With all the complaints of generic Mario enemies and baby/metal/fire/tanooki/cat/etc. versions of Mario characters being used as playable characters, I made this thread so we as a group could think of and list good candidates that could replace Mario characters that people complain about, from a character roster perspective (eg: many people complain about how there's 4 baby characters stealing roster slots in Mario Kart Wii). I was interested in seeing SF members dig deep into Mario lore and list Mario characters that they think should have the spotlight in Mario Kart/Mario spinoff games, and perhaps have new life breathed into them (like what Super Mario Odyssey did for Pauline or what Mario Tennis 64 did for Daisy). Luigi's Mansion/Yoshi/Donkey Kong/Wario universe characters are fine, since they have heavy ties to the Mario universe.
  14. What Mario characters do you think should show up more in Mario spinoff games? Or what Mario characters that haven't been playable yet in Mario spinoffs should be playable? Feel free to comment on the character picks of other SF members, so long as you're respectful about it. I'm particularly interested in hearing what characters I pick that you guys agree/disagree with, and why. For the former, I think Kamek, Nabbit, Toadsworth, Boom Boom, Pom Pom, King Bob-omb, and Pauline should show up more. None of them have even appeared in a mainline Mario Kart yet (though some of them showing up in Mario Kart Tour is a good start). Also, fun fact: in the beta stages of Mario Kart 64, Kamek was supposed to be playable, but was replaced by Donkey Kong (that wasn't a bad of a choice in my eyes, though Kamek still not being playable in a mainline Mario Kart title 6 games later is a bit ridiculous). For the latter, Wart, Mouser, and E. Gadd are definitely on the top of my list. I really think they'd have the potential to be fan favourite characters in Mario spinoff games, especially Wart. I suppose Triclyde, Fry Guy, and Clawgrip would also be cool additions to Mario spinoffs, but with their weird body structures, I can understand them being hard to animate and implement in Mario spinoffs (well, animating Fry Guy would likely be easy if they go with the "no hands" route). I'll admit, I've spent a bit too much time trying to figure out how Triclyde would ride a bike/motorcycle in Mario Kart games. At least Triclyde in a kart could work: with two heads steering and his tail on the pedal. I've also felt that Poochy and Polterpup could potentially make for good playable characters in Mario spinoffs, though with their body structure being really weird for Mario spinoff games, I don't blame people who disagree. I still think their body structure would work for Mario Kart games, for both karts and bikes. And if we really want to dig deep into Mario lore and find characters to use instead of generic enemies or baby/metal/fire/tanooki/cat/etc. versions of characters, there's: Tatanga (the Super Mario Land 1 final boss, and a boss in Super Mario Land 2) Foreman Spike (a rival/enemy in Wrecking Crew, who's confirmed to appear in the 2022 Mario Movie) Stanley (from Donkey Kong 3) Lakithunder (a boss from Super Mario Bros. DS. He's the only newcomer boss in that game with a body shape suited for Mario spinoffs.) Boss Sumo Bro (a boss from New Super Mario Bros. U and Paper Mario: The Origami King) Motley Bossblob (a boss from Super Mario 3D World. He's the only newcomer boss in that game with a body shape suited for Mario spinoffs, unless you're okay with Prince Bully and him having no hands) Burt the Bashful (he's technically a Yoshi boss, but he's a heavily prevalent one. Also, the Yoshi series is far more tied to/connected to the Mario universe than the Donkey Kong or Wario universe, with Bowser, Shy Guys, and Koopas playing a prevalent role in Yoshi games)
  15. Really epic stuff. The combination of violin, rock , and choir-like voices work beautifully. 9.5/10 13. Within the Giant Arrangement - DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT OST - YouTube
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