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  1. @twilitfalchion - Who are some of your favourite Marvel or DC superheroes that haven't shown up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe yet? I feel like RNG/luck is an inevitable in any kind of RPG/SRPG. And I'm okay with that, so long as percents and hit rates are high enough for basic things like weak/regular attacks and spells. FE6 levels of evasion/missing and healing staff accuracy from FE5 are cases where I draw the line. Wrong thread? I think you meant to post this in the "Something the above poster would never say" thread.
  2. Since you're into writing, what are some of the biggest fears you have in regards to what would happen after your work gets released to the public? For example, I'd be afraid of all the NSFW art people would make of my characters and people easily seeing through/correctly guessing upcoming plot twists and reveals despite my best attempts to be subtle about them. Morshu and his "Mmm" from the CD-I Zelda games. I don't find either of those two anywhere nearly as funny as everything else from the CD-I Zelda games, and I feel like there are other NPC that are far funnier and deserve more attention, like Ushrom, the Magic Cloak Lady, the Baker, Mayor Kravendish, and many others.
  3. What is your least favourite meme or online joke/reference? I guess I'll answer multiplayer, even though I haven't been able to play games multiplayer with friends/family for quite a while. The multiplayer experiences I did have in the past and the feeling of cooperatively defeating a level/boss together were way more epic and enjoyable than most of the single player experiences I've had.
  4. If you could be immune to any one of the 7 capital/deadly sins (eg: pride, anger, lust), which one would you pick and why? Honestly, it's not worth it unless you're unemployed and not in school and need something to do to pass the time while waiting for job application responses (that was the case for me around a year or so back). Even then, it's really frustrating in terms of the amount of spare time it eats up, the peace of mind it ruins, and having to deal with "leaderboard predators" who specifically/repeatedly attack you to lower your score/position and raise theirs. If I wasn't so high on the leaderboards already (#19 on the First Clears leaderboard and #25 on the World Record/speedrunning leaderboards) and if it wasn't for coronavirus making the majority of hobbies unavailable and the leaderboard upkeep giving me a lot of mileage out of one game with me not having to frequently buy games to keep myself not bored I likely would've quit a while ago.
  5. You get your wish and your sleeping habits are much more controlled and healthy, but you lose 2-3 hours per day more than usual due to you using that time to sleep. I wish that the Red Green Show and its jokes/inventions were more popular and more referenced online as memes.
  6. Pretty epic stuff. I really like the ambience and the warchant-like voices of the song. Jackie Chan Chinese Zodiac Fight Scene Clip - YouTube
  7. Piano tunes in general have an easier time hitting "that emotional chord" compared to other musical instruments. If one of your close friends wanted to undergo an operation because it'd kill off their capability to fall in love or have crushes and they'd never have to suffer romantic rejection/heartbreak, would you let them do it or would you try to talk them out of it? Explain the reasoning behind your choice.
  8. What personality traits do you value most, in regards to making potential friends? I suppose it'd be Super Mario Maker 2, since that's mainly all I play these days. Though admittingly, I mainly play it mostly so I can maintain my position on the Super Mario Maker 2 leaderboards.
  9. Are there any upcoming TV show/anime releases that you're looking forward to? For example, I'm personally looking forward to season 7 of the Flash coming out, even though it won't be for quite some time. Driving in a Prius I guess? You don't have to wait for it like you would a bus/train, and the gas consumption is much lower compared to other vehicles.
  10. Um... did he get shot in the end? I was expecting the father to get shot the whole time, but I'm not exactly sure if his son did shoot him. I was bracing myself the whole time for the sound of the gunshot. In the TV show Family Matters, it's a running gag for the character Steve Urkel to destroy things and cause massive damage to property, due to his insane clumsiness. After the destruction he causes, an awkward silence ensues, along with his iconic line "Did I do that?" Отличная постановка от Kasou Taishou 29 Matrix Ping pong⁄ Table Tennis Trim - YouTube
  11. Very unexpected, but very amusing and a good watch.
  12. How would you describe yourself, personality-wise? Most weather comes with its own drawbacks, so it's hard for me to say. I guess if I had to pick, it'd be a light, breezy spring day that's partly sunny and partly cloudy.
  13. Have you ever heard about or learned about really obscure/weird/expensive foods online, and had the urge to try them out if the chance ever came up? For example, I've seen quite a few youtube videos on bird's nest soup, and I've been curious about trying it out ever since. Practically any of Red Green's handyman projects. Here's a relatively short clip of one to give you an idea of what his projects are like:
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