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  1. Really epic stuff. The combination of violin, rock , and choir-like voices work beautifully. 9.5/10 13. Within the Giant Arrangement - DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT OST - YouTube
  2. Sorry, but it was way too dark for my tastes. For the below video, stop at the 3:48 mark.
  3. A really upbeat, epic battle song. I feel like it's kind of missing something, though (like another set of instruments in the background). It's still a great song overall. 8.3/10
  4. The heavy metal-medieval mix seems weird on paper, but the final result is really epic and it works greatly. For the below video (as per the 4 minute rule), stick to 0:00-2:56 and 3:59-5:03. Also, to give the video context (I highly recommend turning the captions on): Ratafak was a character from a children's show in Czechoslovakia that aired from 1979 to 1994. Of note was that his TV show aired during the time of communism in Czechoslovakia.
  5. How would you describe yourself, personality-wise? Yep, I do.
  6. I love mystical/ethereal songs like these. 9.3/10 Note that the below song IS actually a video game song, since the rendition and lyrics originated/were created specifically for an official video game.
  7. It's pretty neat seeing the origin of horror films, and what they were like when the genre was first created. I'll admit, I don't think it aged well, but I can appreciate the effects they were trying to go for, and what they had available at the time.
  8. Action-packed, emotional, and epic. An awesome song, overall. 9.3/10
  9. Because most skill/character building activities are work, sadly. What would you personally think of a superhero with mosquito themed gear/weapons, but doesn't actually use real mosquitoes to fight?
  10. Since you mentioned never experiencing snow, what snow related activities are on the top of your list, if you ever got to go somewhere that had snow? (snow related activities being things such as sledding, snowball fights, tasting snow, making taffy with snow and maple syrup, etc.) It'd have to be Kirby Star Allies, due to it being multiplayer co-op, having so many abilities and characters to choose from (I especially liked the Dream Friends added in the updates. Most of them anyways), having so many different team up abilities and combos, and for being an amazing tribute to the Kirby series as a whole.
  11. With gigantic game worlds come gigantic download times. Thankfully downloading a game is a one-time deal. What percentage of alternate timelines out there didn't have coronavirus?
  12. A really beautiful, otherworldly tune. Considering it's from 1996, the tune was definitely ahead of its time and holds up really well today. Organ Donor Commercial (1985) Youtube
  13. What countries have you lived in/visited/vacationed in? With me mostly playing Super Mario Maker 2 and/or Kirby games these days, and neither of them having female characters that are that prominent within said games, there aren't really any characters that I can outright list as my favourite fictional female character. ...though if I absolutely had to list one, I guess I'd go with Fluttershy. It's been around 6 months since I last watched the show she's from, but she was my most favourite female fictional character for the longest time, due to her cuteness and how nice, sweet, and mild-mannered a character she was.
  14. What TV shows did you grow up with, as a kid? I do. As for how I deal with it, I put on extra layers, whether it's clothing for outside/inside or blankets when I sleep. In particular, I double up on socks since I get frostbite on my feet rather easily. Even being in my basement for too long in the winter gets me feet frostbite, despite having two pairs of socks on.
  15. Cute. I thought dog hiccups would be louder, though... M├Ámmi ja Aabits - YouTube
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