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  1. I'm not actually playing any of the versions. I guess I should explain why I'm asking: for Super Mario Maker 2, I'm trying to remake the chapter "Marth Embarks" into a Mario level. I need to know how much money you start with since I'm planning to reference that with the amount of money in the fort Marth and Caeda talk in before the chapter starts. I need to know how much money the village gives so I can reference that in the location where the village is supposed to be. Thanks! Well, since there's no 20 coin available in Super Mario Maker 2, I guess I can't go with my original plan (use a 10-coin and 3 regular coins after it to represent 10000 Gold). I guess I can use 2x 10-coins in the fort and 2x 50-coins in the village's location. I'm kind of leaning towards using the Gold amounts that FE1 uses, rather than the ones FE3 Book 1 and FE11 use. I'm wanting to know the starting amount of Gold in those 2 games before making a final decision, though. I actually forgot that gold sources are listed in the Item Locations section. I keep thinking Item Locations lists weapons, promotion items, and stuff like that only. That helps with the village gold question, but not the amount of starting gold in FE3 Book 1 and FE11.
  2. I'm putting this topic in General since there's no Forum Section for the Archanea games. Anyways, for FE1/FE3 Book 1/FE11, how much Gold does the game start you off with, and how much Gold does the first village in chapter 1 give you? Did the amount of Starting Gold and Village Gold differ between the 3 versions of the game? If so, how much money did each of the versions give you? I recall starting with 10000 Gold, with the village giving you 5000 Gold, but the Fire Emblem wiki says the village gives 10000 Gold.
  3. I was wondering if anyone on SF could help me out with removing game DLC from my Switch. I've followed the instructions on this page to try to remove the DLC, but whenever I get to step 8 and 9, it just goes straight to downloading, without the message that "only software will be redownloaded" popping up and having to hit OK. I've tried multiple times, holding L the first time, ZL and L another time, and holding all 4 shoulder buttons yet another time. The DLC always remains and isn't removed. I've got the latest system update. I can't figure out why it's not working, aside from the fact that removing game DLC with the method in that page might only work with digital copies of games only, and not physical copies (it's just a personal theory, and there aren't any notes saying or confirming that). Can anyone help me out or has anyone successfully removed game DLC from their Switch before?
  4. This. So much this. Also throw Ratatoing and Little Panda Fighter in there. The "evil scheme" and the cat's running animation in Ratatoing is complete genius.
  5. I hear you. In particular, I was really hoping for Caesar, Radd, Tomas, Dolph, and Macellan to get at least one card somewhere down the line. Something about using the more overlooked, unpromoted characters without a major part in the story really appealed to me in the Archanean Fire Emblem games. I never expected Cipher to end rather abruptly like this, especially with the Fire Emblem series still going strong. Though I guess their explanation for it is fair enough.
  6. @Stroud Since I can't post this on Stroud's feed, I'll post it here: congratulations on reaching a 100 win streak in Super Expert!! That's quite the insane accomplishment. I've only been able to get a win streak of 3 before getting a Game Over. Though then again, I've mostly been focusing on getting Gold Medals in the World Records and First Clears department. And even the Gold Medal goals have been put on hiatus as well, once the Course Upload limit was bumped up to 100. Now I'm focusing on getting 100 quality courses made and uploaded (I've currently got 97 courses uploaded as of this post), so they can get maximum exposure and likes before Super Mario Maker 2's popularity and online activity wane too much over time. Anyways, you really got to share your Super Expert mode tips with us. I may not be skilled enough to make it to a 100 win streak, but I at least want to make it to a 10 win streak since I feel like I can at least accomplish that with a proper strategy. To answer your question, I've played a Forest Fortress remake in Super Mario Maker 2 that utilized tracks, question mark blocks, and Fire Piranha Plants to replicate the Reznor boss fight, so I guess that's a yes? I generally find that if you want to alter the movement of enemies, you can resort to strategies such as putting enemies on tracks (to make them move exactly how you want them to), putting stationary enemies on moving enemies (such as putting Fire Piranha Plants on Goombas, Boos, Monty Moles, or Lakitu's Clouds to make them move like the enemy they're mounted on), or putting them on Munchers or Rocky Wrenches (to make them stay put). I hope that answers your question adequately.
  7. Hey Jedi, could you could give your friend Michael my Super Mario Maker 2 profile code? (8BK-09T-LMG) I'm pretty sure he's trying to reach out/message me on his Switch, but hasn't had any success in doing so aside from being able to friend me on his Switch console. I've also tried to reach out to him, but I can't find his account in Super Mario Maker 2 or send him any kind of message on my Switch.

    1. Jedi


      I'll send the message when I can.

    2. Jedi


      Done way later because I just got MM2 myself sry

    3. Randoman


      Thanks!! My name in Super Mario Maker 2 is Ma Ee O, so if you or Michael see someone with that name online, know that "it's-a-me"!!

  8. As of this post, I've got 60 levels uploaded. Since posting all 60 levels in this thread would be excessive, I'll instead prioritize posting levels that haven't gained much popularity. The First Rule of Flight Club: LRG-GN9-P9G A level where your cape flying skills are critical for making it to the end. Boss Rush Rampage: 618-YM1-L0H A level where you fight 3 custom-made boss fights. Mario-dius: 105-37G-PWF A fire clown kart shooter level, based on the Gradius series. On/Off Switch Speedway: TL8-1Q0-3WF A multiplayer race course where you need to hit on/off switches while running forward at full speed. Captain Cannon's Armada: 6QH-Y29-LSG An airship level where you need to take on tons of ships. Clearing the Less Taken Path: QXN-NS3-1NF A level where the top path is the exit path, but you need to take the lower path in order to open up blocked areas on the top path. Kamek's Tricks: 131-0HK-CJG A one room solution level where you need to find a way to take down Kamek and bring back the flagpole. The Frustrating Floating Doors: WS1-JSN-66G A level where you need to find ways to enter floating doors that don't have any floor beneath them. The Aggressive Airship Armada: R4G-7JM-9YF An airship level where the ships are flying at you crazy fast. (I'll admit, this one might be quite unfair, despite my best attempts at making it a tough yet fair level while sticking to max auto-scrolling speed) The Magma Marsh: C4H-26M-MWG A swamp level that has lava elements in the swamp waters.
  9. Here's some more levels that I uploaded: The Chaos Carnival: 3BT-KS5-BQF The First Rule of Flight Club: LRG-GN9-P9G Attack Above or Break-In Below?: LR0-YHM-68G
  10. Here's 2 more levels that I made: Cooperation is the Key: F1G-RJX-HLG (don't worry, it's very much doable solo, but it's much quicker with allies) Wall Jump Jamboree: CG3-DT4-QBG I'll do my best to follow and try out the levels of fellow SF Members. Thanks for the feedback. I try really hard to make sure my levels are fair and that people can't permanently get themselves stuck or trapped. Though I will admit, my Wall Jump Jamboree level was hard to make fair, due to it being a vertical level and it being hard to see obstacles from above. I find difficulty balancing tricky as well. I thought for sure that my Confusing Cave Climb would've gotten at least a 20% clear rate, and I thought there was enough mushroom spawning pipes to put it above a 20% clear rate. I'm also finding multiplayer levels difficult to design, especially in terms of accounting for all the different mechanics and rules between single and multiplayer (eg: room for multiple characters, respawning mechanics). The only way I'm able to get a feel for multiplayer is through online matches and my previous experiences in the console New Super Mario Bros. games (back when my siblings would frequently join me for multiplayer games). For my Cooperation is the Key level, I tried implementing a lot of "gates" that forced cooperation to an extent. The gates consist of Giant Bob-ombs near rotating blocks and gray blocks, which free the way for everyone once the Bob-omb blows up. I definitely look forward to playing any co-op levels you or other SF members make, even if I'm playing them solo. I want to see what interesting co-op obstacles people come up with in Super Mario Maker 2.
  11. Hey Jedi,  could you send me yours and Michael's Super Mario Maker 2 IDs when you get the chance? You can get my ID by entering this level code in the search: YK2-YFC-RFF.

    1. Jedi


      Whenever I get it sure.

  12. With Super Mario Maker 2 being released, I figured I should make a thread for it and sharing level IDs for levels that we make. Here are my first two levels: This Level Teaches Mario Basics: YK2-YFC-RFF The Confusing Cave Climb: W25-LR5-Y0H Also, I should probably tell you guys this before you find out the hard way: if you want to increase the likelihood of your levels being played, build them around multiplayer and give them the Multiplayer Tag.
  13. So most FE lords are able to travel across water? Good to know. Thanks for answering my question guys. Yep, that's correct. I didn't want to count the use of reclassing as lords being able to cross water, since that's tied in with the class they're being changed to, and not the lord's base class for that game.
  14. It's been a while since I've last played an FE game, but for whatever reason, I vaguely remember there being at least one lord in the FE series that could travel across water (it was technically just one or two squares of water per turn, though). I tried searching FE wikis and other similar guides, but none of the ones I found had any data on lords and their water mobility. I feel like it was FE3 Marth that could travel through water, but it was only during certain chapters. I'm also confident it wasn't a mounted lord, or a lord who gets a mount on promotion. Either way, I currently have no way of confirming who it is myself, gameplay-wise. Could anyone help me out here in confirming which lords have water mobility?
  15. And as of now, I've defeated Classic Mode with everyone. I'm curious, why don't you want to activate the newest Smash patch? As for the online challenges, they weren't too bad. At least, not when I was doing them around December 9-10ish. I mean, online might have gotten significantly more spammy/cowardly online players since then (for reference, around 30%-45% of players online were spammy for me). Anyways, checking my records, I've played 203 online matches, won 101 of them, and got 308 Smash tags (for reference, I'm nowhere near tournament levels of skill, but I am usually one of the stronger players among my group of friends and anime convention with Smash Bros. gaming stations). Doing the 200 Quick Play matches will probably be one of the last online challenges you'll complete, while most of the other online challenges you'll naturally complete while working towards that one. Though keep in mind you should switch around your character choices online (since doing a Quick Play match with 30 different characters is one of the challenges, and I doubt most people would switch up their character picks that frequently). Also, go after any Isabelles, King K. Rools, Links (all 3 of them), Samuses, Dark Samuses, and Simon/Richters that you see. They're generally the spammy ones that hide from the fight most of the time. Also, you'll need to do 10 matches online in Arenas, which are not the same as Quick Play matches. That was actually the last online challenge I completed.
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