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  1. Not the biggest fan of this event's mechanics, although I did enjoy the story a fair amount. I'm debating if I want to try and clear out the shop or not as I don't particularly want to be spending any apples. Maybe natural AP will be enough to get everything I need...
  2. Yeah, I've posted 3 songs from Code Vein. It's just that good. (There are some flaws with the game, but I'm loving it thus far.)
  3. Finally got around to playing Code Vein and was instantly pulled in with the main menu track. Yeah, I think this is gonna be good. -- Played for about 4 hours and got past the tutorial area and the first real boss. Dark Souls may help me a bit, but I really need to adapt to how Code Vein does things (and not panic and try to use an item like DS, as the buttons are different.)
  4. Gotten back into playing Earth Defense Force 5, specifically the online multiplayer. It's fun blasting bugs with all sorts of different weapons, even though I'm currently playing the basic Ranger class. I also gotten Code Vein during the Steam Sale, so I look forward to how that game works. I have some experience with God Eater and Dark Souls as I hear Code Vein is a hybrid of sorts between the two. I'm expecting a fun time.
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