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  1. How long does it take to get through the Bunyan event? I haven't touched FGO in a while as I've been preoccupied elsewhere, but I want to experience the new storylines before they expire. As for the summer rerun, I may end up skipping it at the rate I'm going at...
  2. Huh, then I must have been blind or not paying enough attention. I know there is a separate outfit between the Academy and Battle Scenes, but I didn't remember if they had other classes. I thought they were locked to their special class or ones that just used swords. Guess not!
  3. New classes look hype! Speaking of which, was there any word if the Avatar could reclass, or only the students? I don't recall if the Avatar could change classes or not.
  4. Man, I just want Nemesis on my team. A part of me hopes he is only painted as the "bad guy" while Serios is the actual villian. (I want me Nolan and Duessel characters, man!)
  5. ...Well, crap. I initially wasn't sold on Bernadetta, but then I finally heard her voice and everything just clicked. She sounds adorable and reminds me a lot of F!Morgan (and I doted a lot on my F!Morgan). I look forward to seeing how her character develops. Claude doesn't sound how I imagined him to be. I can't really describe what I initially thought the voice would be, but this isn't it. Same with Raphael. Maybe they will grow on me more when I play the game proper. Overall, it's nice to hear more of the English VAs.
  6. Seems like everything continues to be good and smooth sailing thus far. Story and characters seem to have the main focus this time around, which is great as that was Fates greatest weakness. I guess the main thing left for me is the gameplay of the maps. I would love to see more Conquest and Radiant Dawn (heck, even Valentia DLC) style objectives instead of simple Rout and Seize maps. At the moment I don't think there's been much discussion on that front yet. * * * * * Thani Leak Discussion in Spoiler
  7. Reposting the invite link here for those who want in on the Serenes Emblem Discord. Invite Link: [REDACTED - THIS IS CLASSIFIED INFOMATION. VERY SERIOUS. SRSLY] EDIT: Removed link to keep the Discord limited to those involved in the project.
  8. Boss recruitment has been open for about a month now. I have a feeling the current roster may be the best Serenes Emblem is going to get, so perhaps it may be time to start locking stuff down and proceed to the next phase (whatever that may be)?
  9. I'll continue looking up Three Houses information, including leaks and datamines. I'm one of those people who prefer to know almost everything instead of being blind for raw reactions. (How things connect together is a bit more enjoyable than plot twists and the like.) In the meantime, I'm trying to finish my Battle for Wesnoth campaign. I'm in the middle of mapping the final scenario and then I can get to work on coding for unit placements, story text, and map events. After that is playtesting and the release on the Wesnoth add-ons server.
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