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  1. I started the game around the first Halloween event in October of 2017. Back then I relied on an OG Jeanne support to carry my teams, as well as using Georgios to tank for my frailer DPS servants (namely Tamamo Cat since she was my starter 4-star). I remember farming the daily quests to get my allies leveled as well. I was also a complete newcomer not knowing certain terms and the like, and now I'm sitting here theorcrafting compositions for servants I don't even have. (I still don't have a Siegfried to synergize with my Georgios.) -- I did take an extended break around 2019-2020, specifically missing the Menji Restoration event (managed to get Np1 Chacha on the rerun), Semi's valentine event, and the Apoc event for their grails. I managed to get the other missed grails due to re-runs. I came back after watching the Babylonia anime, right around the 2020 Summer event with Jalter. These days I have Herc Insurance, rely on events (specifically lottos) to keep my materials and QP high, and can typically do 3-turn clears with Arash and two AoE servants. -- Here's my Support List and Friend Code if anyone is interested. * * * * * As for the current event, it'll be my first time doing it since I wasn't active during its initial run. I hear its grind heavy and requires apples to 100%, so this is gonna take a while... -- At least I can use MLB CEs from the support list to hopefully make the process a little faster.
  2. Bonus - Gamecube Startup Remix
  3. Oh yeah, E3 is a thing. I remember I would usually binge the Nintendo Treehouse stuff and get caught up on the other announcements later. Man, I've been out of the loop with the latest news and the like. As for me, I would like to see anything Fire Emblem related. I'm expecting an "Echoes" remake to be next, although there may be a new mainline FE teaser. -- Maybe Dragon's Dogma 2 if that is far enough in the pipeline. -- Anything else is just a bonus.
  4. Bonus Track: Caster's OST - Fate/Empire of Dirt
  5. EXP Campaign is great. I can finally use up all my CEs and EXP cards, as well as start burning FP points. Managed 1-80 Passionlip and 80-90 my Valkyries. With the extra tickets, I tossed some at Kama and she showed up with the 2nd Ticket. While I have MHX at NP3 (and I'm still in awe on how that happened), Kama should be useful and fun to use. -- Almost managed to get Kama 1-80 with my remaining Embers, but I'll have to make up the rest of the levels with FP Embers. -- The rest of the Tickets and Quartz may end up being spent sparingly for MHXA and NP3 Ishtar, although I may end up saving for later servants down the line. Although with all the upgrades, my QP supply is starting to get low again despite farming hard on the last Lotto. At least I have +100 Golds available for the next one. -- And I have a feeling I'll need the EXP since we'll be getting new 1-3 star Servants some time in the future, and I would like to max out their levels. (Skills I tend to leave at 4 since they usually just need gems, they only go higher if I actively use them.) * * * * * EDIT * * * * * With 100 or so extra Quartz, I spent them in attempts to get NP3 Ishtar and did a 10-roll for MHXA. -- Instead I got Qin and Drake, alongside 2 5-star CEs that I did not need... While I'll be keeping Qin, getting Drake was not necessary as I already have plenty of riders with AoE NPs. While I have nothing against Drake, I also don't care much for her either. -- In the end I found getting 5 rare prisms to be more useful than another AoE NP Rider. I could use the Visionary Grails more, and I currently do not have the resources to raise another Servant. Missing the interludes is not fun, but I think Drake's were some of the earlier ones which weren't that amazing story-wise anyways.
  6. My perspective mostly comes from FGO and the various anime/movies, although I have not gotten to Heaven's Feel yet. I heard of the VNs, but have not played through them. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I voted for Illya although she is closed tied with Rin. I enjoy Illya's backstory as well as her exploits in the Prism Illya series. -- As for Rin, I'm more familiar with her Ishtar and Eresh variants as its been a while since I watched UBW. I have a soft spot for Ishtar, although Eresh is adorable as well. -- The Rin and Luvia shenanigan's in Prism Illya were also enjoyable. As for OG Artoria, she's alright. I personally tend to favor her alter form, but her OG form in FGO tends to be better for farming, so I tend to like the OG for gameplay purposes. Now for Sakura, I know very little of the original since I haven't seen Heaven's Feel yet. However, in FGO I enjoy the BB character. I would delve into the Extra spinoffs, but that's another rabbit hole that I'm not sure I have the time for. If I had to go franchise, I may say Ishtar due to recency effect since I use her regularly in FGO and Babylonia was the last anime I watched.
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