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  1. Gonna skip the first question since I don't know much about music styles. 2: What's your favorite song on the OST? - Blue Skies and a Battle (If I had to pick just one, it would be this. The Between Heaven and Earth variant is also good, but for some reason it doesn't seem as impactful. This may be because I listened to a mashup of the two previously, but that video has since been taken down.) - Chasing Daybreak (A spectacular song on the OST that captures the timeskip portion of the game very well. The new unit quotes also adds a lot to adding to the atmosphere, and this may be my 2nd favorite song on the OST.) - Roar of the Dominion (I probably have a more biased view on this track since I sided with Edelgard first, so the map where this song plays is a bit more memorable for me.) - Goodbye, King of Delusion (I think this only plays on El's route as a boss theme. It is an amazing track, but depending on the strength of the player, it may be cut a bit short...) Honorable Mentions: Fodlan Winds, As Fierce as Fire, Farewell, Apex of the World, God-Shattering Star, Edge of Dawn (with variants) 3: Out of the different final map themes, which is your favorite? Has it overtaken a favorite from a previous game? (Bit of a specific question, but I'm curious.) - Apex of the World (I guess I have to go with this one as it beats out God-Shattering Star by a small margin. Apex of the World is a better finale theme for Three Houses, but I enjoy other finale themes more, such as Id [Purpose] and Twilight of the Gods.) - God-Shattering Star (I was hype about this song, but then I listened to it in full. It's still good, but it is nowhere near as epic as Lord of a Dead Empire or any of Berkut's themes from Echoes.) - Indomitable Will / Funeral of Flowers (I haven't heard this track in-game yet as I think it lies at the end of the Church Route, so I can't really comment on it.) 4: Are there any songs on the OST that you don't like? - Wrath Strike (Man, the generic enemy/boss themes of Fire Emblem always tend to be on the weak side. Three Houses is no exception to this. Man, what happened to awesome themes like Powerful Foe or Rise to the Challenge?) - Shambhala (While I understand what they were going for, this type of music is not to my preference. That's why it appears in my dislike section.) 5: Overall, would you say this is your favorite OST in the franchise so far? If not, which one/s do you think are better? - Like many Fire Emblem titles, Three Houses have some standout tracks. However, Shadows of Valentia remains my top pick for my favorite Fire Emblem game regarding its music. Almost every single track in Shadows of Valentia is memorable and amazing, and I don't see it being topped any time soon.
  2. Welp, I tried to get Mental Omega working on my computer. (I even tried to dust off my old 2004 Dell PC that has Windows XP, but for some reason we no longer have the monitor cable for it...) Problem is, I'm using my old Retail CDs and trying to install it on Windows 10. I can play Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge just fine, but I get screwed when trying to run Mental Omega because I don't have the right gamemd.exe file as I have the XWIS workaround of gamemd-spawn.exe. The XWIS version is not compatible with ARES, which MO requires to function... I sent a query in their Technical Support thread to see if there is any other workarounds, or if I'm simply screwed with my setup.
  3. Not too happy with the change, even if it is more faithful to the original translation. I know localization typically gets flak for changing things (mostly for the worse), but sometimes the localization team can enrich the experience instead. If I remember right, Splatoon went full crazy in the localization while it was more standard in JP. From what I hear on Reddit, the change is universal across all titles for the English translation / voiceover. The focus may be due to the Australian Rating Board since it's probably easier to make a sweeping change than try to create a specific version for players in a specific region. (Also, the Switch is Region Free, but I wonder why they can't just make an Australia region and just apply the changes if that region is selected, instead of being a blanket change.)
  4. I never really played the Generals games or own them, so I can't help you there. As for running Mental Omega, congrats! Yeah, the Part One missions of Mental Omega will bring out a lot of happy memories as players connect events that happened from the original RA2 to MO. Oh, and as a warning, Mental Omega missions are apparently much harder than Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge missions, so keep those saves handy! ... Now I want to try and see if I can get Mental Omega running on my Laptop. I tried once before but don't think I did everything properly. * * * * * * * * * * As for what I've been playing, I am continuing my pursuit of nostalgia with WoW: Classic. I tried logging into the modern retail servers and they changed basically everything, so it was straight back to Classic for me. While some of the new stuff they put in is cool (such as some new/expanded characters or skills), they do so much other stuff "wrong" that I can't bring myself to play Retail. Also on the nostalgia train is Warcraft 3. I've mostly been playing skirmishes against the AI, but I may start going through the campaigns again on Hard Difficulty. I'm also thinking about restarting my Youtube Channel for kicks, so my Hard Playthrough will likely be the first content I put on there. Lastly, Earth Defense Force 4.1. This is my first EDF game and while I want to pick up 5, I hear 5 removes the iconic 4.1 song and puts in an inferior version. Also, 4.1 has some VAs that I recognize from Fire Emblem while 5 has people I don't really know. Running around and blowing up giant insects is fun, and I'm also planning on an Inferno solo playthrough as well. I don't know if my Ranger is good enough to last the entirety of 4.1 doing Inferno without further grinding, but we'll see what happens.
  5. Gonna cheat a bit since this track is used for the Foehn Revolt in Mental Omega.
  6. Decided to spend my stash on Merlin because why not, especially since I'm not actively playing FGO anymore. (Didn't participate in Dead Heat Summer Race or Nerofest.) So, about 130 Quartz and 30 Tickets got me... - 4* Herc (Now NP 3) - 4* Saber Alter (Most hype, and she showed up right after I jokingly asked where Saber Alter was.) - Kaleidoscope (Now I have 2 Kaleidoscopes) - Before Awakening (Now LB 1) - The Black Grail (Now LB 3) - Devilish Bodhisattva (Now LB 1) * * * * * FGO is still good as I want to enjoy the game for its story and characters, but the time-limited stuff is starting to put me off of playing. This is especially the case when I have other games to play that take priority over FGO. Grinding out lottos and events is fine when I have nothing else better to do and am watching/listening to Youtube at the same time, but otherwise playing other games is more enjoyable.
  7. I'm just chilling and running dailies, so I'm in no rush for Dragalia Lost. I also just noticed I could Auto some of the event Raids, so I've been doing that as well (with some guidance so my guys can target the breakable parts). I still go manual when I need to, which is rather nice for the harder variants of the raid battles. * * * * * However, I haven't gotten far with Void Battles. I can beat the "T1 Void Battle Bosses" without much issue, but T2 and beyond I am unsure if my guys can handle it. I don't know if I really need to start making Void Battle weapons or if I can just get by with my 5* weapons of varying quality. Also, I've mostly been soloing Void Battles on the rare occasion, so that is likely the main reason for my lack of progression. I also haven't touched Advanced Dragon Trials at all yet.
  8. Patch Notes from Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/d2i2ah/three_houses_has_been_updated_to_version_102/ Added Maddening mode to the New Game difficulty options. Note that if you clear Maddening mode without selecting New Game +, the title screen will change. Increased the bonus Renown for selecting New Game + at the start of the game. In addition to the usual difficulty bonus, 10,000 Pts. will now be added each time you clear a path. The max threshold for bonus Renown is now 50,000 Pts. If you already started playing using New Game + before applying the DLC data, 10,000 Pts. per cleared path will be added to each save slot the first time it is loaded. Up to Ver.1.0.1, only the type of path cleared was saved but not the number of clears for the same path, which will now be saved applying the DLC Ver.1.0.2. Added Goddess Tower to the Event Gallery in Extras. Use the ZL/ZR Buttons to select the Goddess Tower page, then choose a character event to replay. The Event Gallery is unlocked once you’ve cleared the game. Implemented new English voice for Byleth (male). New Expansion Pass Content: A new set of items You can receive this set of items as DLC Supplies from the bed in Byleth’s Personal Quarters. Each save file can receive these supplies: Sacred Galewind Shoes (Movement +1), Sacred Floral Robe (HP +7), Sacred Snowmelt Drop (Strength +3), Sacred Moonstone (Speed +3). Additional auxiliary battles There are five additional auxiliary battles in the Expansion Pass: Battle at Lake Teutates, Battle in the Forest, Battle at Gronder Field, Battle at the Sealed Forest, and Battle at Conand Tower. Depending on your progress, one of them will be listed in the battle-selection screen. These additional auxiliary battles will be marked with the yellow “!” icon in the battle-selection screen. As a bonus, these battles may give you status-up items, such as Ailell Pomegranate, and an increased Gold reward in addition to the Bullions. All maps will consume one activity point to start. A new song (Corridor of the Tempest) You can access the new song (Corridor of the Tempest) from the System menu while you are in an auxiliary battle. You can also listen to it in the Music Library. New attire/accessory (House Loungewear / Glasses for Byleth) The new attire (House Loungewear) is for the protagonist and students. Swap outfits in Byleth’s Personal Quarters from the Journal. These outfits are only wearable inside the monastery, or for specific unit classes during battle (this varies by character). The new attire cannot be sent along with a traveler. The new accessory (Glasses) can also be put on in Byleth’s Personal Quarters. They can be combined with any other attire. The glasses can be worn in the monastery and during battle. Fixed the bug that caused the game to freeze when Fortify was used while equipped with a certain skill. Addressed the incorrect character design in event still images. Fixed the bug that incorrectly displayed a Caspar line as Linhardt’s during the White Heron Cup. Fixed the bug that displayed a “TBD” message when mastering combat. Fixed the bug in the cut-in sequence for a CRITICAL attack. Fixed the bug that prevented Rescue magic from working properly to move an ally to a space near the user. Fixed the bug that accidentally let the player enter the closed-off desk corridor in the Cardinals' Room. Some text has been revised. The gameplay has been improved by addressing a few additional bugs.
  9. Gonna toss out my theory on route development, and I have posted this elsewhere a couple of times. (I personally have finished all routes but the Church Route, which I'm still on Part One on.) * * * * * Yes, Edelgard was likely designed first. She is the primary force of change and conflict in Three Houses and was probably always set up to be an antagonist from the very start ("The Edge of Dawn" in EN is the "Maiden of Hresvelg" in JP). The characters of each house were also likely developed around the same time. However, for routes.... 1. Blue Lions was the first conceived route. (Part One ties heavily with the BL students and Edelgard serves as a good antagonist for Dimitri.) 2. Golden Deer was created second to answer the lingering questions of the Blue Lions (mainly the lore and background stuff). 3. Black Eagles were likely done later in development despite being planned. Now being low on time, I believe Edelgard's route was prioritized to make a great experience, even if it ended up being shorter than the others. This was done to offer a different perspective and to let players side with Edelgard instead of having to deal with the "tragedy of fighting against Edelgard." Evidence for this are the lack of cutscenes for Black Eagles and the shorter chapter count. Now, the Church route was super rushed. Remember that Edelgard was around from the start, so having the player fight against her has always been planned and that is why there are cutscenes regarding this. (Why there is a cutscene for GD though I have no idea.) However, the route itself offers little to what was already explained in the Golden Deer, save for some unique revelations that only happen at the very end of this path. // One could say story wise it is literally the middle of BL and GD, having to fight Edelgard while exploring the truth about Byleth. While the aspect of fighting Edelgard may vary (as this is personal with the Avatar instead of being Dimitri's fight), finding answers about the world of Fodlan was apparently done better in the GD route. Now while I know some battles and concepts are shared between BL and GD post timeskip (they diverge after the Gronder Field rematch), the Church route just follows the GD formula. Sure, it cuts out the Gronder Field rematch and tosses in its own unique finale, but the progression is identical to the GD. I'm not sure what the story justifications are for the Church Route, but I suppose they were not enough as the Church Route feels like an inferior GD route. - - - - - If there was more development time, I'm sure Edelgard's Crimson Flower path would have been fleshed out more and the Church Route would have been more unique instead of just copying the Golden Deer. However, with the time they had, I want to say the Black Eagles (specifically the Church Route) got the short end of the stick. I think I remember an interview saying that Three Houses sorta became a much bigger project than was originally anticipated. So, I believe there was definitely a vision in place, but due to time constraints, we got the game we have now. The game is great and is one of the best FE games made, but it still has its own flaws. A part of me wonders if they will tinker with the main routes via "free updates" to the game, but I doubt this will happen. I think all DLC will be about the brand new stuff instead of trying to "fix/polish" what was already put out there.
  10. I've been leaning off of Three Houses as I've been sucked back into the void of World of Warcraft: Classic. All that's left in TH is the Church Route, and here's my overall plans in the spoiler below. * * * * * * * * * * For WoW: Classic, I've been playing Alliance and am casually playing, making the most out of the "Rest EXP Bonus" for all of my alts. My highest level character is a a level 12 Human Mage. // The simplicity of Classic has me hooked in, and progression in Classic seems meaningful instead of being "busywork." In the past I've fallen into the trap of WoW Dailies as I have grinded out the Argent Tournament for a whole month each day, and then they wanted me to do the same thing in Cataclysm. I don't think so... Granted, Vanilla WoW isn't all sunshine and rainbows. As I joined near the end of the BC and mainly played during WotLK and Cataclysm, I do find myself missing some of the quality of life improvements that were added over time. For example, adding more flight paths make it easier to get around, better quest UI (the basics, not the "guide me by the nose to the exact spot where I needed to go"), and more graveyard locations. I can live without these things as I am loving my Classic experience, but I fall into the camp of "let's improve the Vanilla WoW experience" instead of "keep Vanilla WoW as pure as possible, recreating it exactly as it was back then." I know some are wanting other "time capsules" such as a BC server or a WotLK server, but I wonder what they will do with classic WoW once they "exhausted the vanilla content." I'm hoping they continue to update it in a different direction instead of just heading over into the BC territory, because once Cataclysm hit I quit World of Warcraft because they "ruined my Retribution Paladin." If I wanted the Holy Power mechanic, I'll play a Rogue, and I already have one! - - - - - I also decided to reinstall Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and am just messing around in skirmishes. I want to keep my hype in check, especially regarding Warcraft 3 Reforged, but since I'm back in nostalgia land it is somewhat difficult to do so.
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