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  1. Decided to go for NP2 Space Ishtar, even with Skadi on the horizon. Spent 210 Quartz, got... -- NP2 Space Ishtar -- NP2 Calamity Jane -- Fionn -- +1 Valkyrie (NP3 now) -- +1 Kerry (NP 3 now) -- 3 5-Star Event CEs -- 7 4-Star Event CEs -- 6 3-Star Event CEs Used up almost all of my Quartz and Fragments, so I'll need to get some more before Skadi hits. -- I'm tempted to turn the extra copy of Calamity Jane into a Rare Prism, as I don't think I need extra NP copies of Servants I don't use/favor. I'll still keep the NP1 for collection purposes though (says the guy who got rid of Drake for emergency Rare Prisms and NP2 D'Eon). Sadly I don't have enough mats to max ascension S!Ishtar because I don't have the Blood Tears. I doubt I'll be able to max her skills, so its back to farming mats for me.
  2. Hopefully I haven't posted this one recently.
  3. The re-run event seemed to go much more smoothly this year, although that is likely due to having the CEs from last year. -- Raid Setup is Caster!Shuten and Rider!Kintoki with supports. This is the same setup I used previously if I recall correctly. I'm unsure if I have a one-shot setup, but I'm too lazy to figure one out at the moment. -- Managed to get 96 Raids in from using up most of my Bronze and Silver Apples. I've cleared the point ladder, but can still use some shop currency to buy the stuff that unlocks when the raid concludes. -- At the moment I'll probably ride out the rest of the event using natural AP, doing the Raid while it is active and then moving to the regular nodes for their mats.
  4. Just go back to the Wii Shop days and port everything from there to the Switch. -- Bonus Points if they also do DSi titles on the Switch, although that will be more complicated since the DS is dual screen and Switch is only one. If Sega is involved, a part of me would like to see the Dreamcast available since I had one of those as a hand-me-down. While there are improved ports of Grandia II and Skies of Arcadia (specifically the Legends version of SoA), seeing the Dreamcast versions on the Switch console would be cool.
  5. First impressions in spoilers for length. Welp, no Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, or Xenoblade news. A shame, but considering the main "focus" was supposed to be this year, I guess it makes sense not to cover them as the "teaser game slots" were already fulfilled by other categories (Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3). -- AW may get coverage closer to its release day in December, and other titles likely had priority over AW. Overall, sorta indifferent about the whole thing. While some of the stuff showcased interests me, they were not "must-have day one" titles. The only thing that made me respond negatively was the Mario movie. -- Man, they should've just hired the one fan-animator who did amazing Mario work on Flipnote to make a series. The style and story of that series was great, despite everything just being done on Flipnote Studio.
  6. A 40 minute Direct, eh? I think I read a leak somewhere stating there would've been a Direct in September, and now here we are. Now to see how accurate the list was... I'm hoping for Fire Emblem and Advance Wars news. Specifically, I'm wondering if the next FE is an Echoes installment or a brand new title. As for Advance Wars, I want to see the AW2 campaign so we can see more CO designs. -- I'm cautiously optimistic about potential Xenoblade Chronicle 3 news as well, although I would be happy with a Xenoblade Chronicles X port. ...and with that I'll probably be good. While I'm sure there will be other amazing titles showcased, my backlog is already filled with too many games to play.
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