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  1. Just finished watching a playthrough of No More Heroes. I heard it was good and saw bits and pieces, but seeing the full experience was rather enjoyable.
  2. Not sure if I'm gonna take the plunge to 120, as it requires a lot of extra grails and far too many EXP Cards. At the moment I'll stick with my plan of getting my support list to 100, and then think about where to go from there. It seems far more valuable to have a balanced servant roster instead of going all in on one Servant. As for the skill upgrades, the 20% starting battery is nice I suppose, as well as the extra Attack (it will benefit solo servants the most, or those who use Summer BB to setup Extra Brave chains). The third passive is underwhelming for the most part, I'll need to see what Servants I use regularly have anything useful there. Koyanskaya looks good and since I've had the support of Tamamos since the start (Cat was my starter 4-star and Tamamo showed up twice for me. Didn't get her swimsuit version though), so she may be something I roll for in the future.
  3. Since the MHXX rate-up is active, I started rolling in hopes of getting MHXX and NP2 Summer BB. -- Tickets gave me a surprise Circe, but nothing else of note. -- Decided to do three 11 rolls, managed to get MHXX. -- Went for another roll, and then another (+1 MHXX, for NP2) -- Then decided to go all the way stating "BB is at the end of this road." Got a surprise Tomoe and a third MHXX. -- On my final 11 roll, on the last slot, was Summer BB for NP2. -- The cost? 23 Tickets and about 370 worth of Quartz. rip Skadi stash In other news, I got a copy of Prisma Cosmos and my first ever copy of Limited/Zero Over. While I've been playing since the first Halloween event (with a year and a half break), it's nice to finally get the 5-star Buster CE. -- An observation I had was getting CEs that were not event-related was slim, so unless one wants the Event CEs, it's better to roll elsewhere for the standard CEs. Still have to go the point grind though. I should get back to doing that at some point...
  4. With the advent of Skadi and "Quick Looping" (using the same servant's NP 3 times to 3-turn farming nodes, mainly using a Quick NP Servant and Double Skadi), many players have opted to place Skadi as their support caster. -- Merlin is still great, especially for challenge quests and boss encounters, but when farming nodes takes up the majority of the game it's easy to see why people place Skadi instead of Merlin as their support. Also, Break Bars lessens Merlin's one-shot potential due to Buster Crits, but he's still amazing due to his sustain potential. When Caster Artoria comes around, "Arts Looping" will become a thing (same as Quick, but using Arts servants and double Castoria). So, expect there to be more variety in the Caster slot as it competes for Waver, Merlin, Skadi, and Castoria. Tamamo supports are a rare sight as she has no NP Charge on her skills and is better suited for more challenging content using Art Teams instead of farming.
  5. Gonna cheat with this one since it was used for the Prophesy of Pendor mod in Mount & Blade: Warband.
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