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  1. The English uploads of Another Eden's OST got nuked, and these are what's left...
  2. Managed to go through the story (no skipping) and get the materials for Rider Ishtar. She is NP5 and all I need to do is level her up to ascend her to max. -- Didn't get to do my 2nd plan of getting the Part II Shop CE which looked interesting, but it is what it is. Summer Mordred carried me through most of the sections due to KScope and her NP Charge. I also used my Arash a couple times to speed things up as well. -- I managed to complete all the Part II Challenge Quests, but never got around to finishing the Part I Challenge Quests (as they awarded extra fluff).
  3. Welp, I'm starting extremely late as I haven't been playing FGO at all for quite some time. Hopefully I'll be able to max out Rider Ishtar before the event is over in 2 days, and I'm just starting now. The rest (CE and Mats) I can skip on.
  4. Fire Emblem Fates - The initial hype was real and the premise was awesome, but what we ended up getting was very disappointing overall. While there are indeed some amazing things to be found in Fates (Conquest's Gameplay, Fate's Music), the story was a complete disaster despite having an amazing setup. I hope Fates gets a complete remake from the ground up to fully realize the ideas it had some day. Divinity: Original Sin - I actually got this during a Steam Winter Sale if I recall correctly because I heard so many good things about it and wanted to experience it for myself. All my research into it was positive, but all that was for naught when I actually played the game. -- I found the controls to be unintuitive, both with mouse/keyboard and a gamepad. This mostly revolved around manipulating the environment among other things and I couldn't even get an hour in. I eventually refunded the game and got God Eater 1 & 2 instead, which I fell in love with instantly.
  5. Man, last post was June 22? It's been a while...
  6. Haven't played in ages, but I do still log in for the log-in bonuses. I do want to come back to FGO at some point, but the time commitment and event grinds are rough. That aside, my Support List is still open for those who want it. It may be old school and doesn't feature Level 100s, but I think the selection is nice (especially the Herc and his Bond CE). Just remember that I don't actively play so my guys are likely useless for event farming. Best of luck on your FGO journeys! Friend ID: 815 519 689
  7. I was a little bit into Warhammer back in the day, before it became Age of Sigmar. I mostly read the faction rulebooks and the like. Never got around to the actual painting and assembly of the models though. // At some point I want to get the Total War: Warhammer games, but it's on a backlog of all the other games I want to eventually play... I have passing knowledge of Warhammer 40k, and it seems interesting, but I haven't dived deep into it.
  8. I gotten back into Planetside 2 which is an MMO FPS which focuses a lot more on tactics and combined arms combat (Infantry, Vehicles, and Aircraft). I still tend to do poorly in Infantry engagements due to poor aim, but I do well in supporting the other players who can actually shoot and progress forward. I also started messing around the ANT a lot more which is essentially a construction vehicle, so players can make their own mini-bases in Planetside 2 if they can get the resources. Sadly, most of the good stuff is locked behind a massive progression grind (or one can just purchase the stuff), so I doubt my bases will be useful anytime soon. However, harvesting and depositing the resource is one way to get Certs (the currency used to unlock stuff), so that's one way to farm I suppose. * * * * * Otherwise, still messing around with Shadowverse's story mode. The story has definitely improved since the first 8 chapters of the Morning Star, with the Guild War and Gears of Rebellion being rather interesting. The "Player Characters" get some character development, the overall storylines are a bit better, and the NPCs are great. I also picked up XCOM: Enemy Within again and don't remember it being as difficult on Classic, but that may be because I decided to leave all the tutorials on which may lead to subpar builds. It doesn't help all my guys want to be Snipers and Heavies when I have Laser Rifles instead...
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