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  1. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    @Fenreir Wow man, these look awesome! Can I get the images in PNG format (with one of just the logo that's transparent)? I would like to use the icon for the Discord server so it's not boring letters. As for the Main Menu prototype, it looks beautiful! However, I'm not sure if I can implement that myself into SRPG Studio as I haven't delved into its UI Design. To get something that actually looks like that, I'll likely need someone else to work on it or spend more time learning the engine to see if it works.
  2. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    11/16/2019 Update Did a livestream of development progress this week, lasting 4 hours and covering the "creation of maps 1 & 2." The VOD should be up for another 10 days, although I do have a locally recorded file that I still need to edit and publish somewhere for archival purposes. (The first livestream which was the map design of CH 9 has been lost.) -- https://www.twitch.tv/sirmarcuscalibur Other than the livestream and some minor work on the character sheets, no other progress has been made. Hopefully I'll be able to make substantial progress next week if/when I have time to actually sit down and work on Tears of Serenia as I doubt I'll get anything done during the week of Thanksgiving (week after next). For fun, we now have 23 playable characters, which is definitely a better number than the 14 we had back in October 31st. No one has claimed the "Knight" class yet (although my character is in a special variant of it), and our roster leans more towards the magical side of things. Either way, I look forward to how things will progress from here. * * * * * Project Progression - Map Design: Chapters 1 & 2, Finished Priority Tasks - Character Applications - Manaketes - Skill: Unstoppable (Proper Implementation) - Level Design: Chapters 1 & 2
  3. Haven't posted here in a while... Langrisser Mobile - I got sucked back into Langrisser Mobile, mostly because I was wondering if the game improved any since the last time I played. One of the major improvements is the "daily sweep" function as it allows the player to autocomplete some daily quests. This addressed one of my major concerns as going through all the dailies in LM could take over an hour, and that is just getting the daily stuff done. Doing things such as Guild Wars (another massive timesink) and actually trying to play the game took up more time. However, it still has plenty of issues, with the main one being poor EN Localization. While I can't nitpick the translations as I don't know the original lines, the lines we do have in English are all over the place. Some of the "character mission" dialogues can be in broken English with grammar mistakes galore. To think LM still has such issues after being released for so long is mind boggling to me. In the end, I decided to uninstall the game. I can't overlook the problems it has and rather support devs who seem to care more about their players. * * * * * Fire Emblem Three Houses - I finally finished my Silver Snow run. I loved the extra dialogue from the Black Eagle students and the fluff from Seteth and Flayn, but otherwise this route is forgettable. Granted, I went in believing it would be the weakest route (and it is), but still. Some spoiler discussion below. Now I'm doing a Crimson Flower NG+ Maddening run so I can mess around one of the new characters, and because CF remains my favorite route. I'm still debating if I want to do an "all recruit" run now or save that for when the last DLC hits. Either way, I'm at least recruiting Lysithea.
  4. I'm just saving my Wrymite for the next Gala, unless something amazing comes along. However, I do occasionally spend it on stamina refills if I'm out of Honey, which usually happens when I have a bunch of Skip Tickets to burn through... Speaking of Skip Tickets, I'm capped at 200. I used to use them sometimes for Elemental Ruins, but since all my Elemental Altars are capped, the only thing I can really use them are are Avenue to Fortune. If I could use them for Imperial Onslaught (Master) or Dragon Trials (Master), I probably would burn them there too. -- Main reason I don't use Skip Tickets is that I find "x2 Speed Auto" works just fine for clearing out dailies. * * * * * Sometimes I forget to post here because of the SF Dragalia Lost discord...
  5. Can you reupload this in a .PNG format? I'm wondering if the JPEG file ruined the image, or if the image just looks like that. * * * * * In other news.. - Dragon Axe has been claimed. It was supposed to be a Hero item, but I guess having a Dragon Weapon for the Antagonists work too. (If anything, blame the Protagonists for not claiming it sooner!) - The "Position" section has been reworked to reflect available positions instead of positions that have been closed off. * * * * * For those interested in joining, we have the following positions available. These will remain open until we reach the "character limit" of 30. -- 7 Playable Applications remain. Lord/Great Lord (1 slot available) <-- This class is not yet represented in ToS! // Also, this is just a class in ToS and is not reflective of "main character" status. Myrmidon/Swordmaster (2 slots available) Soldier (1 slot available) Thief/Assassin (2 slots available) Archer/Sniper/Ranger (2 slots available) Knight/General (3 slots available) <-- This class is not yet represented in ToS! Cavalier/Paladin (2 slots available) Griffon Rider/Dragon Rider (2 slots available) Bishop/Inquisitor (1 slot available)
  6. Currently, I'm still not sure. I am leaning towards "no permadeath," though, or at least "deaths have some penalty" for the character. If I keep permadeath, I'll likely have to use a narrator for most of the story. It can work, but then it takes away from the "Serenes Emblem" a bit.
  7. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    11/8/2019 Update No progress was made last week, mostly due to illness. While I rested in an attempt to get better, I got sucked back into playing Langrisser Mobile. I have no idea how long I will play it, as the core gameplay and art is good, but other aspects of it are just repulsive and it is still a time vortex. The problem is that the game is addicting to play... I plan on revising the first chapter as what I have now doesn't really work for a tutorial level. I may end up redesigning the map as well, I don't know yet. Edit: Also, for those who joined the Discord but haven't signed up properly, you have been kicked from it. Feel free to rejoin if/when everything is in order. * * * * * Project Progression - None! Priority Tasks - Character Applications - Manakete Inclusion - Revise Chapter 1
  8. @Freohr Datia Lords don't have animations for Bows, so you will likely just be an Archer, Sniper, or Ranger (Mounted Archer). At the moment the Lord position is vacant, but I'm starting to think that ToS doesn't need a "Lord" and simply follows the adventure of the party instead of a central character.
  9. @thecrimsonflash, @Ice Dragon, @EdelgardHresvelgTargaryen All right, I think I have your stats down. They are in the table below. Character Class Growth Type HP ATK SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Crimson Manakete Standard 100 70 30 20 30 35 45 [MANAKETE] High STR // Moderate RES Corra Manakete Standard 100 60 30 20 30 50 45 [MANAKETE] High STR, DEF, RES Emiri Manakete Important 100 45 30 20 30 65 65 [MANAKETE] High DEF, RES "Baseline" Manakete "Class" 80 45 30 20 25 35 35 More importantly, I need to know if your character will be either a Bard or a Dancer. This determines the human model your character will be using in Tears of Serenia. -- As a note, remember that, at present, Manaketes/Bards/Dancers are combined for this game. They can perform when human, and are powerful units when transformed. However, this may change and Manaketes may just be "pure Manaketes," only using the Bard/Dancer models for their human forms.
  10. That works, but if you want, I can try shrinking it on my end. Just give me the original file and I'll see what I can do.
  11. Your portrait doesn't show up on my end. Can you reupload it somewhere else?
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