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  1. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    5/2/2020 Update Tears of Serenia has been postponed until further notice. This should be unsurprising as no significant progress has been made since mid-March. My time is currently being allocated towards other projects (the Youtube channel as well as potentially joining the D&D world of Verum). While I do still want to finish Tears of Serenia at some point (like all of my projects), the motivation to work on it is lacking as well as my interests leading me elsewhere. Perhaps work may resume on it later in the year, who knows. I apologize for those looking forward to Tears of Serenia being a potential spiritual successor to the Serenes Emblem project. I am but one man, and one man can only do so much with nonexistent resources. Some progress may be done in the interim, but I would not expect or hope for any. * * * * * Project Progression (Totals) - Map Designs Finished: Chapters 1-13 & 15 [Main Game Total: 24 Chapters] - Enemy Placement Finished: Chapters 1-5, 12 - Maps Playable: Chapter 1 - Playable Characters: 30 Total Priority Tasks - Gain Superpower: Time Manipulation - Come Back Soon - Skill: Unstoppable (Proper Implementation)
  2. Shadowverse Still playing Shadowverse, the Trading Card Game by Cygames. Also, still mainly focusing on the story mode. The starting 8 chapters definitely suck and are a bad indicator of how the stories can get as they suffer from poor localization. While they do set up some plot points (and they do pay off), they are definitely weaker chapters and will likely turn off players. After those chapters though, the story takes a jump in quality and becomes pretty good! Granted, it's not the best story ever, but it is still entertaining. While my favorites are Bloodcraft and Dragoncraft, my regular go to is a Forestcraft "Greenwood Guardian" build. It's nothing fancy, but I find the cohesion to be enough to be consistent. DOOM 2016 Finished DOOM a while back. It was an enjoyable experience on Normal, although I did bump up the difficulty near the end and definitely felt the difference as I ended up dying a fair amount (especially at the end of that train section). I'm debating if I want to play through it again on Nightmare as it will take a while before I can play DOOM Eternal. (Also, it's sad to hear that Mick Gordon, the composer, may not be around for the 3rd installment. Some of his excellent compositions were poorly mixed in Eternal, amongst other factors.) I haven't bothered with the multiplayer proper, although the two AI matches I played seemed to make it fun enough. Stardew Valley Originally bought for the purposes of trying to record a playthrough for the channel, after the initial session it seemed like a single-player "regular LP" of Stardew Valley would be rather boring. So, instead I just play the game casually. My current character's focus is farm animals, so I have Chicken Coops to make eggs which I then transform into mayonnaise for better profits. Other than that, I have no real plans outside of just expanding the farm and learning the mechanics more. If I go back to do a different series, I'll be able to take what I know and do better instead of floundering around.
  3. Even though I never played the original or have the remake, watching others play through FFVIII-R has been a fun experience thus far.
  4. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    4/13/2020 Update So, I'm not even sure what's all been done since the last proper report. Heck, it's apparently been a whole month! Besides the consistent delays and other things getting in the way, I have also been focusing my efforts elsewhere (mainly the Youtube Channel I run). Also, I must admit that while I do want to finish Tears of Serenia, it has been put on the backburner when compared to my other projects. While its entirely possible that some miracle may occur and I can still meet the May "goal" of finishing the project, that is looking almost impossible as the other goals have not been met (finishing Arc 1 in Feb, 2 in March, and 3 in April). -- I am also thinking about joining a D&D group which will further impact progress of ToS. The hardest part about the project is getting the character portrayals right as well as balancing. At the moment sword-users seem heavily underpowered compared to other classes due to their low STR growths, but other than that the project itself isn't that difficult to work on. It is simply finding the time and motivation to work on it. -- Whenever I attempt to make time in my schedule to work, something else comes up. -- Whenever I have free time, motivation to work on ToS is not present, making it difficult to make worthwhile progress. (Instead, I may be motivated to work on a different project or just need to take a break.) -- I basically work on a "flow" system, or a biorhythm of sorts. Should that be interrupted (which is almost all the time), it is difficult to utilize creativity and focus it towards a project. It can take days or weeks for things to stabilize which may equate to maybe one or two good days of production before everything goes haywire again. -- "Forcing" work is not effective as I essentially just shut down entirely. With that in mind, the weekly updates will now be changing to monthly updates. If there is something interesting to announce before the monthly report, then it shall be done. In addition, the weekly streams have also been canceled, although if a stream is to be had, it'll be announced on the Discord. Lastly, since it's been a while and I don't remember what all has taken place, here's a quick roundup of what all has been done so far. * * * * * Project Progression (Totals) - Map Designs Finished: Chapters 1-13 & 15 [Main Game Total: 24 Chapters] - Enemy Placement Finished: Chapters 1-5, 12 - Maps Playable: Chapter 1 - Playable Characters: 30 Total Priority Tasks - Do Something, Anything - Skill: Unstoppable (Proper Implementation)
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