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  1. As I've been out of the loop for a while, when is a good time to start burning my FP on FP Summons? I think I was saving them for whenever 4*/5* embers get added and/or the command code implementation. I got so many points stocked up, and the last time I spent them was probably during the Fate/Zero event. * * * * * For this year's summoning goals... 0. King Hassan - Alas, King Hassan only seems obtainable through the paid gacha, so I doubt he'll ever join my Chaldea... 1. Eresh - I missed her last year, so I guess I'll try again this year. If I get any of these, let it be Eresh. 2. MHXA - A bonus, but I could use a counterpart to my NP3 MHX... 3. Okita - Mostly a bonus, and mostly because having her and Nobu be separated isn't right. 4. Brynhild - Mostly personal preference since I already have Scathach, but a Buster Lancer may be fun. 5. Valkyrie - The 4* of this list. I'm a sucker for Valkyries in most media, and FGO is no exception.
  2. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    1/18/2020 Update The sickness remains. I checked in with a doctor on Wednesday and apparently I have Bronchitis. Not sure if I'm actually getting better or not as I sorta feel the same, but it is what it is. Needless to say, no progress was made this week. * * * * * Project Progression -- None! Priority Tasks - Skill: Unstoppable (Proper Implementation) - Level Design: Chapters 1
  3. What I meant by "post-game sandbox" is something more like "anyone can be fielded, regardless of story consequences, on random auxiliary battles." While I would obivously love a post-game sandbox similar to the Creature Campaign from Sacred Stones or Shadows of Valentia, I don't see that happening anytime soon. Heck, the "postgames" of Awakening and Fates can work too... But yeah, the more I look into it the more I see it is a separate mini-campaign with the main reward being able to use the Ashen Wolves in the mainline campaigns. * * * * * The Abyss is the location. Cindered Shadows is the "story title" from my understanding, which is also the separate game mode that will likely focus on the Abyss location.
  4. Is this the "post-game" sandbox that I have been looking for where I can mix and match my army, or is it set on a per-map basis? Regardless, I'm hype!
  5. Welp, after being afflicted with the sickness and wondering what to do to pass the time, I decided to marathon through the Case Files anime and caught up with the Babylonia episodes. Watching the series drew me right back into FGO, and at the moment I'm trying to do Shinjuku (although I probably should be doing the event for materials and the like). Case Files was fun. While I wasn't blown away with the animation quality (Babylonia surprised me with how much stuff is animated), I loved seeing the adventures of Waver as he solved cases with the occasional "Fate Fight" tossed in for good measure. Seeing characters that I recognized from other series (Luvia and Kairi Sisigou) was also an added bonus. Gray is also adorable. Babylonia is Babylonia, what else can I say? If you played through the FGO singularity, you know what to expect. Seeing it all voiced acted and animated is icing on the cake. I wonder if they will re-use the "white flag animation" anytime soon... As for Shinjuku, I am rather enjoying it as well. While I initially tried to go with all Bonus Servants, this method was quickly dashed as I came across the first boss and realized I actually had to beat him instead of simply break one bar for "story purposes." While I can get away with putting the bonus servants on the backline for the minor fights, I go ahead and put on my "tryhard team + backup Heracles" for the boss battles. -- My one complaint is that our Protagonist's thoughts about the whole affair do take me out of it a bit, especially considering Gudao is our avatar character. While I think I see what they are going for, having our avatar be of one opinion while the player has has another is one easy way to break immersion.
  6. Sire

    Tears of Serenia

    1/11/2020 Update Got some progress done on Chapter One before getting hit with the sickness. I was hoping to have Chapter 1 finished this week, but it was not to be so. * * * * * Project Progression -- Chapter One Level Design (Some Progress with Events and Dialogue) Priority Tasks - Skill: Unstoppable (Proper Implementation) - Level Design: Chapters 1
  7. I've mostly been playing Earth Defense Force 5, Dragalia Lost, and Another Eden. * * * * * Earth Defense Force 5 A fun game where you take your weapons and blast giant insects to smithereens. I finished the main story on single player on Hard difficulty, although I did have to lower the difficulty for one particular battle (Mission 100) as there was no way for me to properly take out giant monsters on top of the swarms of smaller enemies with the firepower I had. For that particular mission, you have to be overleveled or be in multiplayer as playing solo is almost impossible if you get caught out of position. Now, while the EDF series may seem like mindless fun and blowing up things left and right (and it is), the later missions really start to become tactical on how one approaches them. Strategies such as only pulling certain sections of the mob or kiting foes around the edge of the map may have to be utilized. While I finished the main story solo, I've been messing around in the multiplayer as playing as the other classes with other people is always fun. A shame the VA work on 5 is a step down from 4.1, but the gameplay in 5 is excellent. I do need to pick up the mission packs at some point, but then again I never really got around to finishing the mission packs I got for 4.1... Dragalia Lost As always, I play Dragalia Lost causally so I'm not too concerned about 100% efficiency in getting the dailies/weeklies done. I also tend to auto most content, so it's sorta odd to say I play Dragalia Lost, save for the fact I mostly just level up my units, the Halidom, and see numbers go up. This is probably because I mainly just have my phone do DL stuff while I actually do something else... I am a bit worried about the powercreep in DL, but they seem to be handling it better than other games that I've played. Then again, this may be because I'm not too invested in DL. The generosity they give to the players though is insane and I love the constant updates and the roadmap for DL content. For now, I'm basically satisfied with how things are going. Save for Nobu. Dragalia Lost has a Nobunaga now and I want one. Even though my first Nobunaga was from Samurai Warriors (a proper dude), the Nobu of FGO ended up winning me over and the one in DL is also awesome. Another Eden Slowly but surely making progress in Another Eden. I managed to finally clear out my 3rd "Episode Story" by getting all the rewards (Arc of Ocean Palace), and am now working on finishing up the Time Mine (which I now realize why its called the Time Mine) and IDA 2 (a "school" story with mystery and the like). I also managed to finish Part 1 of the "1.5 Ogre Wars" storyline as I attempt to move forward to the current main farming area which is locked behind "Arc 2 Main Story" content. Some of then new areas are huge with high encounter rates and I'm starting to miss some of the simpler dungeon maps, but I guess things getting more complex is how it is as the story progresses.
  8. All right, so I cleaned up the Discord of "non-approved" members as part of a New Year's cleaning. If I accidentally kicked you out, feel free to come right back in do the necessary steps to become approved. As an aside, Sthal claimed the final character spot as no one else wanted it, so Tears of Serenia is officially capped on player characters! Now there's no reason for me to sit around and wait, unless I'm really strapped for ideas and boss encounters... Let's hope that 2020 will be a good year and ToS will be complete before the year's end! * * * * * As an aside, Boss Applications are still open! If you want to be a boss or enemy character in ToS, just fill out the character sheet so I can add you to the list.
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