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  1. If I could get looking into the data, I could make a translate version...
  2. Tha data is encrypted so that I couldn't look the growth rate into. Is there anybody familiar with .dts, .evs, .rts ? The encryption may be easy but I can't find the way.
  3. That was segmented run. I've seen this before but found that very similar chart as above. There was no final time written as well but maybe 2:30 or something.
  4. Yeah lol Normal mode will be totally killing me. In my opnion, Asbel chart will be the fastest since he is strong and needs only 1 Repair. You can use Warp 3 times more than Fergus.
  5. Fergus or Asbel would be the best unit all over for speedrun, but what about Final chapter plan? Should you get Sety and Galzus as well? How many staff A units are required? http://speeddemosarchive.com/FireEmblemThracia776.html since this is segmented run I don't use this chart.
  6. I have never expected that this kind of topic casting voice actors is common all abroad! Eliwood - Arnold Taylor Lyn - Gwendoline Yeo Hector - Troy Baker
  7. You can get Live-ring in chapter 4x and clear in 8 turns. Also, you don't need Hammerne miss even in non-Paragon mode to reach A rank stave until 10. Pure Water makes mages not attacking Nanna (Asvel has chance to adjust just like dondon's playing).
  8. Actually not, Asvel can reach level 10. In chapter 5 you also don't need rely on Asvel to kill numerous enemies, but Nanna that used speed-ring and live-ring.If Asvel killed the three enemies, 2 bishops, boss, dark bishop, dark marg, and Sniper, you reach level 8 or 9 without paragon mode. So if it's paragon mode you must reach level 10. If not, in chapter 6 Asvel kill some enemy at 1st turn and reach level 10 definitely, and you can clear at 7th turn in that way. I don't like relying on Asvel in chapter 5, since Evel also has the reset possibility. Well, it ends in 15 turns so doesn't make any difference, though.
  9. Oh I didn't know that terrain change causes canto glitch. Also, gorgon egg tiles as well if I'm not mistaken?
  10. Yes, you are right. I know that enemy control glitch itself is very known. I now see that this topic title is kind of confusing. I am sorry for confusion.
  11. There was movie in nicovideo getting SSS by choosing Non-Paragon mode, Melfiya Forrest route and choosing Cyas. No RNG burn, No Movement Stars, No move growth,,, as same rules as dondon. All I remember is that the movie cleared chapter 18 in 9 turns, while he persuaded all Lenster knights in 1 turn at 7th turn. Then he cleared 173 turns. Most of playthrough was similar to dondon so far except dondon makes Saffy learn Paragon skill but Tina. But since he chosen Melfiya Forrest route and dondon chosen Nohrden route, it will make difference. I am pretty looking forward to it.
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