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  1. "Fuckin' shit, the captain lost her memory?" Elaine swore, slamming her fist down on the controls next to her. The battle was hard enough with the enemy forces but having to rely on someone who remembered nothing was going to make it even worse. The only consolation was that Jess wouldn't remember their strained relationship. "Can't be thinkin' like that, not at a time like this. Get ya shit together, Elaine..." Elaine looked down to her controls, one button catching her eye for the umpteenth time. The Lunar Transient Phase was a toy she was particularly fond of - a super-mode as such. If there was a way to show the Sacarians she was serious, it was going to be pulling out all the stops. She'd been messed around enough, it was time to show her allies she could be trusted and show her enemies that she was force not to be messed with. Pressing down on the button firmly, Elaine grinned as her cockpit lit up. The Oberon's thrusters roared, unfolding from the unit's back and letting out crimson flames. It wasn't that flashy, her uncle hadn't been one for telegraphing out a machine's potential, but it was satisfying nonetheless. "Thanks, Shark, we're gonna throw this cat out for the night." Elaine chuckled, charging at her foe at a frightening pace. She could only describe it as being on a really fast, really deadly rollercoaster, but that was OK. Elaine casts Strike and Valor, activing LTP! Remaining grounded, she moves to 8,13 and attacks the Poesis with LPS! "Just ensure you continue to hit the mark." Tarquin replied, dissatisfied with the cooperation. Working with Carlos was somewhat irritating, but it was a necessity that he had to deal with. "This is Puppet, returning to the Heion Riese for repairs" Tarquin announced, maneouvering his unit back to the ship. Tarquin's arsenal had been almost entirely spent, he'd have been left bashing foes with his shield if he stayed out much longer - and that was a possibility he would rather avoid facing if possible. Tarquin returns to the Heion Riese to restock!
  2. Although there wasn't much that Thorvald could do to remedy his immediate situation, Tarquin at least felt that his leader had taken his concerns and position on board. That kind of field presence was necessary with the captain's memory out of commission. It was a problematic issue, there was little telling how easy or even how possible it was to recover an android's memory. "Thank you, Papa Bear. We shall do our best to provide support." Tarquin replied, adjusting his console's settings gently. "We are still capable of providing fire support as needed." His own life was at risk, but that was something that the entire crew had faced for their time together. The world he dreamed for needed them all to fight on. A world where he could have his freedom, where Makoto could grow up and one in which Nikolai was safe. Everyone has their own reasons to pull through, but their best chance was together. That included their newcomers. Tarquin decided to drop Tycho a message, if only for the knowledge he had shared that sentiment. "This is likely rather surreal, but I can confirm you this is something our crew has faced frequently." Tarquin assured. "I look forward to your coordination with our tactics." Tarquin casts Sense!
  3. "Scheiße, da ist mein 100% Genauigkeitsrekord." Tarquin muttered, the edges of his vision blurring then slowly returning to focus. He hadn't felt quite right since the beginning of the battle, although he put that down to the grand scale of it and the barrage of attacks he'd received. It was a difficult shot, but the child in him was annoyed that his streak had been spoiled. Perhaps it could act as a reminder that despite everything he was still only a fourteen year old boy in a game of war. That being said, the Aria wasn't a toy that he could afford to break, both he and Jess had been pushing it hard. "Jess, we've taken significant damage, we may need to adjust our risk assessment." Tarquin warned, a dull ache gently pulsing across his forehead. They were low on ammunition and generator reserves, and multiple console messages were making a good case for not taking much more damage. "Papa Bear, the Aria has taken significant damage, we may need to relocate for repairs."
  4. Tarquin attacks Deimos 4 with his Full output rail gun then hit and aways to 12,9!
  5. Flavour later! Elaine casts Strike, moves to 6,6 and attacks Deimos 3 with her Dual Beam Rifle!
  6. Tarquin had definitely felt the impact from the last attack, it was only the combination of his rapid response bringing up the shield and Jess' coordination that they had avoided a disaster. The Aria had taken the hit well, nothing was flagging up as non-functional - it would just be a matter of maintaining a little more distance between them and the enemy. "Jess, we need to relocate, this position is no longer advantageous." Tarquin warned, his vision blurring momentarily as his eyes scanned one of the displays. That was probably a warning from his body to decist from putting it in harm's way, despite his genetics he was still physically a teenage boy. "If you are able to manage our movement, there is something I wish to try," Bringing up another display on one of the panels, Tarquin flicked through a few menus, several sporting large red warnings. "Usually the railgun's firing mechanism is limited by generator output and timed cooldown. By temporarily bypassing said mechanism it would allow for a shorter firing interval... with time required to aim taken into account. Of course that is assuming that current remains within acceptable range and taking Biot-Savart's l-..." Tarquin explained, pausing mid-ramble. He had spent a few nights trying to figure out the practicality of the attack. "My apologies, in short, we would be able to fire in rapid succession for perhaps two or three shots allowing for power reserves." Tarquin uses Targetted, Firing! He then hits and aways to 12,15!
  7. Elaine gritted her teeth, it stung to think that Astin thought so little of them and even more that it had all been an act from the very beginning. "It ain't too late to change things, Astin! You gonna be happy serving some furry fuckin' space cats for the rest of your life? I don't know what happened, why are you so angry, why are you so willin' to throw our world to those cats?" Elaine protested, locking onto her next target. If she couldn't convince Astin with words, perhaps taking down everything else around them would work. After all, it was how Elaine solved her problems in prison. "I ain't gonna sit down and let shit happen. Even if the big dicks at the ANF want to send me to jail after all this, at least I'll have a cell to be sent to!" Elaine stays put and attacks Cressida #4 with her Revolver Stake!
  8. Elaine watched as Kim finished off her target, deriving a great deal of satisfaction from watching it go down. Even if people didn't like her that much on a personal level, she could at least contribute on the field. She was looking at a cell when this was all over, but taking down genocidal cat aliens was enough to keep her going. "Ain't no point worryin' about jail if there ain't a jail to go to." Elaine muttered, her hotheaded confidence slowly rising from her chest as she gripped her controls. She was bad at making smalltalk and keeping her temper, but she wasn't going to let herself be known for fighting like a wimp. "Looks like we took some chunks out of those fleabags. If they think they can face another wave they got another thing comin-... shit." Was that Astin in the other Luna? Elaine was wracking her brains for an explanation. Maybe they had been tricked or brainwashed into fighting against them, there was no way that Astin was actually with Apotheosis. "Astin, is that you? You ain't thinkin' straight! Whatever lies Apotheosis have fed you are bullshit!" Elaine protested, slamming her fist down on a monitor. "You fought with us so many times, don't that mean something? You can't just switch sides like that, there's gotta be something they ain't tellin' you!"
  9. Being on the battlefield was better, at least now everyone was focused on their goal rather than what Elaine had done. The heat of battle, the adrenaline rushing through her veins, it was enough to dampen down her nerves and anxiety. The odds were against them, no doubt their enemy were going to gun for the Heion Riese and take out command. There were more than a few familiar machines on the field, Elaine swore that she could see two versions of the Luna, one on their side and... the enemy? It didn't make sense, didn't each Apotheosis ace have their own unique machine like a video game boss? Her curiosity was getting the better of her, were there Vera clones too? If Apotheosis had figured out a way to clone their best pilots... well, they had bigger problems on their hands. "Hey, you, Luna pilot. You ain't another one of those clones are you?" Elaine asked, anxious to find out their fate. "I ain't likin' the look of your machine, but it ain't gonna scare me off any time soon." She also had the battle to focus on, getting distracted by one unit wasn't going to help anyone. Hopefully her questions would be answered soon. Elaine moves to 12,17 and attacks Cressida #1 with her rifle!
  10. Tarquin had expected a large battle, Apotheosis and the Sacarians were not going to let up at any point. Soor'Kan's defeat would have been an accomplishment, perhaps even satisfying under any other circumstances but the incoming waves of enemies had a decided hold on his concentration. There was little time to even acknowledge Kim, the kamikaze attack on the Heion Riese quickly moved into the spotlight. Their ship was most definitely a threat to their foes, a symbol that their defeat was possible, taking it down would provide both a tactical and symbolic victory for them. "Jess, we will have to provide covering fire when required. There are too many enemies, if we get surrounded we will become detrimental to our team. Have primary thrusters ready to move." Tarquin commented, his eyes scanning his monitor as he searched for a suitable position to relocate to. "We shall have to rely on the support crew to maintain the Riese. I have faith in our captain to overcome the attack, we must focus on facilitating it." There were a variety of new units deployed by Apotheosis, but there was one ally that the ANF had that Tarquin wasn't too pleased with. The Captain had definitely employed her recruitment tactic well when filling the crew with their former enemies, but it left a bitter taste in Tarquin's mouth when he held a personal vendetta against said former enemy. "Santana, I cannot say I am remotely pleased to be working alongside you, but I shall consider you an ally for the duration of this mission." Tarquin transmitted, his eyes still fixed on his screen. "If you were to require assistance I would comply, but I would consider you the lowest priority if multiple objectives arose." Tarquin moves to 13,14!
  11. (Flavour to come) Tarquin moves to 13, 8! Elaine casts Accel and moves to 12,10!
  12. Elaine had been given plenty of time to think about her actions, the isolation had also meant she hadn't really faced anyone after her incident. Jess at least considered her useful enough to have on the battlefield, but she had a feeling it was a matter of necessity rather than one of trust. Even walking down the hallway felt awkward, she had no clue who she'd bump into and what they could possibly say to her. It was sickening, feeling like a villain whilst walking in the place where she was meant to be fighting for good. Fighting against an evil alien race and terrorists made it a little easier to stay focused, but the looming threat of a trip back to jail after it was all over made her uneasy. Could she really prove herself to be trustworthy again? "Shit, fightin' and doin' my best is the only thing I can do." she muttered, averting her gaze from the crew passing her in the hallway. She'd never felt so small, a disgusting little part of her had wished she'd taken up Louise's offer before - surely it couldn't be much worse than this? Ignoring the mutterings of people around her, Elaine entered the hangar, keeping her head low as she approached the Oberon. She looked up at her machine, smiling gently. "At least I got something that don't hate me. Ain't that right buddy?" she chuckled, turning her head to the side. It took her a few moments to process it, but her Oberon was parked right next to the Aria. There was no sign of the plant, but his eye patch wearing sidekick was there. Visibly flinching, Elaine unintentionally made eye contact with Jess, quickly attempting to return to a more normal posture. "Shi-... oh hey, uh... how's it going? Uh, you look ready for a fight... I mean not with me, the aliens." Elaine laughed, trying to play her poor wording off as a joke. "Is the pla-... Tarquin about? Gotta have him to do that snipin' thing." The best outcome would be awkward silence, the worst was a punch in the face - it certainly wouldn't have been unwarranted.
  13. The journey had given Tarquin plenty of time to reflect on the events of the meeting. Their enemies had become allies and their allies had become enemies, the only real indicator of who to fire at was whether or not one considered themselves friends with a sentient feline race. It made sense, history has shown a common enemy united even the most unlikely of forces. They would need them though, especially against the power that Louise had described. Jess' announcement hadn't particularly shocked him, although it had interrupted his reading. It was unlikely that they could approach the enemy base without some sort of altercation. Putting down his book, titled Rehabilitative Physiotherapy, onto the table, he rose from his seat. The battle ahead was going to be a large one, but it was the last obstacle to his future. Tapping away at his communicator, he dropped Makoto a brief message before he emerged from his room. "Did you hear the captain's message? I shall see you in the hangar."
  14. Tarquin reached towards Kim, allowing her to help him to his feet. It took him a few moments to steady himself, the room was somewhat of a blur. He was still struggling to understand what had driven Elaine to attack, was there something that he had done to provoke her? As much as he disliked her, he hadn't expected outright assault. Makoto appeared disappointed, he recalled his friend being on good terms with her. Whatever image he had of her was probably destroyed. The whole meeting had come to an end with a dramatic conclusion, Tarquin made a mental note to go over what had been discussed and process it all later. The battle was far from over, there was plenty to plan for. The Sacarians still had their own aces, even if they had taken Louise, Vera and Esther from their ranks. "Understood, thank you, Lieutenant Kim." Tarquin replied, his eyes fixing on the exit. All he needed was to get some rest and contemplate everything later. However, there were a few social calls he needed to make at some point - bizarrely there were members of crew he felt the need to speak to. "I was actually hoping to discuss some matters, when it is convenient for you of course."
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