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  1. The rest of Tarquin's allies were all piling in to take down the Hexis. It was a surreal combination of attacks, sniping alongside Carlos wasn't exactly his idea of pleasing. "There is no shame in an adult asking for aid from a child. The Sacareans don't discriminate by age." Tarquin remarked, lining up his next shot. "Just ensure your aim remains acceptable, otherwise I will lose the only reason to tolerate you." The pair may have been fighting a common foe, but that wasn't quite enough for Tarquin to overlook how Carlos had crippled Nikolai. Perhaps it was just being bitter, but disliking Carlos wasn't exactly boring. Tarquin attacks the Hexis with his Full Output Rail gun! Elaine casts strike and attacks the Hexis with her VSR!
  2. "Got ya' back, Kim. Gonna follow through with all the big guns." Elaine boasted, quickly taking flight to aid her ally. The smoke didn't even have time to clear, Elaine was going in to do some serious damage. She looked down at her displays, she didn't have much longer before the Lunar Transcient Phase burned out and took half of her thrusters with it. The output from the reactor was impressive... but kinda trashed the Oberon when she used it. As long as it lasted for when Elaine needed it, she could worry about damage later. Pulling the Oberon's fist back as it flew, Elaine was ready to add a decisive blow to Kim's assault. There weren't many of the fleabags left, and she was going to make sure that she did her part in taking them down. Elaine cast Strike, takes to the skies, moves to 13,16, uses LPS on Theoria
  3. "Actually, biochemical dietary research suggests that the carbohydrate release from toast is directly linked to increased performance in the adolescent population with statistically significant results in attention, problem solving and reaction time." Tarquin replied, his deadpan expression softening as he couldn't hold a straight face. "Actually, the truth is I like toast, there's not much more behind it than that." It wasn't long before his desired meal had been delivered, giving him time to process recent events whilst he nibbled on the corner of a slice. The Ceres' signature had disappeared from Tarquin's radar, and this time it wasn't because of a warp or last minute escape. Whether she were actually Marianne or Avery, the person that Tarquin had known was gone - both through discarding her facade and her actual death. His feelings were mixed, Tarquin wasn't entirely sure if he were upset that he'd lost Avery or content that Marianne had been defeated. Regardless, it was another person in his life that had left. Astin's announcement was more concerning, even if there had been no personal tie the prospect of a nuclear explosion needed some serious attention. He'd only managed a few slices and a mouthful of juice, but repairs were done and his allies needed him. "Both Marianne and Doyle were allies on the Heion Riese, I cannot deny that it is unsettling." Tarquin muttered, half-talking to Jess, half-talking to himself. It was only a matter of moments before they were back on the battlefield again, Astin had been pushed over the edge, their attitude up until now and their final declaration were a sign there was almost no hope of going back. The others had tried reasoning with them, Tarquin could see little more that he could do. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but the survival of crew needed to come before his own feelings. "Doy-... Astin. You appear to have made your final decision. It is a shame, I did not dislike your company, I hope you are able to find the closure you desire." Tarquin replied, taking aim at the Luna. "Leb wohl, mein Begleiter." Tarquin casts Assail and Sense, moves to 8,10 and uses his High Precision Rifle on Astin! - Elaine's heart began to race, Avery had been shot down. As much as a lying piece of trash she'd been, she'd been someone that had gotten along with Elaine. The same applied to Astin, was she only capable of making friends with people who turned out to be the enemy in disguise? It hurt, having been lead along all this time but even if their feelings hadn't been real, Elaine's had been. "Astin! You got a chance to turn things around! You ain't a puppet of those shitty fleabags, you're your own person!" Elaine protested, punching through a monitor and producing a small cloud of smoke. She didn't want anyone else to be strung along, Astin had the right to own up to their mistakes and make things better. "You're worth more than being a walkin' bomb! Even if you'd tricked all of us, I still saw you as a friend!" There was no use, why wouldn't they listen? Maybe if they took everyone else out, maybe then Astin would surrender? Even she knew it was wishful thinking, but it was better than accepting this. "Thorvald! Isn't there something you can say? Don't you know what to say in these situations?" Elaine cried out, desperate for answers. "Where's the silver lining to this! Where's that everything will be OK!" Elaine moves to 10,18 and attacks Saturn #1 with the LPS!
  4. Tarquin leaned back in his seat as the Aria was guided into the hangar, the short break from combat was very much welcomed after taking such damage. It was enough to quell his disappointment in losing his accuracy streak, the tired child in him had temporarily triumphed over the competitive one. Even if he was the pinacle of genetic engineering and physical capability, he was still a human child - a far cry from the grown adults, androids and aliens. He was impressed with his own ability to keep pace, but he needed to excerise some sort of self preservation. As the crew tended to the damage, Jess appeared to have shared Tarquin's thoughts but enough to act on them. He looked over at her curiously, considering that Cheryl's initial concerns about his well being could easily be justified. Tarquin smiled, an occurence that was still rare enough for it feel uncomfortable across his face, perhaps he could get used to having people around again. "That seems like a sensible idea, I'd like that." Tarquin replied, stretching his arms backwards. "Is there anything else you'd like? If they can make some toast, I would greatly appreciate it." He may have learned a lot and changed over the last few weeks, but Tarquin was always a creature of habit - even if the habits were new.
  5. "Fuckin' shit, the captain lost her memory?" Elaine swore, slamming her fist down on the controls next to her. The battle was hard enough with the enemy forces but having to rely on someone who remembered nothing was going to make it even worse. The only consolation was that Jess wouldn't remember their strained relationship. "Can't be thinkin' like that, not at a time like this. Get ya shit together, Elaine..." Elaine looked down to her controls, one button catching her eye for the umpteenth time. The Lunar Transient Phase was a toy she was particularly fond of - a super-mode as such. If there was a way to show the Sacarians she was serious, it was going to be pulling out all the stops. She'd been messed around enough, it was time to show her allies she could be trusted and show her enemies that she was force not to be messed with. Pressing down on the button firmly, Elaine grinned as her cockpit lit up. The Oberon's thrusters roared, unfolding from the unit's back and letting out crimson flames. It wasn't that flashy, her uncle hadn't been one for telegraphing out a machine's potential, but it was satisfying nonetheless. "Thanks, Shark, we're gonna throw this cat out for the night." Elaine chuckled, charging at her foe at a frightening pace. She could only describe it as being on a really fast, really deadly rollercoaster, but that was OK. Elaine casts Strike and Valor, activing LTP! Remaining grounded, she moves to 8,13 and attacks the Poesis with LPS! "Just ensure you continue to hit the mark." Tarquin replied, dissatisfied with the cooperation. Working with Carlos was somewhat irritating, but it was a necessity that he had to deal with. "This is Puppet, returning to the Heion Riese for repairs" Tarquin announced, maneouvering his unit back to the ship. Tarquin's arsenal had been almost entirely spent, he'd have been left bashing foes with his shield if he stayed out much longer - and that was a possibility he would rather avoid facing if possible. Tarquin returns to the Heion Riese to restock!
  6. Although there wasn't much that Thorvald could do to remedy his immediate situation, Tarquin at least felt that his leader had taken his concerns and position on board. That kind of field presence was necessary with the captain's memory out of commission. It was a problematic issue, there was little telling how easy or even how possible it was to recover an android's memory. "Thank you, Papa Bear. We shall do our best to provide support." Tarquin replied, adjusting his console's settings gently. "We are still capable of providing fire support as needed." His own life was at risk, but that was something that the entire crew had faced for their time together. The world he dreamed for needed them all to fight on. A world where he could have his freedom, where Makoto could grow up and one in which Nikolai was safe. Everyone has their own reasons to pull through, but their best chance was together. That included their newcomers. Tarquin decided to drop Tycho a message, if only for the knowledge he had shared that sentiment. "This is likely rather surreal, but I can confirm you this is something our crew has faced frequently." Tarquin assured. "I look forward to your coordination with our tactics." Tarquin casts Sense!
  7. "Scheiße, da ist mein 100% Genauigkeitsrekord." Tarquin muttered, the edges of his vision blurring then slowly returning to focus. He hadn't felt quite right since the beginning of the battle, although he put that down to the grand scale of it and the barrage of attacks he'd received. It was a difficult shot, but the child in him was annoyed that his streak had been spoiled. Perhaps it could act as a reminder that despite everything he was still only a fourteen year old boy in a game of war. That being said, the Aria wasn't a toy that he could afford to break, both he and Jess had been pushing it hard. "Jess, we've taken significant damage, we may need to adjust our risk assessment." Tarquin warned, a dull ache gently pulsing across his forehead. They were low on ammunition and generator reserves, and multiple console messages were making a good case for not taking much more damage. "Papa Bear, the Aria has taken significant damage, we may need to relocate for repairs."
  8. Tarquin attacks Deimos 4 with his Full output rail gun then hit and aways to 12,9!
  9. Flavour later! Elaine casts Strike, moves to 6,6 and attacks Deimos 3 with her Dual Beam Rifle!
  10. Tarquin had definitely felt the impact from the last attack, it was only the combination of his rapid response bringing up the shield and Jess' coordination that they had avoided a disaster. The Aria had taken the hit well, nothing was flagging up as non-functional - it would just be a matter of maintaining a little more distance between them and the enemy. "Jess, we need to relocate, this position is no longer advantageous." Tarquin warned, his vision blurring momentarily as his eyes scanned one of the displays. That was probably a warning from his body to decist from putting it in harm's way, despite his genetics he was still physically a teenage boy. "If you are able to manage our movement, there is something I wish to try," Bringing up another display on one of the panels, Tarquin flicked through a few menus, several sporting large red warnings. "Usually the railgun's firing mechanism is limited by generator output and timed cooldown. By temporarily bypassing said mechanism it would allow for a shorter firing interval... with time required to aim taken into account. Of course that is assuming that current remains within acceptable range and taking Biot-Savart's l-..." Tarquin explained, pausing mid-ramble. He had spent a few nights trying to figure out the practicality of the attack. "My apologies, in short, we would be able to fire in rapid succession for perhaps two or three shots allowing for power reserves." Tarquin uses Targetted, Firing! He then hits and aways to 12,15!
  11. Elaine gritted her teeth, it stung to think that Astin thought so little of them and even more that it had all been an act from the very beginning. "It ain't too late to change things, Astin! You gonna be happy serving some furry fuckin' space cats for the rest of your life? I don't know what happened, why are you so angry, why are you so willin' to throw our world to those cats?" Elaine protested, locking onto her next target. If she couldn't convince Astin with words, perhaps taking down everything else around them would work. After all, it was how Elaine solved her problems in prison. "I ain't gonna sit down and let shit happen. Even if the big dicks at the ANF want to send me to jail after all this, at least I'll have a cell to be sent to!" Elaine stays put and attacks Cressida #4 with her Revolver Stake!
  12. Elaine watched as Kim finished off her target, deriving a great deal of satisfaction from watching it go down. Even if people didn't like her that much on a personal level, she could at least contribute on the field. She was looking at a cell when this was all over, but taking down genocidal cat aliens was enough to keep her going. "Ain't no point worryin' about jail if there ain't a jail to go to." Elaine muttered, her hotheaded confidence slowly rising from her chest as she gripped her controls. She was bad at making smalltalk and keeping her temper, but she wasn't going to let herself be known for fighting like a wimp. "Looks like we took some chunks out of those fleabags. If they think they can face another wave they got another thing comin-... shit." Was that Astin in the other Luna? Elaine was wracking her brains for an explanation. Maybe they had been tricked or brainwashed into fighting against them, there was no way that Astin was actually with Apotheosis. "Astin, is that you? You ain't thinkin' straight! Whatever lies Apotheosis have fed you are bullshit!" Elaine protested, slamming her fist down on a monitor. "You fought with us so many times, don't that mean something? You can't just switch sides like that, there's gotta be something they ain't tellin' you!"
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