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  1. Castle Address: 18445-70421-16345-00872 My current castle is Valla, and it's called Alli Skills (though, I don't have many skills for a good seizeable map yet ^^;).
  2. I just want to gay marry Soleil to be honest. If we got a FE6 remake, I'd add Soleil and Forrest in place of Dorothy and Saul. Other than that, though, nope. I didn't really like the second gen outside of that to be honest.
  3. FE1(11)/FE2/FE3(12)/FE4/FE5/FE13 all take place in the same universe. Every universe the Outrealms connect has something called a "Fire Emblem". At least one of these universes has "t3h ph1r3 3mb00ru" instead of the Fire Emblem. Grima survived the avatar's final attack, but barely, and is now wandering around in human form. Grima can take whatever form it wants, and the Avatar customization at the beginning of the game was Grima creating its new form. Grima is all the different dark dragons throughout the FE1/FE2/FE3/FE4/FE5/remakes/Awakening universe. FE3 book two is the official version of what happened, and FE12 is what actually happened. The Gaiden chapters in FE11 are canon, but no one actually died in Marth's army. (I'm pretty sure this is canon, but I haven't played FE12 yet.)
  4. Yeah, Pega Pony Princess lord was more what I was thinking of, or maybe they could bring back Griffon Riders and have it be a unique mount.
  5. I mean, FE14 basically gave us a Dancer lord in Azura. I would like more magic lords, though, and another axe lord would be nice. Lyn is a nicely-done lord, same with Chrom. Not too good, not too bad, and just really overall a solid character. More mounted lords would also be interesting; Sigurd was the only one that I'm aware of.
  6. Cecilla wins purely with personality. Her thing with Roy is cute. Definitely his cutest A-rank partner.
  7. Isadora is just wonderful to me. Her design is wonderful, the fact that she's a mature woman in Fire Emblem is cool, and her story with Harken is really interesting. I wish I used her more.
  8. Echidna is cool just because she's a female hero tbh.
  9. I really like Cath! I think she's adorable, and she has a really interesting back story. It really is too bad she's not useful.
  10. Serra and Saul really were close to me, but Serra ended up winning. Saul's thing of being a womanizing priest was really interesting, though, and if Dorothy was actually useful, I'd probably use them together.
  11. I like Louise as a character much more. Plus, she comes with an automatic A support, which is pretty darn cool.
  12. I really don't get all the love for Hector. He seems really mediocre to me, compared to Eliwood. 'Sides, Eliwood gets a horse. That's pretty cool. I voted Lyn, though, because I really like the woman lords. Her and Eirika basically tied for me.
  13. There's basically no reason to kill off Cain or Abel. I heard that killing off Jegan plus Gordin was good for some reason (which I would later find out is Norne), so I did that. Apparently the canon choice is Frey, but he's such a good unit that I don't really want to kill him off. Jegan isn't really needed on Normal Mode, too. Really, the game makes it pretty obvious that you should choose either Gordin or Jegan. Heck, they basically give you Gordin just to sacrifice. I hope this kind of choice comes back in a future game, in all honesty, where the game doesn't reward you for unit death. Ugh.
  14. For a second, I thought you meant FE14 Arthur, and I was incredibly confused.
  15. I didn't mention my opinion in the OP because I wanted to start it neutrally, but yeah, I agree with this completely. Most Fire Emblem games have you slaughter literally hundreds of nameless mooks (besides Fates, where you're either incapacitating most of the time). It seems a bit petty to say that (possibly, not for sure) ruining a family has the same weight as definitely ruining, once again, literal hundreds of families. I'm just neutral to it, really.
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